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Best Cocksuckers on Campus

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Linda Fleury was already a legend at the University of Delaware. A petite cheerleader for the football team with golden blonde hair down to her pert little bubble butt, Linda was pretty much universally acclaimed as the “Best Cocksucker on Campus.”

The great irony was that no guy on campus could honestly claim to be the fortunate recipient of her talents.

You see, Linda had gained this moniker due to a now infamous performance at a Fort Lauderdale bar named “The Button” on Spring Break the previous March.

The Button was packed to the gills on one particular afternoon for its “Banana Eating Contest”. This was by far the favorite competition of the Spring Break crowd, even more so than the thrice-daily poolside wet t-shirt contests.

The gist of the endeavor was to simulate a blow job by sticking a banana into the lap of approximately a dozen or so willing males while each was assigned to a young (usually very intoxicated) coed who would gobble up the banana, to the roars and delight of the full house.

Linda, being a competitive gal who hated to lose at anything, entered this contest dead sober, yet with a calculated plan. The first-prize money of five hundred dollars was a nice enough incentive to help with tuition, but Linda also had an exhibitionist streak that she cultivated any chance that she could. At least when she was away from home. And Fort Lauderdale was a thousand miles away from Newark, Delaware.

This was also in the early 1980’s, long before cell phone cameras, and Instagrams, and Twitter. So there was nothing to document the occasion other than word of mouth.

And word of mouth had it like this…..Linda first climbed upon the stage wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, a yellow polka dot (teeny-weeny?) number that provided a perfect forum to display her steel-tight gymnast-like body. Linda’s tummy was flatter than a dead man’s EKG, yet her tits were perfectly shaped 32 B’s. She filled out both a cheerleaders’ sweater and a bikini with equal charm, to put it modestly.

Very early in the fevered competition, Linda pulled her bikini bottom to one side, displaying a full view of her golden, glistening pussy. The crowd of drunk Northeastern frat boys, not surprisingly, went apeshit.

But as they say, the crowd hadn’t seen nuthin’ yet. Linda walked behind the chair where the young man with the banana in his crotch was sitting. She climbed up onto the lucky bastard’s head, slithered her dynamite body down his torso, and buried her exposed pussy into his face.

As if this wasn’t enough to send the crowd into a frenzy unlike any ever heard within the confines of the tiny bar, Linda dramatically extracted the banana with a flourish. She tugged at the young man’s drawstring of his bathing suit, and proceeded to pull out his engorged sizeable cock, which she swallowed up to the base in a few animated slurps.

The bouncers had a choice to make. Stop the insanity or allow the best marketing ploy The Button had ever seen to continue. Naturally, they did nothing to impede the impromptu oral homage transpiring on the stage, except to join in on the rhythmic claps and howls along with the rest of the appreciative audience.

Linda culminated the show with a massive cum shot to the face, which she licked up like a dripping ice cream cone, all the while with a stoic facial expression similar to that of a ballerina.

The manager of The Button awarded Linda with an extra five hundred dollars as a bonus tribute, making her total take an even grand, along with a mock warning to never (wink, wink) do that again in his establishment. After all, he told Linda with a straight face, The Button had a reputation to uphold of a bar that provided good clean fun, and he didn’t want to risk losing his liquor license.

That didn’t stop him, and most of the bouncers, from providing Linda with their phone numbers, as she toweled off the remaining cum from her face in the back office. Just in case she wanted to repeat the show in private.

Linda tucked ten crisp hundred-dollar bills into her bikini top, and the legend was born.

In the six months since, the story had taken on almost mythical proportions on campus, especially among the frat houses, where an appearance by Linda at any of the Greek happy hours was greeted with the excitement of Princess Diana coming stateside.

For whatever reason, despite being the “Rush Chairwoman” of the popular Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, Linda did not frequent many of the Greek parties that were so prevalent on campus, especially during this, rush season. This was the time of year when new pledges were actively being recruited by the individual houses with the best motivation of all. Free booze.

So, when Linda showed up at our house’s happy hour on this particular Friday, it was quite the big deal indeed. From my perch behind the bar, serving beer from the keg to the freshmen who were being wooed, I watched with a certain interest. I had never even spoken to Linda, and I’ll confess to being somewhat ankarada yeni escortlar intimated by the reputation.

She arrived with several of her sorority sisters, two with whom I had shared, shall we say, intimate relations. Karen Gregory was one of them, the vice-president and social director of the sorority. Karen had, as they said in the movie Animal House, a “morally casual attitude”. Over the past two years, Karen had been with more Greeks than Aphrodite, so my conquest of Karen was surely not anything to brag about.

However, one of the other sisters accompanying Linda was none other than Kathy Nixon, the president of the Alpha house, and renowned for being an “untouchable”. Kathy had one of the most classically beautiful faces on any woman, and maybe the biggest rack on campus (40 DD’s, easy) but she was also about twenty pounds overweight. Kathy also had a haughty aura about her that suggested that she was too good for the masses. She had a steady boyfriend on the basketball team, and made it known that she was off limits to any advances, to the point of being a complete bitch, if you’ll pardon the expression.

Kathy and I shared a secret, however. Kathy spent her summers working in Avalon, New Jersey, the same beach town where I had a summer job. One night there, after meeting Kathy in the Bongo Room when her boyfriend was out-of-town, she invited me back to her rental house. We proceeded to have a night of sexual activity that lasted well into the early afternoon the next day. Up until that point of my life, it was easily the best sex I had ever enjoyed. The best part of it, for me, was that I had induced Kathy into what seemed like hundreds of orgasms over the twelve-hour marathon.

Kathy had made me promise that I would not share this revelation about our one-night carnal tete’-a-tete’ with anyone. Since her boyfriend was about six-foot-eight, I agreed it was in my best interest to keep our summertime frolic confidential. We shared a surreptitious smile whenever I saw her on campus, including this night. But it was a one-and-done, and we both knew it.

Sometimes, it’s better for everyone that way.

While pouring the beer, I tried to pretend I wasn’t staring at Linda’s indescribably perfect bubble butt encased in her tight jeans. In fact, I was so focused on my visual target that I didn’t even notice when Kathy Nixon and her huge tits (affectionately known in Greek circles as “The Fellas”) made their way up to the bar. Kathy always seemed to follow her tits. Funny how that happens.

“Hi, John,” Kathy smiled at me in that way when two people are harboring an indiscretion. “When you can break free for a minute, Karen and I would like to ask you something, OK?” I noticed Linda was watching Kathy’s approach, and then she turned away quickly. Or was it my imagination?

“Sure, Kath,” I said, wiping my the beer from my hands with a towel, trying not to stare at those majestic tits that had my cock buried between them just about six weeks ago. “Give me a minute to get someone to cover for me in here.”

Somehow, we found a semi-secluded corner in the basement where we could have a conversation away from the din of “Louie, Louie” rattling through the speakers of the old frat house. Karen eyed me up like a hungry lioness. But then again, she did that to about a hundred guys a night, I figured, calculating her menu choice of fresh cock for the evening.

Kathy began, slowly, “Karen knows our little secret.” I looked at Karen and she winked at me, and put her index finger to her lips, blowing on them. “Ssssh,” Karen said. “I can keep a secret.”

Kathy went on. “And now so does Linda.” I glanced over Kathy’s shoulder and saw Linda was indeed intently watching our conversation. Her blue eyes twinkled, and the lips of the Best Cocksucker on Campus nibbled on her plastic beer cup. Lucky cup, I said to myself.

Karen jumped in while I was still distracted by Linda. “Kathy and I put our respective notes together, and we have anointed you as the ‘Best Fuck on Campus'”. I let this sink in for a minute. Karen Gregory, especially, knew from cock, so this was quite an honor, I surmised.

Kathy spoke next. “And let’s just say our friend Linda is very interested in, well, getting to know you better.” She hesitated for a minute, gauging my reaction. “To become the next member of our little exclusive Alpha Sigma Alpha club to experience that incredible stamina you possess.”

In all humility, I kinda always thought I was blessed with an inordinate amount of sexual stamina, but this was a nice affirmation. Just lucky, I guess, good genes or something, but I could fuck all night on a good night. Apparently, word had gotten around. There’s that word of mouth thing again.

I was still absorbing all of this, gazing at Linda lick her lips and leaving a small teeth mark on the solo cup. Yikes…..

It was Karen’s turn again. “She needs a practice partner to, uh, hone her skills. You see, John, we have a sort of initiation tradition at bayan escort ankara Alpha Sig where we educate our incoming pledges on the nuances of, well, orally pleasing a man.”

Kathy saw the confusion on my face, and the bulge growing in my pants. “As rush chairwoman, Linda gives a little seminar to the pledges. And we have decided that you should be the recipient of Linda’s demonstration to the incoming freshmen.”

“And the first practice session is tonight, at eleven o’clock, at our house,” Karen continued on this tag-team mission.

“Linda will spend an hour, um, getting acquainted with you, and then the four pledges will be summoned in at midnight. To get an opportunity to learn from the best.” Kathy had an almost evil grin on her face now. “And you know damn well what Linda is the ‘best’ at, don’t you, John?”

I nodded, and mumbled, almost inaudibly, “Hell, yeah.” Every guy on campus knew, at least through hearsay. Would I be the first to actually experience the fabled cocksucking skills of Linda Fleury?

So, eschewing any more liquor for the duration of the evening, the newly ordained BFOC (“Best Fuck on Campus”, I had already decided I really liked the nickname) knocked on the door of the stately Alpha Sig house, home of the BCOC (“Best Cocksucker on Campus.”) at precisely ten fifty-nine.

Irresistible force meets perpetually erect object, isn’t that the way the saying goes? (Hey, close enough.)

Kathy and Karen answered the door together. As it was a Friday night and most of the other sisters were at one party or another, the house was nearly deserted. The initiation ritual wasn’t to take place for another hour. As I learned later, only Kathy, as house President, and Karen, as vice-president, would attend the educational session at midnight, along with the pledges and Linda, of course.

Kathy gave me a peck on the cheek, pressing her huge, soft tits into my forearm. “Linda’s room is up the stairs and to the left. Second door. We’ll see you in a hour.”

The first thing I learned that night, out of many, is that it is not easy ascending stairs with a massive hard-on fueled by anticipation. I knocked on the door gently, and heard Linda’s voice. “Come in, it’s open.” As I turned the doorknob, it dawned on me that, other than the cheers from the sidelines during football games, that was the first time I really paid attention to Linda’s voice. It was soft, almost little-girl-like in its demure tone.

I opened the door and peered inside. The room was illuminated only by candlelight. Linda stood in the middle of the room wearing a bulky white sweatshirt with the Alpha Sig logo on it and a red-and-green plaid schoolgirl skirt. We stared at each other for a moment, taking inventory.

Without saying a word, and without changing expression, she pulled the sweatshirt over her head and lowered the zipper to her skirt. Both fell to the carpet, leaving Linda adorned in a turquoise zip-front corset with matching panties and black suspender stockings. She wore a pair of black stilettos that nowadays would be referred to as “fuck-me pumps.”

Her silky waist-length golden hair hung down provocatively over her boobs, which appeared much bigger than I had imagined since the corset appeared to be at least one size too small, even on her petite frame.

It was not the sort of wardrobe one would wear to, say, PoliSci 101. Nor had I ever seen such attire in person except from perhaps the front row of a strip club. But this was better, Much, much better.

“We’ve never met before, really, have we?” she asked, walking towards me, her hips swaying seductively in her heels.

“No,” I admitted, feeling my cock twitch like a jackrabbit in my pants. “But I’ve heard a lot about you, Linda.”

“Mmmm,” she purred, stopping inches short of me, so close that I could feel her hot breath on my chest as she undid one button on my shirt. She smelled delicious, a scent that literally spun my head. “And I’ve heard a lot about you, John. It’s high time we met properly, don’t you think?”

With that, Linda Fleury, the legendary Linda Fleury, the Loch Ness Monster of the University of Delaware blow job lore, rose up on her heels, kissed me deeply, and ran her tiny hands along the impossibly hard bulge threatening to bust the seams of my zipper.

She nibbled on my earlobe while massaging my cock, cupping my balls in the process.

“You’ve been a bad boy with our esteemed president Kathy, so I understand,” Linda cooed in my ear. “But you’ve kept quiet about it. That’s good. We sisters like our secrets.” She lowered her head and began to unbutton my shirt with her teeth. Another first for me.

Linda began to tug at my belt, while still descending agonizingly slowly, holding my cock firmly now through my pants and pushing it back so that it rested flat against the bottom of my stomach.

“And she had glowing reports about you. Very impressive feedback.” Linda was now crouched down in front of me, looking up, still unsmiling, one more loop escort bayan ankara to go until my belt was removed from the pesky confines of my waistline.

My cock popped out of my briefs and she smiled for the first time, inspecting the goods, licking her lips. “Yum,” she said seductively, rubbing saliva on her palms. “Very tasty looking.”

In my anxiety, I next said one of the dumbest things possible, I reckoned. “I heard you like bananas, Linda.” I winced even as the words left my mouth.

She grinned up at me, only too aware of the legend of The Button story. “Only as an appetizer, really. I’m more of a meat lover.”

With that, she pulled my pants down to my ankles and I obligingly stepped out of them. She sank to her knees, and her next move took me completely by surprise.

Kneeling on the floor, she turned her back to me and lowered her head down, like a limbo dancer shimmying under an imaginary bar. She reached out and took a firm grip on the back of my thighs and pulled me towards her. My cock dipped down into her waiting mouth, which was wide open. Her long, pink tongue snaked out and licked the lip of my purple cock head, which was swollen and angry.

I watched from above, mesmerized, as she consumed my cock from this rather awkward, and certainly unique, position. She reminded me of a female sword swallower that I had recently seen on television on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon. Her eyes were wide open as the outline of my cock was clearly visible through the tight skin of her throat.

Almost unconsciously, as a snake would succumb to its charmer, I began to rock my hips forward and fucked her mouth, hypnotized by the vision of this magical contortionist in front of me.

She gagged slightly, my cock reaching the point of no return deep in her throat. She gasped for air, a large strand of spittle dripping onto her chin. Her eyes sparkled with glee. “You’re big, too. Quite a prize.”

She turned to face me, still on her knees, and positioned herself directly under my testicles, hanging down like red Christmas ornaments, and began to lick along my perineum while stroking my cock urgently.

I grunted a mixture of joy and disbelief. “Jesus Christ, Linda, that’s fucking unbelievable…..” What did I do to deserve this, I pondered silently. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the gift of this oral goddess.

This went on for a few minutes until Linda no doubt sensed that my stamina was not a match for this sneaky oral assault on my nether regions. Then, just as suddenly, Linda stood up, al five-feet-four of her, even in heels, and peeled off her tiny panties.

“I’ll show you a favorite cheerleader move of mine. Lift me up,” she commanded. I obeyed, taking her by the hips and raising her off the ground.

“Higher,” she ordered. “Over your head, until my pussy is over your mouth.” Who would dare not follow this direction? I held her so that her wet labia were inches from my nose, and inhaled her musky aroma.

“Now hold me tight, real tight, by the hips, I’m gonna spin down.” Before I even realized what was transpiring, Linda twirled her body so that she was now upside down, her head perpendicular to the floor, and she engulfed my cock in one swift swallow.

Linda’s sublime ass cheeks were now firmly in my hand, and her little pink anal rosebud was literally wedged into my nostril. From there, natural instinct took over. Although I could have never dreamed of this position, I knew just what to do. I buried my face into her golden cunt and began lapping at her flowing nectars like a thirsty puppy drinking from his bowl.

I guess you could call this a vertical sixty-nine position, I remember thinking at the time, my analytical mind never shutting off. Linda had the perfect body for such a maneuver, the quintessential “flipper”. Better yet, she had the imagination of a inventor, and the sex drive of a ravenous nymph.

I also recalled a passage about nymphs from a Greek Mythology class. “They are divine spirits who animate nature. Their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and the chaste….”

And, yes, I was recalling this while blowing my first load of the night deep into Linda’s mouth, and looked down to see some of my overflow cum dripping from her chin down to the carpet.

When I reluctantly released Linda, for fear of my own knees wobbling and ultimately collapsing, I watched as she scooped the stray semen from the carpet, and licked it from her fingertips.

Now, THAT, my friends, is an enthusiastic cocksucker. Some might say, the Best Cocksucker on Campus, I suppose.

But the night was still young. And that turned out to be only the second best blow job I was to receive that night.

And from a very unlikely source.


I had a little time to rest, catch my breath, and gather my thoughts before this midnight sorority pledge “tutoring” session. I was thinking that perhaps I had been a bit too quick to agree to donate my, um, services.

Another blow job from Linda was quite an enticement, granted, but I didn’t know just how the rest of the events would transpire. I was volunteering to be the proverbial Pavlov’s dog in what amounted to a hazing exercise, really, with my cock as the main attraction.

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