Temmuz 12, 2024

Belle, Out of Control Ch. 05

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Clothes felt good. I had been sleeping very comfortably in a pink tank top and gray yoga pants, nestled under a mess of covers.

Of course, it was not to last.

Christopher woke me around 10:00. By “woke,” I mean that he sat down on the edge of the bed, staring at me, and I woke up because, even while sleeping soundly, I knew I was being watched.

When I opened my eyes and saw him sitting there, I gasped, startled. My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour. I didn’t know why I was surprised, though. His house, his rules. If he wanted to be creepy, well, that didn’t seem to be against the rules here.

He laughed. “Good morning, Belle.”

I rubbed my eyes. “Morning.”

“Are you ready for a new adventure?”

I eyed him warily. He was already way too fucking chipper for the morning. But worse than that, I had a feeling I wasn’t going to love whatever was coming next.

“Dare I ask what it involves?” I grumbled.

“Well, I’ve had a theory about you, Belle. I’m guessing you’ve never had anything in your ass before. Am I right?”

“Seriously?” I said, annoyed.

“Am I right or not?” he asked cheerfully.

“You’re right. Why does it matter?”

“It matters because there are two ways today could go. If you’ve had anything in your ass before, then I wouldn’t feel bad about bending you over right now and fucking you. But if I knew you were a virgin back there, then it’s only considerate to break you in a little before taking you in the ass for the very first time.”

Ugh. Not the way I’d wanted to start the day. “Gosh, you’re so considerate.”

“I know you’re focused on being surly right now, but you really should be grateful. It would hurt a lot worse if I just forced myself inside you. Instead I’m going to stretch you out so it’ll hurt less later on.”

“Gee, thanks. So I get something in my ass twice instead of just once, huh?”

Christopher laughed. “Such a pessimist. Anyway, I want you to get up now and go take a shower. Get everything nice and clean. I’m sure you know what I mean. When you’re finished, stay in the bathroom and call me in.”

“Oh, you’re not going to be watching me shower?”

“I have work to do, Belle. I’ll be in the room next door to the bathroom. Don’t take too long, either—I’m eager to get started.”

He got up from the bed, leaving the door open. I took off my clothes and laid them on the armchair, and walked slowly down to the bathroom.

After using the toilet and brushing my teeth, I stepped into the shower, turning the water on nearly as hot as it could go. The hot water would help my muscles relax, which would probably be important today.

I was nervous about having anything in my ass. His cock wasn’t small, and I had no idea how it was going to fit up there. What would he stretch me with beforehand? How big would that be, and how much would that hurt?

I took my good, sweet time washing, trying to delay the inevitable. When the hot water started running cooler, though, I knew I had to bahis firmaları get out. Reluctantly, I stepped out of the shower and dried off, applied deodorant, and combed through the tangles in my hair.

“Christopher?” I called, standing naked in the doorway of the bathroom. “I’m finished in the shower.”

“I’ll be right there,” he said through a closed door. A moment later, he came out, holding a bag in his hand.

“I bought you a nice new butt plug and lube,” he said, taking the items out of the bag. “Be a good girl and bend over, please.”

I didn’t want to, but I obeyed. A moment later, I felt his finger, wet with lube, at the entrance of my asshole.

“Stay still,” he said. “If you wriggle, you’ll tense your muscles, and this will hurt worse.”

I nodded, scared.

I felt him worm a finger inside me slowly, gently. “You are so tight,” he said, sighing. “You’re going to feel amazing later.”

I was trying not to tense up. It was strange to feel something invading my ass, a place I’d managed to keep very private over the years. He pushed in farther, slowly, and it didn’t feel as bad as I expected it to.

He slid his finger out, also slowly. “Time to try to fit this thing in,” he said cheerfully. He lubed up the pink butt plug and started working it in.

The plug was smaller than his cock, but thicker than his finger. I howled in pain as he pushed it into me.

“Relax,” he said. “Or try to, anyway.”

I panted, trying to control the pain. Finally I felt it fully enter me, and the feeling of having something inside me was very disconcerting.

“Perfect!” he said, smiling.

I grimaced. “How’s that thing going to come out?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, it won’t get stuck inside you. There’s a little thing on the end that allows me to pull it out of you when I think you’ve been stretched enough,” he explained. He turned me around so I could see my backside in the mirror. “See that thing sticking out there?”

I did. Great—it looked like I had a tail. “Okay then.”

“Now, remember, this is for your own good. So I need you to leave that plug in until I say it’s time to take it out. Understood?”

“Yes,” I said.

“You can go back to your room now. Relax, read, do whatever. But don’t remove the plug.”

“I won’t,” I said. It felt really weird to walk with the plug inside me. It felt a little like I had to poop, and it was a strange feeling of fullness.

I went back to my room and shut the door. I scanned the bookshelves, wondering what exactly was an appropriate reading choice for a moment like this. I chose Alice in Wonderland and laid down on the bed to read, attempting to take my mind off the fullness.

It took a while to find the right position. Laying on my back was uncomfortable, but laying on my belly wasn’t too bad.

After a while, the weird feeling started to subside. I still felt full in the ass, but I was actually starting to get used to it. What I didn’t expect was that as the pain lessened, it was actually kaçak iddaa starting to feel good having something stuck up there.

I didn’t know how sensitive the nerves in the ass, especially around the hole, really are. But apparently they’re really sensitive, and the plug being up there was starting to stimulate those nerves. I was shocked that I was starting to get turned on by having something stuffed in my ass.

I tried to focus on reading, but the pleasurable feelings in my ass were starting to take over. I could feel my pussy getting wetter, my clit getting harder. I wondered when Christopher was coming back for me. I wondered if I had time to get myself off.

I’d been in the room a little over an hour. Surely he wouldn’t come back for me so soon. I put the book down on the other side of the bed and scooted down so that my feet were on the edge of the bed, but my butt was hanging just slightly over the edge. This was important, as having my ass flat against the bed would push the plug further inside me, and I didn’t want that quite yet.

I knew where Christopher kept the Hitachi, but that would be noisy. He hadn’t told me I wasn’t allowed to masturbate, but I didn’t want to tempt fate. Using just my fingers would be much quieter.

I dipped a finger inside me, scooping up some of the wetness, applying it to my clit. Then I started rubbing in quick little circles. I kept getting deliciously close, and each time I did, I could feel my ass muscles grip that plug, stimulating all those little nerves. It was putting me over the edge, and it took only a few minutes to rub myself to orgasm. As I came, my whole body shaking with pleasure, my ass gripped the plug so hard, intensifying the orgasm. I fought hard to stay quiet, a nearly impossible feat given all the intense sensations running through my body.

When I recovered from the orgasm, I got up and wiped myself up with tissues from the dresser, then laid back down on my bed to read.

It was still tough to concentrate on the book, but now for different reasons. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing that had felt, to be filled in the back while the front of me came hard. The words swam in front of my eyes, and I only came out of my reverie when I heard the door open.

“Hello, Belle,” said Christopher. “How are you holding up?”

“Better than expected, I think,” I said. Not a lie.

He smiled. “Excellent. Our fun shall begin soon, then.”

I saw him slip a DVD into the player on the dresser. I wondered what we were watching. I guessed it would be some weird sort of porn. He tossed the remote onto the nightstand and stood next to the bed.

“Get on your knees, ass up,” he ordered.

I dutifully got into position, wondering if he’d be able to smell me, smell the sex in the air. He grasped the end of the plug, pulled gently, and it popped out, leaving my ass feeling empty.

He wrapped the plug in tissues and put it on the floor. Lubing up his cock, he said, “All day I’ve been looking forward to fucking kaçak bahis this tight little asshole. I’m going to try not to hurt you, but I might lose control.”

I nodded. What else was there for me to say? He was the one in charge here, and I was at the mercy of his whims.

I cried out as he began to push himself inside me. He was longer and thicker than the plug, and even though he was going in slowly, I was starting to cramp up.

“Just relax,” he said. “It’ll get easier.”

When he was all the way inside me, he moaned a little. “This feels so fucking good,” he said.

Maybe to him. To me, it felt equal parts slightly good and incredibly painful.

“One more thing to do before I start fucking you,” he said, reaching for the remote. He turned on the TV, and a video started playing.

“Watch this, Belle,” he whispered.

I watched.

It was me.

Me, on my back on the bed. You could see the plug sticking out of my ass. You could see my hand rubbing furiously, then my eyes squinching shut, my mouth opening in a surprised O, and my body shaking as I came hard.

And then it started playing again.

I was on a loop. More specifically, me cumming was on a loop.

“Do you like today’s entertainment, my dear?” he asked, starting to slowly thrust in and out of me.

“No,” I croaked. “How…how did you…?”

“Everything in here is recorded. What we’re doing right now? Recorded. You sleeping? Recorded. You getting yourself off without permission? Also recorded. Now, I don’t necessarily believe in telling you that you can’t come without me…but I do believe in consequences if you do.”

He thrust harder now. “I didn’t expect you to get off earlier, but was a delight it was that you did. Now I get to revel in your humiliation as I take this pretty little ass.”

I tried to shut my eyes, but I couldn’t totally look away from myself on the big screen. It was equal parts hell and hot. So was Christopher fucking my ass. It hurt, but it also felt good; with every thrust, he tickled those nerves that had sent me over the edge earlier. But I also felt violated and vulnerable. This seemed so much more intimate than him just fucking my pussy.

“Watch yourself!” he growled as he fucked me harder. He grabbed my hair and pulled so that I had no choice but to look up at myself having orgasm after orgasm.

I braced myself; his pelvis kept slamming into me, and he was fucking me so hard I was having trouble balancing. But then he groaned and I felt him give me a couple last big thrusts as he came deep in my ass.

I felt his cock soften inside me, and then he slipped himself out. I stayed in position, unsure of what I should do.

He climbed off the bed, slapping me on the ass. “You’re such a dirty girl, Belle. I’m truly enjoying turning you into my little slut.”

Ashamed, I looked down, not sure what to say to that.

“I’m going to go get cleaned up. When I’m done, you can get cleaned up in the bathroom, too. Then I’ll make dinner, and perhaps we’ll relax tonight, watch a movie?”

Oh, sure. Dinner and a movie, just like any normal American couple.

“Whatever you want,” I whispered, feeling his cum seep out of my ass and dribble down my thigh.

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