Temmuz 17, 2024

Bar Hook-up

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You are sitting on the edge of your bed with your cock buried deep in the face of the blonde you had met earlier that evening. Apparently, you are strangers no longer. She has a soft wet mouth eager to please you. You hold her hair out of the way with one hand just so you can see those magnificent red lips work the shaft of your cock. Her eyes are closed as if in a trance, but she is just concentrating. You feel her tongue wrapped around your cock as her hand slides up your inner thigh. She gently cups your balls in one hand and wraps her hand around the part of your cock not in her mouth. She slows for just a second as she catches her breath, and then she opens her green eyes up as she smiled up at you. Then she goes back to work. She is quite skilled in giving head you decide as waves of pleasure wash over your taut body. Suddenly, you feel that familiar tingling sensation and heaviness in your balls, she feels it too. She pulls you for her mouth while still stroking and aims your load at her chest. You are more then willing to white wash her tiny breasts. It is a wonderful orgasm but before it’s done you know you want more…

She stands up and turns, you grab her and pull her backwards onto the bed and whisper in her ear, “Now, it’s your turn”. She relaxes in your grasp and sighs.

You reach around her waist and reach between her thighs happy at the surprise you find there. She is not only wet but she is dripping wet! You pull your hand out and bring it to your nose to inhale her delicious scent. It is sweet and inviting. Your other hand finds her breast with the tiny nipple hard as hard could bahis firmaları be. You reach back down between her legs and softly stroke the slippery lips of her pussy. She starts to sigh and squirm a little, impatient for you to dive in more deeply. You keep playing ever so softly, savoring the power you have to give pleasure in small doses. Finally, you open her lips up all the way and stroke the length of her pussy being very careful to go slowly and lightly touching her over excited clit. She screams out and bounces around some more. You are sure she’s had an orgasm. You continue to stroke her this way but speed it up just a little at a time.

Her hips are inviting your fingers inside and her moans are saying, “Inside”!

You almost stop; just to see what would happen, but decide against it, this girl’s hot! You let your finger slide in. She immediately cums again. You continue to work one then two fingers in. You can feel her muscle spasm in excitement. She is fucking your hand.

You slow your pace, waiting for her to calm down enough so you can remove your hand and insert your now hard cock. She sighs again and you know it’s time to put her on her hand and knees. You get squarely behind her and gently nudge her hips upward; she knows what you want.

She gets on her hands and knees and says, “Like this?” Then she smiles back at you.

You say, “Yes!”

You take your cock and gently rub it on her slippery, wet, over-excited pussy. She shudders again, just a little. You can only stand to do this once or twice as the precum has already leaked out of you. Controlling yourself kaçak iddaa you slide just the head of your cock inside and play like that just a little.

She tries to engulf you quickly and completely but you pull out and say, “Unh-unh.”

Then you put just the first half inch and work that in and out. Just when you sense she is ready to cum again you violently and definitively shove it home. A waterfall and shudder that rocks you to your toes greet you! Good thing you’ve cum already or you would be cumming again! And you have plans….

Once she is done cumming, you begin to rock back and forth with a nice strong rhythm. You take some of those pussy juices on a finger and start tracing trails around her anus. You are waiting to see if she objects. She continues to match your rhythm. You reach under your pillow and grab the container of lube you keep there for just such occasion. You put some in your hand to warm it before putting on her; you are, after all, a considerate lover. You put some lube on her pucker and rub it all around, meanwhile; you are still fucking her. Then, magically, you slip your finger in, just a little at a time. You want her muscles to get use to the idea. Finally, they relax and you begin to work the rhythm of your fucking to the rhythm of your hand. One is in while the other almost out. She is moaning and almost helpless before you. You pull your fingers out. She cums with unbelievable force!

When she calms down, you pull out and lay on your back. She turns and smiles. She knows exactly what you want. She straddles your waist and leans down to kiss you. Her kaçak bahis kiss is soft and filled with the passion of someone who has been well fucked! You can smell your cum on her chest. She sits back up and rubs the outside of her pussy on your hard shaft. Then she pours some lube over your penis. It’s cold, but that’s okay it calms your excitement. She gains a little height over you, reaches back, and grabs your cock in a firm grasp. You can feel her pressing you tip against her anus. Then you feel it pass the outer rim. She stops, waiting for her muscles to relax. It is silent. She has her head back, eyes closed and you stare up at her holding her ass to help steady her. The pause takes forever. Then you feel her muscles relax and your cock slides in easily. She cums again with a ferocity that delights you rather then scares you.

You restrain your self again glad that she gave you head. Once her spasm passes, she begins hopping up and down on your hard, hard shaft. You can feel how tight she is and you can smell her excitement and hear it in her moans and groans of delight! You’re contemplating playing with her clit, but before you make up your mind she is grabbing your hand and guiding it there. You are happy to please her; after all, you made it into her glory hole! Her clit is swollen and standing at attention. You again marvel at the feel of it. She begins to move faster and faster as you work her clit faster and faster. Suddenly, she is cumming; it takes you by surprise and you begin to cum with such intensity you are afraid of passing out. You see the moon and stars and hear the screaming wondering whose it is. Finally you are drained. She is lying on top of you trapping your still hard penis in her ass. She lifts her tired head and gives you a gentle kiss.

She asks, “Can we do that again sometime?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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