Mart 4, 2024

Before It’s Too Late Ch. 01

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(This fantasy belongs to Robin who asked if I would be so kind to expose her on the pages of Literotica. As always Robin has given me the details and I have put it into a story format that she and her husband Rick have reviewed and approved.)

My name is Robin and I am currently thirty-five years old. This story takes place about four years ago. I’ve read enough here to know that you want to be able to envision me as you read so I will tell you that I am a brunette with light blue eyes. I am five foot six inches tall and weigh about 130 pounds. I measure 34, 28, 334 and I have B plus tits. I prefer to be natural but do keep my pubic area trimmed. Rick is six foot two and weighs about 190 pounds. Like me he has maintained his body and he proudly stuffs me with his thick seven-inch cock.

I met Rick when I was twenty-four and he became the tenth man I took to my bed. From that small survey of men I can say that Rick’s cock was just a bit larger then all but one of the men I came to know. The one man who sported a larger cock was over nine inches and while that was amazing it was also a bit too much for me in the long run. My desire to use my mouth, pussy and ass is overwhelming and taking nine inches in my back door was just not as enjoyable as you might think.

Rick who was twenty-five when we met had his share of women before me and while men measure women more by the size of their tits then the tightness of their pussy, all I can say is that my tits satisfy Rick as well as the 36 DD he told me he once enjoyed.

Our honeymoon was on a Caribbean Island and neither of us managed a tan. Yes, we did leave the bed from time to time but usually at night for dinner, then a stroll on the beach and a sandy fuck before coming back to out room to shower. While fucking on the beach under the light of the moon is romantic, removing all the sand from various openings is a pain.

Our return to the States and our new home began for us a wonderful marriage. Our desire for sex fell off slightly after the honeymoon but never became boring or routine like it has with a number of our friends. Rick and I still crave our sweaty unions and nary a week passed without multiple sessions some where in our house or yard.

During our married life we often discussed our fantasies. Those that turned us both on, we managed to experience. Some of those lived up to their promise but most did not. I can say that all of them involved just Rick and I, some toys or costumes and some unique positions and public locations. As we neared Rick’s thirtieth birthday and I saw my own thirtieth on the horizon we began to mention fantasies that included other people. At first it was just imagining someone we knew joining us in bed, both of us fully aware that we would never expose our fantasy to a friend. Over the next year or so the fantasy of sharing, either another woman (or women) or another man (or men) began to take on more flesh. It took another year or more for both of us to come to grips with how we might feel the morning after.

Ultimately we seemed to be coming to the realization that this fantasy, in some form would happen one day but neither of us placed any time frame on the outcome. Nor did we pre-determine the sex or the mix of sexes we might want to share. I was comfortable and maybe even a little eager to try a woman and to share her with Rick, but although Rick felt he could watch and share a man with me, he was adamant that he did not want to share anything sexual with another man. I told him I understood that and that while I might feel at ease with a woman I wouldn’t know for sure unless and until that potential came into being.

Again, while not making any firm commitments to actually exploring this fantasy anytime soon, we discussed various means that it could come about. One thing we agreed on fairly early on was that if it happened it would happen on a vacation, someplace where we would have privacy we wanted. Should this fantasy occur we wanted to be able to resume life in our home without being the subject of gossip.

Just before my thirty-first birthday I realized that the time was coming to start a family, something both of us wanted. As I contemplated the joy and wonder of children and how they were made, I flashed into our fantasy and realized that once we’d had children such a fantasy would be delayed till they were out of the house and on their own. The promise of our fantasy would slip away for eighteen or twenty years. Would either of us, in our fifties, still want that? We would be able to truly enjoy what we had so often discussed and dreamed of.

“Rick, you know that the time to start planning a family, something we both want should start soon. I think, if we are seriously planning to undertake our most dominant fantasy, I’d rather do it at thirty not at fifty. Can we decide if we truly want that wild and animal sex, and if so do you agree that doing it now before we start having kids and all that entails is better then when we are older?”

“Robin, ankara ucuz escortlar is this a fantasy you really want, or are we just enjoying the idea? Can you share me? Do you want another man? I agree with the timing, yes. I am willing to give you anything, I love you and know that regardless of what we do, or don’t do, that our love is true and will not be damaged. Do you feel the same?”

“Rick, I have always had tremendous sex whenever we’ve brought up that fantasy. Coldly, sitting here with you I say yes, I can accept seeing or knowing you are fucking another woman or women. I feel as well that I can allow myself to enjoy another man or men. However, like some of our fantasies perhaps this will work, perhaps it won’t. I don’t mean it will destroy our love, I mean we might not find the ‘strange’ as exciting as we think it is.”

“Ok. Do you want to do it, and if so, do you have any rules or requirements?”

“I don’t want to do this with any possibility that any friends or family might find out. I also want to be safe and not worry about any consequence other then our relationship. I also do not want it to be ‘sterile’ meaning I want whatever sex we have to be dirty and sticky, I don’t want to fool with condoms, I want to feel a cock pulsing and spurting in me. I want you to feel her pussy envelop your cock like mine does with out a barrier. Lastly, I want more then one night and would prefer to make it a full week at least, like a vacation.”

“Given the need to keep this our secret, we would have to go someplace so the week long vacation makes sense. Finding willing partners might take some time, so acting out our fantasy for the full week might be impossible. Unless you want to use ‘pros’?”

“No, I don’t want escorts or whores for either of us. I know it will be more difficult but I want someone who wants me and not someone paid to have me. That is not in my fantasy at all.”

“Let me see what we can do. Let’s both explore and see what might offer us the ideal place to have our fantasy work out.”

“Ok but lets not dawdle, let’s try to get this done. Now that we’ve decided to do it, I’m kind of anxious to do it.”

So the both of us took the ball and started researching. We found hotels in the Caribbean that offered the fantasy vacation but they were too close to brothels for our tastes. The various ‘couples’ resorts were promising but not a sure thing. Just because you elected a clothing-optional resort did not mean you wanted to fuck anyone other then your partner.

I’d read many stories of swingers clubs a lot of them took place in Las Vegas. I wondered if they actually existed or were just a part of someone’s fertile imagination. Perhaps they existed but I could find no ads (not surprising) and while I felt they might be the ideal solution I had to discover how to find one. So I re-read some of the erotic stories and using a fake name and a new e-mail account for that purpose began to ask the writers if such places existed and allowed non-members.

Over the next few days I got a few replies all but one said the places they wrote about either were made up or the information was not available due to fear of legal issues. One woman Carol responded that she knew a place (in Vegas no less) and that they would consider visitors. If I wanted to know more I needed to send her a photo of Rick and I (no nudity required) and our names so that she could feel comfortable we were not the law.

I showed her e-mail to Rick and we discussed revealing ourselves. Rick finally convinced me that the club idea was good and that we’d have to take some risk, but he felt comfortable and said to send the info as requested. So I took a photo of us I had stored on my computer and sent it under my personal e-mail and told Carol about Rick and I and our fantasy.

The next day she replied that we could come to Vegas and be granted a week’s membership to the club. She said that what we ultimately did or didn’t do would be our choice. However, she said that in order to keep the location secure, we would be picked up from out hotel each time we wished to visit and we would be blindfolded to assure we could never find the location on our own. She closed by saying that we would need to have certain blood tests done and forwarded to her proving we were ‘safe’.

I told her that we would be happy to have the tests and would do so in a day or two. I asked her where we should stay to make it convenient and if there was a cost and if so when I should pay it.

Her response was that a week’s membership was a thousand dollars. She told us to pick a casino of our choice. Once we were set with our reservations to let her know. She said the club operated from eight PM till around four in the morning depending on the crowd.

Rick made the reservations and we went and had the blood tests done and sent to a Doctor that our Carol had named. We received a notice back from her telling us that we were clean and now cleared and to come on out and ankara üniversiteli escortlar enjoy ourselves.

I told her we’d be there on Monday afternoon and would like to be picked up at eight that night and every night we were in town. Then I took Rick shopping. I wanted to be dressed as seductively as possible when entering the club. With Rick’s guidance and approval I purchased a number of outfits, all either skits and blouses or dresses. All the skirt were short, the blouses flimsy at best, sheer at the worst and the dresses cut low to reveal a good portion of my chest and short or slit up the side to show a lot of leg. The only underwear I purchased was garter belts and hose. Rick was easier, as men are. He purchased some nice slacks that fit him close and some shirts. While my selections took hours, Rick’s were done in a half hour.

When packing Rick suggested that I pack a few outfits fit for the casino as not all of our days would be at the club, just the evenings. While we weren’t sure we’d have any energy to do anything during the day, we would need to eat and we didn’t want to hibernate in the room.

Anxiously we drove to the airport and soon found ourselves winging our way to Las Vegas. On the plane I said to Rick,

“One last rule! Whatever we elect to do, I want to do it with you present and vice versa. I don’t want either of us to go off on our own, this is to be a shared experience.”

“I agree completely. I think if you went off with someone I would worry about you and I am sure you feel the same. I’ve read where some of these types of clubs have areas set aside for some kinkier stuff, like domination etc. So if while we are there you see something that tickles you and you want to try it or I do, then we will. OK?”

“You know I have concentrated so much on just actually having sex with strangers I’d overlooked that possibility. Now that you bring it up I can see where we might see something, some sort of kink that one or both of us would like to try. I am OK with it as long as rule number one applies and that is that we are both present while it occurs.”

All too soon it seemed we were making the approach and landing. We grabbed our bags and took a shuttle to Caesar’s hotel and Casino. After check in we went to the room to unpack only to find a note from Carol. She and her husband wanted to meet for dinner 6 six and then they’d take us to the club. In her note she explained that it would be easier to walk in with someone you barley know then to walk in alone. I called the number she left on the note and told her we’d be happy to have diner with them. Carol told us to meet outside the front of the hotel and look for a white BMW sedan.

Carol was in her late forties, I guessed and was very attractive. She was about five foot five with a gorgeous figure topped with an amazing set of tits that seemed to defy physics by remaining inside her dress. Her husband was somewhat older maybe late fifties but looked to be as fit as either Rick or I. His silver hair gave him a distinguished look and just seeing how stunning they both were gave me the feeling that the club would hold some very good looking opportunities, in fact I wondered if Carol’s husband Jack might not sport one of the cocks that would find its way to me that night. I noticed Rick eyeing up Carol and could see that he might also have seen one of the women he might fill.

Dinner was easy and casual. Carol taking the lead said.

“I know from our e-mails that this is the fulfillment of a long standing fantasy for the two of you. So as virgins to this life I want to share some of the benefits of our experience. Take it slow and only do what you want. Jack and I are old hands at this and we attend the club maybe once or twice a month. We wanted to be here for your debut and sort of help guide you tonight. This is only an offer. If you do go back, as you stated each of the nights you are here do not feel as though you are overdoing it. Jack and I used to go all the time. One of the side benefits, for us, living here is that we’ve come to know a number of couples who attend and we now often meet up with one or two other couples for a more private experience.”

“Thank you for offering to come and guide us Carol, Jack! I know I am a bit nervous and so I assume is Robin. Robin bought some specific clothing to wear to the club so if you don’t mind the delay, I know she is eager to ‘prepare for her debut’.

I was sure I turned a bit red in the face as Rick said this but was a bit more stunned when Carol offered to help me select the proper dress for one’s first time. Diner finished they drove us back to the hotel and surprisingly both Carol and Jack came to the room with us. When I suggested I go to the bathroom to change, Carol said.

“Honey, hopefully you’ll be as naked as you were when you were born later tonight, let’s take the edge off and see how you do in front of Jack!”

I was not prepared to strip in front of a stranger but what ankara vip escortlar Carol said made sense. If I could not do it in front of Rick, Carol and Jack I’d have a hard time in front of a larger crowd. So I tried to casually remove the sensible clothing I had on while Carol rummaged through my ‘club’ wear. Jack and Rick were casually watching me as I removed my bra and panties ultimately naked as a newborn, Jack said.

“You have a delightful body Robin. I can see by how hard your nipples are that this is exciting you. Rick is a lucky man and if you fuck as good you look, you will have more men after you then you can imagine. Just remember you have all week so pace yourself.”

Then he came and kissed me and fondled my tits. It felt so good and so odd as my husband Rick watched a relative stranger just step up and do this to his wife. As he backed away I felt a bit of remorse that it was over and the tingle in my cunt told me I wanted more. Carol then handed me the white garter belt and matching hose along with the white dress. As I slowly slipped them on she said.

“All of the outfits you brought for the club are perfect, but for tonight, for your debut I thought virginal white was symbolic.”

I finished and looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how I could walk through the hotel dressed like this and I said to the room.

“I look like a slut, you can see everything. How can I get to the car?”

Jack responded.

“Sweetie this is Vegas, no one will notice. Well they will notice you because you are delightful, but no one will care. Come on lets get you to the club and let your adventure begin.”

In the car we drove a few blocks before Carol handed us blindfolds. Rick and I slipped them on. It felt disconcerting to be blind and in a car, each turn felt different because I could not see it. Finally I felt the car slowing and then stopping and Carol announced.

“We’re here you can remove the blindfolds, but keep them for the rest of the week, you’ll need them if you come back.”

We were in a gated courtyard and it was packed with luxury cars. The place looked more like a mansion in Merry Olde England then a house in Las Vegas. We exited the car and on wobbly legs I held onto Rick as we moved up to and then into the house. In the foyer we were asked for ID and then payment for the weeks membership. The rules were simple, we could watch, we could participate but we could not force ourselves on anyone. There was a cash bar and drinks were available but getting drunk was punishable by being asked to leave for the night. The ground floor was a social area and the upper two floors were for activities. I like the word ‘activities’.

Having passed the entry we stepped into the social area and I looked at a crowd of gorgeous people. Although it was a couples club, that did not necessarily mean married, only that no men or women could come alone. Carol and Jack showed us around and Rick bought all of us a drink. We sat for a moment just taking in the sights before Carol said.

“Let Jack and I show you the upper floors, get your blood up if its not already.”

Carol took my hand and we followed Jack and Rick up the steps to the second floor.

Jack said.

“Most of the activity you will see, and yes all the rooms on this floor are windowed so the activities are on display for any who wish to stop and watch.”

Jack stopped at a window and I looked in to see a number of man and women engaging in sexual unions. Men with women, women with women, and multiple groupings including one woman who had a cock in each of her holes and one in each hand. I was mesmerized watching her. The look of absolute rapture on her face told me she was coming continuously, as she was assaulted by the five cocks in her possession. Rick had to nudge me a bit as Jack was now walking off down the hall. I whispered into Rick’s ear.

“Before we head home I want to be that woman Rick. I hope that doesn’t scare you. I am so fucking wet just watching that”

Rick whispered back.

“I think that would be an amazing sight to see. Let’s work our way up to that though.”

We saw everything on the second floor that you can imagine in what you might call straight sex. Rooms full of women, some sporting strap-ons and fucking other women, women in between the legs of other women and licking their pussies. We saw a room with men only and watched as they sucked cock or fucked each other’s assholes. We also saw a room where just a couple fucked one another, again all combinations were present, but it was a one on one room as Jack referred to it.

The third floor contained the kinky stuff. We saw Mistresses whipping men or women who worshiped them. Masters shoving their cocks forcefully down their submissives throats. We saw what Jack referred to as the cum room, where a man or woman would lie on a bed playing with themselves while men stroked their cocks and shot their cum all over the subject. There was also a punishment room or as Jack called it a dungeon, where a person could go and put their partner through limitless forms of punishment. They could hang them from the ceiling in chains, use clamps on their nipples, clits, cocks or balls. Tie them to a whipping post and lash them to orgasm. And more! Much more.

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