Şubat 4, 2023

Banging Siblings of My Muslim Gf

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Hell guys, Anil here, a Telugu guy sharing his sexual adventures. All are 18+

This is a new series, with a continuation of my earlier stories of ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl’. Please check them out, to know about the characters and how I ended up with this series.

After hearing a voice calling my name, I turned around to see that it was Saba. I got scared and moved away from the girl I was fucking. When I saw my dick, there was a little blood on it. I got tensed and turned to Saba.

Me- “What the heck is this? If you are here, then who the hell is this?”

We both then looked at the girl and when she turned around to show her face, we were shocked to see who it was.

Saba- “SADIA?”

Sadia was Saba’s younger sister, after Mushtaq. This scared the shit out of me, because as far as I know, Sadia was not even 18. My dick died down immediately. Sadia looked at both of us and gave a smile.

Saba- “What the heck happened, Anil? You are fucking my sister?”

Me- “I swear I didn’t know it was her. I just thought it was you. She was facing the other side, exposing her ass to me. I was so horny and just went with the flow. I didn’t see the face.”

Sadia- “Didi, don’t blame him. It was not his mistake. I didn’t let him know it was me.”

Me- “Shut the fuck up. Why did you do this? You are not even of the legal age.”

Sadia- “Don’t worry, Anil. I turned 18, a couple of months ago.”

She gave a sexy smile.

I turned towards Saba. She said, “Yes she is 18. Don’t worry about that. But, why the heck did you do this, Sadia? What’s gotten into your mind?”

Sadia- “Oh didi, I am sorry it has to be your boyfriend. But, I couldn’t stop myself after seeing you guys. I came to spend time with you. But, when I saw you fucking, through the door glass, I couldn’t resist watching more. I became so wet.”

Saba- “So what, you just can’t come and act like me to fuck my boyfriend.”

Sadia- “Didi please, I was so eager to have sex from the past two years, but my boyfriend said only after we turn 18. We never got a chance. But, when I saw Anil’s dick ramming you, I couldn’t wait any longer. So, I took the chance.”

Me- “Oh wow, that’s great. I get to fuck two virgin girls and that too sisters, on the same day. No one’s luckier than me, lol.”

Saba- “Shut up motherfucker, that’s my sister.”

Sadia- “And I got a pussy too, which needs a dick.”

Saying this, Sadia let her burqa fall and knelt in front of me. She kissed my dick. All this while my dick was limp and now with her kiss, it started to become hard again. Saba was looking at us, with a shock. I looked into her eyes and said “Please!” She sighed and smiled.

She closed the door and covered it with the curtain. She went and sat on the berth, opening and letting down her burqa. Here, with her kisses, Sadia made my dick rock hard. She kissed my dick, till it became ankara moldovyalı escortlar rock hard. She slowly started coming up, kissing my navel area.

Licking all the way and moving her hands all over my body. She reached my chest and took one nipple in her mouth. She started sucking it, while pinching the other nipple. That was wonderful. My nipples became erect and she was sucking them like a baby.

Meanwhile, I took my hands to her waist and felt her slender body, sexier than Saba. I took my hands to her boobs. Oh man, Sadia’s boobs were slightly bigger and softer than her sister. I took them in my hands and pressed hard. She moaned and bit my nipple and pinched another, in retaliation.

I felt a sexy pain, which I returned to her, by pinching her nipples. Unlike Saba’s pink nipples, Sadia had big brown nipples, surrounded by dark areola. While I was exploring her boobs, she moved further up, licking and sucking my chest, neck, face and at last my lips.

She was kissing so passionately, slowly exploring my lips. I caught her head and went in for a harder tongue fight. We exchanged our saliva and tongues, exploring each other’s mouths. She hugged me and was grinding her stomach on my dick. We explored our bodies.

I kissed her neck and collar bone, for which she let out sweet moans. I again took her boobs in hands and started fondling them, while sucking and licking her body above boobs. I slowly went down to her boobs and licked her cleavage. I buried my head in between them and took one by one in my mouth.

I gave little bites on them, making her boob skin reddish. She was moving her hands in my hair and moaning. I took the right nipple in my mouth and started sucking it, while kneading the left one with my hand. I took it with my teeth and pulled harder.

She let out a soft scream, which made me crazy. I went on to become more wild, with her boobs and nipples. I switched between both her boobs for some time, before going down to her super sexy navel area. Sadia also had a navel similar to that of Saba – deep and delicious.

I caught her by the waist and dug my tongue into her tummy hole. I played there for some time and she went crazy.

Sadia- “Oh god, Though I had some fun with my boyfriend, he never did that. Didi, your boyfriend is amazing.”

I got more aroused and fucked her navel for some time, while fondling her boobs and body. I looked towards Saba, to realize that she was fingering herself and recording us. I gave her a flying kiss and turned Sadia’s pussy to face Saba.

I parted Sadia’s legs, to give Saba a better view of her sister’s pussy. I took out my tongue and licked it like ice cream. Oh god, that was super tasty. I tasted her a few minutes ago, without knowing it was her. But, this time it gave me a different enthusiastic feeling, to suck on a new pussy.

She tasted amazing. sincan ukraynalı escortlar Sadia was giving out heavy moans, whenever my tongue brushed her pussy lips. She had already had her orgasm on my dick, while I fucked her. I started to tongue fuck and she was screaming. The train sounds neutralized her screams.

Then I inserted my fingers, to join my tongue. Though she was very tight, my fingers and tongue went in easily, because of her juices. She was digging her nails in my hair and pushing me more towards her pussy. I sensed her orgasm.

Sadia- “Oh god, yeah. I am cumming.”

With this, I inserted my other hand finger into her asshole at once, from behind.

Sadia- “Not there. OH FUCKKK.”

I didn’t listen to her and fucked her both holes, with my fingers and tongue. She let out a loud moan, while her body shook wildly, releasing heavy flows of sweet pussy juices.

She let out so much of the juices, I couldn’t bear it and tried drinking it all, but in vain. The fluids hit my face and flowed down my body. She slowly relaxed and pulled me up into a sexy kiss. I exchanged her juices into her mouth and we smooched for some time.

Sadia- “I never thought I would taste so awesome.”

Me- “You tasted excellent and squirted hard like no girl I sucked.”

Without wasting time, Sadia went down to return my favor. She spat on my dick, pulled it’s foreskin back and stroked it long and slow. She then took it completely in and started sucking like a hungry bitch. I caught her head and pushed my cock deep into her throat.

She choked on my dick and started gagging. I held her like that, until she couldn’t bear and gave a slap on my ass. She removed my dick and tried taking some air. Her face was completely reddish, due to choking. Then, she took my balls in her mouth and sucked them while stroking my dick. That felt amazing.

When I took my attention to Saba, I saw her fingering vigorously and giving out sexy moans, seeing her sister sucking my dick. I immediately bent down to her pussy and replaced her fingers with my tongue. Sadia was still sucking me and I was sucking Saba’s pussy.

Oh god, that was sexy, just like 69, but you are sucking one pussy and someone else is sucking your dick. As soon as I sucked Saba’s pussy, she released a hot stream of juices onto my face. I cleaned her pussy, with my tongue.

I asked Sadia to stop sucking me, as I have another plan. I asked both of them to stand on either side. Then, at once I took my both hands on their pussies and slapped them.

Me- “I want both these pussies at once.”

I started fingering both, while exchanging kisses between them. I inserted three fingers each, in their holes and increased my speed. They were moaning heavily. Then, I went and laid down on the berth.

Me- “Who wants to have my dick and who wants my tongue, in their pussy?”

Both elvankent minyon tipli escortlar look excitedly at each other.

Saba- “I’ll take that monster first.”

Saying this, she hopped on me and inserted my dick in her pussy.

Sadia- “That’s not fair, I didn’t have him properly last time.”

Me- ” Babe come on, give me your pussy to suck, you can switch later.”

Sadia immediately hopped on my mouth. I wasted no time drilling her hole with my tongue. I couldn’t see Saba, but she placed her hands on my thighs and increased her riding speed, while Sadia was making circles with her pussy, on my mouth. I tried holding Saba’s boobs with one hand, while fondling Sadia’s ass with the other.

Both were moaning and bouncing on me. I then started rubbing Saba’s clit, while she was bouncing on my dick. I also inserted my finger in Sadia’s asshole, at the same time. I fucked them like that, for some time. I was nearing orgasm, so I asked them to stop and switch places.

Saba was not accepting, so I told her I wanted to cum in her sister’s pussy, which I didn’t earlier. At last, they switched places and now Saba was giving her pussy to my face, while Sadia started taking my dick in her hole. Sadia was very tight, as it’s only her second time. She was screaming while my dick was tearing her pussy apart.

But finally, after some time, she took my dick completely in and started slowly bouncing on it. Oh god, that felt awesome. Her pussy was so tight and it would make me come very soon. I wanted all of us to cum at once. So, l increased my tongue speed in Saba’s pussy, while fucking her asshole with one hand.

With my other hand, I reached for Sadia’s clit and rubbed it fastly. This made her more aroused and she increased her speed, bouncing on my dick.

Sadia- “Oh FUCK yeah, am gonna cum, YES. Cum with me Anil, fill me up, please.”

This made me horny and my orgasm started building. I increased my speed on Saba, to make her cum at the same time.

Saba- “Yes Anil, I am cumming, suck me. YES, oh FUCKK.”

All our bodies were shaking wildly, when our orgasms hit us. We all let out huge moans, and released our juices, at once. I erupted loads of hot cum, into the younger sister’s pussy, while her pussy released stream after stream of hot juices.

I could feel the mixture of our cum, flowing out of Sadia’s pussy and drowning down my dick, onto my body. Here on my face, Saba released her third round of juices today, all over my face. I drank all of them. When all of us got relaxed, they both got down from over me.

Saba immediately bent over my dick and licked all the juices of mine and her sister’s, from my dick and body. She cleaned it neatly. When I got up, Saba came in to kiss me and gave me the taste of mixed cum. I exchanged her cum with her and we both tasted the three cum mixture.

Suddenly, Sadia joined us for a three-way kiss and tasted the mixture of cum. We had a tight group hug, crushing their boobs on my chest and continued our kissing for 5 minutes, until someone knocked on the door.

So, guys, this is my 1st part of the 2nd series. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Shower your love for this as you did for my earlier stories.

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