Haziran 5, 2023

Babyboy Ch. 14

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This story contains offensive language. Enjoy!


“You always looking so damn good.” I smirked while laying on the bed. Bassir was wearing a blue velvet durag with his reading glasses. He was shirtless and was reading a book. Normal sexy ass Bassir shit.

“Thank you babyboy. Come here.” I leaned up and met him half way as he gave me a peck on the lips. “You’re high.” He said pulling away. I gave a small nod.

“A little.” He smiled and shook his head. We were in my apartment so I took the opportunity to smoke a little weed. It’s been months since I last smoked. I needed it after all the shit that’s been happening. “Do we need to pick up anything tomorrow morning?” I asked, resting my head on Bassir’s lap.

“No. I think we got everything right.” He looked down at me. I shrugged. “Tyrell, it’s thanksgiving. The store does not have anything or people are going to flood in and take everything.”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine.” I shrugged him off. “Why did we say our apartment again also why are we the ones cooking?” He laughed and finally set his book down.

“Because we have the biggest dining room and you said Zola and Chance can’t cook because Zola eats like a rabbit and Chance would burn everything. Charm and Chad can’t do it because Chad doesn’t know about seasonings, Alex and Emmanunal can only cook certains foods, David can’t do it because he can’t cook, and Romani would add weed to everything.” Bassir listed off our guests for thanksgiving.

“Romani’s brother is a chef though.”

“He’s in Atlanta.” I nodded remembering that. “It’s up to us Babyboy.” He smiled. “After we’re going to the soup kitchen.” He reminded me.

“Romero coming with us?” I asked.

“Yeah Romero loves the soup kitchen. He helps us pass out food and clean up at the end of the night.” Bassir started running his hands through my hair. I closed my eyes and let him message my head. “That feel good?” He whispered.

“Yeah.” I mumbled. He started rubbing down my neck then he lightly touched my mouth. He traced my lips slowly before tapping my mouth with two fingers. I slowly open my mouth and let him push his fingers inside. I looked up at him and traced his fingers with my tongue slowly.

I grabbed his wrist and started sucking on his fingers. Bassir stared down at me with hazy eyes as I sucked his fingers. I moaned and pulled them from my mouth.

“Climb up here.” Babyboy commanded. I got up and climbed up his body. He positioned us so we were in a 69 position. Bassir didn’t waste time and pulled me out of my boxers before stuffing me into his mouth. I moaned loudly and dropped my body down onto his.

I slipped him outta his sweats and glared back at him.

“I told you about that no underwear shit Bassir.” I squeezed his dick.

“I’m just at home with you though Babyboy.” He said pulling me from his mouth. “And look how easy it is for you to get access to me.” He smirked. I glared but still put him in my mouth.

I stayed at his tip and settled my tongue around the head earning a moan from him. He started sucking me again, taking most of me into his mouth. He held onto my waist and pushed my hips down, taking the rest of me. I moaned and started going lower on his dick. Bassir fingers started probing my ass.

We slowly sucked each other while his fingers fucked me softly. I smiled around him and pulled off slowly. He moaned but quickly paused as he felt my tongue lick low. I licked just under his balls close to his asshole.

“Babyboy.” He warned. I turned and gave him a smile.

“Just wanted to please you.” I said turning around. His fingers slipped from my ass when I spun around to straddle him.

“You’re sneaky.” He said, pushing the tip on my hole.

“I wanna fuck you Bassir.” I complained. I really wanted to fuck him. Don’t get me wrong he be making me feel amazing with his dick but I missed topping.

“You will Babyboy. I’m ready but I want it to be special like our first time together.” He admitted. I nodded and leaned down kissing istanbul travesti him. He cupped my ass and pushed me up. “In the mean time, I can keep fucking you right?” I nodded and moaned as he guided me down on his dick. I gripped his shoulders and started riding him slowly.

I opened my eyes and locked them on his. Bassir was looking up at me with lust filled eyes. I moaned and rocked on his dick slowly. We haven’t made love in a while. It’s been wild rough sex lately but tonight I felt like making love to my man. I held the base of his neck and lowered myself so I was kissing him softly. Bassir’s hands went up and around my waist. I kissed him deeply, probing his mouth.

“Bassir.” I whispered, placing my forehead on his. He gave me a serious look and rocked into me making me moan out. I laid my head in the crook of his neck and started kissing on him softly. Bassir let’s me kiss on him now and he keeps his laughing at a minimum. He knows that like kissing on him so he’s gotten used to it.

“You’re so beautiful Babyboy.” Bassir whispered in my ear. He gives me a small kiss.

Bassir flipped us so we were lying on our side. He lifted my leg over his and held onto my stomach while he grinded into me deeply. I let out a low moan and threw my head back on his shoulder.

“I love you baby.” I whispered, staring into his eyes. He pushed up, hitting my spot dead on. “Fuck.” I moaned. He stayed there pressed against my prostate. Bassir grabbed my neck and held me as he started giving me slow quick strokes hitting my spot repeatedly.

“I love you too Tyrell.” He moaned into my ear. I moaned loudly hearing his words.

I could feel myself starting to cum but I wanted him to cum with me. I squeezed around him hard and pushed back on him. He groaned and held a tight grip on my throat. “I’m close Babyboy.” I nodded and kept fucking him back. I held myself until I felt Bassir let go. As he came in my ass I let out thick ropes onto our sheets. I moaned and held onto his arms as he fucked out his orgasm.

“Fuck, that was good.” I moaned. Bassir nodded with his head on my shoulders. He reached up and gave me a soft kiss.


Bassir had a serious look as he and Romero cleaned the greens. They forced me to do small tasks like melting butter and mixing the pie mix. Apparently I can’t cook. I glared at them as I mixed the potatoes and beans.

At least we all looked good as hell. Bassir had us all matching in some type of way. He was wearing a dark brown turtleneck with black slacks. The shirt was tight so it fit against his muscles. Romero had on dark jeans and a long sleeve black shirt with a vest that matched his shirt. I had on a tight black button down, blacks slacks, and a dark brown watch that matched them. We looked good as hell.

“I wanna help make something.” I whined. I turned to my family as they shook their heads.

“Babyboy remember breakfast.” Bassir pointed to the trash. I looked over and saw the brunt waffles.

“Well I didn’t know you had to stay in here and watch them. Damn I said sorry.” Romero laughed. “He’s three, how is he helping more than me?”

“Me know how to be a good boy.” Romero answered. Bassir pointed at him in agreement. “You no good boy.” I glared at them both before leaning against the counter.

“We’re not watching the parade?” I asked. Bassir gave a quick no.

“Me no watch that.” Romero sounded angry.

“He’s scared of the big balloons.” Bassir mouthed. I nodded and smiled.

“Alright then I’ll put on the game.” I left the kitchen and walked down the hall to the living room. Just as I was turning on the TV, Bassirs phone went off on the couch. I picked it up and saw the number was unknown. I quickly walked back into the kitchen with a tight look.

He saw the screen and sighed. Before he could grab the phone I answered it.

“Hello, would you like to accept the charges from inmate 0789564 Anne Matthews?”

“Yeah.” I glared. Bassir just stood there with a sad look. Romero, not knowing istanbul travestileri what’s going on, was still cleaning the greens.

“Hello Bassir.” I heard a female voice.

“Listen bitch, stop calling this nigga phone. He doesn’t like yo ass, you ain’t ever seeing yo baby bitch. It’s done, you fucked up live with that shit. Stop trying to mess with his life bitch.” I hung up before she could respond. Bassir gave me a smile. I set his phone down on the island and pulled him in so I could kiss him. “That shit over Bassir. Let her go.” He nodded on my lips.

“I will Tyrell.” I let him go.

His momma has been calling him everyday begging to see Romero or him again. He started not picking up but when someone is calling everyday all day it’s hard to ignore it. I’m sick of the shit. He been over here stressed the fuck out about her. Bassir didn’t let much get to him but this really had him worried and he’s been more protective of Romero.

“Rell come help with cheese.” Romero called. I nodded and came to help him pour the noodles in the pot.


“Alright everything is set, let’s say what we’re thankful for.” Bassir said, putting the ham on the table.

“I’ll start,” Romani said. Romani is a close friend of Zola’s and he’s quickly becoming a friend of mine. He’s a real chill dude. “I’m thankful for life, weed, and being here with y’all except for him.” He pointed to David. David glared at him and stuck up the middle finger. “See can’t even take a little joke.”

“Fuck you.” David glared at him. Romani gave him the finger back.

I gave them a small glare. Something seems off about them almost like they like each other.

“I’ll go next,” David glared at Romani. “I’m thankful for life, my baby girl, and good company.” He smiled. His daughter hugged his arm. Melody was my niece so I wasn’t surprised when they walked in together. I know Mels leaving soon after dinner though to be with her mom.

“Awe, that’s so cute.” Charm cooed. “Alright I’m thankful for my man, life, and my family.” She smiled towards Basir and Romero.

“Uh I guess I’ll go next.” Chad smiled.

We went like this for a few minutes. Chance and Zola are thankful for each other and sex which earned them a glare for me and David. I covered Romero’s ears and shook my head at them. Emmanuel and Axel are thankful for family which I know means a lot to them both.

“I’m thankful for,” I started. “You.” I turned to Bassir. “You changed me so much, and it’s been for the better. I’m thankful for Romero, life, and everyone sitting at the table.” Everybody awed and smiled. Bassir gave me a kiss on the cheek before going.

“I’m thankful for my baby. He’s the best little guy in the world, he’s smart, caring, and so loving. I’m thankful for my best friend, without you I don’t think I would’ve made it to where I am. I’m thankful for old and new friends because without you guys life would be so dull. And lastly I’m thankful for my boyfriend. He’s everything you could ever wish for in a partner and I’m thankful that he’s mine.” Bassir finished.

Everybody was silent with tears in their eyes. Bassir knows how to talk. Got us in here crying at his sweet words. I grabbed him and slammed my mouth on his. I gave him a deep kiss.

“You’re evil for that shit.” I whispered. “Got us in here crying and shit.”

“I’m sorry.” He laughed.

“Let’s eat now that Bassir has made us all feel like shit for our sad excuse of thank yous.” I said standing up to cut the turkey.


After dinner we all let Bassir rope us into going to the soup kitchen. The owners were happy Bassir brought more people because they were low and only expected Bassir and Romero. They immediately put us to work helping out. Me and Bassir got placed handing out turkey and ham. Romero was helping clean up with Luck and Zola. Charm and Chad helped people with plates and cups. Romani who was now high was placed in the kitchen helping with some of the food. David left after him and Romani got into it, because travesti istanbul Romani was accusing him of looking at his ass. Emmanuel and Axel were also helping pass out food.

It felt good to help people. I loved giving back to my community. Me and Luck actually put a lot of money into back to school giveaways every year. That being said, some of these homeless niggas getting on my nerves. They fucking rude and acting like I won’t rock they shit. Next one snach something out my hand I’m cutting into they ass.

“I want fried chicken.” Some man came up in the line. He was wearing a tan dingy suit jacket and ratty blue pants. He looked like he was well kept though. I’m not one to judge and imma treat you how I treat everybody so I looked past his appearance and focused on his rude ass voice.

“We only got turkey and ham.” I sniped back.

“Y’all broke asses ain’t got no fried chicken.” He glared. I glanced at Bassir who was smiling and laughing with a woman and her daughter. “I want fried chicken.”

“We ain’t got no damn fried chicken nigga. Yo ass being real fucking picky for somebody with a hole in the front of yo shoe.” I said back. He glared at me.

“Aye calm to little light skin ass down. I’ll give you an ass whooping in here.”

“Man, I’ll punch you in yo crooked ass mouth. Straighten them hoes out.” I felt a hand on my waist. Bassir came to my side and smiled.

“Jared, we don’t have fried chicken. Every time I see you, you’re causing problems.” Bassir gave the man an easy smile. Jared ole ugly ass gave Bassir a crooked smile.

“Sorry Mr. Bassir but light skinned, doesn’t know who he is talking to. I’ll knock his pretty boy ass out.” Jared glared at me again. I jumped to make a move but Bassir’s hand on my waist stopped me.

“Jared, please go sit down and stop threatening people.” Jared huffed but still turned to sit down. “You gotta calm down all that fighting. Jared is crazy but a good guy when you get to know him.”

“Nawl fuck him. Rude bitch.” I turned to Bassir. “Kept asking if we had fried chicken and it’s fucking thanksgiving. Stupid ass.”

“Calm down lightskin.” He smirked. I blushed but still glared at him. “I think I like that more than Babyboy.”

“Don’t start that shit. Stick to Babyboy.” I grumbled. He laughed with a nod.


The night was soon over and we were cleaning up the shelter. I actually got to talking with Jared crazy ass and turns out they used to always serve fried chicken. We both went up to the owners and asked where the chicken was. They laughed and dismissed us but I told Jared I’ll be back with chicken one weekend soon. They’ve been depriving my dude of chicken.

The shelter was actually nice as fuck. They make a simple breakfast for everyone, a sandwich lunch, then a random dinner everyday. They have rooms where people can stay the night or however long. If you choose to stay longer they help you detox if needed, or help you find a job. Many of the people who work for the shelter are formerly homeless. It’s a really warm and nice place. Everybody here was laughing and putting aside everything to bring joy in these people’s lives.

“You know Jared’s been coming here for years.”

Bassir knocked shoulders with me. We were sitting at the table. “He’s not even homeless anymore.”

“You for real?” He nodded.

“He lives in a nice two bedroom house not far from here. He just sometimes likes to come here and remember his struggle. Jared says this place saved his life.” I looked over to crazy ass Jared. He was laughing with one of the workers.

“I can see why he’d want to come back. It’s amazing here.” I turned to look around. Romero was running around with some kids, Luck and Star were talking with some old lady who was smoking a cigarette, Romani was still helping with dessert but looked happy, Manny and Axel were dancing with some people to the soft music. It was peaceful.

Bassir went to say something but my phone rang. I saw the name Dave. With a confused glare I picked it up. I walked out of the earshot of everyone into a corner.

“Hey what’s up.” I answered.

“The trap was just shot up and I swear to fucking God it was you’re dad.” He whispered. I paused with an confused frown.

“How the fuck? He’s dead.”

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