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Annie , June Ch. 02

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PREFACE The following is a “true story of my imagination” and continues the affair between two nursing moms which began in “Annie & June”. In this episode, several weeks have passed since the moms’ initial encounter, and what starts out as an innocent picnic turns into a torrid session of nursing, pussy eating and near obsession between the two women. Enjoy!


Annie Kitterly sat on the rickety bleachers and stared at June Cini watching over her son, Billy, playing on the slide. June was standing near the playscape chatting with another mom who had also attended this year’s picnic of their local breastfeeding group. Annie gazed at June through dark Ray-Bans, admiring June’s large tits as they strained against her blouse. June had dressed for the occasion by wearing a blue jean skirt and sleeveless, white blouse. Her brown hair, cascading over her shoulders, and her sandals completed her casual appearance. Her milk-filled breasts, long overdue for a feeding, seemed larger than their typical D-cup, as their nipples poked stiffly through her shirt.

Annie’s mouth watered as she stared at June and licked her lips subconsciously. Seven weeks had passed since June had paid Annie a visit to help her with a breastfeeding problem. Even though they hadn’t seen each other since then, Annie’s memories of their encounter were still as real as if everything had happened only yesterday. They still brought her to orgasm when Jack fucked her or she masturbated. Annie remembers vividly how the night had started innocently enough with June helping Annie with a plugged duct, and how one thing had led to another, and they had ended up eating each other’s pussies, grinding each other to orgasm and June nursing on Annie’s tits. Annie hadn’t expected that June’s suckling of her breast would be such a turn on, but Annie now admitted to herself that it was one of the kinkiest moments she’d ever experienced. And she couldn’t wait to do it again! Annie squeezed her thighs at the memory.

June Cini’s conversation ended as she turned to face Annie and waved. Annie waved back. Her nipples hardened, as she watched June make her way toward her.

“Hey you,” June said, “how’s it going??”

“Good!” Annie replied almost too anxiously.

“You look great!” June remarked.

Annie was dressed in kaki shorts and peach golf shirt. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail. Her socks and tennis shoes were a contrast to June’s sandals. “Thanks!” she replied.

“Tina seem’s to be having fun,” June said gazing at Annie’s daughter in the dirt of the diamond ball field.

“Yeah, I’m sure she is. She doesn’t care much for staying clean,” Annie replied as both women laughed.

“I’m envious,” June said in reference to Annie’s other child, Timmy, sleeping soundly in a stroller next to Annie.

“Oh, I know,” Annie replied, “he can sleep through anything!”

A moment of silence stood between the two women.

“Where’s Tess?” Annie asked looking for June’s other child.

“She’s with Dad under the shelter,” June replied.

“Oh…” Annie responded.

“She’s the opposite of Tina…not much into getting dirty,” June added looking at Annie and smiling.

Annie returned a smile.

“So,” June said as she cleared her throat, “anymore problems with plugged ducts?” inadvertently glancing at Annie’s tits.

Annie was glad she had decided at the last minute to wear her extra-support, nursing bra, because it caused her milk-filled, C-cup tits to press nicely against her shirt. Her nipples were almost constantly hard as they poked through the shirt. She hoped June had noticed. “No…no, nothing,” she answered. “In fact…” she started to add when they heard a sound from the slide.

June looked over to see Billy sitting in the grass crying. “It’s okay honey,” June yelled to her son as she made her way over to him.

“Sweetheart? C’mon, let’s go!” Annie yelled to Tina as she pushed the stroller toward June and Billy. “I think the burgers are ready!” she said to her daughter who was now walking beside her. Annie met up with June, who was holding and consoling Billy.

“Hi Mr.! Did you fall down??” Annie asked her friend’s son as he nodded affirmatively and sniffled.

“Mommy, can I hold his hand and walk back to Daddy?” Tina asked as Annie looked at June for approval.

“Sure, honey,” June replied instead as she set Billy down. Tina grabbed his bahis firmaları hand and led him away from the Moms and toward the smoke billowing from the shelter.

“Hmmm, smells like the burgers are ready,” Annie said looking toward the shelter.

“So,” June interjected changing the subject, “you started to say ‘in fact…’?”

“Oh, yeah,” Annie replied, “my milk seems to be flowing even better since that night.” In her mind, Annie gasped at the reference to ‘that night’.

June nodded and said, “Great…that’s good,” and looked away.

Both women walked in silence as they made their way to the shelter. Their nipples poked through their shirts.


After all the families ate and made small talk, June and Annie, along with their husbands and kids, found themselves seated together near the edge of the shelter and chatting. Annie’s husband, Jack, was talking about the state of the medical supply business with Albert, June’s husband listening intently. Billy, Tessa and Tina played together in the nearby grassy area as little Timmy, awake and refreshed, watched them from his stroller.

Both women continued making small talk for a while before June asked, “Do you wanna take a walk?”

For a second, Annie was stunned at the thought of suddenly being alone with June, but she quickly regained her composure. “Oh…uhm…sure,” she replied standing.

“Hey,” June said turning to her husband, “we’re going for a walk. Can you handle the kids??”

Albert Cini stared at the kids playing before replying sarcastically, “No, we’re bumbling idiots!” June grinned at his wiseass remark. “Go!” he added.

Jack Kitterly also nodded affirmatively and said, “We’ll be fine,” to his wife. The two men returned to their conversation as their children played nearby. Annie and June headed toward the trail leading into the woods.

The wooded trail was a man-made path that stretched for two miles through the scenic woods making its way down to a small stream. Annie and June continued making small talk as they made their way across a small bridge arching across the ten-foot wide creek. About a mile into the walk, they realized they were far from any shelters, parking or humans in general. All that was audible was the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds. Taking a chance, Annie slowly reached over and touched June’s hand with her own. June looked over at her and smiled, as she grabbed Annie’s hand in her own and gripped it. The two women continued their walk hand-in-hand.

“June,” Annie began after a deep breath, “do you think about that night?”

“Yes,” June answered. “You?”

“Yes,” Annie answered back, “every time Jack fucks me!”

Both women laughed as June squeezed Annie’s hand.

“Have you thought…” Annie started to say before being interrupted.

“Yes,” June interjected knowing Annie was going to ask her if she’d thought about doing it again.


As both women rounded a bend, they came across a wooden building marked “Restroom”. On impulse, Annie looked around briefly to make sure no one was around and quickly led June into the women’s room. Inside, the dimly lit restroom smelled of pine and ammonia, but was otherwise clean. It gave the impression of having been unused since it was last cleaned. Folded paper towels rested neatly on the sink next to the empty trashcan lined with a fresh bag. Annie led June into one of two stalls. The door locked behind them as it swung shut. The two women stared at each other for a moment before Annie removed her sunglasses and slipped them into a pocket.

“June, I know this is crazy, but one thing I regret not doing that night was taking your milk. I know I shouldn’t ask…”

“Shhh!” June interrupted as she brought an index finger to Annie’s lips. Smiling, she began to unbutton her blouse. After letting the blouse slide off, June reached up to the top of the cups of the flexible, cloth-like nursing bra she was wearing and simply, and slowly, pulled them down. Two gauzy pads, used to catch leaking milk, dropped to the floor, as June’s thick, turgid nipples came into view. Her tits were so full of milk that they ballooned, giving the impression they were implants. Milk seeped out of both nipples as June whispered, “Come here, baby”

A slight groan escaped Annie’s lips as she moved into June. Her hands grabbing a breast each as her mouth enclosed kaçak iddaa over a nipple and sucked. Immediately, June’s sweet milk trickled down Annie’s throat as she groaned into June’s breast, surprised at the sweetness.

“Ah!!! That’s it, baby! Feels so good!” June whispered as she caressed Annie’s head. “Drink my milk, baby.”

“They’re so full!” Annie remarked detaching from June’s breast as a stream of milk sprayed across her lips and nose.

“I know,” June replied snaking her tongue out and licking the milk from Annie’s face. “I haven’t nursed since last night!”

“What about the kids?”

“Don’t worry. There’s more than plenty frozen!” June answered grabbing the back of Annie’s head and bringing it to her other leaking breast.

“Hmmph!” Annie moaned into June’s breast as she sucked the milk once more and pinched the other nipple.

June had backed up against the wall of the stall and instinctually raised a foot atop the toilet. Her other leg was wedged between Annie’s legs as she continued to caress Annie’s head. “That’s it, baby! Drink Mommy’s milk. Drink it down!” she whispered with eyes closed.

Annie gazed up at June’s closed eyes as milk trickled down her chin. Annie’s hand moved from June’s breast down to her pussy. June’s raised leg made it easier for Annie to access her cunt, but June spread her legs a bit anyway. Annie quickly found June’s soaked panties and shoved them aside with her hand. She switched back to the first breast and drank, as she sunk two fingers into June’s pussy.

“Ah!….Oh!” June moaned! “Fuck, Annie, that feels good!” she added. For a few minutes longer, Annie continued nursing on her friend’s breast as two fingers pistoned in and out of June’s pussy.

Suddenly, Annie pushed June back against the wall and kissed her deeply. Her milk-covered tongue penetrated June’s mouth as it coiled around her friend’s tongue. Breaking the kiss, Annie stared at her friend for a second before moving her way down June’s torso. June smiled and ran a finger across Annie’s cheek before grabbing her skirt and raising it to her hips for Annie’s benefit.

Upon contact of Annie’s mouth on her pussy, June’s eyes closed and her head leaned back. “Ah!!!!!!” she moaned as she sought Annie’s head and grabbed a hold of her ponytail. She pulled Annie’s face into her pussy as she moaned again, “Oh!!! Mmmmm! Oh!!! Annie!! Lick my pussy, Lick my cunt you bad girl!!!”

“Hmmph!” Annie moaned into June’s cunt at her friend’s words. Her tongue diving into June’s pussy and drinking down her sweet, warm nectar. Annie’s chin and cheeks were smothered with sweet pussy juice.

“Ah!!! Oh!!! Ah!!! Fuck, Annie…I’m gonna cum!!! This is too fucking hot…I’m gonna cum already!!!” June screamed. Annie intensified her licks making sure to flick June’s clit each time she reached it. “Mmmmm!!!” June gasped loudly! Annie latched on to June’s clit and sucked as she rapidly thrust two fingers into her pussy! “Ah!!! I’m coming, Annie!!! I’m coming!!!!” June screamed! “Ah!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!!” she added as her orgasm slammed into her from Annie’s relentless attack on her clit. “Ah!!!!!!!!” she moaned and screamed as her body convulsed. Her hands mauling and squeezing her pendulous breasts, causing milk to squirt occasionally. After a few minutes, her convulsion relaxed into a twitch as Annie languidly licked June’s pussy. “Mmmmm,” June moaned softly, still twitching occasionally.

As June’s orgasm subsided, Annie raised herself back up and kissed her friend deeply, letting her taste her own juices. “Hmmmm,” Annie moaned into June’s mouth. The kiss broke as June smiled and licked her own juices from Annie’s chin, her cheeks and even her nose. Annie smiled and said, “Still delicious!”

“Yes…I do taste delicious, don’t I?” June replied and both women laughed.

“Mommy, can I have more mommy milk?” Annie asked in a child-like voice. June did not answer. Rather she smiled and directed Annie’s mouth back to her tits.

Annie began to suck and immediately the milk flowed into her mouth again. She could not believe how much of a turn on nursing on her friend’s breast was, and she felt herself on the verge of climaxing due to the act.

As she sucked and drank, Annie unsnapped her shorts and shoved a hand down to her bald but soaked pussy. As milk flowed into her mouth, she rubbed her pussy furiously, strumming her clit. “Mmmph!” She moaned into June’s breast kaçak bahis as she switched to the other. Each time she switched, milk continued to spray for a second causing Annie’s face to become covered with June’s milk. Annie didn’t care. She was lost in the throes of an oncoming orgasm as she continued rubbing her pussy. “Mmmph! Ah! Oh! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!!” She screamed before latching back onto June’s nipples and nearly sucking it off from the force. June’s milk flowed down Annie’s throat as her fingers moved furiously across her clit within the confines of her shorts and panties. She moaned loudly into June’s breast as an orgasm ripped through her.

June held her friend as she kissed the top of her head while whispering encouragement. “That’s it! Cum for Mommy, baby girl! Drink my milk, you slut!”

“Mmmmph!!!!” Annie moaned long and loud into June’s breast one last time. Her eyes closed as her orgasm peaked and began to subside.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl!” June whispered as Annie’s sucking slowed.

Finally, Annie’s orgasm ended and she released her hold on June’s breast.

They kissed lovingly.

“Mmmm,” Annie moaned into June’s mouth.

“Mmm hmmm,” moaned June in return. Their kiss broke as the women stared at each other.

“I needed that!” exclaimed Annie. “God, I couldn’t get your tits out of my mind since the night a few weeks ago”.

“Yes, I have to admit,” replied June, “I thought about your tits and sweet milk often as Al fucked me!”

Annie smiled. “So, do you think we have to wait nearly two months again before feasting on each other again?” she asked picking up June’s blouse and handing it to her, as June smoothed out her skirt.

“I hope not,” June replied as she watched Annie snap her shorts together.

“Gosh, I hope Jack doesn’t kiss me when we get back!” Annie chided. Both women laughed as they made final touches to their appearances in the cracked, small mirror above the sink.

As they began their walk back, June said, “We need to get away.”

“Get away?” Annie replied somewhat confused.

“Yeah, like a weekend or something,” June clarified.

“Oh!” Annie replied thinking about the suggestion.

“Could you do it?” June asked.

“Uhm…I’m not sure,” Annie responded, obviously thinking it over. “I have to figure something out about feeding Timmy, since milk is his only food right now.”

“Don’t you freeze your extra breast milk?”

“No. In fact, I meant to ask you about that,” Annie asked.

“Yeah, you can freeze any extra for up to 6 months,” June said. “This way, Jack can get up in the middle of the night to feed!” June whispered wryly.

“Hmmm, that’s a very good incentive,” Annie replied. “I’ve been considering buying an electric pump ever since the plugged duct incident. I’m sure that would help.”

“Oh, yeah. The electric pump is a must!” June added. “Plus, the regular pumping can extend your milk production in case you want it for…uhm…other reasons.”

“Okay, let’s do it! I’ll pick up an electric pump and start freezing tomorrow!”

“Great, I’ll set something up and call you!”

“Great!” Annie replied. Without thinking, she leaned into June and kissed her longingly. June responded to the kiss by opening her mouth and accepting Annie’s tongue. When the kiss broke, both women stared at each other, their chests heaving. They smiled, turned and walked hand-in-hand.

Twenty minutes later they emerged from the woods and headed toward the shelter. They were not holding hands. Albert and Jack were still talking, and the kids were still playing. Timmy was asleep once again. The picnic was winding down as they approached their husbands.

“Hey, how was your walk?” Albert asked.

“Good!” June answered.

“The trail was longer than we expected,” Annie added.

“No shit, you girls were gone for over an hour,” Jack replied.

“Yeah but we worked the meal off!” June said.

“We sure did!” Annie replied throwing a knowing glance at June.

The two families made some more small talk before wrapping things up. With the kids in the vans, husbands and wives shook hands and hugged. As the Moms hugged, June secretly pinched Annie’s nipple and winked. “I’ll call you about that shopping trip,” she said loudly to Annie as she climbed into her van.

“Okay!” Annie replied and waved, participating in June’s game.

Everyone waved one last time as the minivans went their separate ways.

Ten minutes into the ride home, Annie looked back to see her kids asleep. She reclined a bit and looked out the window – wondering what June had planned.

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