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Beach Party Daze Ch. 06

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I brooded too much in the house by myself. When Jane arrived home I was in bed. When she joined me there I feigned sleep. In the morning I let her wander away before I thought about getting out of bed.

Despite the green light and my “catch up” fuck I still felt cheated. So much had happened behind my back. I was experiencing a complex mix of emotions: freedom, hurt and resentment. I wasn’t sure what was worse, knowing what I had been missing out on, or, still not believing that I knew the entire story. What if she had been screwing around in Sydney?

The more I dwelt on it, the deeper my depression. So, the trust was gone. So what? Might as well make the most of it. I looked in the mirror. Time for action. I joined Jane in the backyard. I looked at the kitchen clock on the way through. Nearly Noon.

“Hi, Bob, how are you?” She looked concerned, her red T-shirt accentuating her braless nipples.

“Fine, now. I was pissed off but I took it out on the neighbor A couple of times.”

“I hoped you might.” She paused to see my reaction but I just stared blankly at her blue eyes. “Where do we go from here?” She knew that something had shifted.

“I think” I spoke slowly and quietly “that I want an open relationship. We do what we want, when we want with who ever. Two rules, though.”

“What?” Jane leaned forward on the sun lounge. Her nipples were growing.

“Don’t catch anything and don’t bring anyone back here.”


“OK! You’re OK with everything else?”

She nodded.

I went into the kitchen and made some sandwiches. So, we were just fuck buddies now. We spoke about the group sex of the last few days. It occurred to me that she had been part of some real orgies while I had only been involved in threesomes. We agreed to redress bets10 that imbalance at the beach on Wednesday. I rang Bill and told him to forget about the BBQ on Wednesday.

We agreed to meet on the sand around ten on Wednesday.

I concluded the phone call with “…..maybe Becky will rub lotion on Jane’s breasts….” as I stared at Jane’s red T-shirt. She was starting to sweat.

Jane and I got to the beach first that Wednesday. We hadn’t had sex in the intervening two days, but I’m not sure why. Maybe we were saving our energy for the big events or maybe we were bored with each other.

We parked and walked past our usual spot. We walked to the far end of the beach, where the rocks marked the edge of the bushy hills. Bill had told me of a great spot and we soon found it. There was a line of rocks that separated a patch of sand into a secluded hide-away. The waves had worn small gaps into the bottom of the rock so, if you lay down you could see what was going on without disturbing the people on the other side.

We spread out our towels on the ocean side of those rocks.

About half an hour later Bill and Becky were casually chatting beside us. I think I was playing hard to get. I kept my shorts on but both the girls and Bill were soon naked. Jane and Becky walked into the water. Bill and I discussed the last time I had seen him fuck Becky. I wanted to see him give it to Jane. The girls returned, dried themselves and got down on their blankets.

Bill handed Nicky a large tube of sun tan cream.

Becky held the cream above Jane’s breast. She squeezed and the cold lotion hit her nips. They were erect in a moment. Becky dropped the tube between Jane’s thighs so she could massage cream into her tits. Becky’s red nail polish disappeared into the white bahis siteleri goo as her fingers circled those large pink nipples. She massaged both breasts, working the lotion in long slow arcs, the flat of her hand mashing Jane’s breasts downwards. Soon the lotion was gone but the action continued.

Becky started pinching those hard nipples, every now and again leaning down and biting them. She raised her head and blew on the saliva to dry it. Jane loved it, she put her arms around Becky and drew her mouth to hers. They kissed deeply for some time, then Jane started scratching Becky’s back. Becky slowly worked her way down that sweaty body. She nibbled on Jane’s ears till her face was flushed and her feet were jiggling. Becky bit her neck then started chewing on her breasts, and kissed her belly button.

Becky picked up the tube of lotion from between Jane’s legs and squirted a white trail from her knee to her slit.

Jane’s eyes were closed but Becky kept looking across at us. Bill’s cock was as hard. I stood up and freed my erection. When I looked Around I noticed another guy leaning on the end rock, watching the girls. Bill signaled to him and he sat on Bill’s towel.

Bill looked furtively at me “This is Hank.”

Becky massaged the lotion into Jane’s thighs. She spread Jane’s outer lips then kissed the waiting dampness. She turned Jane slightly so that we could see right into her womanhood. Becky slipped two fingers deep inside Jane. And that was it. Jane grabbed Becky and dragged her on top of her. She wrapped her legs tightly around Becky’s butt and humped her fingers. Jane was clawing her back, bighting her neck. Jane came violently, fucking those fingers for all they were worth.

Becky came too, the feel of Jane’s body exploding beneath her güvenilir bahis siteleri sent her over the edge.

Hank, Bill and I were stunned. The three of us had huge hard-ons and wide smiles. Hank suggested that we all go behind the rocks for some serious fucking. We were there in no time.

We arranged the towels into a large square next to the biggest rock. Then we arranged the girls. Becky ended up on her knees in the middle of the towels. Hank had his hand at the back of her head and face fucked her.

I got down behind her to finger that beautiful slit of hers. She pushed back against my fingers and soon she was on all fours, one cock in her mouth, mine in her cunt. I rammed the length of it into her, again and again. She just kept pushing back, wanting more. I grabbed her swing tits. Hank was feeding her his cock and we settled into a slow rhythm as we watched Jane take Bill’s hard meet into her mouth.

We stayed like for about fifteen minutes then I noticed two guys standing where Hank had been. I waved them over then rammed it right into Becky. I filled her cunt as Hank filled her mouth. The two new guys took our places. He stood and watched Becky getting double ended and I joined Jane and Bill.

She was on her back and Bill was shoving his erection into her mouth. His knees were on her shoulders and she was pinned under his weight. His hands leaned on the rock and she was nearly choking on him. She gagged as he shot his jism into the back of her throat. I took his place and soon my cum was in her mouth too.

We needed a rest. I sat beside Jane. Bill was on her other side. We watched Becky take another load in her mouth. The guy who had been fucking her moved around and she sucked him to orgasm. The two guys walked away. Hank and Beck lay down on the towels.

Beck had semen oozing from her reddened slit. There was cum on Jane’s face.

“Jane, you should help Becky clean up, she looks like she needs a tongue lashing……”

Becky leaned back on her elbows.

She spread her legs.

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