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Anna’s Transformation Ch. 02

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Sunday – Day Two

Jack and Andy ran into each other as Andy pulled out of his driveway.

“Hey Andy, how goes it?”

“Good, Jack, just heading to the office for a while.”

“Wow- on a Sunday?”

“Yes, work is going to be really busy for the next few months — I’m in accounting and we’re advising on the purchase of an out-of-state company.”

“I understand — just went through that sort of deal from the other end. Still good for dinner?”

“Yep- see you at five.”

“Anything I can do for Anna while you’re out today?”

“Don’t think so.” Andy though for a moment. ‘Why not? I’m enjoying this.’

“But feel free to check in on her.”

Jack waved as Andy drove away. “Don’t mind if I do.” he said under his breath with a big grin.


Jack went back inside, doffed his shirt, changed into his tight lycra running shorts, walked over to the Clarkes and knocked on the front door.

Anna had been doing cleaning & laundry all morning. She was wearing an old, threadbare t-shirt with a faded “Idaho State” logo across the front and red shorts. Her hair was shoved into a makeshift ponytail as she wasn’t expecting company. She opened the front door — and there he was.

Anna stood speechless, staring at Jack, who couldn’t help but give her a huge smile. Her eyes traveled immediately his powerful, muscular chest, with a sexy trail of hair down the center. She continued southward to his blue running shorts — and the prominent bulge straining the front. She’d never seen anything like it. While she couldn’t speak, her body could. She immediately felt her nipples pop up. ‘Oh god, not again,’ she thought.

For his part Jack gave Anna the same look-over. Her t-shirt was much tighter than yesterday’s sweatshirt, showing the delicious curves of her huge jugs — and just a bit of her beautiful, freckled upper chest and cleavage. She was also showing more leg — her shorts ended mid-thigh. And those thighs were perfect.

Jack broke the silence after each had enjoyed a full 10-second look. “Hey Anna. Andy said it would be ok it I checked in on you, to see if you need anything.”

Ann suddenly felt very self-conscious of what she was wearing. But Andy was forever saying she needed to be “less conservative” — meaning not to always conceal her body. So, she had decided to follow that advice.

“Sure, Jack, I could always use some help. Come on in.” She held the door open for him and he turned sideways to slip through. Both felt the close presence of the other while looking into each other’s eyes. Anna’s breasts — with her unseen nipples straining to poke holes in her padded bra – were only inches from Jack’s six-pack stomach as he passed. She felt the tingling in her pussy yet again. ‘Oh my god,’ was all she could think.

Jack could feel his cock start to grow and tried to get distracted by looking around the house. “What would bahis firmaları you like for me to do?”

She thought for a moment. “It would be a big help if you carried these boxes up to the attic.” She pointed to them, and he started hauling them up the pull-down stairs. She stood at the bottom and passed him the boxes. This offered her a perfect view looking up as Jack as he flexed his body to move the boxes. ‘He’s perfect.’

Later, she offered him a great view of her ass as she bent over to put away some blankets. ‘I can feel him looking at me.’ She noticed that his package seemed just a bit bigger than when he came in. ‘Is he actually getting hard for me?’ The maintained an easy chatter all afternoon, learning about each other’s interests and families. At 3pm Anna told Jack thanks, and that she needed to get cleaned up for dinner.

“By the way, there’s a gate to my backyard in the fence.”

“Really? I didn’t notice it when we walked the lot.”

“It’s hard to see from your side — I’ll leave it open.”

“Thanks! What’s the dress code?”

“Southern California backyard casual!”

“What’s that?” She giggled.

“Pretty much anything — or nothing — goes! As pretty as you are, you’d look fabulous wrapped in old flour sacks!”

She blushed at his directness. “Thanks — you are a shameless flirt! And you’re not so bad yourself, Mr. Neighbor!” ‘He thinks I’m pretty! I can’t believe I just flirted with him — what am I doing??’


Andy arrived home from work to find his beautiful wife freshly showered, wrapped in a towel, standing in her closet with her finger on her lip, pondering what to wear. “Looks like you got a lot done today — did Jack help out?”

“Yes, he was very helpful — I’d still be in sea of boxes without him.”

“Well, I’m sure he was well motivated to do it with you around. I can tell he has a huge crush on you.”

“No. You really think so, honey?”

“Oh, hell yes. Just look at yourself — what man wouldn’t want you?”

“You are so sweet,” she said, kissing him.

“I don’t mind him looking at you, hon. How about you dress in something that gives him something to look at?”

“I can’t believe you are such a pervert! Besides, nobody wants to look at my fat tits!” She said, holding her hands across her towel-covered breasts.

“Au contraire, my lady — I’m sure Jack does!”

Andy pulled a top off a hanger and grabbed some dressy shorts from her dresser. “Let’s go with this.”

“This top is a little thin and tight, Andy. He’ll be able to see my bra!”

He grabbed a pretty, lacy bra off the shelf and handed it to her. “Then wear this one — it’s my favorite.”

“Ok, but the straps are worn some.”

“It’ll be fine!”


Jack had showered and had everything set out for dinner when Andy and Anna walked through the gate and down the walkway just after 5. He had put on a casual button-down kaçak iddaa shirt – with the top three buttons undone – and khaki shorts, no shoes.

Anna led Andy through the gate and down the path into Jack’s yard. Jack almost dropped his spatula when he saw her. She wore high-heeled sandals that showed off her long, stunningly beautiful legs. For the first time he saw her with her blonde hair down. It bounced around her face and neck and flowed over her shoulders. She wore loose white dress shorts that ended mid-thigh, highlighting her beautiful thighs. A light blue jacket fit over a white, snug-fitting sleeveless top. It was thin, and the sunlight showcased a beautiful lace bra underneath.

Jack was stunned by her beauty as she navigated the sloping path into his yard. Her huge, round breasts bounced in their lace holders with every step. ‘She’s a goddess on earth,’ Jack thought, feeling his cock start to swell and his pulse surge.

‘God, I’m jiggling in this bra — he’s surely noticed.’

Jack finally pulled himself together. “Hi — welcome to my place,” he grinned. He’d failed to even notice Andy trailing behind.

“Hello Jack — wow, your backyard is beautiful!” Anna gushed.

“This is awesome, Jack, well done!” Andy added.

“Thanks. Glad to have guests. Especially one as lovely as you, Anna. You look stunning in that outfit!”

Anna turned beet red at Jack’s compliment. “I’m – I’m not comfortable in this — Andy made me wear it.”

“Well thank you, Andy!” Jack exclaimed, and fist bumped Andy.

“You boys stop that!” She scolded them both.

“You’re a very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife, Andy.”

Anna’s nipples had hardened up in anticipation even before they left the house. As they walked out, Andy noticed, and pointed at them. “See what this guy does to you?” She just waved and gave him a smirk.

Now she could feel them engorging even further, and her pussy began to dampen. ‘He thinks I’m pretty — wow.’ Trying to change the subject away from her, she walked along the pool. “This is such a nice pool, Jack — I wish we had one.”

“Well, you’re both welcome to use this one any time — just walk on over.”

Andy piped up. “Well, I’m not much of a swimmer, but Anna used to do laps religiously in college and she loves the water, don’t you?”

“I do!”

As they sat down Jack offered: “How about a pool party tomorrow night, same time?”

Andy looked at Anna and replied. “Thanks so much, but we feel like we’re taking advantage of your kindness, Jack.”

“Not at all. Think about it and let me know.” They enjoyed Jack’s excellent wine and a great meal. After a while Jack noticed Anna fanning herself with her napkin and suggested she might want to take off her jacket to cool off. Anna looked over at Andy, and he nodded.


Jack stepped behind her and slipped off her jacket, exposing her beautiful shoulders and kaçak bahis back.

The dinner conversation flowed freely, and Andy and Anna enjoyed hearing Jack’s recounting of his wild tech start-up ride. Anna had three glasses of the Pinot and told Jack it was the best she’d ever had. ‘Well, it should be, at $65/bottle,’ Jack thought. Not that he cared a wit about the expense.

Andy noticed Anna & Jack seemed to easily connect and couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, so he sometimes had to make an effort to insert himself into the conversation. He was not being excluded, just not included.

‘Jack is such a nice guy, so easy to connect with, he’s funny and definitely charming. If I weren’t married, I would definitely go on a date with him,’ Anna thought. ‘And definitely kiss him — god, he’s so big, tall and handsome!’

Soon enough the night ended, and the Clarkes took their leave. Andy went up the path first, so Jack had a great view of Anna’s stunning legs and perfect derriere moving underneath her shorts. He could see the sides of her big breasts and thought he could see through her shorts the faint outline of what looked to be black panties. His cock surged in his shorts. “I must have her.”

‘I can feel him looking at me — never felt this before – and I love it. Maybe…..!’ She smiled and swayed her bottom just a bit more than necessary.


As they got ready for bed Andy noticed Anna was very quiet and asked her what was on her mind.

“I felt like I was on display tonight with Jack, especially when he took of my jacket.”

“Honey – you heard him — you were beautiful!”

“But I’m not sure I liked being the center of attention like that!”

“You have him utterly captivated without even trying. I’ll bet he was hard watching you walk up and down the walkway, and that he’s handling himself right now thinking about you!”

She laughed and threw a pillow at him. “Pervert!”

As they made out Andy put his hand on her pussy. “Hmmm….feels like somebody has been wet for a while — wonder what caused that?”

She playfully slapped him, then mounted him. She came quickly, triggering his own orgasm, and then she came again when Andy handled her huge tits and sucked her engorged nipples. He kept his softening cock inside her and whispered. “Wow, honey, that was great — you never had two orgasms in a row before.”

“I know, right, I don’t know what got into me — well, I do – you got into me!” She giggled.

“Hmmm….something’s changed. You weren’t by chance thinking about Jack, were you?”

He felt her breathing stop and body tense up in response. “Maybe you were thinking about that big bulge in his shorts?” Andy was surprised when she suddenly shivered and her pussy clenched around his softening cock.

Her heart was racing, her breathing was ragged, and she was clearly struggling to find words.

“And that makes three! Admit it- you WERE thinking about Jack’s cock.” He pulled Anna’s head up and looked her in her dazed eyes.

“Yes, yes, ok, I was.” she said through clenched teeth.

“Wow,” was all Andy could reply.

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