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Auto Parts , Body Work

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Her name is Chanzie. She is a fifty one year old woman from San Jose California. She has been married for nineteen years to a successful software engineer in Silicon Valley. Over the course of their marriage, Chanzie realized that the excitement and physical attraction had greatly faded over the years. She had become intensely bored and felt unappreciated in almost every aspect. It wasn’t surprising that she was looking for a friend to talk to, maybe have lunch, and have great crazy sex. Something that Chanzie was missing for years. Chanzie wasn’t working at this time and her days were dragging on filled with thoughts of sexual fantasies. One that came to mind was a fantasy that she had when she was just married. She kept the fantasy to herself and never told her husband although perhaps she should have. As Chanzie envisioned herself in the fantasy, she felt the excitement build in her. It was as if her body awoke and came alive.

When Chanzie was in her late twenties, she worked as a secretary in an Insurance office. The office was located a few doors down from an auto parts store and repair garage. She parked her car in the lot a block away and walked by the shop every day on her way to work. She remembered the cat calls that she got from the boys in the shop everyday. She briskly walked past the boys and did not acknowledge them but inside she was flattered and loved the attention. She always had a smile on her face when she arrived at work.

Fast forwarding twenty four years, Chanzie still has the look to turn a young man’s head. Still time has taken its toll as it does on everyone. She always had an inviting smile and a sexy look in her eye. Chanzie was now fifty one, a tall woman at five foot eight and 5’11″in her fuck me pumps. She is a full figured big beautiful woman with lots of curves. Chanzie was a very promiscuous girl in her twenties and explored many sexual desires. It’s a far cry from what her life has become in her current situation at home. The wheels started turning in Chanzies head and she began to do some research. They lived in downtown San Jose and there were several body shops and auto part stores in and around the city. She decided to look at auto stores first.

There were three stores that interested Chanzie. It was still early in the morning and hubby would not be home until late. The traffic is always a nightmare. She walked into the bedroom and got dressed. First, she went to her closet and pick out a pair of black spiked high heels. Then to her dresser bahis firmaları for some black thigh highs, push up bra, lacy thong, and a denim mini skirt with a cleavage revealing halter top. With a little make up and bright red lipstick that would attract the attention she was looking for. First stop was Mayfair Auto Wreckers & Auto Parts. It was farther out of the city than she would have liked so she basically walked in and said hello and then left. Next was San Jose Auto Body Parts. Although she thought that the name was sexy, they didn’t close until six o’clock and that was too late for what she had in mind.

Weaver Auto Parts Specialists was the closest location and they closed at five o’clock. Weaver Auto seemed to be a perfect location. It was located in a very nice neighborhood. Chanzie opened the door of the store and was immediately welcomed by two young handsome men behind the counter. She could feel the intensity of their eyes as they stared at her exposed cleavage and her tight mini skirt. Chanzie approached the men at the counter, leaned over the glass and told them she needs some help with body parts. They asked her what kind of car that she had. She told them that she owned a sexy and delicious candy apple red Mercedes with a very soft white leather interior. Chanzie asked them if they were the only workers in the store. They told her that there were two other guys in the backroom garage that worked on custom audio systems. She told them that’s perfect and that she was in a need of a tune up. Confirming that they closed at five o’clock, Chanzie told the young men that she would return later after running a couple errands.

Chanzie really didn’t have any errands to attend to so she stopped at a local pub down the street from the auto store. She went to the bar and sat down. She was almost immediately hit on by two guys and one woman. She couldn’t believe the attention she was getting and how nice it felt. One gentleman bought her a Jagermeister. She hadn’t had one of those in years since she was single. It tasted so good that Chanzie had another one. This time, she ordered a double and a chaser. Ten minutes to five arrived very quickly. Chanzie said a quick goodbye and left the pub for the auto store. As she arrived, she could see one of the guys pulling down the blinds and getting ready to close. She opened the door and walked in. One young man told her that we are closing and we won’t be opening again until Monday. The Jagermeister must have blocked Chanzie’s inhibitions kaçak iddaa entirely. All four young men were standing behind the counter when she blurted out in full voice ” I want all four of you guys to fuck me while I suck your cocks” All the guys got wide eyed and grinned at her in total amazement.

After the initial shock of what they heard, the guys looked at each other and walked toward her. Clearly this woman knew exactly what she wanted and they were happy to oblige. One young man continued to close up shop and lock the doors while another walked over to Chanzie and gave her a welcoming hug as he massaged her breasts. They made her feel comfortable, took her by the hand and led her to the back room garage. It was a larger room than it had looked. There were workbenches with a lot of audio equipment and storage racks full of supplies. In the back of the garage there was a restroom, shower and a queen size bed. On the walls were hanging several centerfolds of women from Taboo and Hustler magazine. Chanzie told the guys that this was her first time doing anything like this and they all said that it was theirs as well. Everyone including Chanzie was extremely excited and she couldn’t believe that her fantasy was about to come true. She couldn’t help but wonder what her husband would think or say if he knew of her behavior.

Three of the guys started to undress, the forth continued to massage Chanzies breasts from behind. He found and opened the zipper on the back of her mini skirt and it fell to her ankles. She kicked it off to the side of the bed. Then he untied her halter top and unhooked her bra. Chanzie was old enough to be everyone’s mother and she loved the idea of having all these young hard cocks all to herself. She squatted on the floor along side of the bed sucking on her left breast while fingering her pussy with her right hand.

The guys circled around her while stroking their cocks next to her face. All of them were shaved or neatly trimmed. Every cock was different and unique. All of them were cut. One was long and slim. One was short and very wide. She couldn’t put her fingers around it. One was curved upward and one was hung like a horse. Hi penis had a huge bulbous head that Chanzie could barely get her mouth around. She couldn’t believe that she was enjoying such a delicious sex buffet.

As their cocks grew harder, Chanzie pulled each one to her mouth and eagerly sucked them. The salty taste and a musky scent made her more than anxious. Now that their cocks were kaçak bahis rock hard, she couldn’t wait to feel them inside her wet pussy and ass. Only one of the guys exploded in Chanzies mouth. Some of his cum dripped down her chin and onto her breasts. By now, her pussy was so wet. She felt a couple droplets run down her inner thigh. She was so excited. Her heart was beating faster and faster with anticipation. She longed for this day.

Chanzie pushed her tits up to her lips and licked the cum off her nipples. One young man helped her up by the waist and she stood up. Then, another guy layed down on the bed and pulled Chanzie facing him on top in a cowgirl position. With his cock deep in her pussy and her ass in the air, another guy fingered her ass and lubed her with his spit. She was still wearing her fuck me pumps and moving her bubble butt back and forth begging to be ass fucked. He slowly penetrated her tight asshole with his long thin cock while she cried to fuck her harder. Chanzie experienced anal sex with her husband many years ago but nothing could compare with the double penetration in her pussy and ass with these young cocks. She wanted more and commanded another to fuck her face. The third young man positioned himself in front of her, grabbed a handful of her hair with both hands and thrust his hard cock in her mouth and down her throat.

The four eager young men fucked Chanzie in alternating positions from her mouth to her wet pussy and tight ass just like she envisioned. The furious fuck fest lasted a little more than an hour before it was time to get ready to go. Chanzie couldn’t remember the last time she had experienced so many orgasms at one time. She lost count as her eyes kept rolling to the back of her head. She felt her gaping ass and cum filled pussy dripping from the young studs. They paused for a drink of water and took a breath. Two of the young men said that they had to get going. Presumably they were going home to their wives or girlfriends. They offered a shower to Chanzie so that she could get freshened up. She took them up on their offer and jumped into the shower.

It didn’t take long for Chanzie to shower and get dressed. She needed to get home before seven thirty so as to not create suspicion. While getting ready Chanzie expressed her gratitude to the guys and thanked them for their participation in an experience that was one of her favorite and long standing sexual fantasies. They said goodbye to Chanzie. walked across the store to open the entrance door so she could leave. Chanzie left with a smile on her face and told the guys “Mmm, that’s what I like…you guys do great bodywork!” I’m definitely going to recommend your parts department to all my friends”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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