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Anal Sex and Trust

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Alex had Devin pinned on the bed, finally! Her long slender legs were pinned between his, and he held her arms above her head by her wrists. He looked down at the woman beneath him. She lay flat on her back with her hair wild all around her head on the pillow, almost like a halo. Her face flushed a pretty shade of pink, her eyes dancing with mischief, and a stunning smile on her lips. Alex’s eyes slid lower, down her neck to her chest; she was still breathing hard trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard. Her nipples pressed hard against her thin pink tank top.

“I got you!” Alex taunted playfully.

“Not fair! You cheated!” Devin giggled.

“How do you figure?” Alex slowly released Devin’s hands but she left them to rest above her head. She did not seem to mind all that much being pinned. Slowly he traced a finger down the side of her delicate face, along her jaw, down her neck, and then gently down into the dip of her tank top. He watched her crystal blue eyes closely, seeing the mischief swiftly replaced with desire. “Well Devin, how did I cheat?”

“I..I…don’t recall.” Devin said softly. She gasped when his fingers found one pert little nipple and tweaked it carefully.

Alex reached down between them and pushed her tank top up over her breasts, fully exposing them to his eyes and hands. She watched him, but kept her hands relaxed above her head. Her cheeks were still flushed. Alex thought that she looked like an angel before him. He shifted down slowly to bring his lips to hers. There was no hesitation, Devin parted her lips and the kiss took on its own life. Everything else sunk away, it was just the two of them. Her breathing increased again as his hands roamed over her body. Finally she brought her hands to his head and held him as they kissed with a fevered passion. It was always like this for them, as soon as their lips met it elevated them to another place where just they existed.

Alex broke the kiss, leaving them both breathless. He rained small kisses down the path his finger had taken just minutes before, across her jaw, down her neck to her chest where he took one perfect pink nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. A small sweet sound escaped Devin’s slightly parted lips. With a butterfly light touch she caressed his face, neck, and shoulders. She watched him still, just enthralled with the man before her. It made her heart skip a beat every single time he touched her. Even the most innocent of touches had such a strong affect on her.

He felt her body tremble as she slid his lips and tongue down her smooth stomach and stopped just above the top of her lace black thong. He kissed her tenderly as he ran his hands over her thighs. She felt so very soft, and her scent so very feminine. She was quite simply intoxicating to him. No matter how much she willingly offered him, he always wanted more. He could not seem bahis firmaları to ever have enough of her, even when he was buried deeply within her while they made love. Tucking his fingers into the sides of her thong he lowered it ever so slightly, kissing the newly exposed flesh. He watched goose bumps rise on her skin. Soft moans slipped unchecked from her lips. She whispered his name and gasped as he pulled the thong down, more fully exposing her

Devin watched Alex with heavy desire coursing through her body. No man’s touch had ever had this level of effect on her before. She was not sure how they could have been tickling and play-fighting just a few minutes before, to being this aroused and this needy now. She could not quite figure it out, but it did not matter. She wanted him, and she could see at the stunning bulge in his boxers that he wanted her. His mouth was hovering just above her pussy. Every nerve in her body felt as if it is exploding under his kisses and touches, as well as the anticipation of what was to follow. Moans and gasps escape her mouth without her even intending them.

She almost groaned as Alex lifted himself off the bed. He quickly pulled her panties down her legs and off, before he removed his boxers, and returned to her side. She licked her lips looking at his naked form. His erection was thick and very hard. She felt her body temperature ratchet up several notches. He carefully parted her thighs and she bit her lower lip. Alex delved his fingers into her moist folds, caressing her and finding all of her most magical places. She looked to his face and saw his heavy desires written there. She felt him push a finger into her body, and her back arched from the bed. She was at his mercy, and they both knew it.

Heat ripped through her entire body as Alex replaced his fingers with his mouth. Tasting and exploring her with his mouth. He positioned himself between her widely spread thighs. She looked down at him with heavily hooded eyes. She smiled lovingly when he glanced up at her. She was not sure which one of them was enjoying this more. Her pulse raced as she threw her head back and simply allowed the sensations to wash over her. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears, and within no time she felt the amazing waves of an orgasm wash over her and through her. Her body shook with her release, but Alex did not let her relax. Instead he pushed two fingers into her and slowly began to kiss his way back up her body.

Their lips met again. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into his. They kissed wildly and with pure abandon, exploring each other’s mouths fully and sharing her taste. Alex kept his fingers buried within her. She could sense the urgency within him, and she felt it too. Devin pulled her lips from his, and looked into his eyes. She bit her lower lip, almost nervously.

“What kaçak iddaa is it, baby? Is everything okay?” Alex asked, concerned now.

“Yeah, I mean yes. Everything is fine. I was just thinking that maybe we could…” Her face flushed more, even though that hardly seemed possible.

“Babes, you can ask me anything. Don’t be scared.”

“We bought the lubricant, and I thought maybe you might want to try…” Her voice trailed off again, but Alex did not need to hear the res t. He knew what she was suggesting. He smiled softly at her, hoping to ease her shyness. Alex knew she was suggesting that they have anal sex, and the very idea made him crazy with lust, but he was also was nervous of hurting her.

“Are you sure you want it?” He asked cautiously. He had to be sure she wanted it for her and not to please him. She nodded very deliberately. He could see conviction in her pretty blue eyes. He felt his manhood throb.

She rolled swiftly onto her stomach. He looked down at her perfectly cute little bottom. He had to touch it, so he allowed his hands to explore first and then his lips at he placed sweet kisses on her smooth cheeks. He heard her reach into the bedside table. His heart beat quickened. She passed him the tube of lubricant. He took it feeling almost sheepish. He wanted this very much, but still felt unsure about what was in it for her. When he hesitated a few moments too long, she gently took charge.

She sat up and spun to face him. “This is going to be good and enjoyable for us both, please trust me.” She looked into his eyes and he believed her.

He watched as Devin took the lubricant from his hands and squeezed and generous amount onto her hand. She reached for his hard cock. Her hand was warm and snug over him as she thoroughly spread the slick gel over him. It felt incredibly good, and then she stopped and handed him back the tube. “Now, I did you so you have to do me.” She winked and quickly got onto all fours on the bed. He has a perfect view of her bum, and her pussy nestled between her thighs. His mouth went dry, and all other thoughts left his head. He could only think about her and being with her in this naughty way. He moved behind her, kneeling there. Opening the tube of lubricant he squeezed a good amount onto his fingers. He slid his fingers between her rounded cheeks and spread the gel over her. She made a soft sound. She was clearly into what they were about to do. His cock throbbed harder. He reached out and massaged her hips, pressing his hard cock lengthwise into her crack. He just touched her for a full minute, before finally taking his cock in his hand and pressing the head to her back entrance.

One of them trembled. Maybe both, he could not be sure. He pushed a little at her entrance, but her body resisted. Taking one of her hips with one hand, he used the other to guide his cock. He pressed a little kaçak bahis harder, and felt the resistance give and the head of his cock slide inside her. She made a small slightly startled sound, but it sounded more to be of pleasure than pain. Alex tried to get his ragged breathing back under control. That was an impossible feat, as Devin pressed back ever so slightly encouraging him.

“Devin…” Alex managed to say through clenched teeth.

“Mmmhmm.” Devin almost moaned.

She sounded like she was enjoying herself, but the protector in him pressed him to ask. “Will you stop me if it hurts you?”

“Yes Alex! Now please…”

Alex did not need any further reassuring. Taking hold of both of her hips now, he pushed slowly into her until he was buried as deeply as he dared. Again he paused, as much for her as for himself. She was incredibly tight around him. It was very different from her pussy, but very good. Almost too good, and almost too tight, he thought. Gently he eased himself back a few inches and then pushed back into her. She moaned a little louder now. Perspiration beaded on her fair skin. She glanced over her shoulder and looked deeply into his eyes. The lust in her eyes was unmistakable. She was enjoying herself, and he did not see an ounce of discomfort.

Slowly he built a gentle rhythm, taking longer strokes in and out of her. He watched as she reached underneath herself and used her fingers to massage her clit. Alex knew that he could not last all that long. He pushed into her back end again and again. It seemingly had loosened ever so slightly, but was still impossibly too tight. Her body clasped him so tightly, and her moaning and delicate grunts filled his ears. He was sure he was about to cum, when Devin suddenly went off. Her orgasm came over her rapidly, and she cried out calling his name until it blended into one long and erotic moan. Her back end grasped him so tightly, that he could not have held back his need for climax if he tried.

Taking her hips he pushed as deeply into her as their bodies would allow. He was far less careful with her, but in no frame of mind to notice. She gave no indication of being bothered. He made a few more strokes into her before spilling his cum deeply into her with a loud guttural moan of his own. His head felt light, and his body also covered with sweat. He stayed there behind her for almost a full minute before he could process a thought. When he could think again, he ever so gingerly eased himself out of her. He watched as Devin gently lowered her perfect body to the bed and turned her head to look at him.

Alex wasted no time lowering his body down beside her, snuggling close, and putting his strong arms around her. She turned her head to look into his eyes again. She had the most blissful smile on her lips. Alex could not help but smile back at her. What they had just done had been incredible, but the trust she had put in him had been even more amazing to him.

“Thank you.” He whispered, reaching over to tuck some of her hair behind her ear.

“Thank you.” She answered softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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