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Anal Exploration – Violet 03

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A week had passed since that first exploratory night.

In the days that followed they had explored urination fetish at great length following her initial experience that night in the shower. She was unashamedly becoming addicted.

As for her ass, they had intentionally given her body a few days to relax, given that she was still new to the intrusion. Lazily spooning one evening they enjoyed slow and seductive anal. He lay behind her while she nestled into his body, she felt him grow hard and rather than satiate him as she normally would, she took the initiative and insisted he slowly and gently came in her ass. A very tender experience and one which allowed her to enjoy the nuances pleasure of backdoor penetration in a way she hadn’t done previously.

It wasn’t until a week on from that first night that their next full session came to pass.

She had been out shopping with a friend and had visited an adult store for a browse. Not an uncommon occurrence. Scarlet was her closest confidant and equally as sexually awakened as Violet was becoming. They had discussed at length the sessions she had recently enjoyed and between them pondered where else they could take their adventures. They went toy shopping together to drum up some inspiration.

During this particular excursion she had thrown all caution to the wind and spent a fair bit of money. Her anticipation and excitement of having a proper, full blown anal session with him was becoming tangible. She took the lead and bought some more lubricant, an outfit for the evening and a few new toys which she planned on surprising him with.

He loved it when she took the initiative and instigated their exploratory sessions. Letting her choose what happened to her body and the things she would find pleasurable made the sessions even more enjoyable for the both of them.

She returned home a few hours before he did which gave her ample time to prepare. The plan was simple. Dress up in her new outfit, ply him with wine, play the role of supreme seductress then show him the toys she had purchased. Then it would just be a case of offering her body to him and letting his imagination run riot.

He had a vivid imagination and she knew that given the right setting and motivation he would take the bait. She already had an idea of what the newly purchased toys would be used for but at the same time she knew how innovative and inventive he could be when it came to sexual exploration. She was gripped by a nervous and joyous excitement at the prospect of what he would come up with.

Standing in their bedroom she dropped her shopping bags and began to undress. She removed her little black dress and discarded it to the floor, leaving just her underwear. Reaching around her back she unhooked her deep purple bra and slid her arms out of the straps. Her ample breasts bounced and jiggled as they were emancipated. Curling her thumbs in the band of her matching French knickers she slid them down her shapely legs and stepped out of them. The subtle scent of her arousal drifted through the air and the inside of her underwear was noticeably damp.

She felt excited and her body visibly agreed.

Grabbing the black bag from the adult store she removed her new outfit for the evening and lay the individual items down on the bed.

A black latex under bust corset bodysuit. The attached panties had a zip that went from the top of her ass right the way underneath her crotch and up to the top of her pubic mound. The corset was decorated with ornamental buckles. The corset top had a small support for her breasts and a halter neck which fastened behind the neck with a buckle. A pair of thigh high latex stockings and elbow length gloves completed the outfit. She would wear her favorite black heels and have her violet hair flowing down.

She grinned to herself looking at the items of what she called ‘fuck me’ clothes on the bed, knowing full well the impact they would have when he saw her in them.

Taking the toys out of the bag she laid them on the edge of the bed in readiness, taking a moment to inspect them and imagine the pleasures they would bring them both. The first was a dildo which strapped to the wearers face. Two leather straps with buckle came round to meet a fairly lengthy black phallus. Underneath the phallus was a leather mouthpiece and small nub for the wearer to bite down on. He had a penchant for face sitting and this was the perfect tool to take that desire to a whole new level. She always came to a gushing orgasm whenever they used dildos together and it was her hope that she could squirt all over his face while having this inside her.

The second item was a chrome hook. It looked like something straight out of a horror movie. She had asked the girl behind the counter in the adult store about anal toys and this was her immediate recommendation. About six inches in length, the ‘J’ shaped toy had a ball at the end of the upturned section and a ring at the top of the stem. Its purpose bahis firmaları was to be inserted into the wearer’s ass at the ball end while the longer section ran up between the cheeks. A chain could be attached to the ring giving total control to the person wielding it. She wasn’t quite sure how he would put it to use but the excitement alone had her moist with anticipation.

Lastly she placed a bottle of lubricant next to the toys to complete the set.

Inspecting all the items now laid out she felt a rush of pleasure and satisfaction course through her body. She knew she was in for one hell of a night.

Pouring herself a large glass of red wine, she began her preparations.

She began to dress herself starting with the latex stockings. She sat on the bed and began to work the material up her legs. She pulled and stretched them over her calves and up to their resting position midway up her thigh. The skintight material gave her legs fantastic definition and really accentuated her feminine form.

One adorned in the stockings she stepped into the bodysuit and began to work it up her body. The corset top half cinched her waist and hugged her curves beautifully. She adjusted the under bust to hold her breasts firmly in place then reached behind her head to fasten the halter neck straps.

Her makeup was next. She chose darker, duskier eyes and a much deeper crimson lipstick than her usual look to really accentuate the ensemble. The stark contrast between her pale complexion and dark cosmetic tones really brought out the sultriness of her image.

Lastly she slid her hands into the gloves and worked her fingers into place. She rolled up the cuffs up her arm and over her elbow. They came to rest just above her arm joint.

She stood and moved towards the full-length mirror where her heels were waiting. While viewing her reflection she applied latex shine to her entire outfit to give it that wonderful shimmer and almost metallic look. Stepping into the black Louboutin heels she adjusted her position and began to inspect herself.

Once finished she twisted and turned at her reflection, almost marveling at her transformation. She felt like a fetish queen and wouldn’t look out of place as a Mistress in a high-class domination establishment. She pictured herself commanding armies of slaves in a mansion and exacting all manner of punishment upon them. The sense of power was overwhelming. She knew he would be like putty in her hand when he finally laid eyes on what she was wearing. The look of desire in his eyes would spur him on to deliver her the most incredible night of pleasure.

Her final inspection before he returned home was to see how much access he would have when the crotch zip was open. Reaching through her legs to her rear she held the silver zip and brought her hand back through between her legs. The zipper ended just above her pubic mound. She opened the outfit entirely and was pleasantly surprised to see a translucent string of her moist arousal already clinging to the edge of the material. She had become so aroused during her musings and preparations that she had completely soaked herself.

The crotch opening was perfect; she climbed onto the bed on all fours and arched her back downwards. Either side of the zipper ran across the cheeks of her ass and through the creases where her groin softened into her vagina. Looking backwards at the mirror she could see that her moist opening was fully accessible, as was her tight ass. Next she knelt up as if she was riding his cock and positioned her legs apart. Again the opening of the outfit was perfect. He would have complete and unrestricted access to her most pleasurable areas. The edges of the zipper were made from a soft plastic so there was no way he would end up indented by them.

She ran a hand across her succulent, moist pussy and tasted the juices that had transferred to her fingers.

“Mmmmm.” she proclaimed as she savored her own delicious flavour.

Pulling once more at the zip she closed her intimacy away. She wanted to save all the pleasure, taste and aroma for him as she knew how much he enjoyed it all. She ran the zip back up the crease of her ass and brought her outfit back to completion.

She sat on the edge of the bed and crossed one leg over the other. Taking a sip of her wine, all that was now left was to wait patiently for him to return home and discover her in their bedroom.

Smiling happily to herself, she eagerly anticipated what was to come.

Around ten minutes had passed when she heard the front door open.

Her heart skipped a beat and she glanced over the mirror to check everything was perfect for him.

She had taken out a black silk scarf and laid the new toys on it. The presentation of them made it feel a little classier even though they were objects that were going to be used to defile her body. It was the intricacies of organisation she enjoyed.

“Violet!?” she heard him call. kaçak iddaa

“Up here.” she responded.

His footsteps clomped up the stairs. He always wore cowboy boots and the distinctive sound of the wooden heel was his signature.

Her stomach fluttered and she felt the moistness between her legs as she shifted her position. Keeping her legs crossed she put her arms outstretched behind her and leaned back on them. The pose pushed her full breasts outward and hung her hair in a flowing state. She had dimmed the lights enough to provide a romantic atmosphere while still being bright enough for the latex to shimmer and shine when it reflected.

The door to their bedroom slowly crept open and there he was. His fingers intertwined around the stems of two wine glasses in one hand while the other held an unopened bottle by the neck.

He looked over to the bed and saw her sat there, resplendent in all her fethistic feminine splendor.

“Dear god!” He exalted, completely aghast.

Standing motionless in the doorway his eyes were transfixed on her.

She shone like a beautiful seductive ray of pure sexuality. Her pale white complexion starkly contrasted the vivid jet black of the shimmering latex.

Uncrossing her legs she rose to her feet and took two steps forwards. Placing one hand on her hip she stepped one leg in front of the other and displayed her radiance to him. She presented herself for his viewing pleasure, taking great delight in the open-mouthed look of awe permeating his expression.

“You like?” she playfully enquired.

“You look utterly divine. Wow!” came his reply.

A satisfied smile played across her crimson lips as she shot him a look of unadulterated desire.

His eyes burned with a fierce lust. Pouring his gaze over her sumptuous curves he visually devoured her, taking in her flawless figure all wrapped up in the skintight black latex.

“Come here.” he commanded.

Slowly and seductively she walked the ten paces or so to meet him. Deliberately taking her time and putting on her most sultry of struts she moved towards him, not once breaking eye contact. He placed the wine and glasses down on the floor.

When she entered his space he snaked an arm around her back and pulled her into him. The feel of the latex on his palm was smooth and he felt her warmth. He leaned in and kissed her deeply. Full of passion and unadulterated desire he ran his other hand over her hip and around her backside, savouring the feeling of her bare skin being broken by the strong latex seam of the bodysuit. He gripped her ass cheek and caressed her tightly bound curves fervourously.

Reaching a hand upwards she gripped his crotch and felt his powerful erection being suffocated by his jeans. Having him this hard, this quickly made her immensely proud of herself and totally vindicated in her outfit choice.

Releasing his kiss she looked up at him and stared longingly into his eyes, her hand still resting on his groin massaging through the material.

“I bought us some new toys to play with.” she confidently informed.

Glancing over to the bed he spied the facial dildo and anal hook. The corner of his mouth turned upwards and he gave her a lustful smile.

“You’ve done so well goddess. We’ll have a lot of fun tonight.” he said to her.

“Mmhmmmm.” she replied, sharing his excitement.

“My body is yours to use as you see fit my love.” she proclaimed in complete submission to him.

With that he returned the kiss and glanced his eyes downwards to his crotch. She knew instantly how this evening was going to begin and lowered herself down to her knees.

Once knelt, she unhooked the ornate buckle that held his belt and began unbuttoning his jeans. Deliberately moving slowly to increase the tension she worked them down off his hips. She ran her hands up his black t-shirt and stroked his torso longingly with her latex gloved hands, indicating to him her state of arousal and carnal desire. Sliding her fingers into the band of his underwear, she pulled them down into his jeans and released his rock hard cock from its trappings.

Such was the blood flow coursing through his penis it sprang upwards from the cloth enclosure with a sharp jolt. She reveled in the sight of his erect member and the droplet of pre-come escaping from its tip. Licking her lips she held out her tongue and lightly lapped the end, catching the clear liquid in her mouth and savouring his masculine taste.

Moving her hand upwards she delicately wrapped her latex gloved hand around his shaft and pulled backwards at the length.

The sensation of the gloved hand on his cock was extraordinary. He could feel the smooth material caressing the sensitive skin of his cock and he let out a groan of sheer delight.

She motioned forwards and took his engorged member into her mouth. After moving her mouth three quarters of the way down his length she locked her lips onto the soft skin and kaçak bahis very slowly withdrew, sucking as she went.

“Mmmmmm!” He groaned.

He had educated her over the years as to how he liked his blow jobs. Slow and deliberate. He adored the sight of her suckling at his cock and loved to thoroughly savour the moments whenever she performed the act.

She took long and deliberate oral strokes of his cock, twisting her head and massaging the shaft with her gloved hand as he stood there in the doorway. Her expert technique caused his cock to pulsate and spasm in her warm mouth.

Withdrawing her mouth she held out her tongue and licked the underside of his shaft. Starting right at the base she moved her gloved hand to cup his balls and slowly traced her tongue right the way upwards. Reaching the sensitive head a drop of pre-come escaped and was immediately lapped up.

For a few more moments she deep-throated him, taking as much of his length into her mouth as she could manage, accentuating the sensations. His moans of pleasure were becoming more pronounced as he looked down to see his beautiful latex-clad goddess gorge on the feast of his cock.

After a short while she ceased her suckling and placed a delicate kiss on the tip, signaling that she had finished. Not wanting him to come anytime soon. She rose to her feet and encircled her fingers once more round his shaft. Leaning up she kiss him delicately on the lips and slowly stroked his cock.

“Good girl.” he complimented.

She smiled at him in satisfaction and looked into his eyes.

“Get undressed and come lie on the bed, I haven’t finished with you yet.” she softly said to him.

Taking her suggestion he kicked off his boots and removed his clothing. She watched longingly as he stripped naked, lovingly admiring his physique.

He lay down in the centre of the bed, his cock still springing to attention. She knelt on the bed next to him and placed kisses on his stomach and chest. Taking his cock into her mouth one final time she gave a slow and seductive suck.

“Mmmmmmmm!” He groaned.

Rising to her knees she started to shuffle upwards. She placed a knee on one side of his head, above his shoulder then arched her leg over him and placed her left knee the other side. Kneeling up she hovered over his face and looked down at him.

Queening had become a staple of their sexual escapades. The adoration she felt from mounting his face and having him lavish attention upon her pussy made her feel wonderful.

He looked up to see his latex covered goddess domineeringly perched above him. The shiny material gave her flawless lines as he looked over her groin and zipped area. Looking up, her full breasts jutted out from her body looking like sumptuous black, wonderfully rounded orbs.

“I’m so wet for you.” she proclaimed.

“Show me.” he replied. His voice full of desire.

She leaned down and reached a hand between her legs to take hold of the silver zip. Slowly she began to retract it as tantalisingly as she possibly could. Unzipping the fastening she reached her vaginal opening. The position of her body and fullness of her pert ass caused the latex material to almost burst open. Shuffling her position to just over his face she inched the zip further upwards, past her clit and up towards her pubis.

The latex opening spread apart as she exposed her intimacy and a rush of pheromone aroma shot out from the enclosure. Her sweet scent darted into his nostrils as he inhaled. He became light-headed and took a deep breath in through his nose to take in as much of her delicious scent as he possibly could.

The parting of the latex opening displayed the delicate folds of her pussy and framed them beautifully. Her pale complexion starkly contrasted against the deep onyx of the latex. She was absolutely sodden. The moistness of her beautiful vagina glimmered and shone in the light and glorious silky strings of her excretion clung to the edges of the latex like a spider web.

The scent was overpowering and his cock spasmed hard as more blood rushed into it.

“Open your mouth and hold out your tongue.” she demanded, taking on a dominant tone of her own.

“Mmm yes Mistress.” he responded.

She had never been referred to as ‘Mistress’ by him before as she had always assumed her natural role as his submissive. She felt comfortable in that role and almost always allowed him to take the lead with their sessions. When he called her ‘Mistress’ something stirred within her. Difficult to pin down but there was an indescribable impact. Her body flushed with excitement and she felt her secretion increase even further. A flutter of butterflies in her stomach told her that she definitely needed to explore these sensations further.

He opened his mouth and held out his tongue.

She thought that now was as good a time as any to take hold of this newly discovered dominant feeling brewing inside her and see what she could accomplish with it.

Shifting her knees back she knelt on his biceps causing him obvious discomfort. She turned her heels inward and dug the stiletto points into his sides causing him to wince slightly.

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