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This Saturday had been especially memorable. The air crisp and fresh. Ourselves were freshly charged with anticipation of the ride. We had food packed in our saddlebags intending to make a day of it. Our cabin was waiting for our return, inviting, luring us to enjoy it to the maximum. We had ridden our horses in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. Returning at dusk to unsaddle the mares as the sun was going down over the hills. What a majestic sight it was. We turned the horses into the corral and retreated to the cabin. The air was getting chilly, so we went out and picked up some kindling and some sizeable timber for a fire. You started the fire while I made a light meal and we sat to eat it. We were tired and slightly sore from the ride. I brought out my fat comforters and folded them, laying them near the fire hearth, placing our favorite blankets (velux) on top. Listening to the fire crackling was very inviting.

I slipped out of my jeans and top and slid between the velux blankets in my thong and lacy bra. The smile widened across your face. The warmth of the fire was delicious. It wasn’t long and you were removing your own clothing to slip in the blankets along beside me. Snuggled between the blankets and wrapped in your loving arms, I could not think of anything more relaxing or more secure. I felt you slowly stroking my hair, relaxing me into a gentle sleep. Somewhere in that soft sleep, I awoke to feel you caressing my warm flesh, tenderly running your hands along and over my slumbering body. When I became conscience enough, I noticed a moist sensation between my legs and my nipples erect. It was obvious, that even in my sleep your skillful touches aroused me beyond any dream.

I rolled myself against you and loved the way you pressed your own aroused cock into my hips. It was then that I knew I could not wait to feel you slide into me slowly and gently as you have done in the past. Tonight seemed slow and relaxed, nothing to rush, no beepers to answer, no phone, no children güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to worry about – just the two of us and no schedule to adhere to. My bra covered nipples straining against the sheer material, begging for the warmth of your hand and mouth. Silently you removed your underwear and mine.

Gently you rolled me onto my back and began a very slow tongue bath, starting at my neck and carefully working your way all over my breasts, stomach and thighs; only to finally rest with your face placed snuggly between my legs. In no hurry, I felt you gently run your tongue along my freshly shaven lips, which were begging for more than just that. You felt it necessary to tease me, providing me intense pleasure. At last you begin to separate my pouting lips and caress my inner wetness with your entire mouth and tongue. My clit beginning to peak itself out from beneath it’s protective hood. I could feel the outer lips, now fully engorged, being sucked in one at a time and lovingly lapped at. Then your lips encompassed my swelling clit. I felt your teeth surround it and your tongue softly and swiftly rub it into hardness as your mouth and teeth softly tugged it in and out. I could feel myself reaching for an orgasm.

You were so slow and deliberate with your oral manipulations so that I would build very slowly. Moments later I felt you place your finger at my slippery entrance. In one swift move I felt you slide it in and directly it went to my g-spot. Your tongue driving me wild, doubling the pleasure with your now buried finger massaging me in ways I have not known. You applied further pressure with your finger and remained constant with your delicious mouth. Out of nowhere, I felt my juices flow out of me and onto your hand. As I began to cum, you sucked my clit deep into your mouth; much the same as I would your cock, bringing me off in a slow, deep explosion. You were relentless, not allowing my orgasm to subside, making it continue on, by applying further pressure deep güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri within and running your tongue in circles. My mind whirling and reeling.

Somewhere in my throes of ecstasy, I asked you to make love to me. You shook your head, but I reached down and gently cupped your chin and pulled you upwards. Instantly, I kissed you deeply, enjoying my own sweetness on your mouth. I ensured that I got it all. Your hardness was delicious as I felt it upon my thigh. Again, I asked you to make love to me. We both wanted it and probably needed it as much. You separated my legs and proceeded to move into position, but would not enter me. No matter how much I struggled and moved, you held me away. I could see your face, struggling not to be with me; as you wanted it to, yet you wanted to be so in control.

My own body wiggling and slithering, anxious for your final penetration. I asked you again to make love to me; but nothing would ready you enough, until nearly in tears, I was begging you. Slowly and deliberately, you raised my legs, pushing them back against my breasts and spreading them widely. Very, very slowly, I felt your hardness begin to push its way between my soaking pussy lips, deeper and deeper until your balls hit my rear. Then you carefully began your own lovers dance, with yourself so deep inside. Your kisses upon my breasts and nipples making your gentle strokes that much more intense. My clit already swollen from your wonderful oral pleasure, I knew it would not take long until I was once again cumming for you.

Deliberately, you held me back from reaching my peak, not just once, but several times; knowing that this would only heighten my pleasures. My wetness running down the crack of my ass, arousing me further, especially as your balls slapped against me. Very slowly you withdrew and entered, many times, alternating nipping and biting on my erect nipples. My hips rocking and rolling beneath your pleasure drives. Finally I knew I was on the güvenilir bahis şirketleri road to bliss. I squeezed you hard within me, milking your hearty cock, pulling your fat head deeper into me and then if felt the orgasm slowly build. The intensity was shocking and the length almost conquering. You kissed me deeply and held me tightly as I came and came again.

Nearly spent, I knew I had yet to bring you to the delights you brought me. In an effort to show you that there are a great many ways to provide you pleasure. I rolled you onto your back and straddled your lap. I didn’t allow you to enter me, but I surely lathered your stiff cock with my freshly delivered pussy juices. I was ready for something new with you and thought I’d just give you a little surprise. My arousal was so evident that I knew I’d have no problems giving you a new delight. I wrapped my hand around your cock and placed it in position.

Gradually I lowered myself onto your waiting head. I took my time and when you opened your eyes, you were buried deep in my ass. The tightness must have been incredibly good to you. Your eyes rolled back and closed as I began a rhythmic rocking motion. I leaned back and engulfed your heavy cum laden balls into my hand. I allowed my body weight to control the speed of my descent each time. Your moans made me well aware that this was a treat that you were going to remember for days to come. I could feel your cock begin to swell and thicken. I let go of your balls and placed my hand upon my soaked and swollen clit and began to rub it faster and faster until my explosion was just about there. My tempo picked up, quickening your breath and our desires, until I knew you were there. You reached and grabbed my hips, thrusting hard and fast into me. At about the same moment that your heavy semen splatted deep into my tight bowels, I came in a powerful jolt. I watched your handsome face as it contorted in wonderful pleasurable expressions. Once we both subsided, I slid beneath the blankets into your waiting arms, saying not one word.

I looked into your delicious blue eyes and knew that you were more than satisfied. Once again, you began to caress my hair, in an expression of tenderness and satisfaction. Once again, I drifted off to sleep with my head against the nook of your shoulder. Good Night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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