Şubat 28, 2024

An Old Lover Revisited

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I’d known Anne for almost 30 years. We’d been lovers at University then she’d left the UK to go teach abroad, breaking my heart in the process. There’d been a number of years that I’d had to make do with just my memories of her, but one day, almost a decade later, I received an email from her and we started chatting online. Those chats always ended up being more flirty than either of our partners would have approved of if they knew, but it was always so exciting to get the message notification when she was online and wanting to get down to some dirty talk!

Circumstances changed for both of us and not long ago, she’d ended up back at her parents in the UK, and we’d kept up with the flirting, with the addition of sending pictures of ourselves as well. Some tame, fully dressed and nice, some very much less so…

I was slowly rubbing my stiff cock one day while looking at her nudes when I got a message from her asking how I was doing and asking if I fancied meeting up one weekend afternoon. I checked she was alone and switched to video chat, reversing the camera, so she could see me stroking, and told her “This is what I spend a lot of my free time doing while looking at you, so yes I’d very much love to get the chance to see you again in person.”

It looked like she blushed a little but then carried on staring and said “I’d love to see that in person, too” while sliding her hand down her stomach and pulling up her skirt a little to gently caress her mound with a finger. The sight of that tipped me over the edge and I came with a groan, cum dripping down my cock. It looked for a second like she was licking her lips at the sight of that but then pulled her hand away from her knickers and we eventually got round to arranging that the following weekend, I’d get the train and visit her. I’ll be honest, the next few days I wanked myself into a stupor at the thought of seeing Anne after so many years. I’d been privileged to see her gorgeous face and fabulous curvy body many times in the photos she’d sent, but meeting after so many decades was another thing entirely and I could hardly contain my excitement. I’m sure the people at work wondered why I was so easily distracted and absent-minded for most of that week…

Saturday lunchtime came and I was at the station promptly, with a couple of cans of beer for the journey, and a mind full of thoughts. What would she actually look like now in person without the filter of a camera lens, what would she make of me (likewise, she’d seen me fully digitally naked), would she still be the lovely person I remembered when we were together and interacting in person instead of behind a screen? Eventually, I got off the train and went through the barrier and there she was. Radiant, smiling, as beautiful as I hoped, and I must have been smiling stupidly too as she threw her arms around me and we pulled each other in for what was the biggest hug I’d had in many years.

She dragged me off to the nearest bar, not that I need much dragging, and we had the best couple of hours together, laughing, reminiscing, catching up in general and drinking. Inevitably, when it came to late afternoon, another couple of bars later and canlı bahis a few gin and tonics down, the chat became flirtier and we decamped to the small upstairs room of the Misery gin bar, with the sun setting through the window and the place to ourselves. I was mindful not to be too outrageous because of the CCTV camera in the corner, but when she laid back against me and looked up at me, it was impossible not to lean slightly forward and gently kiss her. And while kissing her, it was even less possible not to initially almost imperceptibly stroke the underside of one of her boobs until my fingers reached her nipple and she melted more into me, sighing softly into our kiss.

I’m not sure how long we stayed like that, taking brief breaks to breathe and sip a drink, before there was the clattering on the steps of other people coming up into our room to break our embrace.

Anne peeled herself away from me a little and we rearranged ourselves quickly and pretended that neither us or the other family knew we’d been mildly inappropriate just a few seconds before. Fortunately they chose to sit furthest away from us so we could still talk quietly without them hearing, so after a few minutes of small talk, I leaned into her and murmured into her ear “If your parents weren’t at your house, I’d take you back there and run my tongue over your clit until you came on my face.”

She settled more against me and made a ‘mmmmm’ sound for a short while then looked up and eventually said “I think, that if my parents weren’t here, that I’d like that. And also I’d love to have your cock in my mouth.” I could feel myself stiffening again at that, and so could she, as she ‘accidentally’ let her hand drift over my crotch as she reached for her glass.

By that time, neither of us had a drink left, so we went downstairs and outside, feeling a bit of fresh air on our faces for the first time in a few hours, and knowing that sobering up and me heading off was imminent. “What’s the best thing that you could hear now?” Anne asked me when we were clear of other people.

“That your parents were away for the weekend” I joked, ready to get the train and get back to my house.

Her face turned up to me, lit up, and she nodded. “I was wondering if you’d ever actually ask before you got on the train, and well… We do have it to ourselves, but I wanted to make sure that it was something we both wanted before saying so.”

It was my second time that day to stand and stupidly smile, so she got hold of my arm and marched me off up the road round past the big hedge, up the hill and to her house.

I’d visited there when we were dating as students, but hadn’t ever thought I’d visit again. It looked familiar but different, as things almost 3 decades since are wont to do. She unlocked the door and we went in, then as soon as the door was locked behind she was in my arms holding me. “Could I please suck your cock?” she looked up and asked, while we were still in the hallway. I answered with a smile and a loosening of my belt buckle. She completed its removal and the brisk pulling down of my shorts and pants then grabbed hold of my cock and slowly, so slowly, pulled the foreskin bahis siteleri back and ran her tongue around the head and my cock piercing, moistening it before drawing it gently and smoothly into her hot mouth.

It was a sight and a sensation I’d mentally attuned myself to never experiencing, as as students she was always ‘too shy’ to go down on me, so I just stood there for a short while, watching and feeling how amazing the sensation was, before putting my hands on her head, tangling them through her hair and taking control for a few deeper strokes into her mouth before helping her up and saying “I said it first, I want to taste you.” She pretended to pout a little, like a kid with a toy taken from her, but blew me a kiss and walked into her front room and sat down on the settee with its back to the large bay window.

I walked round it, closed the blinds a little so we wouldn’t entirely appall the neighbours but the last of the sunlight could still get in then stood in front of her. She smiled up at me as I lowered myself in front of her, biting her lower lip gently as I softly but firmly pushed her skirt over her thighs up to around her waist, exposing her holdups as she pulled her legs up, flashing her moistening knickers. I leaned forward and planted soft kisses on her inner thighs as she sighed and settled down, then hooked a finger under the crotch and pulled her knickers aside and breathed gently onto her hot wet cunt before touching her clit as gently as I could with the tip of my tongue. Running my tongue down, she tasted just as I remembered from all those years ago and made exactly the same small sounds of pleasure. Still gently licking her clit, I raised my hand and ran it over her stomach and under her top to her bra, finding and gently pinching the hard point of her nipple, making her gasp out loud as both sensations combined. I stayed like this for a couple of minutes as her pleasure built then abruptly stopped, looked up and said “I want to make you come in your own bed.”

She smiled again, said “So what are you still down there waiting for?” and got up, helping me up. “I hope you can remember which door it is upstairs,” and guided me into the hallway. As I was climbing the stairs, I felt a tug on my shorts and paused. “Turn around,” she said, “I’ve always wanted to do this” and pulled down my shorts. As she was 2 steps below me and around a foot shorter anyway, she was the ideal height to take my cock straight into her mouth. When she grasped one of my hands, pulling it to her head, I knew what she wanted and held her hair, pulling her mouth onto my cock again and again until I felt her start to pull away slightly and gasp for breath.

Telling her she was a good girl, I gave her a couple of seconds then got hold of her hair again and thrust my cock in her mouth until we were both wobbling slightly and in danger of falling.

I didn’t remember which door led to her room, but she pointed to the correct one and followed me in. “No need to shut the curtains,” she said, “We’re not overlooked at all here” before pulling her top over her head and lying down on the bed wearing her bra and holdups and with her skirt still round bahis şirketleri her waist. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her looking sexier. “Bra off” I ordered and she readily complied, letting her huge boobs spill free for my hungry mouth to find. After feasting greedily on her nipples, I slowly kissed down her body until I was in between her legs again and started slowly and gently licking her clit. After a minute or so, I pushed my hands against the back of her legs, raising them off the bed to her chest and exposing her completely to my tongue. I let it slide down from her clit, over her hot wet sticky lips and further down until she jumped and squirmed when my tongue touched her arse but didn’t back away and kept moaning as much as she had been.

“You dirty, dirty boy” she mumbled, making zero attempt to stop me, in fact reaching for her nipples to tug on them. I freed her legs from my grip and returned to concentrating on her clit with my tongue, this time though with free hands I slid first one finger then added another in her hot cunt and gently slid them in and out which certainly increased the volume of her moaning. At that point I was very glad that her bedroom didn’t have neighbours against the wall, as she was clearly and enthusiastically loving what was happening!

I paused for a couple of seconds and slid the thumb of my other hand in my mouth, spit-lubing it thoroughly, then went back to work while sliding my thumb down over her perineum and resting it, pressing gently against her arse. Increasing the pressure little by little while rubbing it, and it slid in easily then joined with the in and out motion of my other hand while my tongue got firmer on her clit and it took just a few seconds longer for her to come. I’m glad my ears were between her legs as otherwise I would have been deafened, she clearly loved being filled in both holes. I slowly withdrew my fingers and thumb and came to a halt with my tongue, then gently moved up her still quivering body until my cock was at the entrance to her soaking cunt and it slid in so easily. She shuddered and squirmed and said could I wait a bit as she was too sensitive, so I pulled out and lay next to her.

She turned over with her back to me and my cock fell between her cheeks and she gave a little “Mmmmmm,” so I started rubbing myself against her and reached down to position my cock so the head was pressing against her arse. She pulled her knee up, giving me more room and started pushing back against me, just a little, but enough for me to know that she knew what she was doing. I put a hand on her hip, got a firm grip and pushed my cock forwards, she pressed back against me, and after just a couple of seconds, the head slipped inside her arse and we both gave a loud gasp. I spit into my hand and rubbed it on the shaft of my already sticky cock and with one hand around her, gripping a boob and the other firmly on the flesh of her hip, I pushed the rest of my cock inside her tight arse. I knew after an afternoon of teasing and the face fucking earlier on the stairs that I wouldn’t last long and after a few more thrusts of my entire length in and out, I spilled as much cum as I ever have inside her arse. It took a few seconds to come round, but I eventually pulled out and held her, not entirely sure what had just happened, but knowing that we had the rest of the night and the morning to explore each other again. And we did…

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