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Amy’s Anal Adventure with Alice Ch. 02

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Amy couldn’t believe the week she’d had. Her boyfriend, Todd, had been busy with studying. So, she and her roommate Alice, were free to continue Amy’s exploration into anal sex. Amy was still feeling a bit guilty about doing all of this behind Todd’s back. However, she thought that when she was able to surprise him, for his birthday, and offer up her ass, he’d understand and forgive her. Alice still planned to come along and help explain the situation as well as participate in a threesome that Todd still was completely unaware.

As the day of Todd’s birthday grew closer, Amy became more anxiety ridden about revealing what she and her roommate, Alice, had been doing at night. Alice assured her that once Todd understood that what they had been doing was to make Amy enjoy anal sex with him, his anger would melt away and he’d understand.

Amy decided to call Todd to make plans for Friday night. His exams would be completed, her schoolwork would be completed as well as Alice’s. The three of them could get together and talk things through, then she’d have to see what his reaction was.

She dialed his number; she was so nervous as it rang and even more so when he picked up after the first ring.

“Hey stranger, how you been?” He said with an audible smile.

“Hey baby, I’m gooooood.” She stretched out the o’s in good. She didn’t want him to think something was up even though, it indicated the opposite.

“Uh-oh, what’s wrong, what happened?” Todd asked, she knew he knew something was afoot.

“I was just calling about your birthday, Friday night sound ok. Maybe seven o’clock?” she asked him.

“Ok, do you have any special plans?” Todd knew there was something, but he didn’t know what it could be.

“I have a bit of a surprise for you.” She informed him.

“I hope it’s a good one.” He smiled into the phone.

“Yeah, that makes two of us.” she muttered.

“Wait, what?” he asked curiously.

“Todd, you know I love you, right? I mean I love you so much, I want you to be happy, I want us to be happy.” Amy knew she was over playing her hand.

“Err, Amy, this is sounding odd. I’m not sure I’m liking where this is going, babe.” Todd sounded ab bit nervous.

“Would it be ok if you come to my room on Friday night? Alice will be here.” Amy asked innocently.

“I still don’t think I like where this is going, but sure. I hope you don’t have something awful to tell me and you’re having Alice there just to calm the situation.” Todd sounded more curious and more nervous.

“I love you baby. This isn’t a bad thing, ok, really.” Amy reassured him all the while her guilt was rising in her stomach.

“Ok, I love you, I’ll see you Friday night. I can’t wait to see you, I know it’s been a week, but it feels like a month.” Todd replied; he was regaining some of his composure. He was reassured by her last comment as he hung up.

Amy lowered her head, “oh God, I hope he understands.” Amy was happy that she was going to give Todd what he wanted, but she was nervous about telling him about the things she’d done with Alice.

Alice looked across the room at Amy, she could see her roommate struggling. She didn’t ask why, she didn’t ask what was on her mind or how she felt, Alice already knew. There was some part of her mind that questioned whether or not she had done the right thing by showing Amy everything that she knew about anal. She knew that she didn’t want Amy to have a bad experience, which so many people who are not introduced to anal sex have. She thought maybe joining in with Todd and Amy, if Todd was ok with that, may just help smooth out the situation. Who could resist two girls at the same time? Hopefully, not Todd, she thought to herself.

Alice got up and walked over to Amy’s bed where she lay on her side, knees curled up to her chest. Alice put a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s going to be ok, you know.” Alice rubbed her roommate’s shoulder.

“I wish you could know that for sure.” Amy smiled up to her roommate.

Alice’s hand continued to rub Amy’s shoulder and Amy stretched out her legs. Alice could tell that her presence and her touch was soothing to Amy, and she was delighted that she could offer her roommate a way to ease her mind.

Amy turned onto her stomach; Alice moved her hand from Amy’s shoulder to her back. Amy was wearing a light brown t-shirt top that didn’t quite cover her stretch pants bottom. Alice rubbed her back up and down, she lifted her hand a bit each time she got to Amy’s bra strap across her back. Amy eventually reached her hand behind her and pulled up her shirt, she unhooked the bra. Then, in one swift motion, she pulled the shirt and the bra off over her head leaving her bare back exposed for Alice to rub.

Alice immediately returned to rubbing her roommate’s back. She started pressing harder on Amy’s back, massaging the muscles that Alice could feel were tight due to the stress about Todd. Alice moved her hand up and down Amy’s back, each time stopping bahis firmaları at the top of the waistline of Amy’s black yoga pants.

“Mmm, this feels nice, thank you, I really need to relax.” Amy said with her head on her pillow and her eyes mostly closed.

Alice continued to move her hand up and down Amy’s back stopping at the waistline as she had before. Eventually, Amy hooked her thumbs into her black pants and pushed them down a bit, exposing the top of her silk, purple panties. The panties almost covered her alabaster, smooth bottom. Alice could see some of her left cheek exposed where her panties ended, moving in a “V” toward her inner thighs. Alice got a little excited just seeing Amy’s flesh.

“Ali, pull my pants down, please.” Amy moaned to Alice.

Alice was more than eager to comply. As Amy lifted her hips off of the bed, Alice tucked her fingers under the waistband of Amy’s tight pants, she could feel Amy’s silky, smooth panties on her fingers as she gently pulled her pants down, revealing all of Amy’s silk covered bottom and her firm inner thighs and legs. She got up and pulled the pants from Amy’s bare feet. Alice smiled at Amy’s feet, they always looked so perfect to her. “She has such cute little feet” Alice thought as she removed the pants from them. She walked back up and sat down on the bed by Amy’s hips again. She continued to rub Amy’s back and she could tell that Amy was enjoying it by the groans of releasing tension coming from Amy’s throat.

“Pull my panties off too baby.” Amy said to Alice. Alice felt a flutter in her groin from Amy’s words and sultry, sexy voice asking her to take down her panties.

Again, she got up, leaned over Amy, who once again lifted her hips off of the bed, tucked her fingers under the waist of Amy’s silky panties and gently pulled them down. Her fingers brushed down Amy’s cheeks as Alice removed her panties, exposing her body fully. Again, Alice pulled them down and off of Amy’s little feet. Amy lifted her left leg at the knee, he panties on her big toe. Alice took them and put them with Amy’s pants.

Alice stood up and removed her shirt, she unfastened her own bra and removed it, tossing it on her own bed. She unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down with her panties still inside of them. She tossed the pair onto her bed on top of her bra. She then turned back to Amy, still laying on her bed, she walked over to her and lay her body on top of Amy, her breasts pressing into Amy’s back, her pubic bone pressed to Amy’s ass.

Amy moaned feeling Alice’s body cover her own. She loved the feeling of Alice’s breasts against her back.

Alice kissed Amy’s neck, and Amy moved her head up in response, giving her friend more clearance. Alice continued to softly kiss Amy’s neck.

Alice whispered into Amy’s ear, “I love this so much, and please believe me when I say, Todd will too.”

Alice kissed down Amy’s neck and in-between her shoulders. She dragged her lips down Amy’s spine kissing and using her teeth to nip at her flesh as she made her way down Amy’s back. Alice raised her body up just enough to let her nipples drag across Amy’s skin, down her back, to her waist where she stopped and moved back up her body just an inch or so before moving down again. She could hear Amy moan with pleasure as she moved up and down her back. Alice continued down Amy’s back again until she reached the beginning of her cheeks. Alice kissed down the center of one bum cheek, then up to Amy’s waist, then kissed down the center of the other cheek. She moved her mouth back to Amy’s waistline and used her tongue to lick down the center of Amy’s bottom.

Amy gasped as she felt Alice rubbing her, kissing her, and licking her bottom. She loved this feeling and the feel of Alice’s nipples running down her back and over her butt drove her wild. Alice hadn’t even touched her pussy, and yet she was already wet with anticipation. When Amy felt her tongue run down the seam in her ass a quick ‘eep!’ escaped her mouth. Her senses went wild. She knew she loved Todd, yet she was starting to fall in love with Alice as well. She couldn’t think about that right now, her body made sure to take control of her mind and focus on what her roommate was doing to it.

Alice’s tongue reached the end of Amy’s bottom, where her legs began. Amy opened her legs and arched her back just enough so present her waiting holes to Alice to do whatever she liked to them. Alice adjusted herself so that Amy could arch just a bit more and she went to work on her roommate’s intimate parts.

Alice spread Amy open, she felt Amy’s body jump a little.

“Don’t worry baby, mama won’t hurt you.” Alice soothed Amy. She didn’t know where the ‘Mama’ came from, but she liked the way it sounded coming out of her mouth, so she kept it.

She moved her tongue between Amy’s lips and stroked each puffy lip up and down to the sound of Amy squealing in delight and frustration. Alice smiled and flicked her tongue across Amy’s clit, she could hear kaçak iddaa the intake of breath from between Amy’s gritted teeth. She decided to torture her roommate no further and plunged her tongue deep into Amy’s moist pussy, tasting her sweet nectar again. Alice spread Amy’s ass wider, stretching out the tight hole just above her nose. She could have buried her nose right in Amy’s ass. She always smelled so clean, so pretty, so girly. Alice drank in Amy’s wetness, replacing it with her own as her tongue darted in and out of Amy’s pussy, her fingers moving closer and closer to her tight butt hole.

Amy was writhing in pleasure on her bed. She loved Alice’s mouth and her tongue inside of her. She knew she could cum right now if she just let go. However, she wanted this moment, this feeling to last. Amy rocked her hips upward as Alice’s tongue fucked her pussy and fingers moved closer and closer to her tight hole just above her pussy. She wanted this so badly, she wanted to be taken, she even loved hearing Alice call herself her Mama, knowing that Alice would look after her and never hurt her.

Alice slid her tongue in and out of Amy a few more times before withdrawing it. She could have sworn she heard Amy moan with disappointment. However, she heard her squeal again as she swirled her tongue around Amy’s bottom hole. Alice used her fingers to move in and out of Amy’s pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb as she finger-fucked Amy’s pussy and pushed her tongue into Amy’s ass to fuck her. Alice loved the taste of Amy’s ass, she could lay here all day with her roommate and her friend, just driving each other wild, fucking each other until they both came. She wanted to fill Amy’s pussy and ass, so she removed her fingers and her tongue and got up.

Amy whined a bit in disappointment feeling her holes emptied at once. She couldn’t believe the ecstasy she was in with Alice in control of her body. She loved it, she needed it, she wanted it. She wondered where Alice was going, and what sort of pleasure she had in store for her next. It wasn’t long before she found out as she watched Alice come back to bed with a bottle of lube and her other hand behind her back.

“What do you have there, mama?” Amy said keeping with the theme Alice had proposed earlier. She moved over a bit to give Alice a bit more room.

“Oh, you’ll like it my little girl, I promise.” Alice smiled in reply.

Alice used her thumb and first finger to spread open Amy’s butt cheeks, she opened the cap of the lube putting the other ‘things’ on her side, out of view. She tipped the bottle, giving it a light squeeze and watched as a small stream of lube dripped from the bottle and onto the space she had opened between Amy’s cheeks. She watched as the lube gathered on her white skin and flowed down over her tightened butt hole, she watched as Amy used her muscles to make her hole wink at her lover. Alice was impressed with her control, her ass almost seemed to be drinking in the lubricating liquid.

“Very good baby, let the lube in, let it all inside.” Alice cooed.

“Ok, mama.” Amy replied loving the role play they had invented.

She was a bit shocked as the cold lube touched her bottom. She’d had enough experience now that she knew her bottom needed to be lubricated to allow easy passage of anything that Alice decided to insert in her. She pushed out and in with her sphincter muscles, just as Alice had taught her, winking her butt hole. She liked the way it felt. She could feel the lube running down her ass to her pussy and finding its way inside and around to her clit. She used her fingers to rub it into her clit before it started to hit the bed.

Alice watched Amy rub her clit and started to get wet herself just watching her. She righted the bottle of lube and placed it on the table near the bed. Then she gathered the things to her side. She could feel Amy’s eyes watching with curiosity. Alice took a vibrator with a clit teaser on it and turned it on. She helped to open Amy’s legs a bit and teased around her pussy with the vibrating toy.

Amy moaned with pleasure feeling this soft, but firm, toy touch her pussy and felt the vibrations on her pussy. She removed her hand to let Alice play with the new toy. Eventually, she inserted it inside of Amy and she gasped as her tunnel widened to take the width of this new vibrator. She moaned softly and then more quickly as Alice pushed the vibrator deeper into her pussy and the teaser on the top contacted her clit. She could explode right now, but she knew there was more to come, so she stuffed her orgasm back down and rode the vibrations in her body.

Alice watched the toy disappear into her friend, she smiled knowing that Amy wanted to cum, but held back, despite her hips grinding the bed in response to the vibrator. She picked up the next toy, grabbed the lube and covered the tip of what looked like a small vibrator, except it started off like a tiny ball and each notch in the toy, the ball got larger and larger.

“These are vibrating kaçak bahis beads my girl; they’ll go into your bottom and I will pull them out and push them into you. I think you’ll love the feeling. Alice said and widened the space between Amy’s cheeks again. She helped get the first bead into Amy’s butt and then the next two, but now she could use the ring of the toy at its base to push it deeper into Amy’s bottom. As she got almost halfway inside of her, Alice pressed the space to turn on the vibration. Amy moaned loudly as the vibration rocked her body, from deep within.

“Ughhh… Oh god, wow, that’s … that’s amazing Alice… please don’t stop, please fuck me, fuck my butt Mama.” Amy said, her body rocking up and down.

“Yes honey, I will.” Alice replied.

Alice took hold of the beads and let each one enterAmy slowly before pushing another one inside. She was nearing the end of the chain when Alice took the vibrator inside of Amy’s pussy and pulled it out a bit and pushed it back inside. She alternated the toys in and out motion as Amy’s body began to buck up and down and her cries of pleasure were muffled by her pillow so that no one thought she was screaming. Her orgasm ripped through her body; she shook with pleasure.

Amy couldn’t believe how intense her orgasm felt. Her body was still shaking as Alice started to remove the vibrators from deep inside of her.

“Slow baby, go slow please.” Amy told Alice.

Her body felt like it was attached to these two devices filling her holes. As they were removed, she went from feeling very full, to feeling almost empty. Her bottom felt a little sore, but it was the good kind of sore. The kind of sore that told her that she had had a good time. Eventually she rolled onto her side and beaconed for Alice to lay next to her. Alice lay down next to Amy and pressed her body to Amy’s and kissed her deeply.

Amy returned the deep kiss and rubbed Alice’s back up and down, sliding her hand down to her bottom. Amy moved back a bit on the bed and rolled Alice onto her stomach. Amy then proceeded to kiss down Alice’s back, much in the same way as been done to her. When she reached Alice’s butt, she placed her hands under Alice’s hips and pulled her waist up so that her cheeks parted slightly, and Amy could see Alice’s beautiful holes. Her pussy was glistening with wetness from earlier. Amy put her head down and licked up the slit of Alice’s pussy and then wriggled her tongue over Alice’s butt hole. She made circles with her tongue around the opening and began darting the tip of her tongue in and out of the tight hole. Amy used one hand to keep herself up and with the other hand she inserted a finger into Alice’s slick vagina, with her thumb she was able to manipulate her clit back and forth and up and down. Amy started pushing her tongue deeper into Alice’s behind, she liked the feeling of Alice’s cool cheeks on her face. Her skin felt so soft against the skin of her face. She kept licking and pushing her tongue in and out, fucking Alice’s ass.

Alice began moaning and sucking in air over her teeth. “Oh god baby, you make me feel so good. Just don’t stop, oh oh please don’t stop.”

Alice couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Amy’s tongue inside of her butt and her fingers fucking her pussy. She didn’t want to cum, but she knew there wasn’t much that she could do to stop it. She could feel it rising in her body, she was starting to tingle all over, her muscles started to become rigid as the endorphins raced through her bloodstream. As it rose, she could feel her insides fill up, the movement of Amy’s tongue alternated with her fingers in Alice’s pussy were too much and started to tip her over the edge. As she lost control of her body, she could feel fluid deep within her start to gush.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming hard, I’m going to squirt.” Alice screamed into the pillow loud enough for Amy to hear.

Amy could feel Alice’s butt tighten around her tongue, as well as her pussy tighten around her fingers. In an instant, Alice’s body went stiff as a board and bucked up and down a bit as the juices from deep inside of her came out in a gush over her hand. She smiled, removed her tongue, and kept on rubbing Alice’s clit. It wasn’t until Alice’s moaning, and body thrashing stopped that she removed her fingers and pulled Alice close to her.

“I think I’ve ruined your bed.” Alice said to her.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Amy replied.

“Come, sleep with me in my bed, we’ll clean up yours in the morning.” Alice replied.

Amy did as Alice suggested. They both got up and made their way over to Alice’s bed, both had wobbly legs, a product of their intense love making. They fell into bed, held each other’s naked body and drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

The next morning was Friday, the day of the big reveal to Todd. Alice and Amy woke up, they got ready for their classes. Amy stripped her bed of the soaked linens and threw them into the laundry as she left for class. She had a break between two classes and had time to run back to the dorm and throw the bed linens into the dryer so they would be fresh for tonight. She was hoping that they’d need to be washed again the following morning.

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