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Black, White , Tan

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Monica’s Freshman roommate was a black student from the inner city, from one of the most notorious inner cities of them all, Miami’s. Monica was actually quite glad when she learned this tough street chick would be her roommate. She grew up in a city herself, grew up poor in one of the old working class districts of Philadelphia, and always got along with those from other racial and ethnic groups. In New York, during the year she worked there as a model, trying to earn enough money to pay for the college education she knew her family could not afford, one of her roommates was black and another was Hispanic, and the three of them were the best of chums. Monica far preferred having a big city ethnic roommate than some very uptight, prudish small town white girl with a lot of prejudices and backward opinions.

Cheryl, her roommate, was a real cutie too, and the two of them made quite a pair when they went down to the cafeteria together or strutted across campus. Cheryl was a runner and had the sleek, firm, muscled body of an athlete. Just as Monica was on scholarship, so was Cheryl. But hers was an athletic scholarship. She was on the track team and was said to be one of the best young female sprinters in the country. And apart from that tight, athletic body of hers, she was quite a looker too, with gorgeous eyes and a big smile.

It had been a tough life for Cheryl. Her dad was serving a life term in prison. Her brother was in for another long stretch. And her mom alone had to raise Cheryl and her five brothers and sisters. That took its toll on Cheryl, she had told Monica, and when she was younger she’d spent plenty of time in juvenile detention. It seemed like she too might be headed for a bitter life of crime, like her father and her older brother, but a track coach in high school turned her around. And now she was beginning her Freshman year in college, already nationally known and widely hailed as an up-and-coming track sensation.

Monica was returning to her dorm room one Saturday night after going to see a movie by herself. But the film was a drag and so she left early. Cheryl’s boyfriend was in from out of town and Cheryl was supposed to be spending the night with him at his motel. So naturally Monica was quite surprised when she let herself into her room and saw that Cheryl and Andre were there. In fact they were in Cheryl’s bed, and the moment Cheryl heard her roommate walk in the door she popped her head up from beneath the sheets, the two of them now looking over at Monica, startled to see her.

“I thought you was at the movies?” Cheryl said.

“I went, but the movie sucked, so I split early,” Monica said. “And what about you? Didn’t you say you were spending the night at Andre’s motel?”

Monica had met Andre several times and they liked each other.

“Uh huh, but den a fire alarm went off over there and dey empty the place out, so we come back here’,” Cheryl explained.

Now Monica paid some attention to her roommate and her boyfriend, taking in that they were naked under those sheets and that Monica had walked in on them just as they were fooling around. She smiled a knowing smile at Cheryl and Andre.

“What were you doing under there when I walked in, you two? Something nasty?”

Monica was close and casual enough with Cheryl so that she could speak to her like that, teasing them. Cheryl smiled at Monica, and Andre had himself a big shit-eating grin on his face too.

“Nasty? I was just suckin’ Andre’s big ole dick, that’s all,” Cheryl said.

“Oh yeah, is Andre’s big ole dick really big?”

“What you call this?”

Cheryl pulled back the sheets, exposing the two of them totally naked. Fully erect, Andre’s dick suddenly came into view. Though Monica had certainly seen her share of well-endowed studs, but none had been hung quite like Andre over here was.

“Yeah, I’d call that big alright.”

“And he be thick too, huh?” Cheryl said, gripping it, showing Monica she could barely get her hand around the girth.

“A thick one like that can make a girl feel real good, I bet,” Monica said as Cheryl and Andre looked at each other and smiled. They sure liked the way Monica was reacting to them being in the room like this when Monica didn’t expect them to be there. A lot of babes get very uptight when they walk in on a girlfriend or some other woman fooling around with a guy. It makes them real nervous. Since Cheryl had always liked to fool around herself, she’d had her share of friends walk in on her making out or doing the nasty, and then acting all huffy and puffy about it. Cheryl’s sister Keisha was like that, getting all out of kilter the couple of times she walked in on Cheryl screwing a guy in their room back home.

But Monica sure wasn’t acting annoyed. In fact, she looked like she couldn’t have been happier about what she had walked into here.

So now Cheryl sensually fisted the massive pale brown shaft, looking right over at her roommate, sitting on her bed, watching closely.

“Min’ if I get back to business? You can watch, honey, if canlı bahis you feel like. Me and Andre, we wouldn’ min’ havin’ us an audience, would we, Andre?”

“Now, we wouldn’t. Monica and me, we get along just fine.”

“Sure, I’ll watch you two go at it,” Monica said, sitting down on her own bed, opposite Cheryl’s as Cheryl twisted her boyfriend’s big penis in her hand, Andre staring right over at Monica as he enjoyed the hand job his foxy girlfriend was giving him.

Though they were both black, the two of them were quite a contrast. Neither Cheryl nor Monica were very modest so they had no problem parading around in front of each other in the buff. And since they were roommates, hardly a day had gone by when they didn’t eye each other completely naked. So Monica had checked out that body of Cheryl’s plenty, never letting on to Cheryl that she was bi. Cheryl, Monica, figured was as straight as they came, the way she was always talking about Andre, and other guys she’d been with him before him. So she wasn’t aware that when Monica gazed at that body of hers she gazed at it with a measure of lust. And what a body! Lean and muscled and smooth, Cheryl was really dark, her skin the color of bittersweet, not milk, chocolate. And her nearly ebony skin gave off this beautiful lustrous sheen.

Andre, in contrast to his girlfriend, was much lighter, more a coffee or cafe-au-lait color than the intense dusky brown of Cheryl’s complexion. But then Andre was from New Orleans where, with the French background, there were a lot of ‘Creoles,’ light-skinned blacks like Andre. Plus, unlike Cheryl who came from a poor inner-city family, Andre was middle-class and didn’t have that hardcore inner city style so evident in Cheryl. The two of them had met a year ago at a national track meet. Andre was a runner himself. He ran the mile and the thousand meters mainly, and had that lean, muscled look you’d expect from a long-distance runner.

But it was the contrast in their coloring that Monica focused most on now, looking at Cheryl’s fingers, which seemed nearly black in the dim light of their room, wrapped around the thick, tan shaft.

“You going to let me see how you suck that cock, Cheryl? Suck it the way you were sucking it before I walked in on you two?”

“I sho’ as shit am,” Cheryl said, lowering her head to the big penis, licking it while she stared at her roommate.

“She sho’ as shit is,” Andre cackled, mimicking his girlfriend, holding her head down as she lewdly licked his pole, before finally taking the big cockhead between her lips and sucking him down.

“Yeah, do it! Show me how you eat that dick!” Monica urged, getting excited, feeling herself becoming damp between the legs. She’d seen other babes do it to guys before, but she never expected to be watching her own roommate making love to her boyfriend, and never before had she watched a black duo making it. And never had she laid her eyes on a cock as huge as Andre’s. It had to be at least ten inches long, and three inches thick maybe.

There was so much to look at too. Cheryl’s sexy lips wrapped around Andre’s cock was, of course, the main attraction. But then there was that fabulous body of Cheryl’s, as dark as mahogany and as sleek as a python’s. Plus, she had beautiful breasts and a really great ass. And there was Andre, his smooth, wiry body the color of the cafe mocha Monica liked to drink over at the espresso bar across the street from their dorm. He was looking right at her with those big, green eyes of his, eyes the same shade as her own, with a gaze that oozed pleasure and lust. And why wouldn’t he have that look in his eyes, the way Cheryl was expertly tonguing and sucking on his oversized cock, giving him a blow job that Monica guessed was extra lewd and nasty because Monica was watching.

Monica was wearing a skirt which she now casually slid up her thighs while she spread her legs, giving Andre, and Cheryl too, a view of her panty crotch.

Naturally, Andre noticed. And so did Cheryl.

“Feel like gettin’ a little more comfortable yo’self?” Cheryl asked Monica as she stopped fellating Andre for a moment. “Feel like gettin’ all nude and crude like we is?”

“Sure,” Monica said, instantly lifting her sweater over her head. With her modest endowment up above there was no bra underneath, just a small, but perfect pair of tits, each topped with a dark, wine-colored nipple. Andre did not fail to appreciate the view, eyeing the stiffened protrusions admiringly.

“I been tellin’ Andre wha’ a fabulous body you got yo’self, honey,” Cheryl said, fisting his shaft as both she and Andre watched Monica undress. “Now he be seein’ it fo’ himself.”

“Yeah, have a good look, Andre,” Monica said as she finished undressing, pulling off her bikini briefs, turning on another lamp, then spreading her legs wide so the two of them had a perfect view of her pussy. She’d been naked in front of Cheryl many times but she’d never shown off her pussy like this.

“Go over next to her,” Andre said to Cheryl, pointing to Monica.

“Why?” bahis siteleri Cheryl asked.

“I want to see you two next to each other, that’s why,” he said as Cheryl got up off her bed and sat next to Monica, spreading her legs.

“Shit, that is some sight!” he said, gazing at the two of them with wide open eyes, taking his swollen dick in his hand. “Dark chocolate right next to creamy vanilla. Mmmmmh… pretty!”

The two women laughed. And Monica could see what Andre meant. It must’ve been quite a view he had, his ebony girlfriend showing off her dusky pussy right next to her pale, lithe roommate, boldly flashing plenty of pink his way.

“Stop playin’ with yo’self, okay?” Cheryl joked, getting up off Monica’s bed and rejoining Andre, seeing the way he was furiously fisting himself. “That’s why you got me here.”

Now she resumed fellating him as Monica added some spice by letting him look at the way she was idly strumming her clit. And she wasn’t just strumming it so Andre would have something to look at it. No, she was relieving a serious itch down there. The sight of these two hot African-American lovers getting down with each other was getting her very, very aroused. The last thing she expected was running into Cheryl and her boyfriend in their room, getting it on. And then stripping naked along with them and watching them do their dirty deeds while she unabashedly played with herself. Was she ever glad that movie she decided to see turned out to suck and she walked out on it! And, really, it didn’t surprise her to be asked to stay and witness like this. Cheryl, she knew, was sexually experienced.

“Why don’ we let Monica see how you like to chew on tha’ other place, suga’?” Andre said to Cheryl.

She pulled away from his dick a little flustered.

“You mean–?”

“Yeah,” he said, turning around on his stomach now.

“But’s tha’’s so personal, Andre.”

“C’mon, baby, this ain’t the time to start bein’ shy.”

Cheryl looked over at Monica with an expression that made Monica think she’d be seeing her cheeks blush red if she were a white girl.

“Monica might think that be a little freaky,” Cheryl said.

“C’mon, look at her, she loves watchin’ “.

By this time Monica had a pretty good idea what Andre wanted Cheryl to do to him.

“Do it, girl, whatever it is!” Monica urged. “If Andre likes having it done to him, and you like doing it, then I want to see it.”

Cheryl laughed, a little amazed and utterly delighted by her roommate’s carnal openness. So now she slid down on the bed, bringing her face down to Andre’s buttocks. Monica gazed at that butt of Andre’s. It was smooth and muscled and the nicest shade of caramel.

As Monica watched, Cheryl spread apart his buttocks and lowered her face to his crack. And then she began to lick his asshole, her eyes looking over at Monica as she lapped away. Now that she was doing it, she wanted to make sure she did nice and vividly and lewdly, the way she had sucked his cock in front of Monica.

“Oh yeah, sugar, eat it up!” Andre hissed, reaching behind him with an arm to press her face between his butt cheeks. And all the while Andre made sure to look right at Monica, showing off as Cheryl rimmed his ass. He was quite the exhibitionist, this Andre, Monica said to herself. But it didn’t surprise her. After a track event, when he came in the winner, he always hooted and hollered and showed off. Cheryl had said. Andre was a demonstrative sort. So far she had watched him get his big dick sucked and his hot ass eaten out. She could only imagine what it would be like to see him use that dick of his and fuck Cheryl to the rafters. That was soon to follow, Monica was sure.

“Uh uh, Cheryl! Eat that hot ass!” Monica urged. “Look at him, he loves it!”

“He sho’ does, don’ you, baby?” Cheryl said, pulling away finally, turning him over again and licking his balls, before slowly sliding her tongue up the length of his cock, engulfing him between her lips and resuming the long, drawn-out blow-job.

“Cheryl? Come up here,” Andre said, wagging a finger at her. She came up to him and he whispered something in her ear and she smiled, looking straight at Monica.

“You look like you be havin’ a good time, playin’ with yo’ pussy and watchin’ us,” Cheryl said. “How’d you like to get in on the mix? You know, have a little o’ Andre fo’ yourself?”

Of course Monica had been thinking just how much fun that would be. But she figured Andre was Cheryl’s steady and though the two of them appreciated an audience, as they had told her, she didn’t think Cheryl would want to share. Now she was thrilled that this was exactly what Cheryl was proposing.

“You mean, me getting down and dirty with the two of you?” Monica said, wanting to make sure she heard it right.

“Uh huh. Andre’s always talkin’ about how he never made it with a white girl. I mean, a real white girl. He be almost white himself,” Cheryl chuckled, “and you know me, I made it with dis white stud last summer.”

Monica had heard about that. bahis şirketleri The summer before college began, as part of her scholarship program, Cheryl had spent two months in Sweden. And there she took up with a Swedish guy. Monica had heard all about that and what a hot fuck Sven turned out to be. And what a big dick he had. That’s when Cheryl told Monica what a myth it was that black dudes were all hung. Some were, some weren’t. Andre over here was obviously one who was.

“How about you, Monica? You ever make it with a black guy? You never tol’ me,” Cheryl asked her.

“Nope, never.” Though she had made it with a black babe, the gorgeous model who was one of her Manhattan roommates.

“Well here’s your chance,” Cheryl said, looking back and forth between her boyfriend and her roommate. “You get to taste vanilla, Andre, and you Monica, get to see wha’ chocolate be like, or at least, coffee.”

Andre was staring at Monica, his eyes blazing with lust and desire.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having myself a nice hard chunk of mocha.”

They laughed at her lustful outrageousness.

“Well, come on over here den, girl,” Cheryl said, tapping the bed.

So now Monica lifted herself off her bed and joined Cheryl and Andre on Cheryl’s bed. It was a small bed and it was a tight squeeze. But Monica was absolutely thrilled, thrilled to be laying naked next to this sizzling African-American duo.

Cheryl took Andre’s massive, erect cock in her hand.

“Ain’t it beautiful?”

“Sure is. Can I hold it, Andre?” Monica cooed teasingly.

“Hold it all you want,” he purred at her.

So Monica wrapped her fingers around the thick, dark shaft. It was so thick and so rigid a chill went up and down her spine as she handled it.

And then she brought her face down and started to lick it as Cheryl watched closely. She ran her tongue over the taut skin of his erect penis, tasting every inch before she finally took him between her lips and began to suck him.

“He ain’ never had no white chick suck his dick befo’,” Cheryl said happily, obviously loving the idea of sharing her man with Monica. Monica could understand this. She’d sometimes ask another babe to join her and a guy, or her and another babe, or she’d joined some couple to make it a threesome. So she knew what this was all about. Back in New York, during her modeling days, she’d mix it up like this pretty often. But never before had the others both been black!

“And I ain’t never sucked a black dick,” Monica said, coming up for air.

“Well you sho’ as shit are suckin’ one now,” Cheryl cackled as they stared into each other’s eyes, Monica’s mouth stuffed with Andre’s big penis.

“Go on, suck it down, suck dat sweet, brown cock, white girl!” Cheryl hissed at her. Monica smiled, even though her mouth was crammed with male meat. They were real comfortable with each other, these two roommates, calling each other ‘black girl’ and ‘white girl’ in an affectionate, joking way. Now Monica was going to show both Andre and Cheryl a special trick of hers. Very slowly she took more and more of Andre’s dick in her mouth and down her throat as Cheryl watched with wide-open, spellbound eyes. Andre, too, opened his eyes so he could look down at the gorgeous Caucasian swallowing his cock. Now she had more than half of its substantial length between her lips and she was still going, inch by thick inch.

“Damn, dis bitch can really eat it!” Cheryl said in amazement. They called each other ‘bitch’ jokingly too, again being lewdly affectionate, meaning nothing bad by it.

And eat it she did, taking more and more of it down her throat until, for a moment, the whole thing was completely out of sight, her lower lip pressing against Andre’s balls, her upper lip against his crinkly pubic hair. She’d learned this from her older sister, how to deep throat a cock. Joanne once told Monica how she liked to do that, how guys really loved it. So Monica said she wanted to learn too. Her sister had a bunch of dildos and she had Monica practice on those until Monica was able to get the biggest of the dildos all the way down her throat. All that practice had come in handy, as Andre was learning and Cheryl was witnessing now.

Suddenly she let go of his penis, gasping for breath.

“Shit, I need some air,” Monica said as Cheryl looked at her in astonishment.

“What otha’ amazin’ things can you do?” Cheryl asked.

“Hell, the night is young, maybe you’ll find out,” she teased.

Now Monica pushed on Andre’s hip as he gladly turned over on his stomach.

“I want some of that other treat too, the one you had before,” Monica said, spreading apart his buttocks as she and Cheryl both stared into the crack. There was his tan asshole, still wet and slick from Cheryl’s earlier tonguing.

“Yum, yum,” Monica purred, digging in to have herself a taste. She only wished she could have pushed Cheryl down on her stomach right next to her boyfriend, spread apart her gorgeous, dusky buttocks and have herself a taste of the little bud Cheryl kept hidden between those round buns of hers. But, alas, Cheryl wasn’t giving any signal that she was ready to mix it up with Monica. This was about sharing her man, the two young women ganging up on the handsome Creole stud.

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  2. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

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