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Acting Up Part II

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Acting Up Part II
From where I sat in my own wardrobe looking at my wife and her black lover passionately kissing after their mammoth violent fuck in my bed, I had to come to terms with the facts that this was my fault, a massive turn on and that our lives had changed dramatically for ever. The emotions swirling in my head meant that the uncomfortable position was the least of my concerns. Carefully I took out my phone and started to film the two canoodling on my bed, just so that I could be sure when I viewed it tomorrow I could prove that it wasn’t a dream or nightmare.
As I viewed the two through the camera on my phone I saw Tracey make her way again to Jason’s limp, but still huge, black cock and as her hand massaged his impressive balls her mouth greedily sucked on the head of her prize possession. Grunts of encouragement came from Jason, but none of his words sounded kind and continued to call her a bitch and swear at her, which again had me perplexed as she hated swearing, never did herself and would always tut if any of us swore around her. Here she was sucking cock and having an assortment of profanities and insults and it seemed to excite her, encouraging her to suck rather than tut.
Soon enough the cock in her mouth started to reach it’s full status and as I looked at it on my phone I felt that I was watching a porno like the ones I’d seen on xhamster a few nights ago. Tracey, although clearly filled with lust, giggled with delight as she took the cock out of her mouth and slapped the rigid pole against her cheek and looking it in wonderment before licking up and down the shaft almost not knowing how to make the most of her joyous treat.
Jason moved their bodies so that Tracey was laying on her front her head turned to Jason and her mouth gently fucked by his cock and his hips motion. In this position his hands aggressively pummelling the neat arse cheeks of my wife, and offered the occasional smack which saw my wife’s whole body twitch but not stop the sucking of her new toy. Jason’s enthusiasm for my wife’s arse started to grow and he even pulled his cock from her mouth to her disappointment so that he could pull her arse cheeks apart and begin to, what looked like to me, tongue her anus. There was a surprised look at Tracey’s face but no protest and her hand grabbed what her mouth couldn’t reach and started to pump Jason’s cock, she was clearly insatiable and I thought that if I even made my present known they canlı kaçak iddaa wouldn’t stop.
Then Jason said the most ridiculous thing possible in a deep meaningful tone “I wanna fuck your arse Tracey”, there was silence for a moment, it was an absurd thing to say to Tracey, she had made it very clear to me that was not a route that she would ever consider and I waited for the confrontation to ensue.
“I’m not sure Jason, I’ve never done it before and you are so big” Tracey offered.
“You know I wasn’t asking, don’t you?” Jason replied, adding “get yourself some lubricant, Vaseline will do, it’s will be fine, I’ve done plenty of virgin asses”.
Tracey pulled herself up and looked at her black Adonis and to my astonishment said “Ok, you’re the boss”.
“Are you telling me that your lame husband never fucked this pretty arsehole?” Jason said slapping her reddened buttocks as she got up and wiggled her way to the bathroom, to return with a tub of something in her hand, a cheeky grin and a playful “This’ll do”
Taking the tub, Jason opened it and smeared two fingers with the contents and gently started applying it to my wife anus as she’s adopted a doggie style position on the bed. I stopped looking through the camera to take in the scene being presented before me as the brutish black guy prowled around my wife with her lovely bum in the air, Jason also moved her into a more submissive position with her arms flayed out on the bed and where her head laid and a face showing signs of fear but no resistance. I could tell when a finger inserted itself into her virgin arse as her brow furrowed and her bottom lip got bitten, but she was in the hands of a determined expert and had completely submitted to her fate.
Jason positioned himself behind Tracey and took in a moment to enjoy the sight presented, my wife’s ripe bottom in the air and her moistened anus fearing its forthcoming ordeal. The only noise audible was the heavy breathing from Tracey, her face tilted to watch her master but her eyes like that of an a****l caught in the headlights. Jason showed the first signs of glee as he looked on his prize, up until now he had been surly and had grunted, but the sight of this brand new playing field brought a smile to his face as he started to add some lubrication to his oversized, erect cock.
Tracey was straining her neck to maintain eye contact with Jason, the fear in her eyes contrasting the elation in his just as her canlı kaçak bahis white skin contrasted his shiny ebony darkness. No words of comfort or looks of compassion came from Jason as he moved his cock tip to my wife’s arse and I moved my eyes back to the screen of my phone. A look of determination over took Jason as Tracey’s eyes closed and a soft murmur came from her lips, he was entering her.
To Jason’s credit his experience and patience were evident and within 2 or 3 minutes and various gentle thrust his cock was at least three quarters buried into my wife and her eyes had opened but were clearly watering. A measured withdrawal from its quarry was soon met with a deeper thrust and quickly a rhythm was built up, not as frantic as the fucking earlier, but impressive nonetheless. I wondered how Tracey felt, was she reduced, beaten, her face gave no clues but then her voice did when she issued “Oh Jason, fuck my arse, fuck it!” and the tempo was increased.
My left hand was now trying to keep the camera phone steady as my right hand pumped at my previous considered adequate cock which now seemed completely pointless. Jason was in full rhythm, his cock appearing from and disappearing into my wife’s arse and his right hand taking occasional opportunity to redden Tracey’s buttocks with fearful spanks. After one withdrawal and a particularly loud smack Jason flipped Tracey over like a limp rag doll and demanded “Ass to mouth now slut!” and Tracey dutifully took him into her mouth, her right hand rubbing up and down the shaft as her left busied itself with her pussy.
Jason was atop of my wife, an outstretched arm on the wall of my bedroom steadied him as his other hand removed my wife’s grip on his cock as he pulled it from her mouth and he began beating his meat inches from my Tracey’s face. Tracey’s eyes were fixed on his her mouth wide open as the giant above took a massive intake of breath before unload stream after stream of cum directly into her mouth. Tracey tried to swallow and as her mouth closed two more steams spurted on her face before it opened again and accepted the cock thrust into her throat. For a moment I feared that she’d be choked but with a little manoeuvre the cock left her mouth and Jason sat back putting both hands behind his back and looked at my prostrate wife as she tried to coax the cum on her face into her mouth again giggling with zero shame.
“Who would have thought the demure, shy bahis siteleri canlı little am-dram actress of a few weeks ago, with her starchy boring clothes that blushed at anything a bit fruity could so quickly become a Black Cock Slut” Jason said as he looked down at Tracey.
Looking up at him coyly and biting her lower lip Tracey replied “Is that what I am now, sir? A Black Cock Slut? I promise to complete all my duties as you demand, oh and thank you for showing me the ways”
Jason slid off her and made his way down her body and stopped at her pussy, two fingers started to encircle it before swiftly entering as Jason made comment about the fact that she was shaved and asked if it was for him. Tracey confirmed that the shaved pussy and the lingerie were all for him as she enjoyed the fingering his fingers performed. Her eyes closed and it wasn’t long before an obvious orgasm twisted her body and she writhed under his touch.
Tracey sat up as it subsided and smiling went to kiss Jason but he leant away, and growled that her mouth just sucked a cock that had been up her arse and had his cum all over he wasn’t going to kiss it yet, and ordered her to go and get him a beer. Bouncing off the bed naked, except for the pair of stocking which had maintained their shape and made her look so unbelievably sexy, she skipped out of the room without the slightest gripe. Moments later she returned with 2 bottle of cold beer and standing in the doorway asked if he mined if she just cooled her nipples down and rubbed the bottles suggestively over her sweet, sweet tits.
Soon they where laying side by side on the bed, him in my place, although Tracey and me never lay naked on top of the sheets. They both drank their beers, him looking stern and pissed off and her looking playful and giggly. Jason looking down at my wife then paid the first compliment that I remember to Tracey, mentioning her figure and tits, telling her she were in fine figure for a mother of two in her fifties. “I always knew you were a MILF” he added.
“A what?” Tracey asked displaying further her naivety around these things.
Laughing, Jason replied “ A Mother I’d like to fuck, a MILF …and I did!!!”
“A MILF? A Black Cock Slut? BBC! Ass to mouth! I’m leaning so much from you” she laughed
“And you can do anal like a pro!” he blurted and they fell into each other’s arms laughing.
A plan was soon hatched that saw the two of them getting a few hours sleep and her to wake him with a blow job, he added that he wanted to fuck her before he left in the morning but he said he’d leave her arse for a few days and again they both laughed and drifted off to sleep, leaving me to make myself as comfortable as possible in the cramped wardrobe

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