Şubat 28, 2024

A New Level of Submission Ch. 02

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First of all, thank you all so much for your reviews and comments on the first part of the story, my wife and I are thrilled with how it has all gone down so far. As before we’d appreciate any and all comments from you, both good and bad so we can improve the writings of our personal antics going forward. Thanks again to Sexyvibe for their incredible editing. Enjoy.


I lie drained and upon sitting up, my head spins. Taking stock of the situation I haul myself out of bed to shower and just as I get out and re-enter the bedroom, one of our maids enters.

“Ah, grand. Would you be so kind as to change the bed spread? The lady of the house got quite excited this morning.”

She acknowledges with a mischievous knowing smile and sets to work. The maids have become accustomed to our antics and have been sworn to secrecy: a huge court case would ensue should any of them be stupid enough to forfeit their generous salaries and reveal what they see in our home. Their yearly bonus is also subject to the feedback I receive from Anne about how willing they are to carry out ‘extracurricular activity’.

I leave the bedroom, having dressed, to go about my day, likely to retire to the studio to partake in one of my many nerdy hobbies, my regular vice when Anne is out of the house.


Meanwhile you have reached the end of drive to meet your lift to the girlies’ coffee morning. Waiting at the gates is Jane and you the skip the last few strides before scanning your way through the gate with your key card and getting in the passenger door.

You forget for a second that you still have your toy inserted and are reminded as it is forced slightly further inside as you sit. You squirm briefly, tightening your pelvic floor before saying ‘hi’ and indulging in gossip as you travel to the regular Italian deli.

“New gate system?” Jane queries.

“Yeah, just a little something James wanted upgraded,” you confirm casually.

“Right?” she replies, slightly agitated by your taking money for granted.

“How’s tricks with you anyway? Any development on your… issue?” you pry.

“If you mean bedroom antics, let’s just say… it’s still very, very little. Not very often. Completely vanilla and takes no time at all!” she brazenly admits.

Sensing her frustrations and slight jealousy you pry no further, instead offering only a concerned look on your face.

“And if you are wondering about his job then, let just say, I won’t be a lady of leisure like you anytime soon,” she adds, feeling slightly defeated by her current situation.

“If it’s any consolation, James and I don’t have the best sex life…” you lie trying to make her feel better.

Turning to face you briefly she raises her eyebrows while peering over the top of her sun glasses in disbelief.

“I don’t believe for one second, that the fine specimen of a man that is James, doesn’t perform in the bedroom! He’s nice enough to look at as it is, let alone anything else he brings to the table,” she comments having always lusted after what you married.

You park and enter the high-end establishment. The girls are already there sitting round the table in the normal spot. Pleasantries are exchanged, and you blush when asked “How is your morning going?” You are afraid that, despite your attempts at composure, your body language is screaming ‘I have a very large plug sealing a load of my husband’s seed in my arsehole’.

“Great thanks, good leg session in the gym this morning,” you say smiling, trying to avoid suspicion.

“Not like you need it! I couldn’t imagine a better set of pins, and as for that arse of yours… well…” Jane interjects, rolling her eyes. The girls giggle together (if only they knew).

“It’s just one of my many talents,” you say, still blushing.

“Oh, I’m sure Anne!” Jane quips insinuating other antics.

“Some of us, on the other hand, have to work for a living and don’t have time for such luxuries,” she adds cuttingly, causing a mixed reaction from the ladies; some prudishly scowl whilst others giggle. You bashfully smile while raising your shoulders acknowledging her first comment and ignoring the latter.

“Steady, it’s too early for these innuendoes ladies. There is just a lot to be said for a very well fitting pair of jeans,” you say, trying to change the subject.

Gossip continues, and drinks and nibbles are served, conversation flows and a summer barbeque at our house is informally organised.

Excusing yourself to visit the bathroom, eyebrows are raised by the group as you slink off. Unknown to you, Jane, after giving a look of curiosity to the others, gets up and follows sneakily behind.

Entering the bathroom, you look around to ensure the coast is clear. Reassured that you are alone, you check your face in the mirror for reassurance and ensure that nothing is smudged from your quick preparation this morning.

Reaching around with one hand you push against the tightness of your jeans, inside of which the jewel of your plug sits secretly. You apply pressure until illegal bahis it moves slightly and inadvertently let out a small whimper as your vagina flushes with heat from the stimulation.

Releasing the pressure, you turn towards the door. Jane is there looking over at you quizzically.

“Wedgy,” you say, trying to excuse yourself, and smile as you acknowledge her presence and walk towards the door, back to your place at the table.

“Dat tushy of yours eating up your underwear?” Jane asks rhetorically, staring intently as you walk past. A bead of sweat pops from your brow as you wonder how much she saw and how long she was there.

The coffee morning comes to an end with nothing other than a few glancing eyes and further innuendoes. You and Jane walk back to her car, so she can drop you home. You’re relieved as the conversation in the car is pally and easy and no mention of the bathroom is raised.

As you get to the gates you scan through to let Jane’s car onto the tree lined drive. She drops you in the court yard and you say your goodbyes before she manoeuvres to head back down the drive.


Upon entering the house, you meet one of the maids going about her duties.

“Ava, I’m sorry for the mess I made this morning. James made me do it,” you say, greeting our maid, trying to justify the state of the bed.

“No problem at all, it’s always my pleasure Mam,” she smiles back at you knowingly.

“Or mine, as the case may be,” you joke before walking through to find me in the studio.

“Honey! I’m home!” you shout, announcing your arrival.


Meanwhile Jane makes her way back to the gate while exchanging a few texts with the girls along the way. Only to find it prematurely closed as it comes into view. Trapped and not knowing what to do she negotiates a several point turn between the bordering trees and heads back down the lane to the house, seeking help.


“Hello my Queen,” I greet, my focus still wholly on my current project.

“Hiya!” you say, cheekily smiling and bashfully rotating your shoulders as you approach.

“Strange for you to still be fully clothed on a Saturday?” I put down the piece I am working on and turn to you.

You instantly start to undress leaving just your underwear and jewellery and parade about the studio comfortably, knowing that despite all the large windows, the only people who will see you are the maids and me.

Getting to my feet I walk over to the chaise longue type piece of furniture placed at the end of the studio. Its placement and design made for only one purpose, you have modelled many new toys for me here on previous occasions.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable,” I say gesturing towards the piece of furniture.

You waste no time taking up the invitation. Knees together, you support the weight of your bust as you sink into a perfect posture with a gorgeous arch in your back. Conveniently for me the design of the chaise longue places both your arse and mouth at the same height as my crotch when I stand over you.

I remove my clothes whilst prowling around you, scattering them about the room. I go to one of my many drawers, most of which are perfectly organised with my varying hobby supplies. But this one coincides with our more mutual interests. I take out a coil of soft bondage rope and turn towards your stunning body.


Having driven back in the opposite direction, Jane finds herself back in our courtyard. Getting out of the car, she knocks on our large front door. Some thirty seconds or so pass and as she expected there is no answer, the sound of her knocks likely not heard or expected by anyone inside our large home.

Not phased she turns left walking around the house knowing that I am often in the studio with my headphones on. As she approaches the part of the building that tapers down to a single story, a light and airy extension with many windows overlooking our huge walled garden, something catches her eye.

Moving closer, curious as to what is happening, she approaches the first window and sees me naked inside. Instantly dipping her head, she takes cover behind the brickwork and peers over the ledge to fully investigate.

Her eyes widen as her brain processes what is in front of her. From her vantage point she can see me walking around you as your arse faces towards her, offering a slight view of your flank from her angle.

Looking closer she can see what you were adjusting earlier in the bathroom: it certainly wasn’t the encroaching thong you alluded to. Reaching down to her pocket, she takes out her phone, fully intent on texting the girls with a confirmation of the conspiracy surrounding our private life. But a few taps later she has her camera set to record. Good timing too, just as she raises her phone to the window I move to stand over your head.


With my cock now hard from admiring your body and the thoughts of what I have planned for you I take illegal bahis siteleri a hold of my bell end and pull my dick towards my body exposing my testicles to you. Pushing my hips forward, the base of my cock is just in front of your nose as I offer myself.

“Are you going to be a willing slut? Or do you need some convincing?” I press.

You look up at me, stick out your tongue and take the weight of my testicles.

“Hmmn! Do you want what’s inside these?” I query, offering you the opportunity to respond in a slutty fashion equal to your current posture.

“Only up my arse Sir,” you say retracting your tongue.

You get back to work, lapping at my nuts and gooch while I jerk at my foreskin. Satisfied for the moment, I step back, and you urge yourself forward as far as you can searching and longing for me with your tongue.

I walk around you and as I do you move your head to one side to follow my movements.

“Put your hands behind you,” I command raising the coil of rope to the small of your back.

Complying, you support the weight of your upper half on the armrest before stretching your arms across your back until your hands rest atop your ass. I take the end of the rope and bind them together both above and below your elbows to limit your ability to move as much as possible.

“Yyyeeah, that’ll do, you look very… fuckable, my dear,” I say, appreciating my handy work and running the tips of my fingers down your back.


With her view now blocked, other than the sight of my firm bum, broad shoulders and the few locks of your blonde curly hair that are visible beyond my imposing physique, Jane is forced to move to continue her spying.

She shuffles silently down the wall to the window at the other end of the studio, from there she has the perfect angle, still viewing us from behind but able to fully see all the action.

“I could stare at this peach of yours all day… but I’m greedy, so I’m going to use it too,” I compliment as I massage your bum cheeks pulling them this way and that.

“Please do Sir, my arse is yours,” you agree subserviently.

I take the top of your knickers and peel them down over your arse, pushing them between your legs, acting as a further restraint. Dick in hand, I take the base of your butt plug and pull. Instinctively you rotate your hands and spread your ass. Your clenched ring offers some resistance as the bulb starts to slide out, soon though you release it from your grip and a good gape of around an inch in diameter is presented to me.

Taking my cock, I wank myself as I stare at the void in the crack of your arse. Just below, your pussy lips are tantalizingly on show but are pushed together by your closed legs and are completely unobtainable.

I pull my foreskin back and thrust at your entrance easily entering your already used and lubed arsehole. You dutifully hold yourself apart as I insert the head of my penis inside you. Your arse tightens over the ridge of my bell end and I pause in place still holding the base of my cock. I pull away so that I leave you gaping once again.

This continues a few dozen more times: my intent is to stretch your puckered ring which until recently was tightly clamped around the narrow neck of your plug. Each time I pull out, your arse shows me its total submission.


In the window, still filming and covered in goosebumps, Jane surveys her surrounds in flustered panic, not wanting to be caught. Many expletives escape her mouth under her breath as she looks on in disbelief.

She looks back at her phone every now and again to ensure it is in focus, but she is captivated by the taboos that are unfolding in-front of her. Her nipples are aroused, obviously poking through her shirt and she gulps, anxiously trying to clear her throat.


I insert myself back inside and knock at your hands, hinting for you to let go of your bum cheeks. As you do so they fall back into place and hug my cock which is now half penetrating you. The strength and pertness of your glutes acts as great cushioning as I slide back and forth.

Holding the small of your back between my hands I build my pace and you let out small whimpers and moans as my rock-hard cock stretches you. The fullness and relentless invasion of your arse indirectly stimulates your g spot and you moisten in between your firmly closed legs.

Despite subtly shifting your weight back and forth and clenching your kegels, your clit is frustrated with its lack of attention. I slam myself into you with all my weight as I start to viciously attack your most intimate of orifices. Your moans grow louder and are let out in rhythm with my thrusts.


Still compelled by the view, Jane adjusts her footing and nearly topples over as her mind zooms in to focus on the action, as though she has blinkers on. She now has no sense of the world around her as she fantasises while watching us and wishing for a role reversal.


I slow my pace canlı bahis siteleri as sweat starts to cover my skin. The veins about my body pump to the surface as my excitement makes my heart rate go through the roof.

“Spread!” I demand.

You do so diligently.

“Good girl, shall we give this arsehole of yours a little rest?” I enquire expecting a particular answer and knowing full well you could do with a break.

“Yes please Sir,” you agree, relieved at the potential interlude.

“That wasn’t the answer I was looking for Slut!” I scold.

“Nah! I’m not sure you want it! I think I’ll just hammer away at you for a little while longer,” I say, grabbing your shoulders and forcing myself deep and hard, denying your initial amateur compliance.

“N…” you stop yourself, thinking better of denying me and remember your training.

“Please Sir, can I lick your cock?” you plead, now tensing your whole body to weather the assault.

“No,” I say, forcefully pushing the full length of my cock up your arse as you diligently hold it spread for me. You let out a surprised wail as I explore a further inch of your arse which hasn’t yet been accessed due to the cushioning of your arse cheeks.

“Please Sir, let me clean you, I want to taste you!” you eagerly beg, in between your heavy breathing as I further explore your arse.

“That’s much better.” I slow my pace again and look down at you as I slowly work myself in and out. The respite is well received as in this position you are struggling to take my cock this deep.

Wiggling and gyrating your hips subtly, you feel moisture amongst your folds caused by the intense pleasure of the heavy treatment of your arsehole.

“I really want to taste your cock Sir! Please… Please let me taste you… Please let me clean you!” you continue to beg.

“You keep these cheeks spread! You can only taste me for as long as you can keep a yourself open,” I pitch with an evil smile on my face.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” you agree.

I abruptly pull out making it difficult for you to produce a convincing gape. Your arse yawns nevertheless and I quickly move round so my cock is in front of you, glistening with a coating of my previous climax from this morning.


Jane’s jaw drops, she is forced to cover her mouth for fear an outburst will give away her presence. She holds her thumbs to the camera and zooms in to better document the large gape in your arse. She is shocked, appalled, concerned, but also captivated at what you are being subjected to. Pushing her hand firmly into her groin and rocking her hips to meet it, she tries to supress the feeling in her vagina that is craving attention.


You eagerly stick out your tongue as I tower over you holding myself. You look up, noticing that my chest is blotchy with excitement and knowing that soon you’ll have another load up your ass. The only problem is, you have no control over where I choose to finish in your bound state.

I rub my dick against your tongue and mouth, the sensation a stark contrast to the anal I’ve been enjoying. I grip your hair and bounce the underside of my bell end on your tongue. I then feed my length slowly into your mouth until I hit the entrance to your throat, you make a wet gulping sound as I block off your air supply before withdrawing myself.

I glance over your back, curious to see if your asshole is still yawning. As I would expect, a gape stubbornly remains, although slightly smaller than I remember. I push my cock into your mouth again, this time fully penetrating your throat. You offer no resistance as I fuck your face, you merely lay there holding yourself agape at both ends while I use you.

Gagging sounds escape your open mouth as I continue, adding to my joy. Finally, I take hold of the back of your head and edge myself deep, bending my back and clenching my core in an effort to force as much of me as possible into your willing mouth. With the angle and brutality, I am able stimulate your gag reflex. As you gag and push my cock out of your mouth your resolve fails, and your gape winks shut before opening again under your efforts.

“Fail!” I bellow in authority.

“I’m sorry Sir,” you say as the day’s second lot of eye make-up streams down your face.

“Funny isn’t it? You beg to clean my dick, only to not want it moments later?!… Lick my nuts Slut.”

You extend your tongue as though your life depends on it and I breathe heavily as this abnormally heavy session leaves me with no stamina left.

Moments later I take up position behind you and line myself up with your now narrowing gape. As I penetrate, you raise your head from the chaise longue and stretch your vertebrae to increase the arch in your back.

I fuck you long and slow and after a few thrusts to warm up, I advance to fully pulling out, peering into your yawning arse and then plunging myself in again until my balls press against your deprived pussy lips.

I do it again, and again, and again, each time your gape gets wider and my head clouds as it becomes more intoxicated. I can feel myself starting to cum and the jizz starts to flow down my pipe. I pull out, much to your fear. The hole before me wide and willing, I make par with my first shot as it falls into your arse.

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