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A is for Anal

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The following story is true. It happened some 20 years ago in Liverpool, England. To protect the innocent and not-so-innocent, names of people and places have been changed and the action brought up to date. Bon appetit!

The marriage had been going down hill for a few months. I knew it – Angela knew it. Some of our friends and family knew it. So when the split came nobody was too shocked . The fact that the final split was caused by me walking into our bedroom and finding my wife getting royally fucked by a guy I used to think of as my friend, was perhaps the only shock.

I pulled them apart, gave him a couple of quick rabbit punches followed by a haymaker to the nose. As he scampered down the stairs I stared at my wife. Her legs still wide open, pussy lips red and swollen, cunt hair wet and sticky. My dick was starting to harden, but I was still angry. I slapped her, turned and left the marriage home.

For the next three weeks or so I was incommunicado. Nobody could get hold of me. My mobile was switched off, I took a sabbatical from my job as a doorman at Peroni’s Nightclub, and moved in with my friend and co-doorman Tony.

The days were spent sunbathing in Tony’s garden, and at night while Tony was at Peroni’s I would surf the internet, watch some porn or football on the box and get through the better part of a bottle of vodka. After three weeks of this I was bored. I needed to be back at work, back at the club. I also needed to get laid! I called Alex, the club manager and told him I was coming back in that evening.

Peroni’s was the third nightclub I had worked the door for – but it was by far the best. Targeted at a slightly older and more affluent clientele it attracted people from all parts of the city. During The Grand National race meeting we would get a whole slew of celebrities looking for somewhere to splash their winnings. (One year I ended the night in the back of a hired limousine going down on a member of a famous girl band – but that’s another story for later in the alphabet). But for most of the year it was normal, very attractive local non-famous people.

Like Julie.

Julie was a tall, well-built, red-haired solicitor; friend with most of bahis firmaları the girls behind the bar, and well known to all the regulars. She was an excellent dancer and one of the hottest flirts around. The amount of times she had ‘accidentally’ backed in to my crotch…well I’d lost count.

On my first night back at work after my break Julie was one of the first in.

” Heard about you and your wife,” she said before even greeting me hello.

” Yeah, well…” I shrugged.

” If you ever get lonely….” she let the sentence dangle in the air, licked her lips outrageously and sashayed off into the club. I watched her disappear and then turned to see the other guys on the door staring at me.

” What?”

“She wants you Kenny. She wants you so bad she’s almost dripping,” said Barney.

I shook my head. ” She’s a prick tease guys – always has been.”

From the look on their faces I could tell they didn’t believe it. And I got to thinking. Would Julie go further? Could I tempt her? I decided to try and find her during my midnight break. Maybe I could get a little action.

Two hours later, with the witching hour approaching, I took my break. Instead of heading up to the restaurant kitchen where I usually spent my break talking football with Graeme the chef I headed toward the dance floor, my eyes searching for Julie. I saw her almost instantly – her red-hair flashing above the rest of the bottle-blond tresses of the other women.

I caught her eye and hooked a finger in the classic ‘come-here’ motion. She pointed at herself, mouthed the word ‘me?’ with a small smile on her face.

I nodded.

She came over.

I whispered in her ear.

She nodded.

We left the dance floor.

Next to the main bar, there was a set of double doors leading to a small corridor containing three doors. One was the door that led to a fire exit door and which – despite the law – was padlocked. One led to the stock room and was also padlocked. The third was a cloakroom used by the staff.

I opened the door, flicked the light, and ushered Julie in.

I faced her.

” Look Julie, I’ll come right out with it, okay? You know about my wife, kaçak iddaa so I’m not gonna’ lie. I haven’t had any action for three weeks and I could sure do with some. I don’t know whether anything will come of us…. Y’know, like a relationship or anything, but…”

She put a finger to my lips hushing me. ” Just a fuck, right?” she said.

I nodded.

She smiled.

“That’ll do for me as well. Only there are two things.”

” Go on,” I replied.

” Okay first, this is your call, right? You want sex, I’m gonna agree. But at some time in the future it might be the other way round. I might be the horny one and I might come to you looking for satisfaction. You’ve got to agree to returning the future as and when I ask. Deal?”

“No problem. Whats the second thing?”

“The second thing is I started my period yesterday, so you aint going there tonight. But if you fancy it…..” she ran her hand through my hair and stared deep into my eyes, her breath hot and scented on my face, ” You can be the first man to have anal sex with me.”

Fancy it? My pants were around my ankles almost before she had stopped speaking. My wife – ex-wife, I should say – hated the thought of getting her arse poked. I couldn’t even get my finger there. And its not usually the kind of thing you ask for on a one night stand, is it? Not usually.

Julie turned from me, leant forward across a table, hitched her skirt, and pulled her panties to one side. I caught a glimpse of her pussy hair – red, which I hoped was her natural colour and not some sort of leakage problem going on.

” Take it easy, though , huh?”

I nodded, not taking my eye from her…eye, so to speak.

I licked my hand and transferred the moisture to the end of my prick. Placing it at her entrance I gently eased forward. Nothing but a quiet yelp from Julie.

I backed out and tried again – nothing doing. For a third time I pushed forward, this time there was a bit of forward motion, but a louder yelp from Julie.

” Stop, stop,” she said.

I pulled back, disappointed and frustrated. She caught the look on my face and smiled.

” Don’t worry, big boy, we’ll get you in some how.” She burrowed kaçak bahis in her purse and produced a small tube of hand cream. Kneeling in front of my dick, she gave me a quick suck and then started to rub the hand cream into my member.

” Try again,” she whispered, her voice harsh and rasping.

We resumed our position – but this time my cock started to ease through her ring. Having never had anal before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it felt wonderful – just like a very tight pussy. I eased on and on until all of my cock was in.

” You okay?” I asked.

” Yeah, just….just go easy at first, okay?”

I nodded , grabbed her hips and started to fuck Julie’s arse. The feeling was incredible, and a part of me fell in love with her that night. Meanwhile a part of me wanted one of the other guys to come in and see me with my cock buried to the hilt in this beautiful woman’s arse. Complicated things us men, aren’t we?

As my pace started to quicken, Julie started to seem to enjoy it. Little moans escaped her lips which just served to turn me on further. I banged a bit faster and a bit harder. She moaned a little louder.

” Come inside my arse” she moaned

No problem. Three more thrusts and I shot three weeks worth of spunk up her tiny rear orifice. (Okay NOT three weeks worth, I like a wank just like the next man – but it was still a lot)

I pulled my shrinking cock out of her arse making sure to take a peak to see what her distended hole looked like – it was red, almost angry looking and bizarrely wide open.

She adjusted her panties, then her skirt then turned to me, her smile bright and beautiful. “D’you enjoy that?” she asked.

” Oh yes,” I replied. “You?”

She thought for a second and nodded ” It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

I was puzzled. ” If you weren’t sure…why do it?”

She shrugged. ” You have to try everything once, don’t you. And I thought if I had to put my arse in anyone’s hands – so to speak- I could trust you to not hurt me, or to stop if I asked.”

That was nice. A compliment. I was a nice guy. I was standing in the staff room of the club with my trousers round my ankles, my shrinking cock hanging in the air after being pounded up the arse of this beautiful woman who was saying goodbye to me and pulling on my cock.

Which was when my wife Angela walked in.

To be continued in “B is For Bang”

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