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A meeting in Leather – Part 15.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 15.
“Try anything once.”

#English translation
– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-14-946003
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

We dropped off Erik-Jan at his home that Tuesday evening, and Dave and I said goodbye to Carl. “I have to say Robby, I didn’t think I would ever experience this. Sex at your home, and then with the both of you at the same time… I hope you enjoyed it too.”, Carl said. “If you are ever looking for a part-time job in the catering industry, just give me a call. I could use someone like you.”, he continued. “Sure, but then with the emphasis on ‘Using you’ you mean…”, I laughed. “I’m going to see what kind of trouble I have gotten myself into with mom and dad… If that’s not too bad, then I will definitely call you. It sounds really nice, thanks Carl. But I have more irons in the fire at the moment.”, I replied. I got a pat on the back from Carl and a warm hug. “Okay, new little big brother of mine. We keep in touch…”, Carl said.

With a good feeling Dave and I got out of his car and walked home. We waved goodbye to Carl as he drove away. “Gosh, what a nice guy… Dave you shouldn’t let him go, ever…!”, I said. Dave replied, “No! That’s a keeper!”.
Back at home I changed my bed, because Erik-Jan and I had made a mess of it. And just when I was about to crawl into my bed for the necessary rest, my cell phone rang. It was Erik-Jan. “Hi Robby, I just wanted to tell you that I had a great day today. We should do this more often? I’ll go see Robbin and Rik tomorrow. I’m going to buy me a Biker Jacket there, just like the one you have.”, he said. “Nice man. Such a Jacket will look great on you EJ! Shall we go together? I have to go to the gym early in the afternoon. But for the rest of the day I am at your disposal, hot stuff.”, I replied.

Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I wanted to make sure that Erik-Jan wouldn’t see the sex we had as a one-off thing. “Oh really? That would be nice, horny stud. Then lets go around 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Afterward we can go fitness. And then maybe we can go for a swim first. I could use some additional ‘training’. Kisses on it. I can’t wait until Friday! And if we don’t find any girls at the disco, I’ll go home with you!”, he panted. “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Jerk well… ehmmm… Sleep well, EJ”, and gave him a kiss on the phone.

With a big smile on my face, I set the alarm clock and jerked me off. Save in the knowledge that a few doors down, Erik-Jan did exactly the same. The night was much too short. It felt like the alarm went too early. But it was already 9 o’clock. I quickly got dressed and sent a text message to Robbin and Rik that I was coming to see them with a ‘new friend’ for a biker jacket for him. Grabbed some food and filled my backpack with the necessary gear for fitness and swimming.
I put on a Speedo swimsuit and put on a pair of gym shorts. All this I hid in a light blue pair of jeans with the tough Leather belt with the metal studs. I put on the denim jacket with the leather sleeves over it and put my sneakers in the bag. The cowboy boots and helmet went on and I left at 9:55 am for Erik-Jan on the moped.

I walked in without knocking. His mother was in the kitchen. “Hey Robert! Erik-Jan is just packing his things. Just go ahead and go upstairs. You know the way.”, she said. That might be a bit strange in any other household. Certainly because I did not usually come there that often. But at Erik-Jan’s it was the norm. Everyone just walked in and out there, and it was also very common that you were invited to eat there. “I heard that Erik-Jan went to the Chinese with you yesterday. He said he had a very nice day with you and your brother. If you want to join us for tea, you are certainly welcome Robert.”, said the mother of Erik-Jan. “I think he likes you…”, she continued. “Oh god!”, I thought, “What did EJ tell her about our escapades…”. I did not let her notice this and walked up the stairs to Erik-Jan’s room.

I knocked on the door; “Room service!”, I called out. And stepped inside and closed the door behind me. Erik-Jan was happy to see me and put his arms around my neck. “Ah, you’re already here! Just let me put my things in my gym bag, then we can go.”, he said, giving me a small kiss. I gave him a tap on his butt and said softly, “Hurry up mate…, I can’t wait to see you in Leather again!”.

We got on our mopeds and raced towards the center. We had the greatest fun along the way. We were completely relieved by the simple stupid fact that we were going to do this together. As two loving puppies, we walked into Robin and Rik Leather store. They were already waiting for us. And they had already prepared a rack with Leather Jackets in the middle of their shop. “Hi, Robby has just texted us that you would come by.”, they said to Erik-Jan. “Hello, my name is Erik-Jan and I fell in love with such a classic black Leather Biker Jacket as Robby’s.”, he replied. “I think you’re in love with more than just the Jacket, Erik-Jan.”, Rik said, pointing to the arm that EJ had put around my shoulder.

“Yes maybe, for sure!”, Said Erik-Jan and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at him in surprise and said, “Lets do that properly, men!”, and grabbed Erik-Jan’s head and planted a sloppy wet kiss on his lips.
“So, this nice guy is looking for a tough Leather Biker Jacket. What kind of beauties do you have for him?”, I asked Robbin and Rik.

They showed him the coats and he tried them all on. I walked through the Leather store while they helped Erik-Jan. My eye fell on a jacket with some extra zippers and push buttons. Picked it up from the rack and walked over to Erik-Jan. “Put this on.”, I asked him. And it seemed like the jacket sucked itself to his brought shoulders. Erik-Jan and Robbin and Rik called; “Yes that is it!”
“That looks damn good on you, EJ! Nice and cool and it fits perfectly. Close the zipper, let see if all your muscles will fit inside completely.”, I said with a grin.

Erik-Jan kissed me and thanked me for the help. And settled with Robbin. I took Rik aside and asked; “do you also have a harness or a Leather Jockstrap for this boy?”. Rik gave me what I asked for with a dirty grin. “You get them from us, that’s your commission…”, he said.
Erik-Jan put his denim jacket in the gym bag and kept the black Leather Biker Jacket on. Before we left the shop, Robbin came to him and pressed a tough belt with 4 rows of small metal studs into his hand. “Gift from Robby.”, Robbin said with a wink at me.

We thanked the gentlemen and left for lunch at the Chinese. Xiam greeted us upon arrival. “Hey boys, Ni hao. Back again already? Nice jacket EJ!”, he said. “We will go swimming before the fitness class at Voordorp gym. Will you also go this afternoon, Xi?”, I asked. “Yes. I’ll be there.”, he replied. We ordered a hot lunch and ate and drank something. I gave Erik-Jan the Leather Jockstrap and the harness. “For when you feel kinky again…”, I said with a smile. “You don’t have to, you had already given me a belt, Robby.”, he said, happily surprised. “It actually was a gift from Robbin and Rik. I think they saw us as a new couple.”, I replied. “Who knows…”, said Erik-Jan and looked at me a little naughty. I rubbed his leg for a moment. ”

We said goodbye to Xi and Mr. Cheng Heou and thanked them for the delicious lunch. And drove to the sports school. We parked our mopeds next to each other and Erik-Jan put an arm around my waist and together we walked into the gym.
I asked the gym owner, Henk Voordorp, if we could swim in the indoor pool before we went to the gym. “That’s no problem bahis siteleri boys. There are a few parents with their offspring inside. But I think you can join them.”

We had a wonderful swim and Erik-Jan gave some of the youths an improvised swimming lesson. After that, we rinsed ourselves off and in the dressing room we changed clothes. Suddenly Erik-Jan’s cock appeared under the partition of the changing room cubicles. I ducked to my knees and sucked him off and let a finger disappear into his wet hole. Which made him moan softly. We put on our sports clothes and walked together to the fitness room. Mike, Xi and Anthony were already busy there. Erik-Jan greeted them. But I first had to think about how I would deal with Mike.

“Are we not saying anything anymore, Robby!”, Mike said wretchedly. “Mikael, the name is Robert. Only my friends can call me Robby.”, I said back. And I continued; “Let’s just finish the damn fitness class. Then we can chat at the bar…”. With that I set the tone. We finished the fitness class. But Mike was very hard on me. I did not give in and just did what he wanted from me as an instructor. Erik-Jan was not happy that Mike was working me so hard, and as a precaution he had called in Henk Voorburg.

“Mike, take it easy…”, he ordered. “The boys are here for their enjoyment. This is not an SM room! You can do that in André’s sex club. Not here!”, Henk told Mike. He now took care of the rest of the lesson more calmly. But I went on as hard as I could and worked me up a sweat. Mike and the boys were quite impressed by my commitment. It actually felt pretty good such an intense workout. After the class we undressed and stepped into the shower room with our towels around our waist.

Moments later Mike also entered butt naked, with a rock hard dick. Wearing a cock strap and harness. Erik-Jan was shocked. And I placed myself in front of him. “What are your fucking plans Mike?”, I asked resolutely. “I’m going to fuck all four of you!”, he yelled. “And I am going to start with you!”, he said, pointing to Erik-Jan. “I don’t think so Mike. His ass is mine!”, I said the moment Henk came in furiously. “Mike take one of your own boys and leave those two alone!”, he said angrily.

Mike snapped his fingers and Anthony voluntarily leaned over and grabbed his ankles. Mike was fucking him roughly in no time. While Erik-Jan and I were watching the pair. I felt Erik-Jan’s cock push through our towels against my buttocks. Apparently this excited him. I grabbed EJ’s hand and pulled him to the shower. We both washed ourselves and kissed a little. Listening to the moans and groans from the room next to us. When we had dried ourselves and walked away, Xi was sitting on Mike’s cock and sucked Anthony’s pole. “Your next, boy!”, Mike said pointing to Erik-Jan. “Oh, fuck off Mike. That only happens if he wants it too.”, I said and pulled Erik-Jan back to the locker room.

“Don’t worry about him. Just an oversized b**st that has nothing better to do. He can be sweet and nice to fuck. But you should always keep these kinds of assholes at a cock-length away. Give them one Cock and they take you completely! “, I said laughing. And Erik-Jan understood what I meant.
“It made me a little horny.”, he said in a whisper. “Come on, we’ll initiate your new Leathers.”, I said, giving him a kiss.

We left the gym and I gave Henk Voorburg a High-five. And then put a hand on EJ’s ass. Tapped on it 3 times so that Henk could see that something serious was emerging here.
When we arrived home we had a drink with Dave and we told him what Mike had done and said. “But… Sorry to say so.”, said Erik-Jan, “The hard fucking that guy gave Anthony made me damn horny.”.

“Robby knows how to fix that. Have fun boys. I go to my boyfriend and I will be home late tomorrow evening, or maybe Friday.”, said Dave. “Robby, Carl has left his sex toys in my room.”, he said with a wink at me.
Erik-Jan looked at me in surprise and I explained everything to him in detail. From my dealings with Mike and master André. The sex club and dirty mind-fuck games, right up to the horny BDSM session with Carl and Dave. We spent the rest of the afternoon together.

“Robby, I think… no, I know for sure… that I am gay… Do you want to be my boyfriend?”, he asked, after our hardcore sex session. “I kissed him and said yes, yes for sure honey! But we are still not out of the closet. And the guys from the neighborhood still think you are straight. And don’t get me wrong. But I actually want to try something with a girl this Friday. Just to see if the sex with her is indeed different then with such a nice guy like you!”, I said. “Yes, I can understand that. Let’s just go do it Friday. We’ll pick up a few girls and we’ll see what happens next.”, Erik-Jan replied.

It was wonderfully quiet that Thursday. I called Stevan and asked if he had arranged transportation for Friday. “No, not yet. Thank you for asking, but I’ll go by bicycle. It’s close enough for me. And then you can go home when it suits you. It does suck… I don’t have Leather to wear.”, he said disappointed. “I’ll take my Leather biker vest with me for you to wear. If you put on a cool blouse it can go nicely over it.”, I replied. Later that afternoon we stood outside together with the group. I was wearing Leather Jeans. And had this combined with a pair of white sport shoes and a denim jacket. Erik-Jan was wearing his new Biker Jacket and received a lot of praise for that. “I owe it to Robby… he gave me the idea.”, he said enthusiastically. “Robby? oh you mean Robert… “, Jessica said surprised. Jessica had been with Erik-Jan for almost a year. And he was a little ashamed now that he hadn’t broke-up with her yet. But just as much for the fact that he had called me Robby in public. I gave him a wink and stood beside him. “It looks good on him anyway. I think I will put on my Biker Jacket tomorrow over these jeans with a white blouse.”, I said. “Yes, if we all go in black and white tomorrow we will stand out nicely as a group.”, suggested Pauline.

“Robert, what kind of girls do you actually love…?”. asked Jessica. I glanced at Erik-Jan’s brown hair and long legs. “Ehmmm. Brunettes with beautiful eyes and long legs.”, I joked. “We’re going to make sure you go home with a girlfriend tomorrow night!”, said Pauline. “Don’t go and do anything crazy girls! I can make some contact myself.”, I replied somewhat nervously. We chatted a bit and looked forward to the coming evening. Erik-Jan and Stevan said that they were already leaving around 10 o’clock that evening to have a drink at their local pub in the city center. And of course a number of others went with them. The rest would see us at the disco. We agreed to meet outside at the Disco at 11:30 pm. That evening I watched some horny straight porn movies. As a kind of inspiration for the next day.

Friday flew by. I cleaned up my room and prepared some snacks and drinks for when I got home. I was determined that that evening I wanted the company of a nice girl. I finally wanted to know what that would be like. After all, you must have tried everything once in life, I told myself. I prepared a few condoms and some lubricant. And the mood lighting in my room was already on.

I dressed in Leather Jeans and without underwear, with my cowboy boots underneath. I also put on a white denim blouse with cut off sleeves and stepped out the door with my black Leather Biker Jacket on. But quickly walked back inside. Grabbed some Tic-Tacs and a few condoms and quickly put on a metal cock ring. Now completely ready for departure, I stepped on the moped with a half-stiff cock. Arriving at the pub, I saw that Jessica had just stepped off Erik-Jan’s bahis şirketleri moped. She was wearing a Leather dress with a white top. And a short Leather jacket. “Hey, nice thing, you look very cool…”, she said to me, looking at the excited bump in my Leather Jeans. “Thank you, you don’t look bad in Leather yourself either Jessi… Let those girls beware!…”, I exclaimed, as I greeted Erik-Jan by pressing my shoulder against his.

A couple of guys and girls from our neighborhood were already waiting for us in the pub. And they were impressed by the look of the three of us, as we walked in there in our Leathers. We laughed and drank a little something. And we made the necessary horny jokes. We warmed up to each other and were looking forward to the rest of the evening. Almost everyone in our group assumed that he or she would get laid that evening.

At the agreed time we walked to the Disco and paid for the tickets and bought coins for the drinks. I saw Stevan in a white sleeveless T-shirt and cool black jeans. I gave him the biker vest and he took me to the bar for a beer. A nice girl sat on the bar stool on the short side of the bar. Dark blond long hair, darkly painted eyes, red lipstick lips and she was well tanned or slightly tinted. She sat staring at me with the most friendly smile. I nudged Stevan and said I already had contact. I just looked at what she drank and ordered the same once more.

I walked over to her with the drink and my beer. And asked; “Hi, I saw you watching… Would you like something to drink from me?”. “Hey, hello stud. Come and sit down. It doesn’t happen often that I see such a tough guy like you here in the disco.”, she said excitedly. I climbed onto the bar stool next to her and started a conversation with her. She was called Silvia, was 17 years old. She was a pleasant appearance. But what had attracted me most in her was her Leather Mini skirt. And it was clear that she found me attractive. Not in the last place because of my Biker Jacket and Leather Jeans. Soon her hand went over my leg looking for what was hiding behind that bump in my pants.

We drank and danced a little. I took her to my friends. Pauline and Jessica nodded approvingly. “You have arranged that quickly…”, Jessica said with a nasty wink. Erik-Jan also nodded happily and tapped me on the ass.

Silvia took me to a leather couch somewhere in the back of the Disco and started making love to me. I put my hand on her face and decided that I wanted her to feel all of my 19 centimeters that night. My hand descended and gently encircled her chest. She put her hand on top of it and pressed me closer to her tit. I squeezed it gently while I let my tongue play with hers.

It was clear that she wanted more. Because when I put my hand on the inside of her thigh, she opened her legs wide. I got free access to her pussy. Her black lace panties were already a bit damp and I rubbed my hand over it. And went looking for her clit, while I still kissed her nicely. Once in the right neighborhood, she threw her head in her neck in ecstasy. I turned my fingers around her clit and her swelling pussy lips. “Finger me, Robby. I want you to make me cum!”, she whispered in my ear.

I put two fingers in her mouth and she immediately started to suck. With the other hand I pushed her panties aside and let a few fingers slide between her wet pussy lips. She began to pant in my ear and moaned as my wet fingers began to play with her clitoris. I took the hand away again and pushed my thumb into her mouth. “Make him nice and wet honey. Tonight I will spoil you…”, I moaned back.

I pushed the wet thumb up between her pussy lips towards her clit, while letting 2 fingers disappear into her tight pussy. “Oh. God!… Yes… You don’t waist any time do you… Keep going. I like it!”, she moaned and kissed my neck. I started fingering her quietly with long strokes while my thumb started to rub against her vulva. I took the hand out and rubbed her pussy juices over her clit and between her lips and then they disappeared back into her cunt again. Now harder and with more powerful faster strokes. She grabbed my upper arm and grabbed me tightly around the neck. I felt her cramp and made her cum hard on my fingers.

I was now fingering her at full force, and she sprayed a little jet of cunt juice over my fingers while she was intensely cumming. I had to suppress her scream by pressing my mouth hard on hers. While tong kissing her deeply, I let her orgasm run it’s cause, and slowly pulled her panties back over her dripping wet cunt.

I put the dripping wet fingers into my mouth to taste her. Then put it in her mouth so she could lick them clean. “I live in the North of here. Do you want to come along with me, baby? My parents are not at home, so we can do what ever we want. I am on the moped and can bring you home later as well.”, I asked. But I more or less assumed that she was finished and that she would not go home with me.

She looked at me with those big, dark, made-up eyes of hers. Begging in thought to have me fuck her right here, and right now. “Yes, I want to, but I’ve never done it. So you have to be careful!”, she begged me. “I’ve always wanted to do it with a tough guy in Leather.”, she said. “Well then we will make your dream come true tonight. I’ve also wanted to do it with a pretty tough girl like you for ages.”, I replied horny. “And I’ll be very careful though. If you don’t like or dislike something, you just have to say it. You can trust me.”, I continued.

She gave me a horny kiss, we drank our drinks and left the Disco arm in arm. On the way out we met Erik-Jan and Stevan. I gave Stevan a high-five and asked EJ, “Where is Jessi?”. “She left with a Black boy. She broke up with me.”, he said, more or less relieved. “Take Stevan home with you! He likes it too. I take this beauty with me.”, I winked at EJ.

We walked out of the Disco and I took my helmet out of the wardrobe. I gave it to her. “You are really on the moped?”, she said surprised, “I thought you were exaggerating.”.
“No, I can drive you to my house in no time and there we can do what we want. But I know what I want…”, I said with a grin and hugged her tenderly. I fastened the helmet on her and we drove home.

I saw a light in the living room. “I’m home!”, I shouted toward the living room. Dave stuck his head around the corner of the door. And looked surprised. “Hi, Dad and Ma called that they will be home early tomorrow, Robby.”, he said as a warning. “Hey DJ, this is Silvia.”, I said and I walked her to my room. Closed the door behind us and grabbed her. “But what about your brother…”, she asked. “Don’t you worry about that. He won’t bother us, unless you want a threesome of course.”, I said with a dirty grin on my face.

I tongued her and she started to relax again. She saw the condoms and understood what I was up to. I laid her on her back on the bed and half crawled over her. Still dressed in my Leather Jeans and Biker Jacket. She had already taken off her Leather jacket and I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She didn’t wear a bra and I kissed her nice round breasts and nibbled on her hard nipples. My hands took off her wet panties. And when it was wrapped around her ankles, I took off her boots. And kissed her toes. “You have beautiful legs!”, I said in admiration, while my hands slid over her feet.

I grabbed her laced underwear and smelled it. That excited her. I put it in the back pocket of my Leather jeans as if it were a trophy. Slowly I crawled between her legs and started kissing the inside of her thighs from her knees to her pussy. She ran her hands through my hair. She knew what was coming. I stuck my tongue out and pushed illegal bahis it through her pussy lips. Arriving at her clitoris I looked up at her. She was already staring at the ceiling in ecstasy. And only looked down, when she felt that I had stopped for a moment. She smiled at me. As I dived between her legs again. Pulled the pussy lips apart with one pair of fingers. My tongue disappeared into her cave with small pumping movements. And rubbed her clit roughly with the other hand.

She almost immediately began to pant and moan at that touch. She said that I was doing fine and that she was already about to cum. She was getting nice and wet indeed. I stopped eating her cunt and fingered her equally forcefully with 3 fingers. Looked intensely at her pussy and rubbed it playfully. From her clit, through her pussy lips to her ass hole. And stuck a finger in her ass while I pushed a thumb all the way into her cunt. I expected that she would not like that. But she just panted faster and hotter.

She wanted me to make her cum again. But I said it was her turn now. And that she should show me what she wanted to do with my cock. I sat down on the edge of my desk and unbuttoned my belt and opened the top buttons of my Leather Jeans. She sat down on her knees in front of me and I gestured that she should spoil the bulge in my Leather Jeans. She licked me like she was a pro. And got me stiff in no time. I told her to take it out and she did.

She pulled me out of the pants and grabbed me. Looked briefly at the cock ring and asked timidly; “And what now?”. “Give that big cock a little kiss honey.”, I said. And she did. But she certainly didn’t stop there. She sucked me in immediately. And started to blow me with powerful strokes. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled it back in a tail. So that I could clearly see how she sucked me off. And at the same time I could push her head firmer over my dick. “Take it as deep as you can, baby. You are doing well. This is very nice.”, I said.

But in reality I started to weigh it against all those other times that I had already been sucked off. She didn’t do badly at all. But I had already experienced better. I stood in front of her and slowly started fucking her mouth. She gargled a little and moaned lustily. This slut likes a bit off rough sex, I thought. And she certainly wasn’t that inexperienced. She had lied hard to my face about it.

I pushed her deep over my 19 centimeter cock, and she took it in her throat as if it was her daily chore. She didn’t even shrug. She just grunted and groaned and played with her cunt. After having screwed her hard in her mouth, I pulled her up and tossed her roughly on the bed. “Please be careful, you’re my first.”, she said, blushing. I crawled between her legs and rubbed my cock roughly up between her pussy lips and hit her clit with it a few times. “Fuck me, I want to feel that huge cock deep inside me… Open me up… Take me…”, she moaned.

I lay on top of her and let her feel and smell my Leathers. We tongued deeply and I pressed my cock against her cunt. “Are you sure, honey? I’m going to fuck you deeply.”, I said, looking at her horny. “Yes, take me… This cunt is all yours… Ram that nice dick deep in me… Fuck me.”, She moaned in ecstasy. I grabbed a rubber from the desk and raised myself between her legs.

Put the condom on and lowered me to lick her pussy wet. That was not necessary. She was dripping wet already. I spit on my cock and put the cock head against her cave. I slowly pushed it in. And let him sit there for a moment. There was no response. She was clearly no virgin. That made me a little angry. Or at least that she had lied about it. So with a big shuff forward I launched my cock all the way up to my balls in her. And immediately started to forcefully fuck her. She protested a little but I pressed a hand to her nose and mouth and pumped me up and down in her dripping wet cunt.

I raised her legs into my neck and pushed her cunt into the air. Put my hands next to her head and started making push-ups in her. We both got sweaty from it. And I decided to take her deeper and harder with every push inside. She started screaming and moaning and I felt all her cunt muscles tighten. Her orgasm came from her toes.

But I pulled my cock rapidly out of her and smacked it mean against her clit. Laid down on top of her with my full weight and kissed and licked her face. Only after she calmed down, did I push my cock in her cunt again. After a few pumping movements I pulled it out again and quickly pushed it back in. Always a bit deeper, faster and meaner. And she loved it. I stopped and motioned for her to sit on my big cock with her ass facing me. She did that. She dropped over me and started riding my cock. I pressed a thumb into her ass.

She had not seen that coming and looked around for a moment in surprise. “I’m going to screw you in your ass as well.”, I moaned panting. And it didn’t take long before I pushed her forward and put her on all fours. Pressed my wet dick against her backdoor and let me in without preparation. Again no protest. Only horny moans. Her ass was tighter than her pussy. But it felt different from a boy. Only the view was better. She had now pulled up her black Leather mini skirt. And it looked really horny how my open Leather Jeans bumped into her butt when I slammed into her ass.

After about ten minutes, she started moaning louder again. I turned her on her back and let my cock disappear in her cunt. Now with only one goal. A big cumshot! cum very hard. I quickly pumped into her with full power. She preceded me again. And came with shocking and cramped muscle movements. She was so wet now that my cock popped out of her several times. I pushed firmly into her again and squirted a big load into my rubber in her cunt. That horny feeling was enough for her to cum on my cock again.

After a few minutes I pulled the filled condom off my pole and pushed my dick into her face. “Lick it, horny thing. Clean that dick!”, I ordered her. She immediately sucked the last remnants of cum from my cock and balls. We lay panting next to each other for a moment. Before I said, “Come on, baby, get dressed and I’ll drive you home. I hope you enjoyed it a little.”.

She got dressed, disappointed that it was over already. But we had been at it for at least a hour and 30 minutes. She stepped on the back of my moped and laid her head on my back. I asked where I could drop her off and we drove quickly to it. She played with the dick in my Leather Jeans. But I said it was enough.

We stopped and she got off. “You shouldn’t lie to your next victim again that you are ‘inexperienced’ or ‘virgin’! You are a slut and you know it!”, I said angry.
She raised a middle finger and walked away disappointed and angry.

But I had achieved my goal. My balls were empty, and I was an experience richer. No, just do me a tough guy. Girls are definitely not for me. I arrived home with a satisfied feeling and Dave greeted me naked. “So hey horny devil, did you enjoy yourself?”, he asked, playing with his dick. And I suddenly saw on his TV that he had secretly made a video of me fucking this slut hard.

I sat down next to him and we watched as I fucked Silvia in the ass. “It’s different from a man. I do prefer me a guy anytime though!”, I told Dave relieved. “Gosh. I thought you would be angry that I had recorded you two.”, said Dave, somewhat embarrassed. “Nope, but do me a copy for the ‘archive’.”, I asked. And he laughed loudly. “Just k**ding. If you ever show this video to someone else, I’ll pull your head off! Understood!?!”, I told Dave, and pulled the tape out of the recorder.

We talked for a while. We agreed what we would do if Mom and Dad reacted strangely to our new choices, and then went to sleep. At least I tried too. But the sex with Carl, Dave, Erik-Jan, and Silvia haunted my mind. As well as the negative reactions I expected to get from my parents the following day.

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