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A meeting in Leather – Part 10.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 10.
“Letting the Slaves play Master for once.”

#English translation
– A sequel to:
– Or start at the beginning:

That Wednesday night I couldn’t sleep because of all the build-up tension. I was excited because I was planning to buy myself a cross moped that day. Apart from that I had a busy day anyway. I had an appointment with the doctor, had to go fitness with Mike and get the new Leather jacket from Robin and Rik at the club of André. I showered extensively, and left early that morning on my bicycle in jogging pants and denim jacket for the doctors appointment.

Not to see my own doctor, but to Doctor Jonathan. The doctor I had seen at André’s club last weekend. Now that I wanted to have sex with boys more often, I thought it would be a good idea to get tested for STDs and to get some sex education. Because I had not received any from my parents. And during the biology lessons at school, people only laughed dumb.

At Doctor Jonathan I was greeted in a friendly and professional manner. “What’s wrong with Robby today, Oh… your name is Robert, according to your records. How do you want me to address you?”, He asked kindly. I thought that was good, he still knows me from André’s club. That made the conversation about my sexual preferences a lot easier, I hoped.

I did not waste any time. “I think I am gay. And I had sex with a couple of boys last week. I think it would be a good idea to get a professional to inform me and have me tested for STDs and such.” My question received a lot of appreciation from Doctor Jonathan. He said he would like more young people to visit their doctor with this question. I received the standard sermon about safe sex with boys and he asked if I had ever done anything with girls. I told him, “That I had never really felt at ease with girls. And deep down inside I had always been attracted to boys.”

He took some body fluid for the STD tests and explained with the help of a dildo how to use a condom. “But it is clear to me that you already know this trick,” he said amused. “Just undress and lie down on the examination table. I will give you a proper checkup.” He put on his latex gloves and started looking at me from head to toe. Of course the focus was on my cock and balls. I started to feel a bit embarrassed, Because his touch in my intimate zone made my cock rise. He reassured me by saying that this was normal and he even jerked me off for a while.

“I’ll measure the length and diameter of your cock. So you’re a big boy. 19 by 4.5 centimeters…”, he was impressed. “Oh, I have grown a little”, I proudly told him. He put some lubricant on his glove and set a cup ready to collect my seed. “Normally I let the boys do it themselves, but you’re such a nice guy. Or would you rather do it yourself?” He asked horny. “Go ahead Doc, I like it…”, I gasped. He made me cum nicely and caught the sperm in a cup.

“It all looks great, Robby,” he said, “You can just continue to fuck the boys. You can handle them…”, he laughed. “Get dressed again. Make an appointment with the receptionist for next week. Then I will have the results. But you look very nice… ehmmm… I mean, it looks good.”, he said and we both laughed.
I left for home by bicycle. My ass still slippery with the lubricant he had fingered in there.

At home I undressed. I had become very horny from the experiences at Doctor Jonathan. With a dildo from my desk drawer, a bottle of lubricant and a porn movie I went to my brother’s room. I was just playing with myself while I was watching the movie. It was a porn flick where a Leather Biker callboy turned a customer into a slave. It was fucking horny. And I spoiled myself with my dildo. I made myself cum with that thing. And took a shower for the second time that day.

After a lunch with a few eggs and some toast, I got ready for the gym. I put on the new sweat shorts over a swimsuit. And brought the new jogging pants, a clean T-shirt and a few towels in a backpack. I also put in the Leather Chaps and the Leather Biker vest for later that day. After visiting the gym on my new moped, I would go to Master André’s club to pickup my Leather denim jacket.
I put on jeans and a tight t-shirt over the sports clothes. With my helmet in hand I went on the bus and drove to the city center. And went via the post office to the bicycle shop to buy me a moped.

With the necessary papers in hand, I arrived at the bicycle shop just after midday. “Hi Robby, we have looked at that moped for you again. And we have decided to make it roadworthy for you already.”, the owner said as his son maneuvered the moped through the bicycle shop. “Oh, wow,… You have made it even more beautiful! That looks really nice. Good thing then that I already got me some cash for it, and that I had already applied for the registration number and insurance papers.”, I said enthusiastically.

The owner asked his son Wesley to quickly make the license plate and mount it on it. While he gave me some instructions on how to use the moped. I also got an explanation about the extras that they had mounted for me for free. But what do you want for it now, I asked, somewhat frightened. I had actually still assumed that I had to pay the full amount. “1849.98”, the seller said. “That’s a bargain then.”, I said happily. “Yes, we need to maintain good ties with André’s staff,” he said playfully.

In the meantime, his son had mounted the license plate. I settled with them and filled in the rest of the paperwork. Wesley asked if he could show me how to ride it. I grasped that offer with both hands, because I had never actually driven a moped myself.
We walked around the moped and I got some more explanation. Then he sat behind me and we carefully drove away. He had given me a communication ear for under my helmet so that I could get some kaçak casino instructions from him.

It was all much simpler than I initially thought. “Let’s stop by the gasoline station.”, he said. “Then I can show you also what kind of fuel and oil you should use.” We drove out of the center and I was instructed to open the gas throttle. I shifted up and we drove on to the pump at a brisk pace. At the gas station he showed which pump I needed. And I filled up the moped.

We walked into the shop together and I paid the bill. “Hey Robby, Nice to see you! Did you buy a moped?”, the pump attendant asked with pleasure. “Do you want a discount card from us right away? All André’s employees can get one. It gives you a nice discount,” he continued. “I’ll prepare the card for you,” he said. I gave him my number 3 7 9 1 5 and paid the gasoline right away with a 40% discount.

I have to piss, said Wesley with a grin, the son of the bicycle repairman. I went to the bathroom with him, because of all the excitement, I actually had to go also. He went into one of the toilets and I in the other. Hey, I thought, look at that! Here is also a glory hole! Let’s see if there is anything to suck. I pissed for a moment and started thinking about the glory holes in André’s club. I shook my cock dry and saw Wesley’s fingers slide through the hole. “Time to try it from the other side of the hole!”, I thought horny. And put my dick through the hole in the partition. There it quickly found the warm tongue and lips of Wesley.

He went to work right away. It felt really great and I urged him on “Oh yes… Man you do well… Suck that cock… Lick me… Take my balls in your mouth… Suck that dick dry… Oh Fuck!… Yes… go on… That’s so fucking nice!…”.
But he stopped, and I withdrew from the hole to see why. I saw that he had turned his ass to the hole. I quickly grabbed a rubber and put some lubricant on a finger. And wet his open butt hole.

Wesley moaned, and asked to be fucked, “Screw me with that huge cock of yours. I want you to fuck me open.” His words were enough encouragement for me, because in no time I was completely inside him and he started to slide over my cock. I wasn’t ridden that nice before, I thought to myself and I was moaning and enjoying his ass. He pressed his buttocks against the toilet’s bulkhead. I took over the action. First I pumped him softly into his butt hole. “Fuck me deep… Ram that dick in me… I want to feel you deep in my ass…”, Wes moaned from the other side of the partition.

That pushed me over the top. I forcefully slammed my rock hard cock into his ass and then pulled it back slowly. I did that fiercer and faster. It didn’t take long before I pulled the rubber off my cock and commanded Wesley on his knees. With his mouth open and tongue out in front of the glory hole, I completely filled it. And he swallowed everything up. I ducked down and kissed him and got my own seed and his saliva back in my mouth. That was pretty tasty.

We freshened up and left the gas station. “I’ll just drive you back to the shop, Wes.”, I told him and he jumped behind me again. But this time he pressed himself tightly against me and grabbed me around my waist. I tore away with him on the back of my new moped. Dropped Wesley off at the store and he gave me my backpack that I had left there for the test drive. I thanked Wesley for the ‘instructions’ and left with a big smile on my face towards the gym.

“You are too early for the fitness class, Robby,” said Henk Voordorp, the gym owner. “That is right, because I actually wanted to have a drink first and swim a few laps in the indoor pool if possible.”, I asked. “Oh yes, that’s no problem. Then you can also nicely warm up your muscles.”, he said. I drank a glass of ice water and walked past the bar towards the 25 meter pool. That swimming pool was part of the gym and was popular with the younger youth and the elderly in the village. The water was always nice and warm. Well, lets say hot. I swam a few laps . Just before the fitness introduction class was about to start I dried myself off and dressed myself in my sportswear.

Mike was already waiting for me at the small hall with the fitness equipment. Xiam and Anthony were also there. It was quite busy in the fitness room, because a number of other men were still bodybuilding and working out there. I had planned to go to the gym and then quickly leave for André’s club. I just didn’t want sex. With every change of device I received some instructions from Mike or Anthony. I got into a nice sweat, and they tried to whip me up with sexual comments throughout the lesson. It was clear that Mike wanted more than just fitness. But I just wanted to finish the introduction class. I deliberately kept my distance. And at the end I thanked the three men and left.

After the lesson I did not immediately change back into my clothes, but first I had a drink at the bar. “So Robby, what was your lesson like?”, Henk asked curiously. “Yes, it was very nice. I will certainly continue with this. It is certainly nicer than the Judo lessons.”, I replied. “I think I want 1 or 2 extra lessons with an instructor. After that I can manage it myself.”, I suspect.

Mike had hoisted himself in his Leather outfit and stood behind me, angry. “Why are you being so distant towards me?”, he said indignantly. “I didn’t know I did that, Mike. Maybe it was because I came for the fitness class and not for sex!”, I said brutally. “Anyway. I thought the fitness went well, but I will quickly rinse off and change clothes now. Because I still have an appointment with Robin and Rik to pick up my new Leather denim jacket at the club.”

“Oh, ok. If you change your clothes quickly, I’ll take you on my motor bike.”, Mike said. “Thank you, but that is not necessary. I just bought myself a moped today and I will drive there myself.”, I replied as calmly as possible. “What the Fuck! Robby! You where going to get one casino oyna from us!”, Mike said angrily. And looking surprised at me and Henk the gym owner. “I bought a moped myself. So I can take care of myself now. But thanks for the offer anyway, Mike,” I said relaxed. While Mike was almost red with anger, I walked back to the dressing room to change clothes.

I put on the jeans and the Leather chaps. And put on the Leather harnas under the clean T-shirt and pulled the Leather biker vest over it. Walked with my cool cross helmet and my backpack along the bar. Henk had managed to calm Mike down. But I would have bashed his face in with that helmet if he had threatened me. I greeted Henk Voordorp and without saying a word to Mike I walked outside. Mike followed me shortly after and looked at me with amazement. I put on my helmet and got on my moped. When I drove away I kindly raised my hand to Mike.

The ride to André’s club was a lot faster on the moped than on the bike. I parked in the shed and walked into the club. It was quiet there. A few others were present. But most only hung around the bar. I was kindly greeted by Bertus, the head of the bar staff. “Hey Robby, nice to see you.”, he said. “The rest is sitting outside on the terrace. Robin and Rik are in the back.”

I saw that it was a mess behind the bar. It was clear that Bertus and one of the other young bartenders were a bit behind in the orders and in keeping the bar clean. That is why I decided to help them spontaneously. Walked audaciously behind the bar to grab a Leather apron, and started rinsing the dirty beer glasses. As if I had done that for years. Bertus was pleasantly surprised and scolded towards his inexperienced help; “Look!, Robby knows exactly what needs to happen. And he has less bar experience than you do!”. “Sorry,… master…”, stammered the guy.

I gave him soapy water and gestured that he should clean the counter top. He was bullied by the men and boys at the bar. They told him that he should do better. Otherwise his master would fuck him bare in the ass. “Don’t put horny thoughts in his brain men! He has to keep his head on the tasks at hand. If he starts thinking with his cock, I am sure it will all go wrong.”, I said jokingly, and they all laughed loudly.

But in no time the bar was clean and tidy again. And I hung my apron away, patted Bertus on the shoulder, and walked away to Robin and Rik. At least that was the intention. Bertus, a bear of a man in his late forties, grabbed my shoulder and turned me back. He planted a wet kiss on my mouth and pressed me tightly against him. I opened my mouth and he tongue kissed me in front of the other men at the bar. A horny shout rose up. And the young bartender looked at us with envy.

Bertus saw him watching. “That’s what you get from it. This could have been you if you did better!”, he shouted at his boy. I grabbed Bertus’ head and turned it in my direction again. And he continued the tongue kiss again. “Don’t be too angry with your boy, Bertus. Lead by Example!”, I whispered in his direction. And left for Robin and Rik.

They were already waiting for me in their Leather workshop. “Sorry, men… I’m a little late. I first had to give a helping hand at the bar.”, I said. “No problem, we know you like to roll up your sleeves.”, said Robbin. “Talking about sleeves…”, Rik joked, “Here is your Leather Denim jacket.”. “Wow men, it is really beautiful. It looks exactly like a denim jacket. But with black buttons. You clearly know what I like. Thank you!”. I said full of praise for their work. “Go and show it to the rest. Maybe then the men will get the idea to come and buy something new from us as well. Most of them are outside.”, they said.

I walked back past the bar. My new jacket was noticed very quickly by the guys there. Lustful whistling was heard and I was touched by various boys and received compliments about it from them. Bertus asked if I was going outside to the terrace. I said yes, and I was immediately given a full tray of drinks. “Order for Tables 3 and 4, they have already been paid.”, he said. “Ehmmm Bertus. Which tables are that exactly? I’m new here, remember?”, I said with a smile. “Oh yes, of course. The two on the right side of the terrace. André is probably sitting there.”

I walked outside with the tray and saw Master André sitting at the two tables with a few fellow Bikers. “Order for tables 3 and 4.”, I said and looked towards André and Mike.
“Ah, yes,… Look at that. There he is, Sir Robby!”, Master André said derogatorily. “I didn’t know you were already working for me? Mike just told me you bought yourself a moped. You were supposed get it from me, that was the deal! And you just have to explain what exactly it is you want from us!”, he said in an angry tone.

“Good afternoon to you too, Master André. I’ll be with you soon. I will first serve the gentlemen their drink by order of Bertus.”, I said indifferently, but with nodding knees. I grabbed a glass from the tray, and asked them one by one who had ordered what, and served the glasses. I put the tray under my arm after I gave the two remaining whiskeys to Mike and André.

“You asked me what exactly I am doing here.”, I said formally to André. “That is simple, I bought this new jacket from Robin and Rik. Nice and light for the summer and yet tough enough for a Leather Bar. I would like to make some new friends here. But as I already told you on Saturday, if I am not allowed too then I will gladly give my ticket and dog-tag chain back to you. So a slightly more nuanced tone of yours would be appropriate in my opinion. That’s what I want.”, I said sternly.

And I continued; “But pray tell, what do you want from me? I discovered last week that there is a lot of talk about me behind my back. What is that good for?”, I said loudly. It became very quiet outside now, and all other staff members, and the attending slaves listened very closely to my angry monologue.
“It canlı casino siteleri really works much better for me if people talk to me directly. Instead of secretly making dirty plans to make me work here as a slave. It is now up to you master André and master Mike. We play it straight, or I am leaving! “, I said in an increasingly angry tone. I had completely had it with them. And I would have left without a glance back, with one wrong word from André.

“Okay, well said, Robby! Good on you!”, said one of the men. “André, he really has seen through your nasty little plans from the beginning!”. The rest of the group of senior staff members had to agree with him. They urged Mike and André to let me stay at the club as employee rather then a slave. That reaction surprised me and André equally. It felt like I had some support from the other staff members.

“I would like a part-time job here. So that I can make some new friends at the same time.”, I said calmly. “I just can’t guarantee that I can be here at fixed times. I am in school, and I don’t want my parents to find out in any way either.” I continued. I had turned the invitation from André and Mike into an open application. And felt that they no longer had ‘power’ over me.

“Come and see me Saturday afternoon…”, stammered André with a confused look in his eyes. “Go get a drink for yourself, Robby.”, Mike said, somewhat nervously. “And then come and sit with us for a while. The weather is nice, and we will start up the Barbecue in a moment.”, Mike said as friendly as possible. “Just put me a sausage on the BBQ. Watch out, because a burnt cock doesn’t taste good.”, I said to relieve the tension from the whole situation. That worked, because they laughed and I got toasted by the men.

I went inside disappointed with the whole situation. And took a seat at an empty table with my back to the bar and the entrance door. I had to process André and Mike’s reactions. The young bartender sat down next to me. “Thanks for the help there just now.”, he said softly. “Is everything okay with you?”, he asked me. “Yes, I believe so. I just had a nasty clash with Master André.”, I said in a somewhat trembling voice.

“Yeah, you just got to learn what buttons you should press with André to get the right response back. As long as you don’t let him walk al over you, he is as sweet as a kitty.”, the guy said. “Do you want something to drink?”, he asked. “Make it a Cola-tic… um… a big tic with ice, please.”, I said. And before I realized it, a long drink glass was pushed into my hands. “Go outside, and get your own back, Robby!”. It was Bertus who brought the glass. Apparently he had looked at the situation from a distance, and he thought I could use some encouragement.

“Take a deep breath, and go out there boy!”, Bertus said, tapping my buttocks. I walked outside and saw that the first meat was already sizzling on the BBQ. “Okay boys! Is there something that needs to get fucked out here?”, I shouted when I got back to the terrace. “Time for a workout!”, I said looking in the direction of the slings and then to Mike. I pointed to Master Mike, snapped my fingers and ordered him to sit on his knees in front of me. “Lick those Leathers of mine, Mike. assignment from Bertus!”, I said imperatively.

The whole group, including the slaves who were normally used in this way, were laughing now. And André almost pushed Mike from his seat. “Take him, Take him!. Fuck that master Mike…”, the group chanted. “Mikael today if you can!”, I said boldly. And the group rolled over the floor laughing. But I looked intently in the direction of Mike and André. They knew exactly what I was up to. It wasn’t long before Mike sat on his knees in front of me and licked my Leather chaps from bottom to top. The leather denim jacket was also worked over by his tongue.

I pointed to the growing bump in my crotch and took a big sip from the Cola-Tic. It was more like a Vodka with Coke than the other way around. But I enjoyed it. While Mike went crazy with his lips over the hump in my pants. Encouraged by the crowd that was now standing around us. “Is there anyone else going to pay attention to the meat?”, I asked the group… “Not my meat! The BBQ! You bunch of perverts!”. I pointed to a few of the young slaves who quickly went to the BBQ not to let the food burn.

After taking a step back, I took my dick and balls out of the jeans, and took off my Leather jacket, the Biker vest and T-Shirt. Grabbed Mike’s hair and teased him with my cock head. But soon I roughly pushed it into his mouth. Let him gag on it for a moment and then pulled it out again. “TODAY THE SLAVES FUCK THE MASTERS!”, I cried. And the whole group started cheering. I let Mike suck my cock. And a young guy came and stood beside me, it was the bartender. I pushed Mike off my dick and grabbed the boy by the ass and pushed him toward Mike’s mouth. The tone was set.

I stepped out of the circle and walked to the BBQ for some hot meat. And sat down next to André at the garden tables. “Sorry, for just now, André.”, I said. “But I can’t handle it well if I am played with behind my back. Do understand me correctly, it seems great to be able to work here and make friends. But only on an equal level… And certainly not as a slave!”, I said. He winked while I shared my plate of meat with him. We ate and drank something together and kissed a little.

Mike had sucked most of the slaves off in the meantime. And I walked back into the circle, put a dog leash around his neck and pulled him up towards the sling. “Pants off, hot stuff. My cock needs to go in there!”, I said and he immediately obeyed. He lay down in the sling and raised his legs. I gestured to the slaves that they also had to choose a partner. “Now you boys too! Have your way with them. Now is your chance!”, I called to them. And they did it with pleasure. That afternoon more butts where fucked outside than the entire summer before. The sex was kinky and hot. Even hotter than ever before. If only because the slaves could dump their accumulated frustrations in one go, whilst fucking the older masters. That of course was going to have consequences. But that was a concern for later.

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