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A Lustful Wife

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A warm flushed feeling came over Emma as she laid by the pool in the late afternoon sun. She could feel a look from the hot waiter as he passed by with a tray of drinks.

Gio had been eyeing her since she got there the previous day, She knew this of course because she had been eyeing him as well. Which is one of the many reasons she had decided to go topless by the pool that afternoon.

The day before she had pretended to be asleep behind her sunglasses, when she caught his gaze on every occasion he passed her.

She sat up and ordered from him more often than she needed to, just to get him to come over and pay her some attention.

Later that in the evening he served Emma and her husband at dinner. They made small talk with him and he introduced himself as Gio.

Gio was in his early to mid twenties, at a guess some ten to fifteen years younger than Emma and her husband Carl. He had dark hair, tanned olive skin and looked to have a muscular frame behind the white shirt and black trousers he wore for his job.

Emma was fit for her age and without being big headed, she knew it. She had kept healthy and slim through fitness and diet, but she is also lucky that her metabolism helps her stay that way.

She got up and walked to the pool to cool off. She felt Gio watching her as she slowly strode down the steps until her dark blue bikini bottoms and bare chest were under the cool water.

He wasn’t the only one watching though. Emma’s husband Carl had looked up from behind his book and noticed his beautiful wife flaunting her body for this stranger.

Emma swam for a little while and when she got out she made sure she timed it so Gio could see the cold water dripping off her long dark hair and down her body, making her nipples erect in the soft breeze, which made her pert tits look even perkier than usual.

Emma rejoined Carl on the sun lounger, he passed her a towel to dry off. “That should do the trick,” Said Carl, smiling up at his sexy wife.

“What do you mean?” She giggled back, suspecting she knew only too well what her husband meant.

“You know,” Carl continued, looking over his sunglasses at Emma. “If he didn’t want to fuck you already, he definitely will now.”

Emma had confessed her attraction to the waiter whilst in bed with her husband previous night. She was understandably amorous on the first night of her holiday. The sun and cocktails had helped somewhat, but what sent her over the edge was her growing thoughts for a much younger man.

Emma made love to Carl more passionately than she had done for sometime and he knew that her desire to fuck another man had something to do with it.

It wasn’t unusual for them to talk about such things and if anything Carl enjoyed the thought of his wife of twelve years being naughty with a stranger. This was a recurring subject of their dirty talk, and that night was no exception.

Carl blindfolded his wife and lightly tied her hands to the bedposts. “Do you wish it was your waiter friend doing this?” He asked as he parted her legs and slowly kissed his way up her inner thighs.

“Maybe!” Emma replied naughtily, enjoying every second of her husbands touch.

Carl traced his tongue up the inside of Emma’s leg to her pussy. She let out a deep sigh as he ran it over her vulva.

He could feel her wetness on his tongue and her moans of pleasure encouraged him to continue licking her.

Carl brought his wife to the brink of orgasm before moving his body up the bed. He slowly untied her hands before flipping her and mounting Emma from behind. He nibbled her ear lobe before sinking his stiff cock inside her.

Emma couldn’t help but think of her much younger crush as her husband slid in and out of her. Carl knew this of course and he played along.

“You’re thinking of him aren’t you?” He whispered in his wife’s ear as her fucked her. Emma didn’t answer. “You’re wondering what his cock would feel like inside you!”

Carl moved his hand in under Emma’s body and touched her clit as he screwed her. Emma’s response to this was to lift her bum slightly so Carl could go deeper inside her.

“You didn’t answer my question, “Carl probed as he fucked his wife. “You wish it was Gio’s cock inside you right now don’t you!?”

The sound of her husband saying the name of the man she wanted to fuck sent Emma wild.

“Yes,” came his wife’s response. Carl fucked her harder. “Yes, yes, yes!!” Emma cried as she began to orgasm.

The sound of his wife’s orgasm sent Carl over the edge and he began to cum himself. His rhythm intensified as Emma stuck her pert little bum in the air to allow him to ejaculate deep inside her.

Carl collapsed on the bed beside his wife and they shared a warm embrace. They laid there for several minutes before Emma broke the silence. ” I think I’ll sunbathe topless tomorrow!” She announced, much to her husbands delight.

Carl had to hide his erection for most of the day as he lay next to his topless wife. If he was swimming he had to canlı bahis wait for his stiffness to subside before exiting the pool.

Every time he saw Emma flirt with Gio it made him a little harder. His wife knew this of course and it encouraged her to be a little more daring evey time she spoke to Gio.

After much of the day spent by pool, the sun had gotten to Carl and he decided to go for a rest in the coolness of their bungalow.

“I’m going to have one more drink here!” Said Emma, ushering over her waiter as Carl departed.

“Don’t tell me, another Gin and Tonic!?” Gio said, before Emma could speak.

“You know me too well!” Replied Emma. She could see Gio looking directly at her tits. “Ahem… Up here,” She smiled, indicating that she knew what he was looking at.

“My apologies,” Gio replied in his thick foreign accent.

“Don’t apologise, ” said Emma feeling flattered. “I’m glad you like my tits.”

“They are beautiful… But so is your face. of course,” said Gio.

It was late afternoon and the pool was quiet, Gio took this opportunity to sit down next to Emma and continue their chat.

“Your husband is a lucky man,” continued Gio, complementing Emma at every opportunity.

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest,” replied Emma, touching him on the arm. “So how about you…” She asked coyly. “Are you married?”

“No,” replied Gio.

“Girlfriend?” Probed Emma.

“No,” he answered, much to her delight. “I am single, for six months now.”

I bet you get plenty of attention from beautiful women though!?” Emma remarked..

“Like yourself, you mean?” Gio replied with a look that said it all.

Emma went a little red, she loved his complements and it sent a little tingle through her. She shyly changed the subject to a less flirtatious kind of chit chat.

Gio told her that he lived in the next town and that he had the next day off. She casually asked him what he planned to do on his day off and he told her he had no plans.

This put a thought in Emma’s head. Her husband Carl kept on about going to play golf one day. Emma told him she’d rather they spend time together as she didn’t like the idea of being left alone all day by herself. Until now that is.

Emma bid farewell to Gio, telling him she hoped to see him at dinner later. He told her that he looked forward to seeing her too.

“I’ll make sure I wear something sexy for you!” She giggled as she headed off to her bungalow to freshen up.

As Emma stepped in the room she noticed Carl was in the shower. She peeled off her clothes and walked in the bathroom to join him.

“This is a nice surprise.” Said Carl, opening the shower door to let his wife in. Emma put her arms around him and pulled him close in the warm soapy water. Carls cock sprang to attention as she held him close to her skin.

“I’ve been thinking…” Emma said, breaching the subject carefully. “Why don’t you go for that game of golf you talked about tomorrow darling?”

Carl had a suspicion that his wife had an ulterior motive. “I thought you said you’d be bored here on your own,” He replied.

“Yes, but I think I may have found something to ease my boredom!” Emma smiled before kissing her way down her husbands chest and dropping to her knees.

“Ah, it doesn’t have something to do with our waiter friend by any chance, does it?” Carl replied, looking down at his wife. The warm water dripped down her face as she stared up at him with a naughty look in her eye.

“Perhaps.” She said, taking her husbands hardening cock in her mouth. She slid Carls member right to the back of her throat and pulled it right back out, stroking it firmly while cradling his balls with the other hand.

“What do you say?” She said, knowing that Carl was like putty in her hands.

“Whatever you want.” Carl replied as she jerked him into her mouth, squeezing and twisting his cock as she brought him towards orgasm.

Just then Carl shot a jet of warm cum over his wife’s face, quickly followed by another and another. Emma squeezed every drop of semen out of her husbands ball sack and licked her lips, tasting his salty cum on her tongue as the warm water washed her face clean.

Emma chose the sexiest dress she had brought with her to wear at dinner that evening. A low cut, short black satin number which was sure to get some attention.

“Fuck, you look hot!” Carl complemented her as they made their way down to the restaurant.

“Thats the idea honey!” Emma replied in a typical sultry tone.

After dinner they sat out on the patio near the bar. Gio was busy waiting tables. “Good evening.” He said, stopping in his tracks as he spotted Emma. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were going to wear something sexy!” Emma gave him a cheeky wink. “I’ll be back in a moment to take your order.”

Gio clearly liked how Emma looked as he couldn’t stop staring at her as he walked away.

“Apologies,” Gio said as he returned to take their order. . “As you can see, we are very busy.” bahis siteleri

“You must be looking forward to your day off tomorrow!? ” Said Emma, looking for her chance to suggest he spend it with her.

“Very much so.” He replied. “I need a rest.”

“My husband is leaving me all on my own tomorrow, while he goes to play golf,” Emma said, as if it wasn’t her idea. “Aren’t you darling?”

“Unfortunately I am, as much as I love it here, the golf course beckons.” Replied Carl in a casual tone not befitting of a man who’s wife was chatting up a stranger before his eyes. He loved watching Emma flirt.

“I can’t imagine why he’d want to leave a beautiful woman like you all alone, just to go and play golf. Gio replied in a good humoured way.

“Perhaps you’d like to keep me company instead!?” She suggested, in a light hearted way that could have been taken as a joke, but definitely was’t intended as one.

Emma threw Gio another cheeky look as he left to get their drinks. She knew she’d dropped enough hints for him to realise she wanted him.

Emma and Carl sat on the terrace and drank the evening away. They spoke of what might happen if she were to find herself presented with a sexual situation with Gio.

Carl told Emma that he was cool with it, as long as she told him everything afterwards. Emma told him that part of the fun would be telling him everything. Carl had to agree with this. “You better send me a naughty pic or two as well,” He told her.

As they left to go back to the room that evening Emma wrote her number on a napkin with lipstick and handed it to Gio the old traditional, if a little corny way.

She felt like a teenager again. For the first time in more than fifteen years she was potentially going to have sex with someone other than her husband.

Emma woke with a spring in her step the next morning, she was even giddier when her phone buzzed and she saw that it was a message from Gio. It just said “Good morning beautiful!.”

She just replied with, “Good morning, how are you today?”

Their messages went back and forth until Gio said he was thinking of hitting a beautiful and quiet stretch of beach not far away. “Would you like to join me?” He asked.

Emma’s heart fluttered with anticipation, she picked out a particularly sexy black bikini, although she was sure the top part wouldn’t be staying on long.

Carl could tell she was excited, the thought of his wife spending the afternoon with a younger guy made him crazy with lust for her.

“How do I look? Emma asked her husband nervously as she stood before him in the bedroom of their bungalow in her black bikini and her hair tied up.

“Like I want to rip that bikini off you and fuck you.”. Carl replied, pulling his wife closer to him.

“Not today,” Emma replied, playfully pushing her husband away. Today I belong to someone else.”

Carl’s cock immediately stood up inside his shorts, Emma noticed this and gave him a rub though the fabric. The thought of sharing his wife with another man made him hornier than ever.

“My golf is going to suffer today,” he said, frustratingly.

Emma made her way to the front of the hotel. She had a sexy sky blue summer dress over her bikini, which showed her legs off perfectly. She wore her hair up and a pair of designer sunglasses. She felt confident, yet naturally nervous.

Gio pulled up in a red convertible with the top down. He was wearing a short sleeved black shirt with the buttons undone a little at the top, to show off his chest. Emma was instantly even more attracted to him in his casual wear than in his smart waiter’s uniform.

She felt the hot leather from the seat against her back as she sat down next to him. The short journey to the beach was a little quiet and awkward. Emma blushed when Gio told her how hot she looked.

He drove fast, which excited Emma a little, and the warm breeze that blew through the car was loud enough to excuse the lack of conversation.

They pulled up next to a long stretch of sand and made the short walk to the shore. Gio laid down a large blanket and popped open a cooler bag which contained champagne and strawberries.

“Nice touch,” said Emma, sounding impressed as she sat up and took in her surroundings. There was barely another person in sight. The sound of the ocean gently rippling against the shore was peaceful and the privacy it brought was welcomed.

She smiled as she watched Gio take off his shirt to reveal his toned, bronzed body. She felt a little shiver down her spine at the sight of this.

Next she tentatively pulled off her dress to reveal her body, which of course Gio had seen before, but perhaps hadn’t had the opportunity to study closely.

“Would you be so kind as to do my back?” She asked, handing him a bottle of lotion and unfastening her top.

Gio smiled as she turned on her front and allowed his manly hands to touch her. She felt her pussy tingle as he slowly rubbed lotion into her lower back and sides. She thanked bahis şirketleri him before doing her top back up and turning to face him.

“You are very beautiful.” He remarked, looking her up and down before pouring her a glass of champagne.

“So are you!” Said Emma, returning the compliment and taking a sip.

They chatted more freely and Emma found out more about him. She felt comfortable in his presence. She felt a warm tingle when he fed her a strawberry and she seductively sucked the juice off his finger, perhaps giving him a hint of what was to come.

“Is your husband not jealous that you’re here with me?” Gio asked casually.

“No, I think he likes it!” Emma smiled.

“That is something I don’t understand, ” Gio replied, sounding confused.

“Neither, do I,” shrugged Emma nonchalantly. “But let’s not worry about it.”

She then stood up confidently and untied the back of her bikini top, letting it fall to the ground, she had been dying to show off her tits to him again.

“I’m going for a swim.” She said, walking towards the waters edge. She could feel his eyes on her bum as she walked slowly away from him.

She dipped her body in the cool water and turned around to look at Gio. “Come in,” she said. “It’s beautiful.

She eyed Gio up and down as he walked towards the water to join her. His big shoulders and sexy arms told her that he must look after himself physically.

She playfully splashed him to encourage him to play her flirtatious game. She yelled as he came toward her and put his under her, scooping her up in the water.

He dipped her in and picked her up again in his big arms, before putting her down next to him. Emma looked wantonly into his dark eyes as if to encourage him to kiss her.

She moved her head towards him as she realised he was responding to this and for the first time in fifteen years Emma was kissing another man.

Gio pulled her close into his body as he kissed her passionately on the mouth. The waves splashed gently against her torso as she stood there in the arms of a man she’d so openly lusted over.

Her breasts brushed against his upper abdomen as they shared their moment. Emma wanted him to take her right there and then on the shore.

A tinge of guilt passed through her as she gave a thought for her husband, but she couldn’t allow that to control her day. This is what they both wanted after all

Emma returned to the blanket and dried herself with a towel, watching as Gio cooled himself off in the water. She noticed the outline of his penis through his wet shorts as he returned to join her, this sent a wave of lust through her and she imagined seeing him naked for the first time.

She managed to take a quick selfie with her tits out on the beach to send to her husband, who was no doubt going crazy thinking about what Emma might be up to.

Carl asked her what she was up to, she replied. “Just lusting over Gio’s hot body on the beach and wondering how big his cock is!” With a winky face to accompany it.

A few miles away in the golf course Carl began to wish he was there to watch his wife with her new friend.

They drank some more champagne and flirted some more, when they realised that the afternoon was getting away from them.

“Fancy taking this back to the hotel?” Emma suggested, “I need a shower and someone to help me get all the sand off me.”

“What about your husband?” Asked Gio.

“He won’t be home for a while, he’s playing a full eighteen holes.” She smiled.

They headed back to the hotel, Emma and Carl had a bungalow with a private patio which was quite spacious.

The sexual tension was so strong that her hand was trembling as she stepped through the door. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on this guy.

Emma excused herself for a moment to use the bathroom, she took off her clothes, slipped into her sexy black satin robe and switched the shower on.

She returned to find Gio lying on the bed. Not to be too presumptuous he was still fully clothed, but his jaw dropped when he saw Emma in her sexy attire.

She walked over to the fridge and poured out two glasses of vodka and coke, handing him one. “I’m taking a shower.” She said, slowly walking towards the bathroom, whilst untying her robe and letting it drop the the ground to reveal her pert white arse to him. She looked back as if to beckon him him to join her as she entered the bathroom.

Gio walked in to see Emma standing totally naked in front of him. “Wow!” He exclaimed as she stepped into the shower.

“Are you just going to stand there, or are you coming in?” Emma said seductively, beginning to soap herself down.

Emma watched closely as Gio undressed before her. Her heart skipped a beat as he pulled his shorts and underpants off to reveal his manhood to her.

She turned away and took a deep breath. His cock was bigger than she had bargained for, she had been used to her husbands modest penis, which she had adored for fifteen years. But as exciting as it was to be presented with a new, larger, fuller one, it was also a little overwhelming.

The reality that she was about to feel and taste another man for the first time in her married life had just hit her.

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