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A Chance Meeting Pt. 03-04

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Part 3

She continued to look at him for another few moments. She looked away, aware that he was still staring intently at her, yet somehow lost in her own thoughts … and rising emotions.

Life wasn’t supposed to be a mundane, routine. Certainly, we needed to work, pay the mortgage and the other bills, and build a nest egg for retirement. Had success and security consumed her? Did responsibility, obligation, and expectations own her? What was purpose of living without passion, adventure, excitement, even abandonment at times?

Was she afraid? Was she too focused on what she should do and was expected to do? Did she dwell too much on what she hadn’t done?

Tom Cruise returned, and Asa told him to bring the updated check that included an extra glass of wine.

Was the clock ticking? Did she need to make a decision … quickly? Was this another opportunity that she would let slip away? Would her heart never win the struggle with the sound, impeccable reasoning of her mind? Would she always remember with regret what she hadn’t done? She felt her heart racing, almost fluttering. She also sensed a tingle … butterflies she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Tom Cruise had returned with the second check. Asa reached into his wallet and pulled out a card. He place both checks in the same folder, along with the card on moved it toward Tom, who took it and headed toward the register, which was thankfully at the other end of the bar.

She looked at him, almost pleading.

“I have a lot at stake here. The kids. The house. The marriage, even though it’s really not. You’re not married are you?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Well, you don’t have a ring, and I assume you live alone … in your apartment?”

“I choose not to wear a ring, not because I’m a player, but because I don’t like jewelry. My wife lives in New York. I moved here alone. It’s a bit complicated, but I go there about twice a month. She comes here about once every other month. canlı bahis şirketleri My schedule is more flexible. Even though we do live distinctly different and separate lives at this point, I’m still very married.

Tom Cruise returned and placed the folder in front of Asa, and said, “Thanks. Ya’ll have a good evening.” Asa nodded and smiled, and opened the folder, retrieved his card and returned it to his wallet, scribbled a few things, and closed it.

He then returned his undivided attention to her. Stefanie could feel that she was the center of his attention, of his world at this moment. Somehow, she trusted him. She reached down and took his hand. Sliding off the bar stool, she kissed him on the cheek, and said, “Let’s go.”

To be continued

Part 4

He held the door for her, and she exited to the street.

“You’re at the Marriott, right?” he asked.


They didn’t talk much, hardly at all. He commented on the evening, and how he enjoyed this time of year, the warmth of the days and the coolness of the nights. She added that she was always enjoyed spring, and that it was merely about the more moderate temperatures, but the sense of change and new beginnings.

For next few blocks, neither said a word. They walked beside each other, each one stealing an occasional glance. He seemed to walk as if he didn’t have a care in the world, as if this were the natural end to a normal day. Although she appeared calm and unnerved, her heart was racing, and thoughts flooding her mind, emotions continuing to rise up within her. In a brief moment of doubt, she looked at him, and he smiled, almost reassuring her, allowing her convince herself that this is what she wanted to do … needed to do. Her always rationale and pragmatic mind would not win the day. She would follow her heart, and the longing and desire that she felt now even more deeply.

She could feel her sense of expectancy growing, the nervousness and anticipation that canlı kaçak iddaa she had not felt in what seemed like forever. They walked slowly, but with purpose, neither wanting to appear overly excited.

As they got closer to the hotel, suggested what they should do when they got to the hotel, and he agreed.

When they finally arrived at the Marriot, he opened both the outer, then the inner door. As they entered the lobby, he strolled toward the elevators. She proceeded to the front desk, and spoke to a young man who seemed anxious to help. She explained her situation. He smiled and rounded the desk and led her toward the conference room. He unlocked the door, and opened and held it for her. She walked over to where her laptop and computer bag sat on the table. She knelt, and retrieved her purse from under the table where she had left it. She walked by the young man, smiled, and said, “Thank you so much.” She then headed toward the elevators.

When he saw her coming, he pressed the ‘Up’ button. Just as she arrived, so did an overweight, disheveled looking business man who looked like he had been through hell. He was holding a briefcase and pulling a cart with two other bags.

As soon as she got to him, she reached up and lightly touching him on one cheek, she kissed the other. He turned and kissed her on the lips, lingering only for a moment. The door opened and they entered, followed by the unkempt man. They positioned themselves at the back of the elevator, holding hands, shoulders touching.

The door closed and the business man pressed Floor 2, and then looked around. She said, “Seven please. He obliged.

The elevator quickly made its first stop. The man exited, and Asa reached over and pressed the ‘Close’ button. Not quite before the door had closed, dropping her purse, she twisted and almost lunged at him. They began to kiss deeply and passionately, her hands up on his shoulders. After dropping his satchel, he moved his hands to the small of her canlı kaçak bahis back, pulling her toward him.

She could immediately feel him harden. Slightly lowering her hands and tightening her he pulled herself close to him, rubbing slightly against him. He lowered his hands to her ass, gripping hard, and then slightly spreading her cheeks as he pulled her up, along his now rock hard cock. She slightly lifted her right foot off the ground to spread her legs only slightly and to better feel his hardness. He then pulled her up further, where he was sure she could feel the tip of his cock. But, when she started to raise her right leg further to wrap it around him, the bell sounded, indicating they had reached the Seventh Floor and that the doors were about to open.

He lowered her to the ground. They broke their embrace and their lips parted. She reached down for her purse, and he for his satchel. They exited immediately without saying a word, and headed for Room 704, which fortunately was only a few doors down the hall. She led the way, and as they walked, she fumbled in her purse for her room key. She found her phone which was flashing, indicating she had received either calls or texts, or both. She discarded the phone to the side and found the room key.

They still hadn’t said a word. When they reached the door, she inserted the room key and heard the click of the door unlocking. She turned the handle, opened the door, and entered, followed by him. As she turned around to face him, she kicked of her shoes and tossed her purse to the side. He dropped his satchel. This time, though, he was the aggressor, moving swiftly toward her. They embraced and began kissing at the same time. He slid his hands down to her ass, which he again gripped firmly. He pulled her against him, and again, she immediately felt the hardness of his cock. He walked her backwards until he felt her legs touch the bed. They paused only for a moment before he began to ease her backwards, until she was lying down. He stopped kissing her long enough only to slide her up toward the headboard until her head was resting on a pillow.

Then, bracing himself with a hand to either side of her shoulders, he began to devour her again.

To be continued …

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