Nisan 17, 2024

A grndr mistake

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A grndr mistake
I was recovering from tonight bar run, on the uber back seat with my friends

i was the last to get drop and turned my phone on , drunk and horny wanting to be sucked

I had grndr installed last week and was curious about getting sucked by a discret cocksucker

I was lucky enought and met a cute asian boy hungry for some white cock he txted me

thinking i could be lucky tonight again

scrolling my phone app, the driver looking at me smilling , the common sound of the app giving away my doing

i didnt see him take his phone , soon someone was txting me asking me if i ever sucked on a bbc

I didnt answer until he sent me 3 picture of his 9inch fully hard , i was now looking up shy trying to hide my screen from the uber driver, a older black dude i didnt wanted him to see what i was looking at

damn he was big , with veins all around the sides to the fat purple head

i replied back

”sorry im not gay only looking to be suck”

”but you do have a nice cock you are lucky”

”you could try to suck it, maybe you will like it”

I waited, looking nervously at the driver, not a second thinking it could be him. just shy to look at a bbc on my screen, driven by a black dude

”im divorced and just want to be sucked”

i was feeling hot, looking at my screen him showing a girl on her knees mouth on his cock

”i love bahis şirketleri being free of the wife and get suck”

the next picture i realise it wasnt a girl but a white boy in panty , cute dress and blond wig

”my ex wife left so many cute thing , you could be sucking like a cute sissy girl”

i just starred , drunk feeling so hot looking at the sissy mouth on his bbc

i should have look at the road, he was driving in a rural area with fields of wheat and farms , far from my destination

”wanna try? nobody would know”

i typed slowly, ”maybe i dont know and send it”

i felt the car enter a dirt road and look up

”wait where you going?”

and i was answered with the driver opening the glove box

and i was looking at white sexy panty and a matching camisole, both with the queen of spade logo

i look up at him in disbelief

”try it , im dying to see you try to swallow my big black cock sissy boy”

”omg shit i wasnt serious, shit im sorry im not gay i have this app to get sucked”

”so Am i, you gonna suck on my fat cock dress like a girl ”

he stopped in a dark field with a picnic table

i was literaly pull out and dress by him on the picnic table trying to argue until he had my lil 6inch out ,his 9inch rubbing on it making me look at the difference

before wrapping it in the panty

”you see how well it illegal bahis fits your small cock”

”you gonna make a wonderfull sissy when you understand your place ”

”lets start by teaching your pussy mouth ”

spinning me on the table taking my head on the side, tilt down his bbc poking my lipse

”open that mouth like a good sissy or i fuck your ass boi”

and i had a bbc poking in my mouth fucking my head on side of the table floating tildt down his big black ball infront of m eyes flapping close

i gagged, spitting drooling squirming like a sissy boy mouth stretched

”oh yeah good sissy, very good girl”

”take daddy black cock , all little white girl love big cocks in their mouth”

pumping deeper his nutts taping on my face

”yes all inside your throat you drunk stupid girl love this”

in the middle of nowhere , face fuck by a older uber driver who love sissy white boy who need some teaching

i was mouth numb , drooling down on my face my eyes so goey i had to close them

i felt like a doll , he sat on the table bench and made me sit on him

his bbc popping my hole and instantly cumming in me

we both stayed still, his cock unloading in me , moaning feeling so stretch and full

until i felt wet, so wet his bbc slided deeper and deeper until i was on his lap lehs hold up and he took me like that , moving illegal bahis siteleri in me , pumping deeper bouncing me on him

”good lil fag slut, you are mine boy, daddy found his new sexy sissy girl”

”yes moan on my fat cock little girl, you will get so good at taking my fat cock i can tell you are a natural sissy sut”

panty on the side, fucked like a teen bitch

”im feeling so good in your pussy, daddy love his girl tight white pussy”
he was pumping in so deep
tap tap tap

legs up sit on his lap , pussy fuck . broken, moaning my ass full of his cum, lubed just right , his bbc sliding in easy , making wet cunt noises

he growl in my ears calling me a cum dump and unloaded holding me all down, his bbc twitching in me , spurting more cum in me

holding me in his arm, hugging me

my ass full, warm and moved again

dancing on his lap , hugged agaisnt him

”your a sexy girl bouncing on daddy so good”

”wanna get ass up on the table for me?”

moving me without my answer, ass up bend over on the table

”good little pussy, i will never stop fucking it baby”

slap slap

”call me daddy ”


”tell daddy why your pussy so wet ”

”comon tell daddy”

slapp slappp

”because im full of daddy cummmm”

”thats right my girl, daddy fucked 2 big loads in you, right babby”

”yesss daddy ”

”good girl”

”and what you want now slut?”
”awww daddy cumnmmm cumm in me again awww”

pounded like a wore, until he cum making me so submissive to hos powerfull cock

that got out finally, after turning another white boy cute hole into a wet pussy”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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