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The darkness, a dream and… Miriam

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The darkness, a dream and… Miriam
Miriam; yes, again Miriam…

She came to me very quietly, the bed moved as she crawled across the end of the bed on her knees. Her curly brunette hair swung seductively from side to side and as I lay with my head on the pillow I could see down her blouse.
Her round big tits were perfect and swung side to side as she moved between my thighs. She had to push my legs apart and I knew I was fully erect before her delicate hand touched my bulge.

This sensual married bitch reached inside of my briefs and she pulled that hardened piece of meat into view. Miriam smiled and she blew gently against the cockhead.
A chill ran up my spine and then her lips closed around the entire head.
Her mouth was warm and wet.

My eyes popped open as I was staring at the ceiling.
The dream was beyond any that I had experienced. The vision of this woman; who was one of my beloved Ana’s best friends, crawling between my legs was exactly as I dreamed since the very first time I had met her…
The feeling of her red lips around my cock was complete with this warm wetness. As the dream faded and my mind began to clear from the fog of the abuse of tequilas that night, my cock throbbed and the wetness and feeling of sexual pleasure flooded into my reality.

I looked down, there was a very sensual woman’s head bobbing up and down on my shaft, her brunette hair cascaded across my bare güvenilir bahis şirketleri thighs.
My cock strained with the pleasure; it was even hurting me; but now I felt I was on the edge of a very intense climax…
Suddenly Miriam stopped. Then she moaned deep in her throat and the vibrations further stimulated me.
My balls ached, my cock head swelled and throbbed as this sensual woman brought me to the edge at least three times and then stopped as if she had a sense that I would explode.
At this moment it did not matter if she was a good friend for my wife; I just knew I wanted to blow a load and feel a real mind blowing orgasm.

I felt Miriam gripping the base of my cock, clamping off any release, then her head bobbed quickly and her tongue wrapped around the head…
Then quickly she released her grip and I exploded into her warm mouth. She pushed her head down until I felt the back of her throat. I could feel her swallow my hot salty semen; as it spurted again and again into her mouth.
When the orgasm faded and my cock began to soften she licked her way off and sipped the final thin discharge from the slit in my cock.

I looked down as she looked up, smiling at me…
She rubbed her soft hand up and down my sticky cum and her saliva slickened shaft. I felt a final jerk of my belly and that last bit of discharge formed a bubble at the tip.

“You really needed this, dear canlı bahis şirketleri Victor… your slutty wife is not good as I am”
Miriam murmured softly, as she licked the last drop of cum from the tip.
“When my guests leave I will come back to you, I want you inside of me…”

Then my mind gathered all pieces together. I had come alone to Miriam’s house; she was giving a party for her birthday. My lovely Anita had gone out of town for a couple days, to attend an emergency business at a near town.
I rubbed my face, opened my eyes wide and saw I was in a darkened room. My cock was still semi-erect and oozing the last drops of sticky cum.
It had to be the mixing of red wine, tequila and rum. I thought to myself.

I lay flat on my back onto those white bed sheets. The dream seemed so real, yet I was alone in the room. I thought I had been sucked by Miriam.
No way at all; it was not happening to me…
But I had fantasized about it from the time I had met this sensual bitch. But I was married and she was married. I wondered then where his husband was as she sucked my hard cock on their own marital bed…
I rolled off the bed and limped out to the bathroom. Then I stumbled back to the bed, pulling the sheets over my now naked body.

A while later I passed out; but I still could hear music out on the patio, the party was continuing without me. I felt sad and disappointed in myself; canlı kaçak iddaa I did want to cheat on my beloved Ana; but I was sure Miriam had no trouble about cheating on her husband…
When I opened my eyes in the darkness, I felt the bed moving again.
The bed sheets were lifted off me and I smiled to myself…

I floated between a dream state and reality for a moment and then felt a warm naked body against mine. Some plump lips met mine, a tongue probed my own lips for entry and I responded.

I opened my eyes at the end of the kiss, finding Miriam was smiling at me. “. “Time for a second round, babe…” She whispered quietly.
I moved my both hands and found her nice round buttocks and her hips.
Miriam responded by arching her back grinding her pelvis against mine.

Then I felt her hand slide between our warm bodies and she held my now stiff dick gently. She moved her hand up and down.
She murmured she had always dreamed about a cock’s size as mine.
Then in one smooth movement Miriam straddled me. I felt her hand guide me between her legs, she was wet and slick and my cock slid inside of her warm cunt. She bent forward, kissing my lips.

I felt her starting to rock against my cock. I was buried deep inside my wife’s slutty girl pussy. I could feel her trimmed bush against me.
Then she began moving against me in a steady rhythm. There was no urgency to her movement, just a deliberate attempt to pleasure both of us.

As I felt the beginning of a second brutal orgasm; I looked in the shadows that her curvy figure was fading away. But then her long fingers reached out to pinch my nipples. Then I felt the pain was real.

Now there was no doubt, I was not dreaming at all…

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