Mayıs 28, 2023

A Family Situation Pt. 01

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My son, John, had just finished his first semester, junior year at college and was coming home for the winter break. He had no idea how much the family dynamics had changed since he left, but he would soon find out. And I was prepared and determined to be the one to show him how much things had changed.

John is 20, 5.11, 180, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, a deep voice and slim muscular build.

I’m Mary, 5.3, 44, I haven’t hit the wall, yet. I work out, a little over 100 pounds, hazel eyes, light shoulder length brunette hair, barely “B” cup and nicely toned legs, we’ll I think so. My ass and legs look better in heels. I work for an accounting firm team that conducts independent audits for corporations.

I might as well describe the other “players” in this incestuous tale.

My daughter, Kelly. She’s 23. blonde hair that goes halfway down her back, deep blue eyes, slender build, 5.7, 115 pounds, full “C” cup tits, that look larger because she is so slim. She is very toned and works out religiously. She shares an apartment with another girl, Alice. They both work for the same advertising firm and take online college courses.

My husband, Jake, he’s 6.1, 48, over 200 pounds, full head of hair, muscular build. A little fat around the middle, you know, love handles. Hairy chest and legs. Doesn’t man-scape at all. He’s an executive for a construction company. His cock, well what he lacks in length, seven inches, he makes up in girth. The man’s dick is as almost as round as a beer bottle.

Our sex-life had become routine. Usually, just missionary position. I’ll play with my clit to cum. Not much passion. Just enough to get each other off. Most times, I don’t orgasm. But he does and that’s a wife’s duty, right?

The story starts two months ago.

A team of us were scheduled to go on a three-day two-night business trip to conduct an audit. But at the last minute the audit was postponed and our boss told us to take the afternoon off and enjoy the start of the weekend early. I dreamt of an afternoon alone soaking in a hot tube, sipping wine and a nap. Then going out to a nice dinner with Jake.

As I pulled up to the house, I noticed both my husband’s car and daughter’s car in the driveway. ‘That’s odd,’ I thought, ‘They both should be at work.’

I parked behind them and went in through the side door into the kitchen. I took off my business suit jacket, placed it on a kitchen chair and was about to call out to them when I heard Kelly loudly moan and beg, “Yes daddy, just like that! Harder daddy, please.”

I peeked through the kitchen door into the dining room to see my daughter, completely naked, laying on her back on our black lacquered dining room table. Her feet high in the air wide apart. Her farther grasping her by the ankles, holding her slender legs in a perfect “V”. Her long blonde hair was splayed around her head. Her arms pressed against her sides with her hands gripping the tables edge to hold her body in place as her father fucked her hard, thrusting his thick cock into our daughter. Her large tits flopping back and forth on her chest each time he pushed into her.

Kelly’s pale white skin and blonde hair contrasting with the black finish on the table framed the whole scene. Mark had a smirky grim on his face as he looked down, watching his cock hammer into our daughter’s completely shaven pussy.

My anger grew, ‘how could he do that to our daughter, how could he betray me like this?’

Then my daughter shouted at her father, “Come on daddy fuck me. Fuck me hard. Do it daddy, make it hurt, make me cum, make me your little bitch!”

My anger started to fade and turned into jealousy and envy. They were fucking with with so much raw animal passion, lust, love. When was the last time Jake fucked me like that? God, had we ever fucked like that?

I stood there in the doorway, watching as my husband started to shove his rounded cock harder, deeper into our daughter’s cunt. I could hear the sounds of it squishing inside her, the slapping of their wet skins each time he pounded his dick into her.

With my mouth wide open, my breathing shallow, I stood there mesmerized by the scene. Jesus, I could even smell my daughter’s sex scent from across the room. Wait, that wasn’t my daughter’s odor, it was mine! Oh fuck, I was actually dripping my own juices into my panties, soaking them and my pantyhose! I licked my lips, my breathing got heavier as I watched my husband fuck our young, beautiful daughter. Her tits flopping back and forth as he stubby hard jack-hammered her saturated cunt.

Suddenly, Jake let go of her ankles. Her feet feel and dangled off the table. He pulled his cock out of her.

He snarled at her, “Turn over onto your stomach, you want to be my bitch? Then I’m fucking you like a dog”.

Kelly looked at her father, he had an evil looking grin in his face as she flipped over onto her stomach. Her elbows bent, so her nipples barely touched the table. She kept her thighs opened wide. Her knees bent, with bursa escort her feet in the air pointing backward.

Her head up and looking straight forward, she urged her father on, “Make it hurt daddy. Make it hurt.”

Jake had a smirk on his face. Her grabbed her ankles in each hand, spread her legs wider apart, exposing her wet bald pussy. He placed the tip if his firm rod against the opening of our daughter’s cunt and jammed it forward in one motion to the hilt.

Kelly’s scream filled the room, “AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHGHHHHHH! DEAR! FUCKING! GOD”! Her forehead smashed down into the table. Her hands balled up into tight fists. Her toes curled, as her father’s cock tore deep into her pussy.

He held on to her ankles as he started to fuck our daughter, pulling his cock nearly out of her cunt and then ramming it back into her. With each trust she grunted out loud, sounding like a little schoolgirl. Her tits swaying back and forth with each movement. Her pointed nipples rubbing against the table.

Jake let go of her ankles, her feet stayed up in the air, dangling and swaying with the rhythm of him fucking her. He then reached up with both hands and grabbed fists full of her soft, beautiful blonde hair, pulled back hard, forcing her look forward. The intensity which he was fucking her increased. I could see her body start to glisten from the body heat of her sweat. He looked as if he was riding her. Pounding into her. She looked so helpless, so small, completely dominated. She submitted herself to her father. To her father’s oversized cock.

He scowled at her, “You like being fucked like a whore don’t you Kelly. You’re nothing more than a pathetic little depraved bitch, that loves having her daddy fuck her, aren’t you Kelly, aren’t you?”

She had tears running down her face, her mouth open as he yanked on her hair and pulled her head back even more.

“Yes daddy, I’m your slut. I love your cock pounding into me. Hurt me daddy, hurt me for being a worthless bitch, for being father fucker!”

My husband released one of his hands from our daughter’s hair, pulled back even harder with his other hand forcing Kelly’s head up even higher, her neck straining backwards. Her back arched. His freed hand raised high in the air and came swiftly down striking our daughter’s small, tight ass cheek making a sharp loud slap sound that seemed to echo in the room.

Kelly let out a high-pitched squeal of pain. Then her father raised his hand again and struck down, he repeated his open handed assault on my poor daughter’s ass. She was. sobbing out loud. Her head bent back to its limit. Her tears flowing down her cheeks.

She wailed, “AAAUUUGGGGHHH! YES!”. Her love of the mixing of pain and pleasure driving my dear husband to punish her ass even more! A sadistic sneer on his face as he smacked her skinny, little ass, turning its white loveliness to a deep crimson red.

Jake let go of Kelly’s hair and with both hands, grabbed hold of her shoulders, pushing her whole body back to meet his thrusts. He forced himself even harder into her. Her scream filled the room, “GOD, DADDY! YES, FUCK ME DADDY! OH AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!”

Jake buried his cock deep into Kelly’s young pussy and held it her body in place. Her toes curled; her hands tried to grip hold of the tabletop. Her fingernails scraping the dining room tabletop. Her thighs began to shake, then her whole body was a mass of shivers. JESUS, my baby was cumming. My sweet little Kelly’s pussy was cumming all over her father’s cock. Her teeth clenched tight. Her lips opened tightly. Drool poured down her chin mixing with her tears as her orgasm tore through her.

Dear God, I had never cum so hard like my baby was cumming now. What ecstasy she must of been experiencing. I felt me pussy moisten, soaking my panties and pantyhose. I was trembling, my knees felt week. Tears forming in my eyes. I was so envious of her. So jealous. So hurt.

Then Jake let out a low, growling noise. His cock imbedded in her. Impaling her. I could tell he was about to cum and then his head titled back as he released his jism into our daughter’s pussy.

Kelly let out another wail, and lowered her head, as her daddy pumped his cum into her pussy. Her arms bent, with her elbows holding her chest up over the table. Her hands now in tight fists at her side. Her tits hanging down, her nipples hard points scraped against the black tabletop.

I felt drained just watching them.

The tension in their bodies started to ease. Their breathing returning to normal. Jake let go of my baby’s shoulders and Kelly’s forehead slumped to the table then the rest of her body in exhaustion.

She let out a soft, mournful, “OOOHHH” as her father’s now semi-hard cock slipped out of her sloppy, gapping, well-worn cunt.

My eyes fixed on my husband’s stubby, rounded tool. His cum dripping from its tip, both their juices coating his entire shaft, gleaming in the soft glow of the afternoon.

I don’t know what possessed bursa escort bayan me. Without thinking I walked into the dining room. My heals making a loud clicking noise as I approached them. My daughter still lying flat on her stomach, her white tits and skin tits pressed against the black lacquered table. My husband standing looking down at her perfect ass, flawless skinned back and shiny long blonde hair.

The sound of my heals on the wood floor jolted them out of whatever thoughts or dream they were having after their violent love making.

Kelly looked over and saw me, quickly turned and sat up on the edge of the table, one forearm over her tits, “OH GOD! MOM!”

Jake stood there frozen. His mouth open. He looked like he was trying to say something, but his mind couldn’t comprehend or process any thoughts. I went and stood right between them. First eyeing my precious daughter’s young, sweat covered, slim, curved frame. I then turned my attention to my husband. I didn’t bother to look at his face, I gazed down at his now limp, still dripping with his and my daughter’s cum, cock. I would have loved to have read their minds, when I reached up and unbuttoned my white business blouse, let it fall off my shoulders, them unsnapped the front clasp of my black lacy bra and let it slide to the floor. The contrast between my daughters young, still perky larger chest and my much smaller droopy tits starkly evident. Still wearing my blue business skirt, pantyhose and heels, I dropped to my knees, took my husband’s knobby cock in one hand, looked up at his face and sucked the tip of his circumcised cock into my mouth tasting both my husband’s and daughter’s combined juices at once.

My poor husband’s startled expression didn’t change. The disbelief that he had on his face when I first walked in the room and “caught them” was the same as when I feel to my knees and started to fellate him.

I didn’t know what my daughter was doing, but I did hear her gasp, “Jesus!”

Kneeling in front of my husband, my ass resting on my calves. My thighs were opened with my skirt well up over my thighs. My panties and pantyhose soaked with the hot wetness of my cunt. The heat from my pussy sent its scent up in the air. I could smell my sex mixing with the smell and taste of my daughter’s and husband’s cum. It drove my passion to wanting more of his stained cock into my mouth. My own envied driven lust being taken out on my husband’s cock as my precious daughter watched.

With one hand I wrapped my fingers as much as I could, tightly around the base of his cock, forcing the blood-filled tube’s helmet to expand even more in my mouth. I started to lash my tongue over his pee hole and then all around the head. My other hand started to massage his balls gently, kneading them. I had seen porno movies and damn, if my daughter was going to be sucking and fucking my husband, I was going to show her and him that I was as much as a perverted slut as she was, even more!

I sucked more of Jake’s tubular dick into my mouth. Before this I had only been able and willing to suck just the head of his cock into my mouth. And, GOD, when was the last time I had even sucked his cock? A year ago, maybe two? Was this all my fault? Him using our daughter like a whore?

I kept forcing more of his cock into my mouth. My jaw ached as it was stretched to its limit. Usually, I would be gagging and choking at this oral invasion. But my drive, my anger, my wanting to show them both what a cock hungry bitch I was, suppressed my gag reflex. Instead, a low growl emulated from around his cock as it hit the back of my throat. As I pulled back off his tool, I let my teeth gently scape its skin, just letting him know I was not pleased with him using our daughter as his own personal play toy.

I let his stiffened cock out of my mouth. I kept my hand firmly gripping the base of his dick, keeping it pointed at my mouth. I glared up at him and in a defiant tone ordered my darling, daughter abusing husband to, “Fuck my face, you bastard!”

The startled expression on his face quickly changed. He eyelids narrowed. He gave a quick look up at our daughter sitting naked on the dining room table with her skinny thighs still spread wide. He looked back down at me, a knowing half grin on his face as I dipped my head forward and placed the tip of his cock on my lips and started to suck it into my mouth again.

And for the first time in all the years we’ve been married, my sweet, carrying, tender loving husband, took total charge of me. I felt both his hands firmly take hold of my head, his fingers tangling in my hair. He thrust his hips forward, forcing my jaw to open to its limit, as his behemoth sized cock rammed into my mouth and hit the back of my throat.

I closed my eyes. My hand forced away from the base of his cock. My hands know up in the air, my fingers spread wide.

He snarled down at me, “Watch your teeth, bitch!”. He then proceeded to skull fuck me, to use me like a worthless, escort bursa undeserving whore. Just like a submissive wife should be thought of and treated by a dominating, Christian husband.

Again, I didn’t gag, but now tears ran down my cheeks, as he raped my face.

His cock expanded. I knew he was about to cum, but I wanted to be fucked. I was surprised he responded so fast after just finishing inside our daughter and I wasn’t going to take the chance that if I let him cum in my mouth I could get him hard again quickly and I needed to be fucked. I was not going to be denied a good fucking and I wanted our little girl to see her mother take her daddy’s cock and what it meant to be a submissive, good wife.

I placed both my hands on Jake’s hairy large thighs and pushed. Forcing my head back off his ready to explode dick.

I smiled up at him and in a little girl’s voice, mimicking our daughter, “Not yet daddy, I want you to watch this first.”

I slid around on my knees to face my daughter. She was still sitting on the dining room table, her knees slightly apart. I smiled up at her as she stared down at me, her mouth open, her beautiful, blonde hair all messed up framing her lovely young face.

I knelt upright between my daughter’s thighs. My nylon covered knees pressing into the hardwood floor. The pointed toe tips of my high heels placed on the floor behind me. I hoped my husband was enjoying the view. His wife, half naked, her loose skirt over her ass and thighs, with black shear nylon cover calves and high heels, kneeling between their daughter’s thighs my hands on her knees and spread her thin thighs even wider apart. Kelly’s inner thighs were, warm, soft and velvety smooth. Her pouting pussylips unfolded inches from my face. They were wet and puffy from her daddy’s abuse. I could smell and see the mixture of both their juices oozing out of her slit. My husband’s cum a distinctive streak of white seemed to melt out of her.

I leaned my head towards my daughter’s cunt. Inhaled deeply, absorbing the intoxicating aroma of their sex. I looked up at my daughter’s deep blue eyes and, letting my tongue tip pass through my red lipstick coated lips, ran it up and into her between her pussylips, scraping both their cum juice onto my tongue and then sucking them into my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide and placed my lips over my daughter’s freshly used cunt and sucked its opening into my mouth. Their cum poured into my mouth. I lavishly let it flow over my tongue, swirled it around in my mouth before I swallowed the delicious and intoxicating elixir.

My Kelly moaned, “OH, mommy”, as she placed her hard on the back of my head and pressed my face into her sloppy cunt.

I devoured her pussy. Lapping, sucking and swallowing all the juices out of her. I wanted my darling, young, father fucking daughter to realize hers wasn’t the first cunt I’d eaten. It had been a while, over 25 years, when I was in college, that I had my last taste of pussy. My dormmate and I decided to be LUGS, Lesbians Until Graduation. Boys were such a hassle and to take the edge off, we just used each other. God could Terry eat my pussy. And the way she kissed and suckled my breasts, drove me nuts. But what she was most talented at was using her tongue to fuck my asshole. That was the most intense, incredibly erotic feeling I’d ever had. And I hadn’t experienced it since then. I mean, Jake ‘use’ his mouth on my ass? I bet it never even crossed his mind.

Well, my sweet tasting Kelly was about to find out what true pleasure was. I got off my knees, stood bent overlooking down at her sloppy pussy. My rounded ass pointing back Jake. I pushed my hands up under her knees, forcing her ass off the table. Her hands let go of my head as she fell bock on her elbows. Her head off the table, her eyes focused on me. I stared down at her puckered brown hole. It had a small stream of my husband’s cum laced through it. I lowered my head and looked up at my daughter straining on her elbows. The additional odor of my lovely daughter’s sweet, tight ass added to my desire to tongue fuck it. Our of eyes met as my lips encircled her asshole and my tongue danced over it. Her gasp filled the room when the tip of my tongue pierced the opening of her asshole. Her sphincter gave way and allowed my probing tongue to enter my daughter’s ass.

She cried out in a little high-pitched girlie-tinged voice, “Oh God, mom! Jesus’ mommy!”

I felt my husband’s hands on my round, upturned ass. He ran them over it and then down to my upper thighs. He lifted my skirt up over my butt, exposing my pantyhose covered behind. I felt the hard thickness of his cock press between my nylon covered ass, forcing my ass cheeks apart as he pushed his full length of his dock into my ass crack. He started to move it up and down, the thin silkiness of the nylon increased the erotic pleasure.

The sharp sting and sound of his open hand slapping down on my ass cheek caught me by surprise. The intense pain equaled the pleasure of my husband taking charge of me. He had never spanked me before. Not in our twenty-five years of marriage. The second slap followed, harder than the first. The third slap brought tears to my eyes. My husband letting me know who was in charge.

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