Temmuz 17, 2024

A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 05

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Black Lipstick

My life in Canada is getting stranger by the minute. That’s okay, though. I am dealing. Bernard Lamont here. The big and tall, openly bisexual Haitian guy who moved to the metropolis of Toronto, Ontario, from the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. The summer of 2010 is here. I’m finally on vacation from the University of Toronto. I want to save enough money to return to the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, in mid-July to have a high-octane summer blast. The only snag? I’m kind of broke. It’s been a tough semester. So I took this job as a security guard to make some dough. We’re in May now. I hope to make enough to leave town by July.

Yeah, I’m back to my old stomping grounds. The city of Toronto is full of sexy ladies and handsome men. And a bisexual stud like myself is definitely on the prowl. This is going to be really good. The last thing I thought would be my favourite prowling spot is this church I’ve recently started going to. The Haitian Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Eastern Toronto. It’s under the leadership of a short, stocky Black man named Pastor Harry Jackson.

Most of our congregation is of African descent, with scores of Haitians, Jamaicans and others. We have a few Asians, Hispanics and a handful of White folks. The church’s attempt at being somewhat diverse. Personally, I wish it were Blacker but eighty percent isn’t bad. After being surrounded by a sea of White faces all week, I like to be surrounded by my own people for a change. I’m just being honest. Canada can be too White for a brother at times. It might blur your vision.

I recently hooked up with this sexy gal named Roselyn Pierre. She’s tall, curvy and dark-skinned. A lovely Black woman in her early forties. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba working in Toronto as a Registered Nurse. This gal is thick, Black and stacked. Sexy the way only a tall, sexy mature Haitian mama can be. If you’ve been to the islands you would know what I’m talking about.

She is so fine. And tall too, around five foot eleven inches to be exact. That works for me because I’m six-foot-three. She is just the way I like my women. I ran into her at the Haitian Seventh Day Adventist church. And man, I was really glad to meet her. Roselyn is definitely a cougar. We went to her house in the Metropolitan Toronto suburb of Brampton and did the nasty. And it was sheer nasty fun.

Roselyn led me to her house and ushered me inside. It was a nice, two-story house in a diverse neighbourhood. Lots of Asians and Arabs, along with a few Africans and Hispanics. Those of us who are called Visible Minorities have made Toronto and its outlying urban and suburban areas our home. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Anyhow, once we got to her house, Roselyn and I got right down to business. That’s what I like about cougars. Unlike younger women, they don’t waste your time. Roselyn sat me down in the living room and we had some wine. Then, we hooked up. Roselyn simply made me drop my trousers and then went straight for my Johnson. torbalı escort She grabbed my nuts and squeezed them while sucking on my dick like a thirsty Bedouin in the desert. Hot damn.

I ran my hands through Roselyn’s hair as she sucked my dick and licked my balls. Hot damn this lady really knew what she was doing. I thrust my member down her throat. My eight inches of long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock. Yeah, I’m uncut and proud. If you don’t like it you can kiss my Black ass. Roselyn worked me over until I came. When I did, she guzzled every last drop of my cum. How awesome is that? I was happy to give this sexy Black Mama a pearl necklace. Later, I gave her much more than that. I put Roselyn on all fours and gave that sexy round ass of hers a good spanking. Roselyn told me she likes a man who takes charge in bed.

Well, that’s definitely my M.O. I spanked her big butt and then began fucking her from behind. I held her by those sexy, wide hips of hers and thrust my dick into her snatch. Roselyn squealed in delight as I began to pound her pussy. I love the way her big butt jiggled under the force of my thrusts. What kind of guy doesn’t like a hot, horny chick who likes to do as she is told? Don’t answer that.

Anyhow, Roselyn and I did our thing. After a while, I got tired of pussy fucking and asked her if she did back shots. Roselyn was all for it. I bent her over, face down and ass up before spreading her ass cheeks. I licked and fingered her asshole to get her ready. I used plenty of the hand lotion she gave me. Then, I pressed my dick against her asshole and began to slowly work it inside. I’ve fucked a lot of guys and women up the ass. And I’ve been fucked a few times as well. I think I prefer female ass to male ass.

Don’t ask me why. I simply do. Every bisexual man has his preferences when it comes to these things. I gripped Roselyn’s hips tightly as I banged her in the ass. We both screamed as we did our thing. I filled Roselyn’s asshole with my dick, really cramming it in. It was awesome. Afterwards I made her suck me off and then I took a shower and left her house. If she’s good, we’ll hook up in another day or two.

The ladies of Toronto are fun. But all that changes very little. Sometimes, I get really sick of life in Canada. In Brockton, I had friends from diverse backgrounds. I had Irish friends, African friends, Japanese friends and Hispanic friends. While hanging out, we were just people. In Canada, they claim to be nicer and all that but it’s a load of bullshit. There are far more racists in Canada than in the U.S.

In America, we discuss racial and gender issues out in the open. On buses, in trains, classrooms and workplaces. Hell, we even discuss them in living rooms and bedrooms. In Canada, discussion of racial and gender issues, especially discrimination and bigotry, are considered the unmentionables. Hypocrisy rules the day in this country. That’s one of the many reasons why I can’t wait to get out escort torbalı of Canada.

I can’t stand this country. It really, really sucks. The weather isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but the people are god-awful. The other day, I saw a chubby White guy on the bus with his Asian girlfriend and both were saying some really negative things about people of African descent. Wow. I guess the racists are diversifying their ranks. I turned around and told them what a pair they made. The guy smiled wickedly and then he and his girlfriend got off at the next stop. Wow.

And that’s nothing. I see a lot of racist White chicks in Canada. Coming from America, the idea of a racist is usually an angry White guy going on and on about minorities and whatnot. Here, the worst and most common racists seem to be White women. Across age and income brackets, they’re popping up. How cool is that? I’ve never been into White chicks. I didn’t chase them in America and I’m not about to start in Canada, also known as the land of hypocrites.

I can’t stand Black Canadians either. They’re so docile, and dim-witted. Most of them are extremely proud of Canada even though this is one of the most bigoted countries I’ve ever seen. Black Canadian men seem to lack ambition. They’re in a country where the government is willing to pay for every man or woman to seek higher education. And Canadian colleges and universities are cheaper than those within the U.S. Why aren’t Black Canadian men attending college? I am not sure. They do face some discrimination but nothing they can’t get through. Canada is full of softies.

A strong Black man who’s smart, educated and determined can get things done here. So why aren’t Black Canadian men stepping up? Where are the Jesse Jacksons, the Jackie Robinsons, the Deval Patricks and the Barack Obamas of Canada? I think they’re watching hockey games in their parents basements while secretly lusting for the plain-looking and deeply bigoted White chicks of Canada. Isn’t that simply awesome?

Black Canadian women are a strange bunch. By far I prefer the Black women of America. Why? The Black American woman is strong and beautiful. She is fierce, smart and tough. And she fights against the racist and sexist barriers that America’s bigots raise against her. And quite often she wins. Nobody messes with a Black American woman.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wannabe tough White guy, some rich White woman or some random bozo of any color or gender. The Black American woman will kick your ass. The Black American woman gets a bad rep but she’s the base of the Black American community. She loves her man and she loves her sons and daughters. Without her, the Black American community is doomed.

The Black Canadian woman is more docile than the Black American woman. Also, she lacks the great bond of sisterhood which binds Black American women together. Black Canadian women walk around with the subtly bigoted White chicks of Canada and claim torbalı escort bayan to be their friends. How can you be friends with someone who thinks they’re better than you ( for no reason other than their color ) even if they don’t say it to your face?

Yeah, Black Canadian women aren’t too bright. And they’re always mad at Black Canadian men. The few Black Canadian men who are educated and accomplished prefer chasing White women, Hispanic women and Asian women. This makes Black Canadian women mad as hell. So they hang out with other angry Black Canadian women.

Of course, when his White girlfriend gets the Black Canadian man in trouble, it’s to the Black Canadian community that he turns. I find this really funny. White folks in Canada are more bigoted than the ones found in America. They’re just better at hiding it. Hell, they’ve fooled the entire world into thinking they’re the nicest folks on the planet. Again, what a load of crap.

I was on the bus to Orleans in early April 2010 and heard a group of young White women and young White men making some negative remarks about Aboriginal peoples, and gays. Wow. I find that many White Canadian youths are racist and homophobic. In a country that prides itself on its growing racial diversity and its staunch support of gay marriage legislation.

What a load of crock. In America, we’re not running around pretending to be saints and angels the way Canadians seem programmed to. We’re mean-spirited and narrow-minded, but most of us are trying to be better. As we become a more diverse society, and Whites become the newest minorities, adapting becomes necessary for survival.

I miss America so much, in particular the cities of Brockton and Boston in the state of Massachusetts. Why? The world made sense there. And I had the pleasure of attending school and working with people of diverse racial backgrounds who were decent individuals. Here in Canada, decent folks are in short supply. They do have an overabundance of fake-smiling, two-faced closet bigots, though.

They’re ninety nine percent of the folks you meet around here. When I go to sleep at night, I dream of getting on the bus and crossing the border from the province of Ontario, Canada, to the city of Buffalo, New York. Once there, I would finally be free. One day, I will return to the United States of America. Once I’ve earned my degree from the University of Toronto and made some money. I can’t stand Canadians. They make me sick. Every day that I spend in this cold, deeply bigoted, socially backwards and moronic land is a day of my life that I’ll never get back.

Still, I know what I came here for. When you’re in difficult situations, it’s important not to lose sight of your goals. I am in Canada for a reason. I want to get my degree in Criminal Justice from the University. I want to make some money. Then I will return to the real world, oops, I mean America, and start a new life. Canada is a lousy place.

I can’t imagine marrying someone here or raising my offspring here. I want to marry a strong and beautiful, educated and tough Black woman. And we will raise our offspring to believe they can accomplish anything. Canada discourages such aspirations. That’s why this ice cube is a pit stop for this strong Black man. Peace. I’m out of here.

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