Temmuz 17, 2024

A Afternoon Walk

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They rose to a glorious July morning. The sea was like a mirror, already there was heat shimmer rising from the pebbles of the beach.

He pulled on a pair of beach shorts as she donned a pair of her bikini bottoms. The walked out of the back door onto the beach and down to the sea for a refreshing dip. He lagged behind slightly and was able to see her perfect bottom wiggle in her bikini briefs. He never ceased to marvel at her beautiful figure. He hurried into the water to hide the beginning of an erection. She always had the same effect on him. She knew and never tired of it, often teasing at the most in opportune moment to increase his growth and then enjoys watching him try to hide it.

The sea was still cold even in July which caused a rapid reduction in the size of his growing penis. It of course had the completely opposite effect on her small firm breasts the nipples of which were very quickly sticking out as far as they had been the previous evening at the height of their love making.

After a swim they went back to the house for a shower and to dress. They decided to take a walk across the local hills to a village and have lunch at the inn and then meander back in the afternoon. It was going to be a hot day so after her shower she chose to wear a cotton halter neck top which tied at the back of the neck and in the small of the back, to go with it she picked out a short cotton ‘A’ line skirt. She pulled on one of her G strings and went to leave the bedroom but then thought as it was a hot day and she would be walking, she didn’t have a bra on so why bother with a G string. She removed it feeling slightly naughty to be so lightly clothed and also felt some anticipation mounting of what he would be like on the walk with such flimsy material separating him from the body he loved so much to feel. She finished off with a pair of flat strappy sandals.

For him dressing was simple more beach shorts and a light shirt with sandals.

He went down stairs and saw her lazily applying sun oil to her arms and legs. She looked fantastic her naturally dark skin glistening slightly in the sun. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra but he never even considered that she may be going on the walk bare back.

He took her in his arms and told her just how beautiful she was and kissed her deeply she responded gently pushing her tongue into his mouth and then entwining it around his enticing him to follow her tongue with his which he did entering her mouth. She could feel his growing erection beginning to push against her. She held him tighter and started to tickle the cheeks of his bum with her fingertips. He responded feeling her pert bottom with one hand and brings his other hand between them to gently massage one of her nipples. She could feel that he was now quite rigid and so gently broke away and said ” Come on then lets get going, I want to chat to a few people in the village on the way “. He groaned and hurried to catch her up she led the way straight into the small parade of shops in their village. His erection was still plain to see through the thin material of his beach shorts. Fortunately for him his shirt was long enough to hide it sufficiently not to be too obvious as he walked along. Just then she saw the Chairwoman of the parish council a lady with a blue rinse who was always criticising the way other people lived their lives. She broke into conversation with her and with out warning he heard her saying, ” Yes his shorts have an unusual fastening ” and with horror felt her lifting his shirt to show the old lady. She looked and said ” Oh he hasn’t got that pair on but I’m sure you see what I mean “. She let the shirt fall on his now rapidly shrinking bulge. The Chairwoman didn’t even acknowledge him she just said she must be going and walked away. His partner was giggling uncontrollably.

They carried on and were soon up on the hills. They slowed their pace and he put an arm around so that his hand could gently tease and tickle her bottom as they strolled along. She continued to giggle about the Chairwoman. She reached down and enquired what had happened to his erection. The combination of his hand on her arse and her hand on his flaccid knob was sufficient to ensure it wasn’t flaccid for very much longer.

He saw a small copse just off the main path and gently guided her round behind it to find it was really a crescent of trees providing privacy from those walking along the path.

He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply probing her mouth with his tongue. He gently traced small circles on the orbs of her bum making her twitch her cheeks and hold him tighter. He could feel his erection growing to full length with the smell, taste and feel of his loved one in his arms. He knew of no taste sweeter than that of her kisses and no matter what perfume she was or wasn’t wearing she always seemed to smell so soft.

She responded to his attentions her bottom was so sensitive to his fingers, she could feel the dampness beginning between her gaziemir escort legs as her body responded to him. She held him tightly cursing the sensations he was causing that continually made her bottom twitch and squeeze together an act that in itself caused more of her juices to be forced out of her fanny lips. She was thankful now that she had not worn knickers as she was rapidly reaching a point where she would just want to feel the strength of his erection deep inside her.

She danced her tongue around his and managed to work a hand between them, she massaged his rigid prick, which was twitching, and pulsing with the attention she was giving it. She could feel from the ever growing wet patch on his shorts that he was excited as she was.

He gradually eased the flimsy material of her skirt up over her rump and moved a hand down between the cheeks of her bum. It wasn’t until he ran his finger down over her tight crinkly arse that he realised she had no knickers on at all. His prick gave an involuntary jerk, which let her know he had made the discovery. He moaned and ran his finger further down to her honey pot, which he immediately felt was sodden. He carefully pushed a finger inside her causing her to moan softly and hold herself up against him. He withdrew his finger and softly massaged the juice into the entrance of her tight little bottom causing her to wriggle and push her bum onto his finger which he moved away and worked back into her wet fanny, using another finger to run along the groove towards her clit. She was so so excited that he knew she must be close to orgasm. He ground his hips into hers so she could feel how rigid and pumped up his dick was. He knew that it wouldn’t take much before he would be shooting his seed no matter where his prick was.

She was so turned on she didn’t really know why but knew she had to have his lovely thick rigid prick deep inside her fast or she would go mad. She pushed away from him went to the nearest tree braced herself against it and said ” For fucks sake stuff your prick in me and shag me rotten”.

He started over to her, lifted her skirt and could see droplets of her juice glistening in the sun around the beautiful entrance to her fanny which she was pushing out at just the right angle for him to dive home to the hilt. He was desperate to enter her, but using every last ounce of will power he thought he’d get his own back for the Chair woman earlier. He gave her a playful slap on the bottom and turned on his heel saying, ” Come on they will have finished serving lunch if we don’t go now”.

At first she stayed hold the tree unable to believe that he meant what he had said, but when she didn’t feel him move in behind and invade her she realised he had kept walking. She needed him so badly he couldn’t stop now she was so close. She shouted after him ” Come her and shag me I need to feel you inside me” he didn’t return so she shouted again ” For Christ’s sake I need you please come and ram that bloody erection deep into me you bastard” Then she heard him saying ” Morning ” to some one. Blushing she pulled her skirt down and peeked round the edge of the copse to see him talking to an elderly dog walker. Putting on her sweetest smile she walked over and stood beside him. Then she realised what he had clearly forgotten about. The front of his shorts were sodden with his own juices. Clearly he had been as excited as she had been and although he had managed to move his rigid prick so it pointed up inside his shirt the dark stain was too obvious for any one to miss.

The elderly dog walker moved off and they were left in peace to carry on with their walk to the pub. As they walked she tickled his bum keeping him excited enough to carry on leaking juice from the tip of his penis so keeping his shorts darkened at the front. She told him as they walked what a bastard he was and how he would regret leaving her so frustrated when he knew that she liked nothing better than to be taken from behind whilst bracing her self against what ever was available. ( Normally the kitchen worktop!).

The sun was now high in the sky and the heat quite intense. He took of his shirt either forgetting or not caring about the damp patch on his shorts. By the time they reached the pub he had calmed down and his shorts had dried. She too had regained her composure and so they ordered a drink each and a light lunch.

They sat out on one of the bench seated picnic tables in the pub garden. There weren’t many people they’re being midweek. There was however a group of five or six teenage lads who were more interested in beer than food.

After they had eaten they sat chatting and drinking. After get the drinks she straddled the bench seat to be able to face him whilst they chatted. He absently minded placed his hands on her bare knees and gently stroked and massaged them. Gradually he worked his hands up her legs, concentrating on her inner thighs so as not to push her skirt up making it obvious. It didn’t escort gaziemir take long before he was tickling her bush at the entrance to her pussy, which had started leaking with his massaging and stroking. He gently ran a finger the length of her groove, she leaned back a little to allow him easier access. She felt soo silky smooth and wet. He gradually eased a finger into her and found she was already so turned in that she had opened up already enabling him to slide a second finger in easily. He gently massaged her inner walls. She could feel the gentle touch of his fingers inside her. She could feel that her frustration from earlier obviously hadn’t left her as she was wet so quickly and knew that this time she would have to come or scream.

The conversation had stopped and now an occasional stifled moan was all that escaped her lips. Her eyes closed her head back slightly it would have been obvious to anyone who paid the slightest bit if attention that she was blissfully enjoying his attentions. He could feel her love juices actually trickle down his fingers. He couldn’t recall her ever being so turned on before. He looked around to ensure no one was paying too much attention to them and then became a little less cautious with his movements. By moving his arm slightly he was able to reach with his fingers her most sensitive spot inside her pussy. As soon as he rubbed his fingers over it the first time she couldn’t help but utter a higher pitched moan. She was enjoying his fingers inside her. All of a sudden he reached the spot she didn’t think he would be able to at this angle, immediately she felt an electric shock jolt through her body making her tense up momentarily and moan more loudly than she had been.

He smiled and stopped just in case any one had looked round. He then carried on pleasuring her. This was what he liked doing most seeing the pleasure on her face that he could bring to her. As he massaged as deep as he could reach she trembled every time he rubbed on her spot. He used his other hand to finger dance around the periphery of her engorged clit which was poking out of it’s shroud with it’s own erection. After a while he rubbed her spot inside her and at the same time rubbed her clit. It was too much for her to take and he saw her clamp her teeth on her lip as her whole body convulsed strange sounds emanating from her throat where she was trying so hard not to make a noise and trying to control her body at the same time. He removed his hands and gave her a hug to support her limp body. After a short time she regained her composure. They kissed lightly she smiling widely at him. She didn’t need to say thank you it was obvious she had enjoyed what had happened.

She told him she needed to go to the ladies room and got up walking past the group of teenage lads. As she did one of them said ” Excuse me lady but I think you’ve sat in something the back of your skirts all wet”, she ran her hand down over her bum and felt where her juices had leaked out onto the light material of her skirt. She felt herself colouring up straight away and said ” thank you ” to the youth before hurrying off.

In the ladies room she was dismayed to see they used towels and not warm air dryers. There was nothing she could do, she would have to wait for her skirt to dry in the sun as they walked.

She walked back to the table. As she walked past the youths, one of them that was facing towards their table, waited until she was past him so he could see her bum and said to his mates ” I don’t think she sat in anything. I thought her friend was doing something the way his arm was moving. I think I know what now.” She pretended to ignore him and hurried to the table where her partner waited for her laughing to him self. As she sat down he said, ” Well at least he got a cheap thrill out of it too”. She hadn’t blushed so much for years.

They got up to leave and she immediately saw that he too had enjoyed what they had been doing as the front of his shorts were again saturated. Determined to get her own back she said that rather than just walking off she wanted to go and say good bye to the landlord. She led the way past the boys. The one facing their table obviously saw the state of his shorts as he leered ” Did you have a nice lunch box I mean lunch mate”. He didn’t know how too reply so just ushered her into the pub.

In the pub it was darker and his predicament wasn’t noticed much to her disappointment. They said their good byes and then started the walk home.

They were both still quite turned on and as they walked touched and tickled each other intimately. A couple of times they came to a stop embracing and kissing deeply, each dancing their tongue in the others mouth. Both needed each other badly.

When they got to the copse he led her back round to where they had been before. She was still excited from earlier and from their petting on the walk but as he led her round off the path her flood gates opened just with the anticipation gaziemir escort bayan of what was to come. She put her hand down and was pleased to feel he was fully erect and was as wet as she was.

He went to lay her down but she pulled gently away and said ” No”. He looked mystified and a little lost for a moment. She went over to the tree. Jutted her butt at him, clutched the tree with both hands and looking down said “No playing no touching I just want to feel you ram that fucking dick straight in and I want to feel this tree shake with the force of you doing it”. He didn’t need telling twice. He almost tripped over his shorts in his hurry to get them off and get over to her at the same time.

His prick was so stiff it ached like hell. It was more than capable of standing up on it’s own. He didn’t even need to guide it, as he was able to just put it against the entrance to her fanny and then just took a step forward ramming himself into her to the hilt her buttocks squashing into his groin. For her that was it she felt the force as the thick head of his glans forced it’s way between her pussy lips and then ran hard to the top of her tube stretching her well lubricated fanny as it went. She was pushed forward with the force that he pushed in from behind. Whether it was the power or just being so turned on she didn’t know but she started an orgasm as soon as he started to push himself in to her.

She clung to the tree as he pistoned in and out of her from behind. They had often had sex in this position before but never before had he been so forceful. She could feel the pressure his rigid glans caused inside her with every forward motion. Often hitting so deep so hard that the air would be driven from her.

Starting with seeing her in her swimsuit that morning through to now her body had been tormenting him all day. It had become too much and he lost the control he normally kept in order to ensure he pleasured her. He rammed into as hard and fast as he could. She was so wet that there was no resistance to him other than the pressure of her tight love tube gripping his solid shaft. He gripped her hips and continued to plough into her. He pulled virtually all the way out so each time the broad head of his prick had to push her lips apart. He was aware she had come when he had entered her. She had followed with a number of less intense orgasms. He knew he couldn’t last long like this but also knew that’s what she wanted.

She felt his shaft start to swell even more and this put pressure on her whole sex organ but especially her most sensitive button which was now being rubbed mercilessly by the rigid piece of flesh violently entering in and out of her. The electric shocks became unbearable and with the orgasms racking her body it was all she could do to keep hold of the tree.

She felt his knob start to swell rapidly and felt him push into her even harder than before and hold it there, deeper inside her than she would ever have thought possible. She started an orgasm so intense that she couldn’t breath, stars swam before her as she felt the first of his seed force itself out of his knob pushed so hard against the flesh at the end of her tunnel.

He couldn’t believe the feeling of ramming into her so hard. He felt his balls tightening and then his prick started to expand and he felt the boil of semen surging along his dick. He leant back and lunged his hips forward one last time going deeper and harder than before, gripping her hips he pulled himself deeper inside and held himself there. He erupted deep inside her the pressure of the first shot so intense.

She didn’t feel the rest of his coming as she was oblivious to anything other than her own pleasure. She felt herself falling but couldn’t comprehend anything as she struggled for air as the shocks and pleasure racking every muscle and nerve ending in her body continued.

He was aware that something was happening to her but as he felt shot after shot of spunk shooting from him deep inside her he was unaware of her own orgasm. Finally after holding himself deep within her for some time after his final shots of come had subsided he released his grip on her hips and she fell to the floor.

She became aware of his voice calling from a far off place rapidly getting closer and louder. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him, his face red and sweaty with a concerned look that faded with her smile. She could feel her own hair wet with sweat plastered across her face. Her fanny still felt wet but now she knew it was a combination of her juice and his seed.

She put her arms up and took hold of him around the neck pulling his mouth down to hers and kissed him passionately.

Gently they caressed each other, almost absent mindedly, as they lay in the shade of the tree recovering from they’re exhausting climaxes.

After a while he got up and found his shorts, discarded where he had so desperately pulled them off earlier. He helped her to her feet, held her to him and kissed her deeply. She knew he was saying thank you, although why she couldn’t understand, as she felt it couldn’t have been as good for him as it had been for her. He again felt himself stirring, but knew they would be pushing they’re luck to remain and carry on, as more people were now out for afternoon strolls.

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