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200 for an Hour at Paul’s House

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The beer was stale.

I mean really, how does one allow that glorious invention of man, that delightful concoction of hops and yeast go bad?

I thought the expiration dates on beer were just challenges to the drinker; I bet you can’t finish me before this day.

My good ol’ pal Paul lost this one though.

You see this dry piss I’m currently drinking belongs to a guy named Paul, whose house I’m sitting in at the moment.

Paul is one of my better friends. Hell he’s pretty much one of my best friends, considering I placed him as an emergency contacts over one of my own sisters. (Sorry Melissa, but you’re too damn flighty to trust with my safety.)

We’ve known each other through high school, then college. We even went through the same bachelor/master’s computer engineering program. It was hell, grueling programing hell but we got through it by banding together. I always though Paul was a nerd, but his help was invaluable in getting me through college and I always tried to pay him back when possible. Now that I think about it, Paul is someone I’d go through thick and thin to help out.

I guess Paul felt the same way too, when he called me and asked, almost begged me in tears if I could house sit for him. He got called away for some surprise seminar that his company signed him up for and decided not to tell him about it about two days before he was suppose to go. Scumbags, I should send some malicious mal-ware through their servers.

Anyway, an empty house wouldn’t be that much of a problem for Paul to leave behind, unless it had at least $5000 worth of exotic fish inside. One of Paul’s hobbies is caring for rare fish, the sort of fauna that exists in the water off of Sumatra or Sumer or some far off place like that. They’re not too hard to take care of, but Paul doesn’t want them to starve to death or shit like that.

I’d catch a bullet for Paul, so feeding some rare goldfish wouldn’t be too much of a request. He left me instructions to follow about feeding the buggers, but when I did some research and read the notes they turned out to be pretty much were self sufficient. Paul was only going to be gone about 4 and a half days, so I didn’t have to do any upkeep or anything like that with them.

I crushed the can in my hand, and tossed it in the garbage bin in the corner, settling back on Paul’s comfy recliner. Paul told me he would pay me, but I just laughed in his face. Although I earned a healthy salary from my job, I still lived like a beggar in my one bedroom apartment in the shitty part of town. Just being able to crash in Paul’s opulent by comparison rancher was good enough payment.

A knocking at the door interrupted my thoughts. Ah, she’s early.

I got up from the chair, smoothing my hair back before I turned the knob.

The mousy little brunette was standing there, practically bouncing to see me again.

“Good evening,” she said happily, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and giving me a smooch on the cheek.

I couldn’t help but grin at her excitement and giddiness in seeing me again and I returned the hug, even picking her up and twirling her around. She squeaked in surprise, which lapsed into delightful giggling. So wait, you’re probably wondering, if you’re house-sitting in your best friend’s house, why are you bringing over a girl you barely know?

The only thing I asked from Paul was if it was okay if I brought a girl over. Paul is one of three who knows about my hooker habit, and he himself indulged on some occasion. The second the words left my mouth Paul instantly agreed, even offering some of the toys and protection he kept in his room for me to use.

I don’t know what the hell Paul did with his girls, but I never thought he would be a fan of oversized anal beads. I politely declined his offering, but he did ask me if I could use the spare bedroom. Apparently that was the room he did all his fucking, and he’d be honored if I anointed it with some of my sex fluids. I told him I’d be proud to do so, since he was such a good friend. I pretended to jerk off and cum all over his walls, which got a real laugh out of him. Well back to the girl.

I placed her down after a couple spins, and we locked eyes. She gave me a demure little smirk, and bit her lips looking at me. Shit, every time she does that I want to kiss her.

“So how are you doing,” I say, taking a step back so I can really take her in. She’s wearing a tight black V-neck shirt and black leggings which really accentuate her tits, hips, and ass. The black really contrasts against her pale skin. She has some make-up on too, mascara rimming her eyes and red hot lipstick. Compared to last night, she’s all dolled up for me.

She springs up on her heels and lets out an exaggerated sigh, as if she’s had an agonizing day.

“Nothing much, just worked and worked,” she said with an annoyed tone. “How about you baby?”

“Same thing, really stressed out. I was about to blow my lid. Meeting you tonight was what kept me going,” I say illegal bahis with a soft smile.

Truthfully, I was at work thinking endlessly about our session last night. From the face fucking to the impromptu kiss we shared, I couldn’t really focus on anything else. It got to the point I was so hard I had to sneak away to the basement bathroom and rub one out before a meeting with some clients. Good thing I did, because they turned out to be big pricks. Whatever, it’s over and I’m here with her now.

She’s staring at me with a dreamy look, probably from what I said. She’s biting her lips again, and it seems like she’s trying to get me to kiss her still. Well I’m only too happy to oblige. I step closer to her and wrap my arms around her hips, my face hovering over hers. She’s holding her breath, and her eyes are saucer wide at my sudden actions.

I lean in and plant a soft kiss on her lips, ever so gently brushing my tongue into her mouth. She returns it vigorously, and soon she’s plastered herself against me, grinding my thigh. Our tongues are diving at each other, and she’s wrapped one hand around my head, the other going to the front of my gym shorts and groping the growing bulge. Damn this is gonna be a good session. Wait a minute.

Session. Oh shit, for a second there I forgot I’m paying this girl.

I regretfully pull away, her lips comically trying to recapture mines as I step back. She pouts at me, her hands on her hips, eyes filled with loss. I chuckle mirthfully and walk over to the table, picking up the envelop of bills. I settle back in front of her, trying to put on my professional face despite my boner poking through my shorts.

“I didn’t want to start without handling billing of course,” handing over the envelop. I have to remind myself this is still a transaction.

She nods understandingly, although she’s still giving me a mock glare. She’s even cute when she’s angry, my mousy brunette. She pulls out the money, counting carefully as before, her eyes darting up to me with confusion.

“Um, I thought we agreed upon 160 for an hour,” she said lifting up the fifties. “This is 200.”

I laugh again, running my hand through my short cropped hair. This girl didn’t pick up on my negotiation skills, or lack there-of. She’s probably so use to people talking down her price that she thought the first time I did it that it was a simple mistake.

“Yeah I remember,” I said, taking a seat on Paul’s love seat.

She looks at me still, tilting her head as if I didn’t hear her correctly.

“I just didn’t have any change, so I said fuck it.” I swear I’ve said that before. “It’s not like it’s hard to spend on a beautiful goddess like you.” Normally I bullshit compliments, but for this girl I mean every word.

Her face goes from confusion to a bashful look, her head dipping down as if to collect herself. She picks her head right back up a few second later beaming at me. She carefully tucks the envelop away in her little clutch, and places it on the same side table. Her hands rest back on her hips as she stands in front of me, and her euphoric smile starts to turn into a predatory grin that makes me clench up a bit.

A second later she pounces on me, her lips against mine, tongue jamming it’s way into my mouth again. I match her, and we fight for dominance as our hands rove all over each other. I reach down and grab handfuls of her ample butt, squeezing hard. She moans deeply into my mouth, grinding herself against my crotch.

I roll over getting on top, pinning her against the cushions as I start to ravage her neck with kisses and bites. She’s groaning loudly, and wraps her hands over my head, bidding me to stay. She smells so damn sweet, and her unabashed cries of pleasure make me rock fucking hard just like before. I lick at the edge of her cleavage, and then inspiration struck me.

I bring my hands down to the hem of shirt, and pull it over her head, sneaking a kiss when it covers her eyes momentarily. She giggles, and bites my lip when I try to pull away, holding onto me until I relent and give her another kiss. I finally get it off of her, and I can properly ogle her chest. She’s not wearing a bra so her nice little tits are pleasurably apparent.

I realize this is the first time I’ve really seen them, asides from little drool soaked outlines. This is the first time I really get to touch them too, and my hands bear down, softly fondling the fleshly orbs. She purrs as I caress and roll her nipples between my fingers. I bend down, taking her right nipple into my mouth, sucking it in so fully her entire tit is nearly in my mouth. She cries sharply, her hands wrapping around my head again, pulling me more tightly against her chest.

I suckle deeply, enjoying the feel of her nipple against my tongue to the overtures of her moans. I release it from my mouth and lavish the same attention on her left nipple, repeating the same vacuum effect sucking in as much of her breast as possible. If you never had a mouthful of illegal bahis siteleri soft womanly titty, I suggest you go up to the nearest willing female and try it out. You won’t fucking regret it.

She’s writhing underneath me, her legs wrapping around my hips. I felt one of her hands leave my head, and I felt it snake down all the way to her groin. I felt her knuckles rub against my bulge, but she wasn’t trying to touch me so much as pleasure herself. Sure enough, her moans pick up an octave as I continue to feast on her tits.

I push her breasts together, and run my tongue from nipple to nipple. They’re so goddamn perfect, just the right size and feel. A lot of girls I see sometimes augment themselves with these saline sacs, and they just ruin their natural beauty. Pretty much fucking water balloons for all intents and purposes. I stare up at her while I flick one of her nipples with my tongue.

“Do you like me sucking your beautiful tits,” I take her left nipple into my mouth for effect, holding on to it with my front teeth and pulling it back.

She groans loudly, throwing her head into the cushions eyes shut.

“Oh baby you don’t even know what you’re doing to me right now,” looking down at me, her eyes lidded.

“I’m pretty sure I have a good idea,” I glance down at her busy fingers and flash a mischievous smile.

“Do you now?” her eyes are fully shut again and she’s biting her lip.

I laugh and keep worshiping her breasts for some time, licking and sucking and caressing all over. I’m starting to get slightly bored, and I yearn to explore the rest of her body. Particular her pussy.

“You know your tits taste amazing,” licking the underside of her right breast, “But I want to taste the rest of your body.” With great remorse I stop licking her breasts, to which I heard her whimper in a disappointed tone. She won’t be sad for too long though.

I trail down her soft stomach with little butterfly kisses, pausing to rim her belly button, which garnered a soft moan from above me. I rub my face against her belly, my stubble tickling her something good because she breaks out in a fit of giggles. I reach the edge of her leggings, and hook my fingers over the waistband.

I glance up to the girl to see her face full of anticipation, breathing slow and her gaze focused on my every move. I lick my teeth for effect, and tantalizingly pull down her leggings slowly, taking gratuitous patience with the process. As I pull them down her leg, I see her bare pussy once more. Damn this girl really wasn’t wearing any underwear, just like I suspected. It made my dick twitch a little bit.

I raise her legs up so I can fully take them off along with her right ballet shoe. I notice she has really nice feet, very lady like and soft looking. She must have recently went to a salon recently, because her toenails were a nice shade of hot pink. They looked good enough to eat. On a whim I gently kiss the upper arch of her foot, licking up to her big toe before sucking it into my mouth.

I was slightly worried that she would be ticklish and unintentionally lash out at my face, but she suddenly inhaled through her nose, her head thrown back into the cushion again. Oh, she likes her feet being touched. Not that I’m a foot fetish sort of guy, but when I say I wanna taste every part of a woman’s body I mean it, hot pink toes being no exception.

I suck on each of her digits briefly, giving her pinky toe a little nip before trailing down her foot to her heel. I give it a hard enough bite to make her yelp out, but I lick up to the soft spot right under her ankle and suck on it. She moans languidly, and I can see her hand has jumped back down to rub herself again, this time without the leggings covering her up.

She’s moving pretty fast with the fingers, and she was breathing those same shallow exhalations that I recognized as the early signs of an impending orgasm. It was too early in the session for her to cum, and from my experience the more drawn out cumming was, the better it felt. I had that lesson quite early in my life from jacking off to pron videos on AOL.

“Slow down girl, we haven’t even got to the fun part yet,” I say as I pull off the other side of her leggings, grasping her left foot and licking up the arch. Maybe that will slow her down.

“I’m so fucking hot right now,” she said, closing her eyes as I suck on her index toe.

I pull off with a pop on her toe and smile at her. Maybe not.

“Really? You’re that revved up right now?”

She moans in what I assume is agreement as she begins to pinch at her right nipple.

“Baby I could cum any minute,” she breathed out unevenly. “You don’t even know how close I am.”

“Well don’t just go yet,” I say. With that I take a hard bite into her arch. I’m pretty sure that’ll bring her down a bit.

She screams and kicks out her foot, which I just manage to dodge. She’s glaring at me now, her fingers frozen in place over her tit and pussy.

“What the canlı bahis siteleri fuck did you do that for,” her eyes filled with a bit of annoyance.

I make my sorry face and pout at her, to which her semi-hard look somewhat softens.

“Sorry sweetheart, I just want you take it down a notch,” I apologetically run my tongue over where I bit. “When you cum, I want it to be earth-fucking shattering.”

“You didn’t have to bite me,” she said dismissively, her finger slowly running over the fullness of her tit. I can feel the brief anger she had slowly subsiding away.

“To tell the truth, my words didn’t do too much to stop you, so I thought a little direct action would help,” I try smile as cheesy as possible. She rolls her eyes.

I start to stroke my hand down her left leg, stopping just in the middle of her thigh before coming back up to her foot. My touch is feathery light, and I can see goosebumps form across her skin as I take another circuit. She inhales deeply, her fingers nonchalantly moving over her wet slit.

“I promise you,” kissing the spot where I bit, “That you will be begging me to stop. Just let me work my magic,” I waggle my eye brows at her, earning a bemused giggle out of her.

“Well you better deliver,” she says with a smirk, taking her hand back from her pussy to her unattended left nipple. “You may continue,” she says in a mockingly royal tone.

“Yes madam,” I reply in an overly grandiose manner.

I begin to kiss down her foot, trailing kisses again on the underside of her calf, which she appreciatively hums at. I reach behind her knee, suckling at the flesh for a bit, which made her legs shiver and a breathy sigh exit her mouth. I could see she was struggling to keep her hands from drifting back down to touch herself, but she kept them resting on her tits. Good girl, she was gonna blackout when I made her cum. At least I think she will.

I started to lick my way up her soft thigh, when I begin to get the barest whiffs of her arousal. I had a little taste last night, and I didn’t really focus on her aroma. I nibbled gently against the creamy inside of her thigh, which made her gasp out loudly, and she brought her legs around my head, trying to lock me against her pussy.

I reacted quickly though raising my arms instantly under her legs and wrapping my hands against her knees. I spread her legs wide open and held them down. I looked up to see her face filled with desperate need.

“Come on, stop dragging it out,” she said in a frenzied manner. She still tried to close her legs around me, but I kept them at bay.

“Stop dragging what out,” I teased her running a tongue in her groin, perilously close to her lower lips.

She moaned almost painfully and bounced her hips up. When her eyes returned to mine, I could see that along with frustration they were also filled with burning hatred. This girl was really suffering, but it was all for a good reason.

“Making me cum. I know you’re gonna eat the shit out of my pussy,” she spits out angrily. “Why the hell are you taking so long.”

Fuck that was some filthy fucking language.

“Well,” I kissed her other thigh, taking a gentle bite, “I told you I wanted to build you up. I can only say you must trust me that you’re gonna cum so hard you might not get back up.” I kiss over where I bit her.

Her legs go limp, and she launches her head back, a defeated groan entering the air.

“Fine,” she says almost sadly. Oh don’t worry sweetheart, you really won’t regret this.

I chuckle briefly, licking into her

“Patience is a virtue sweetheart,” I jab at her.

“Well I wouldn’t know about virtues, I sucked cock for money last night,” she retorts.

Oddly enough that barb turned me on something fierce, because I decided to step it up after all that. I released her left leg, bringing my right hand to lightly trace around her puffy lips. She jumped at the contact, her eyes shifting from the white ceiling back to me. She was biting her lip and it was quivering so hard.

I continue to dance my fingers over her mound, staying purposely away from her wet slit and her engorged clit. I want her so turned on that the second I touch her with my tongue she cums, so I just continue to really graze over her without really touching her pussy. She must have realized that as well, because I can hear her moan almost in a begging fashion whenever my hand trails just too closely to her twat.

When I feel that’s she’s given up on me ever actually touching her, I run a finger between her wet lips and up to her clit, lightly mashing into it as I did before. She bounces at the contact before releasing one of the most relieved moans I’ve heard. I continue to lightly stroke her pussy up and down, before I dive in with my face. I rest my nose over her pussy, taking in the delicious aroma. It smells just as good as it tasted last night, and I can’t wait to savor her juice again.

I reach out a tentative tongue, repeating the same motion as my finger did a minute ago. She completely freezes up when my slippery muscle touches her, but soon she’s undulating into my mouth as I being to explore her pussy. I trail my tongue all over her, quickly licking up the little dribbles of her arousal.

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