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You’re not a Lesbian? PT1

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You’re not a Lesbian? PT1
“Hello, welcome to the neighborhood. I’m Kate Melbourne.” I said with an easy smile and outstretched hand. I half expected her to look at me and laugh, or scowl and say something nasty. Old memories are hard to suppress.

Instead, she greeted me with a warm smile and piercing blue eyes. Reaching out, she grasped my hand in her warm, soft grip and said “Oh hi. I’m Emma. Emma Hefner. And no, I’m not married to the playboy guy. No relation at all unfortunately. I’d probably have a lot more money if I was right.” Then she laughed, and her laugh was so carefree and infectious that, I don’t know, I guess I felt more at ease with her.

We started talking, small talk mostly, and about ten minutes into the conversation I realized that I felt really comfortable talking with her, like we were longtime friends. It’s amazing how sometimes you can make a connection like that with a total stranger, but I liked her, even though she was beautiful, and I wanted to get to know her better.

Before I left to work some more in my garden, and let her get back to unpacking, I invited her over. I didn’t tell her any specific time, I just said that when she was all settled in and could find the time, to drop in and we would have a drink and get to know each other better. She graciously accepted and said that she didn’t expect to take too long unpacking because she didn’t have much stuff. She surprised the shit out of me when she said “Maybe I’ll take you up on that drink tonight.”

I went back to work in my garden and actually felt really good about my decision to go introduce myself. My attitude about her had changed in just the short time I chatted with her. Later on that evening, there was a knock on my door, and when I opened it, there she was.

“Hi. Is that offer of a drink still good?” She asked.

“Yeah. Of course Emma, come on in.” I said, stepping aside and motioning her in. I opened a bottle of wine and we settled down on the living room couch. She had changed her clothes since earlier and now wore a denim mini skirt, and a tight white tank top with a plunging neckline and plenty of cleavage showing.

“So, how did the move go?” I asked.

“Ugh, I hate moving.” she snapped, then giggled and took a swig of her wine. “Oh shit that’s good.” she remarked and kicked off her pumps. “I love a glass or two of good wine after a long day.”

“Mm me too.” I agreed, taking a long swig from my glass.

“So you said you were married earlier. Where’s your husband?”

“Oh, he’s away on business. He’s into pharmaceuticals and he has to travel all over. He speaks at seminars, it’s the most boring shit I’ve ever listened to, but he likes it. He gets to travel all over the US, and when he goes, he’s gone for at least three days, sometimes a week.”

“Really? That must suck big time.” She said, then after another sip of wine she added “Well, unless of course you’re getting a little something on the side.” She gave me a sideways glance and raised an eyebrow.

“What? No no, I don’t. I don’t do that.” I said when I realized that she was talking about an affair. “I would never cheat on Dave.”

She laughed loudly and put her hand on my leg, just above my knee. “I was just fucking with you Kate. Don’t get your panties all up in a bunch now.” She left her hand on my leg a little longer than was necessary, and gave me a squeeze before pulling it back. I didn’t think too much of it right then, but…hindsight ya know.

The conversation went on and one glass of wine turned into two, then three and we were both feeling it quite a bit. It was easy talking with her, and when the subject eventually made its way around to sex, well we didn’t hold back there either. She asked me some pretty personal things and I, well I was a little too drunk to even care. We talked about fetishes, and I told her that I had read “Fifty Shades of Gray” and was a little bit intrigued by what the character Anastasia Steele went through.

From there, we talked a bit about BDSM and a few other kinks. I told her that I would never suggest it to my husband because he just wouldn’t understand. “He thinks that stuff only happens in porn movies, and with perverted people. He’s pretty straight laced when it comes to sex, you know.”

“Wow, I guess so. How do you deal with that?” Emma asked, as if I must have had a problem with it.

“Oh, I don’t mind. I keep the book hidden when he is around, in case he heard about it from somewhere.”

Shaking her head in disbelief, Emma asked “So neighbor,” slurring her words a bit “ever done it with a woman before?”

That question right there should have put me on the defensive, but being a bit tipsy, it sailed right over my head. “Nahh’ I said, my head feeling rather swollen for some reason “I’m not a dyke.” For some reason I thought that was funny as shit and I burst out laughing.

Emma watched me laughing, and when I quieted down she said “You should try it sometime. It’s fucking awesome.”

Now I had the raised eyebrow as I looked at her and said “No fucking way. You’re not a lesbian?”

“Well, let’s just say I have experience going both ways.” She answered, then slid over next to me, her hand was back on my leg but this time it was way up on my thigh. “I could teach you a few things you know.”

Alarm bells were going off in my head and I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I stammered out “Ahh whoa, hey naa…” but before I could make a legible response, she started laughing and moved back to the other side of the couch.

“You should see your face right now.” she guffawed, then made a pronounced surprised face to imitate what I had looked like, as she set her glass aside on the end table next to the arm of the sofa.

“Holy shit Emma, I thought you were serious for a second there.” I said with relief.

“No, I was just fucking with you again. You are way too easy Kate.” She observed, then added “Now, I need to use your toilet before I piss myself.”

“Oh, yeah um…” I pointed down the hallway and said “Third door on the right. Light is on the outside.”

She started to stand and tilted unsteadily, reached out blindly, and wound up falling back onto the sofa. “Shit, I think I drank too much.” she said, and giggled again. This time when she laughed, she put her hand down in her crotch and squeezed her legs together. “Oh shit, I’m going to piss myself.”

I could see that she was in trouble so I stood up to help her. I was very unsteady myself after, I think it was three glasses of wine, and I had to wait a second or two until the room stopped moving. I took her hand and helped her to her feet and we leaned against each other as we made our way down the hallway to the bathroom. Once inside with the light on, I helped her to the toilet and said “You think you can manage from here?”

She leaned on the side of the sink and started to work the top button on her skirt. The fly was three buttons and I could see that she didn’t have the dexterity needed to undo just one let alone all three. “Screw it!” she said and tried to reach up under her skirt to move her undies. That turned out to be a difficult task for a drunk girl to. Finally, she looked up at me and said “Kate, you need to pull my panties down for me. I’m going to fall over, kaçak iddaa and I need to piss now.”

I could see she was desperate, and I didn’t want to have to clean up a puddle of piss off my floor, so I got down on my knees behind her and reached up under her skirt. It was a surreal feeling to be doing what I was doing, but I wasn’t looking at it like it was a sexual act. Her skirt was tight, so I had to really cram my fingers up there searching by feel for the waistband of her panties. It took me a few seconds to realize that my hands were on her skin, so I peeked up under and saw that she was wearing a thong.

I’ve never worn a thong before because I’ve always thought that they looked incredibly uncomfortable, and this one was no exception. The thin piece of cloth between her legs was wedged deep into her slit, and I noticed three things right away. First, she was shaved bare down there, something that I never dared to try. Second, was the thickness of her labia, which completely concealed the thin strap of thong material. And third was her smell, which I can only describe as womanly, earthy, and, well it was heady. The smell was what really got to me I think. You see, truth be known, I have always been turned on by my own smell down there, especially at the end of the day, or when I was sexually excited. I’ve always felt like I was weird in that respect, so I’ve managed to keep that fact a secret all these years.

So anyway, when I saw the thong and smelled the odor of her pussy, I momentarily forgot what I was doing down there and sort of just sat there for a few seconds, staring at her fragrant sex. “Hey, what are you doing? I’m going to piss myself!” Emma blurted, waking me from my funk.

“Oh, sorry.” I mumbled, then used my finger to hook the thin strap that went down between her ass cheeks and pulled. It was really wedged deep and it took quite a tug from me to dislodge it. My finger slid down as it came from between her ass cheeks, then it pushed apart her thick labia and popped out. As my finger reached the lowest part of her thong, the thinnest piece of material, I noticed it was soaked. I tugged down and felt the material stretch, then rip. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed.

Emma just quickly plopped herself down on the toilet and began pissing forcefully, sighing loudly as she emptied her bladder. “You nearly got wet Kate.” She said, and I saw a bead of sweat on her forehead, probably from straining to hold her urine. Speaking of urine, as soon as she started pissing, the smell of her urine filled the bathroom. So much for the lovely smell that had been emanating from her earlier.

It was at that time, listening to her piss spraying into the bowl, that I realized I had to go just as badly. I think it’s one of those mind tricks, like Pavlov’s dogs, whenever I hear water running, I have to pee. After drinking so much wine, I had to pee desperately. “Hurry, I need to pee now.” I told her, suddenly feeling the need to squeeze my own legs together.

Emma found this hilarious and burst out laughing while still sitting and pissing, and that made me start to laugh too. “Don’t make me laugh.” I stammered, the need to release suddenly ten times worse than moments ago.

Then, she did something totally unexpected. While sitting on my toilet peeing, she reached her hand up to the inside of my thigh, just below the hem of my shorts, and slid her fingers up to my crotch. “I’ll help you hold it.” She said, still laughing like a wild woman.

Unfortunately, her putting her hand up inside my shorts didn’t help me, it was such a shock that I actually lost my concentration for a few seconds and started to pee in my shorts. I felt the heat spread and saw the look of shock from Emma as her hand got wet, then she laughed even harder. I was now doing the pee dance and yelled “Move it!!” while I was undoing my own fly. I had better luck than she did and without waiting another second, I pushed both my shorts and underwear down. At this point, modesty was out the door.

“Quick, I’ve got to go bad!” I yelled, bending at the knees and squeezing my thighs together as tight as I could. A few more drops rolled down my legs as I felt the dam getting ready to burst.

Still laughing like an idiot, Emma said “You’ll have to pee between my legs, I can’t get up.” and she sat back up against the tank and spread her legs wide.

Now before all you people go spouting off about what I should have done in that situation, let me remind everyone that I was pretty drunk and wasn’t exactly thinking very clearly. I saw the toilet bowl between her legs, and my body just took over. Without really thinking about it, I kicked off my panties and sat down. With Emma behind me, I didn’t have much room on the front of the toilet, but I was sure I had enough, and then Emma wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me back tightly against her.

If I had wanted to hold my urine any longer, I wouldn’t have been able to when Emma hugged me like that. The pressure on my full bladder was too great and I let loose with a powerful spray that just cleared the inner lip of the toilet seat. The relief was so great that I soon found myself laughing right along with Emma as I emptied myself.

When my stream had finally stopped, I felt shame and embarrassment at what I had just done. I tried to get up, but Emma held me tight. “Don’t forget to wipe.” She whispered in my ear before running her hand down through my still dripping pussy.

I don’t know what went through my mind at that point, I think I was too shocked to even think to be honest, but I just gasped and froze while her fingers found my vagina and slid inside. Finally I was able to say “Emma, what the fuck are you doing?”

She sucked my earlobe for a few seconds, drawing another gasp, then said “I’m fingering you silly.”

“But why?” I asked, a bit perturbed. I grasped her wrists and tried pulling her hands away from me.

“Just relax and let me make you feel good.” she answered, the middle finger of her right hand buried knuckle deep in my pussy.

“Uhh, but I can’t. I’m not a lesbian Emma, and I’m married.” I whispered the last half of the sentence as if my husband was home and I was worried that he might hear me, even though the house was empty.

“It won’t make you a lesbian Kate. Just think of it as masturbation, but with a little bit of help.”

Now that I think about it, for someone who was so drunk that she couldn’t walk to the bathroom with assistance, she was remarkably lucid all of a sudden. I should have realized that right then, but I was too flustered and just a bit turned on. I know, I said that I was straight and I didn’t want to have sex with Emma and I really didn’t, but it felt good in the moment.

My mind was still muddled from the wine, and I was trying figure out how to handle the situation, and all of a sudden, I just started giggling. I really don’t know why, or what I thought was funny, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. I guess that it was just the ridiculousness of the whole situation. There we were, spooning on the open toilet, the strong smell of piss emanating throughout the bathroom and Emma reaching around me and shoving her fingers into my pussy. I was nude from the waist down while Emma was still in makrobet her short skirt and her busted thong straps hanging down. So was I laughing because of the crazy situation, or the stress of being m*****ed by a woman? I don’t know.

I laughed until tears fell from my eyes and the next thing I know, Emma pulled her finger out of my pussy, and brought it up to my mouth. “Clean the piss off my finger.” she said, and before I knew what happened, she shoved her middle finger into my mouth.

I tasted my thick pussy juices mixed with the unmistakable biting bitterness of urine. I had been shocked when she had started to finger me, now I was disgusted that she would shove her pissy finger into my mouth, even if it was my own piss. I nearly bit her, that was how horrified I was, but right when I felt my anger was about to bubble over, she said something to me that stopped me.

“Be a good little slave and you’ll be rewarded.”

With that one sentence, I froze with my mouth gently closed around her finger. My body had become stiff as a board and I forgot to breathe while her chilling words echoed through my head. She called me ‘slave’, and something snapped inside my head.

“Emma?” I said around her finger, making it sound like a two year old learning talk.

She shushed me “Shhhh” then whispered into my ear, which I found so erotic for some reason “No talking, just suck my finger.” When I didn’t move for a second, she raised her voice just a bit and said “Do it now!” while she pinched my labia with her free hand.

The pain jumped started me into action. I sucked in my breath, mewled like a kitten, and immediately began sucking and licking her finger.

“That’s a good little bitch. Suck it all clean.” She cooed in my ear again, making me melt. She called me ‘bitch’. Normally that would deserve a slap, or at least a good old fashioned tongue lashing, but instead I felt a tremor travel up my spine, and I moaned. I had become a quivering mass of jelly in her arms. What was wrong with me?

After she had painfully pinched my labia, and got me to start sucking her finger, she began to rub her hand up and down my pussy. I was still sucking her other finger when she said “You want to be my slave, don’t you?” I let her move my head up and down in a nodding motion. At that moment, I really did want it. She then said “Good girl. You’ll make a good slave. Now stand up.”

She pulled her fingers out of my mouth and pussy, and pushed me forward. As I stood up, she held my hips so I wouldn’t turn around. She slid one hand up on my lower back and said “Bend over, I want a good look at that ass.” It was wrong, and I knew it was wrong, but I let it happen. I bent forward at the waist, and spread my legs apart when she began spanking my inner thighs and said “Spread ’em”. I had no idea what to expect, but at that moment, I think I was more turned on than ever before.

I closed my eyes, feeling much more sober now, and shivered in anticipation. Of what, I didn’t know, but I believed at the time that I was ready for anything. I felt her hand back at my pussy; my wet dripping pussy and it wasn’t dripping wet from urine anymore, it was wet from pure excitement. She rubbed her hand back and forth, squishing noisily through my labia lips, and drawing a hushed moan from deep in my throat.

“Pick up your soiled underwear slave.” she ordered from behind me. I reached down with my left hand, but before I could grab them, she stopped me. “No. Pick them up with your mouth.”

From my vantage point I could see that they were really soaked with my piss, and I balked at her order. “But they are soaked in pee.” I said.

I felt the back of my hair being grabbed roughly and my head was yanked back, at the same time the fingers playing in my pussy suddenly pulled away and loud stinging slaps began to rain down on my ass cheeks. “That wasn’t a request slave!” she shouted. ” Now be a good slave and pick them up!”

I don’t know why, but I did what she wanted. I had to get down on my knees to do it, and when I got down I could smell my piss in them. I tried to pick them up with my teeth at the very top by the waist elastic, but the way they had dropped to the floor left the wet crotch part sticking up. I thought that maybe I could flip them over with my chin or nose, but when Emma saw what I was trying to do, she shouted “Hurry up!” and pushed my face down into them.

As gross as it was to have my face pushed into my pissy panties, the effect that Emma’s dominating attitude was having on me was hard to ignore. I was living out one of my most secret fantasies. The fact that it was a woman who was dominating me instead of a man seemed to add to the excitement for some reason. I think it was the taboo nature of it that really got to me.

I opened my mouth and clamped my lips down on the wet material, then waited for Emma to release me so I could pick them up. When I did, she made me stay on my hands and knees with my soiled underwear hanging from my mouth. The smell was really strong and even though I tried not to taste anything, the bitterness soon permeated my mouth.

I saw Emma’s hand reach down underneath my mouth and tug the panties, so I opened up so she could take them, but instead, she started pushing them all the way into my mouth. I had thought the taste couldn’t get any worse, but I was so wrong. The taste of piss exploded in my mouth and I gagged as I involuntarily swallowed.

I know what most of you are thinking right now, you’re thinking ‘why did you allow Emma to do that to you?’, and to be honest, I was thinking that myself while I was kneeling there gagging on my own pissy underwear. I’m normally a strong, independant woman. Hell, I can manage the household every time my husband is away on business, and I’m not one to sit back and let someone walk all over me either. So why did I let Emma take over and order me to do those depraved things? Well, I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I guess I was just caught up in the moment. It was exciting and erotic and what can I say, I guess I’m a bit of a slut on the inside.

So anyway, I managed to suppress my gag reflex and not puke all over the place, and Emma managed to stuff my entire panty in my mouth. I was whining like a sad puppy, but my pussy was dripping wet with excitement.

While I was kneeling there munching on my unmentionables, my peripheral vision caught sight of something dropping next to me where Emma was standing. I glanced over to see her skirt and torn thong on the floor at her feet. She kicked them aside, then dropped her top. A shiver went up my spine as I realized that she was standing next to me totally naked.

“Do those pissy panties taste good slave?” Emma asked “You were a naughty girl you know. You ruined my thong, then pissed in your pants. Only a naughty girl would do that. Do you know what happens to naughty girls? They get punished, that’s what.” She was walking around me while she berated me. “Since your husband is away, I guess I’ll have to be the one who doles out the punishment to you.”

She had this amazing sense of authority as she walked around me. I felt like I was back in grade school getting bitched out by the principal. I hated it, but I loved it also.

“So here’s makrobet giriş what’s going to happen.” She continued. “First, you will need to pay me back for ruining my thong. The price will be paid for by your tongue. You will use your tongue to please me. I will decide when you have paid me enough. Second, you will need to be punished for pissing yourself like a c***d. For that, I will have to spank your bare bottom. I’ll decide how many spankings you deserve after you finish paying me back. When your punishment is complete, I’ll decide if you get to cum or not. Am I making myself perfectly clear slave?”

My mind was reeling. What she was talking about was stuff that lesbians did. I’m not a lesbian. I’ve never even really thought about that stuff before. I was thinking about it then though. I was wondering if I could allow myself to do those things. Would that mean I was a lesbian? Would it mean I was cheating on my husband? Would I enjoy it?

Emma kneeled down in front of me and said “Spit out those panties.” I was more than happy to obey that order. When they were out of my mouth, the aftertaste hit and my stomach hitched. It was pretty bad, but I was so glad to have them out of my mouth. She spun around and planted her ass on the floor in front of me, then spread her legs wide open. I was looking down into hairless pussy, and I couldn’t help but think that it looked…beautiful. I also couldn’t deny the fact that my mouth began to water. It almost seemed like I wanted to do it.

“You’ve never eaten a pussy before, have you?” she asked, and I shook my head no. “Go on, get down there and smell it.”

Well I could smell it from where I was, but I didn’t tell her that. Instead, I did what she asked and slowly, haltingly lowered my face down until I was maybe an inch from her vagina, and took a deep breath, filling my lungs with her sexy scent. It was an intoxicating smell and it turned me on even more than I would have thought possible. I felt her hand on my head, gently caressing me and her fingers entangling themselves in my hair. Her caress was like that of a lover, and for the moment that’s what I felt like she and I were, but the moment didn’t last long.

I was enjoying the heady smell of her sex and the calming feeling of her playing with my hair when all of a sudden, she closed her fist around a clump of hair and roughly pulled my face into her crotch. My mouth clamped shut instinctively, even though my hair was getting yanked somewhat painfully. “Mmmmmm” I think I yelped. I know that she had already told me that I was going to have to lick her down there but it was still a shock getting my face pushed into it.

The feel of her pussy on my face was kind of what I expected. It was soft and hot, wet and silky, creamy and fragrant. It was, in a word, lovely. A straight woman, a married straight woman, is not supposed to like vagina, but in that moment, I did like it, and I wanted to taste it.

I tentatively stuck out my tongue and was rewarded with the most wonderful taste. Okay, it’s not dark chocolate good, but dark chocolate doesn’t get my pussy dripping. Her taste was different from my taste, (yes, I confess, I have tasted my pussy juices before) but not that different. I would say that, because of the heat of the day, the fact that she had spent the day moving, and probably the fact that I don’t think she wiped herself after pissing, probably contributed to her taste being stronger than my taste. It didn’t matter though, I thought it was perfect and began to lick her all over.

The grip on my hair loosened and once more became caressing as I went to work licking pussy for the first time in my life. I wondered what Dave would say if he walked in right now. Probably something like – “Hey honey, the convention got cancelled and I caught an earlier fl…what the… Kate? What are you doing? Get your tongue out of that woman’s vagina!!! Oh my God Kate, are you a…a…lesbian???” I almost laughed out loud at the thought of what his face would look like. His mouth would be hanging open, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, it would be hilarious. Of course the funny would only last for a few seconds, then the sky would split open and all hell would rain down. The carnage would be extreme.

I was licking pussy and enjoying it, but there was still a little problem with my conscience. I felt really bad about myself for being so weak, and for cheating, and for doing immoral things. In fact, I felt so guilty about what I was doing, that I stopped licking for a few seconds and started to sit up. “I can’t do this.” I said as I began to pull away.

Emma thought that I could do it, and she wasn’t about to let me stop. Her hand instantly gripped into my hair again and she growled at me, kind of like a wild dog. “Don’t you fucking stop now.” She snapped, then pulled me back down into her saying “I’ll tell you when you are done.”

I wasn’t really scared of Emma, that’s not why I let her dominate me, but she took control and I had to decide whether to allow it or not. I chose to allow it and play my part. I started licking her again, deciding at that moment that I was going to go all the way. I would play the part of the good little slave and enjoy it as much as I could.

The more I licked her, the easier it became and the more I became turned on. Emma started to moan and her breathing picked up until she was huffing like a locomotive. I really don’t know how long I was down there licking away at her sweet pussy, but I know that my mouth was getting sore and my tongue was tired by the time she began to cum.

There was no question about it when she started to cum either. Her thighs clamped tightly together, pinching my head in a vise like grip. Even though my ears were plugged by her muscular thighs, I could hear her wailing. But the most obvious part was that her pussy gushed, something I’d heard about before but never really believed was true. I guess that I always suspected it was a myth perpetuated by the adult video industry. This was no myth however, as a squirt of creamy fluid entered my mouth. With no way to pull my head away, I had no option but to swallow. There wasn’t a huge amount though and I didn’t really mind.

After what I figured must have been a powerful orgasm, Emma’s legs went limp and she pushed me back. Her face had that freshly fucked look on it, you know what I mean, the deep blush that flows down her neck, the dreamy look in her eyes, and the puffy lips. I felt a measure of pride in the knowledge that I had caused that look.

As for my face, I stood up and looked in the mirror and had to stifle a giggle. My chin, cheeks and nose looked like a freshly dipped honey glazed donut. I reached down to the sink and turned on the water, intending to wash myself, but Emma stopped me.

“Hey, don’t wash that off.” She snapped, then added “I want you to let my juices dry on your face. I want you to smell my pussy all night long.”

I left the water running as I looked back at her, still lying on my bathroom floor, her now messy looking pussy still spread wide open. She couldn’t seriously think that I would go to bed without washing my face, but I decided to go ahead and play along for a little while longer, after all, I was still horny. I nodded my head, then reached around and shut off the water.

“That’s a good little slave.” She said with a smile. “Now, let’s go somewhere more comfortable so you can get the second part of your punishment.”

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