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Workplace Excitement

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This is my first story, thank you so much for reading and I would love any feedback.

We had just moved 13 hours from friends and our old place to be closer to family, well her family, though that part never bothered me since while I love my parents, we weren’t exactly close. Ever since we had the kiddo she had wanted to move closer to her parents and grandparents. So once we moved I looked to try and find a job as quickly as possible, since with my old work there was no chance of being able to just transfer up north. I wasn’t particularly picky about what the job was since I didn’t plan on working wherever it was forever.

With all that in mind, I walked into a pizza place that had a now hiring sign up and grabbed a pizza and an application. The girl who took the carryout order was cute but given that she looked to be a teenage and I am crawling towards 40 I didn’t pay too much attention since I am aware of coming off as a dirty old man is a bit of an issue. The store called the next day for an interview and I was hired on to open and deliver.

The job wasn’t too exciting but worked with the child care schedule and allowed for some cash tips that paid for the gas and left enough money to buy a video game or two after bills were paid. As I got to know my coworkers I kept noticing my friend from the day I applied would make a point to chat with me. She was slim, brunette, and always had herself made up. For a teenager she had herself put together, much more than I did at that age for sure.

Her name was Angeline and I found her absolutely stunning. Her lips in particular always seemed to jump out at me. Which I found weird given that none of my girlfriends or my wife had ever really been into oral, but something about her lips made me fantasize. I tried to control those thoughts since again I didn’t want to be the creepy old guy leering at the much younger coworker. But slowly over time she got me to come out of my shell and talk with her about increasingly personal stuff during downtime on slower nights while I folded boxes or did extra prep for the next day.

She talked about her boyfriend and his pushiness about sex and then his apparently like 2 week refractory period afterwards even though he was 20 and she 18. I talked about my wife and I, with my average of 2 times a year escort ataşehir after the birth of our daughter. I never faulted my wife for changing biochemistry but lamented that my libido hadn’t changed from before that point so I was stuck eternally being shot down. The other downer side to it being that since my wife was not one for foreplay before; foreplay for her was just getting me hard enough and her wet enough to jump straight to penetration, she was never one for cunnilingus or much heavy petting before jumping to the main attraction, therefore she wasn’t interested in performing fellatio or giving hand jobs.

Looking back on it I am still shocked by Angeline’s interest in me, but once she added me on social media and we started talking on non work time, I just rolled with it and enjoyed as the conversations got more and more explicit. Then after a few weeks of some very naughty conversations with Angeline after I had put the kiddo down to bed and the wife was at work things stepped up another level.

Work was incredibly slow and the boss started sending home those of us who had started their shifts earliest. Both Angeline and I were told to clock out after we finished folding a stack of boxes. The sun was starting to set as we finished up that task and as we did, she leaned over and whispered, “After work, mind taking a drive with me and talking some more before you head home?”

“Sure thing,” I replied.

After tipping out and packing up everything, we jumped in my car and starting just driving around. We started out chatting with pretty tame topics at first but then she turned it a little more risque as she leaned over, whispering in my ear, “you should find a place to pull over.” Instantly I was rock hard and biting my lip, I responded with a barely audible, “what did you have in mind?”

She replied merely by rubbing me through my pants. I quickly found a wooded pulloff and we piled into the back of the car. As we began to makeout, the more rational part of me tried to assert itself. I asked her, “what about your boyfriend?”

“Are you planning on leaving your wife?”

Absolutely not.

“Okay, well I am not leaving him either, I just want you, you want me and I don’t see a problem with that if we both know what we want and have the same kadıköy escort expectations”

And I didn’t have an argument for that, especially with so much blood rushing and given that I hadn’t had sex or even anything but my hand in 7 months.

My hands started moving more, feeling her gorgeous breasts, which felt big for her small frame but were just that right fit in your hand size so you can play with the nipple, kiss, and enjoy yourself while hopefully making her enjoy herself as well. My left hand drifted further south feeling the heat radiating through her yoga pants. In the mean time we continued to kiss and she began to more strongly rub my cock through my jeans, causing me to sigh and moan.

I could feel myself getting worked up too quickly and began to try to slow her ministrations on me by upping my own. I began to rub her pussy, kiss her breasts and gently bite the nipple, responding to her moans and motions to figure out what was making her feel the best. After a short time my desire climbed and I moved my hand inside of her pants and panties, quickly feeling out her clit and beginning to rub it. She gasped and began to bite my ear lobe, a huge turn on for me, and whispered in my ear not to stop. I continued to play with her clit while my lips returned to hers and as our tongues touched I slid my middle finger inside her. She shuddered and I went back to rubbing her clit, while she gave me a look that said she was 100% ready to go.

I kept rubbing her clit and occasionally inserting a finger while biting her lip and kissing her neck until she pushed me back and said, “please fuck me.” Now at this point I started to object because I don’t exactly carry around a condom with me anymore. She knew where my head was at and grabbed her purse from the front seat and pulled one out.

While I would have loved to have gotten her entirely naked and enjoyed looking at her young, pert body I knew the car wasn’t ideal for that, so I pulled her yoga pants off and she pulled down my jeans to just above my knees. She straddled me and ripped the condom wrapper, while slowly jacking my 6 inches while sliding the condom down over me. She then began to lower herself onto me, the incredible feeling of her heat surrounding my cock even through the latex making me moan and exhale maltepe escort bayan deeply. She was so tight and she moved up and down grunting as she pushed herself down an inch at a time, all the while kissing me and moaning, “god, yes, fuck, yes, god.”

Once she has me buried completely inside her, we rested for a moment. Going back to kissing one another, I begin to move from below her while quietly groaning, “Fuck I needed this, you feel so fucking good.” She responds by grinding into me while saying, “You too, and I need this cock to make me cum, we both needed this”

After a minute or two of the grinding she begins to lift herself up and down. She begins to bite my lower lip and asks “you like this pussy? This tight, wet pussy?”

God yes, fuck you feel amazing, I want to feel you grip me, cum for me, dig your fingernails into me while moaning my name as I make you cum for me.

Her response wasn’t so much vocal, but was very clear as she began to buck more aggressively on me, putting her hands over my shoulders with her hands resting on my back. I started thrusting up to meet her movements, we stopped talking and just started to breathe and grunt looking into one another’s eyes. I could feel myself building towards a long overdue orgasm as this beautiful creature used me for her pleasure. I held out, waiting until I felt that telltale spasm as her pussy convulsed around my cock, signaling her orgasm. Shortly after I muttered, “Oh god, I am going to cum.”

She answered, yeah, fucking cum for me babe, tell me how good I make you feel.

I acknowledged that by whispering “you are fucking amazing.” Followed by pushing my mouth onto hers and passionately kissing her while driving into her the last few seconds before I exploded. I shuddered as I filled the condoms tip, slowing my thrusts and continuing to kiss her as our love making ended. As I began to soften inside her, we continued to kiss, more gently now, our passion spent into one another. She slid herself off me after a few minutes, her juices covering me. We laid back in the car seat breathing, holding hands coming down off the glow.

Eventually it was time to go back to reality. I dropped her off at her car, cleaned myself up in a Walmart bathroom before driving home and resuming my life. We hooked up one more time before she broke up with her boyfriend, found a new one and had a more consistent partner and didn’t need me. However, I will never forget and always appreciate the reprieve she gave me from normalcy and the feeling that I was attractive still. Angeline, Thank you.

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