Mayıs 29, 2024

Women Cheat Too

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Adriana Chechik

Women Cheat Too
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to read this thinking I go cheating on my husband every time his back’s turned. What happened between Phil and I last month was the first time I’d been with a man other than Kyle since we’d been married five years ago. It’s not – as you’re thinking – that Kyle is a bad lover. He’s great in bed. He pleases me whenever I want pleased, and it makes me want to do the same for him.

So why sleep with another guy? It’s like that stupid shampoo commercial says, “She’s got the urge!” Plain and simple. Sometimes, when you’ve been with the same person for a few years, you suddenly start to realize that the world is still full of people you find attractive. It didn’t really end when you found The One. One day, some cute guy sitting across from you on the subway smiles appreciatively, and you feel blood in your cheeks – that’s when it hits you. So you go on being flattered and being demure, then you find that you’re the one sitting across from a cute guy on the subway smiling appreciatively. It happens. And it doesn’t mean you suddenly don’t love the guy you married, or that you don’t find him attractive. It just means that your body is saying, “Hey! Welcome back!”

Well, there’s that. To say, in all your married life, you’ve never looked twice at anybody else, makes you a liar or a saint. Unless the Catholic Church arrives on your doorstep to canonize you one day, you’re probably the former. I’m neither. I’m always seeing guys I think are cute, and girls I think are hot, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. It’s not like I was on the prowl. Like I said, I’m happily married, good sex life, all of that stuff. What happened with Phil was one of those crazy everything-came-together-at-the-same-time moments. It was the booze; Vegas in September; good company; opportunity; big, empty hotel room. You know. D – all of the above.

I was there for the annual sales meeting. It was the third time in as many years I’d been there, and I always had a great time. The first year, Kyle moped around the house, pouting like a baby when I told him, and basically didn’t talk to me for a couple of days until I found out he was jealous of other guys hitting on me. I had to call him every night of my stay. He’s not like that by nature, and by the time the next trip came along he was so much better about it. This past year he told me to have fun, and that was it. I guess I took his advice too literal. So, what happened?

It was the second night of the trip. It’s normally a two days three nights deal, so we were flying back around 7:30 that following night. I’d become friends with some people from a branch in New Jersey, and one of them was Phil. When he came by the table, I thought, Hmm, he’s a cutie! He wasn’t so tall, average, I guess, but he was lean, and he had a cute face. When he spoke, he was just the most charming guy at the table. I guessed he was about 28, so about five years younger than me.

As the night wore on, it was like the two of us monopolized the conversation. It turned out he liked some good movies, so we had something in common right there. We just talked and talked and talked, and it wasn’t long before I started putting out the signals – you know, touching my hair, widening my eyes when he spoke, all that stuff. I guess I didn’t realize I was doing it until he leaned in and said to me, “Look, this is probably going to be the last time I ever see you, but I have to ask: do you want to come up to my room?”

“Huh?” I asked. By then, it was only the two of us left. It was late, and I had maybe one beer too many. “What d’you mean?”

“You know,” he said. It was cute. He was all red in the face and nervous. “Sex.”

“I’m married!” I said. “That’s pretty bold.”

“So … d’you want to or not?”

Right away, I knew I was going to do it, but I had those sanity-questioning moments. What about Kyle? What did it mean about us if I jumped into the sack with some guy? What would Kyle do if he found out? Well, all those questions were brushed aside. I smiled at Phil and I said, “Look, this doesn’t mean anything, right? When we go back tomorrow you won’t try and get in touch with me or anything?”

“No! No, it’s just, you know, sex.”

“Fine, let’s go,” I said. Phil stood and we walked to the elevator. While we waited, he hardly talked at all, just a few clumsy smiles in my direction. When we got into the elevator it was pretty much the same. There were a couple already in there. I got the feeling he maybe wasn’t into it – like he had just asked me to see if he could shock güvenilir bahis me. Suddenly, I wasn’t so into the idea too.

We got out at his floor and walked down the hall where he swiped his card and in we went. He had a bigger room than mine. I only had a queen size single room, but he had somehow gotten a suite. “Big room,” I said. I thought I might as well just take off, but when I turned around he was taking off his jacket. A small smile was on his lips as he said, “Well, here we are.”

The tone of his voice had changed. He wasn’t the embarrassed, stammering guy from downstairs anymore. I could see that in his eyes, in the way he was looking at me.

“Are you playing me?” I asked him. He sat on the couch and patted the seat next to him. I just stood there with my arms folded. “Are you?”

“C’mon, Paige,” he said. “D’you want to fuck or not? You can leave if you want.”

Yeah, I thought about it too. I didn’t much like the fact that he’d been playing me, but even that, it seemed, turned me on. I took off my jacket and tossed it onto his and sat by him. “D’you always treat women like that?” I asked him.

“Only the hot ones,” he said. He put his hand on my left breast, cupped it firmly. It made my nipple harden instantly. I arched my back up and he started massaging me through my blouse. I have nice tits. I’m a 36c and I have a fairly narrow back, so all the weight is up front. “What would your husband say if he knew you were in another guy’s room?”

“Well, he doesn’t,” I said.

“Think it would turn him on to watch?”

“I don’t know. He might kick your ass.” I wondered what Kyle would do. Must likely if he found out he’d be hurt. That made me feel a little regretful, but I liked the way Phil was touching me.

“Ever fucked around on him before?”


His hand moved away from my breast and went down my stomach, all the way down to my thigh, then inside my knee. The skirt I was wearing was tight, so it was impossible for me to open my legs very far. “Let me get this off,” I said.

“Nah, plenty of time for that later,” Phil said. He stood up and took my hand, led me to the middle of the floor. “Kneel down,” he said. I knelt down in front of him. I could see the big bulge in his pants even then, as he undid his belt. “Take my pants down,” he said.

I looked up at him and took hold of his waistband, undid the clasp, and pulled down his zipper. His pants fell down past his knees and I found myself staring at the big, thick rod in his underwear. “I hope you like big cocks,” he said. Kyle has a good-sized cock. It’s not huge, but it’s big and meaty. His was the biggest cock I’d ever had up to that point. Phil’s looked bigger. I put my face up against it, and felt it throbbing against my cheek, then tugged his underwear down over his hips. His cock sprang out and swayed there, right in front of me. It was huge. At least ten inches. And thick too. The head of it was the size of a small plum.

“Jesus,” I said. “That’s a big cock.”

He stood above me, unbuttoning his shirt, as he stepped out of his pants. I watched him get naked, sitting back on my heels. My pussy was wet already. When he was done, he stood right in front of me again, jerking himself off slowly, making his cock harder.

“Suck it,” he said.

He put his hands on his hips while I got back up on my knees. The first thing I did was put my head under his cock so I could kiss his balls. They were big too, and all loose in his sac. I kissed them one at a time, then moved up to the base of his cock where I sucked on it a little, right where the shaft joins the sac. He moaned a little. I licked the bottom of his shaft, then slowly started moving up it, licking it all the way up to the big head at the end. “D’you like that?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “You like my big cock?”

“Mmm. I love it,” I said. I reached up and grabbed his shaft and squeezed it hard. It was so fucking thick I only just got my hand around it. I wondered what it would feel like trying to push into my pussy. I licked my lips and aimed it at my mouth. His cock was right in front of my face. It looked massive. I licked the head of it, hard, all over, as if I was cleaning it with my tongue, all the way around it, and across the hole at the end. It tasted good like Kyle’s cock, manly. I opened my mouth wide and took the head in, let my lips settle on it as I started to bob on it. Just the first inch or two at first because it was so thick, but after my spit got going I was able to take in about three inches altogether. His cock was so thick it was almost türkçe bahis impossible to get much more in.

I knelt in front of him, riding the end of his thick cock with my mouth harder and harder. His meat was still long enough that I could get a good hold of the rest of it too, so as I sucked him, I jerked him slowly, then fast, then slowly again. I could tell he loved it. Every time I jerked him fast he moaned as if he was going to cum, so I knew when to slow down.

After about ten minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, leaving a thick thread of saliva between us. He took my hand again and pulled me up to him, and we kissed for the first time. His tongue was all over the inside of mouth, tasting where his cock had been. I unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor as his fingers undid my blouse buttons, then we swapped top and bottom so that I unhooked my bra while he got rid of my tights. I took him to the bed with just my panties on and told him not to touch them yet. I lay back on the bed and he crawled on top of me, burying his face between my big tits.

“You have a sexy body,” he said, pressing them on either side of his face. I watched him kiss them all over, first one, and then the other. I could still taste his cock in my mouth. I licked my lips so I could taste it more.

He licked my nipples, and sucked them gently at first, but then a little harder.

“Suck my tits harder,” I told him, pushing them up at his face. I love having my nipples sucked hard. They’re sensitive at first, but then it feels great when they’re being sucked. Phil opened his mouth wide and tried to suck in as much of my tit as he could. It felt awesome. His hands went under my ass and lifted me off the bed a little. His big cock pushed against the inside of my knee, making my pussy wetter still. I wanted that big cock deep inside me, spreading my lips open wide on its way in.

“Turn over,” he said. I turned over onto my hands and knees and opened my legs, stuck my ass up in the air. His mouth kissed my butt all over at first, but then I could feel him starting to concentrate down by my butthole. He pulled my panties aside and started licking my asshole softly, then he’d move down to my cunt, lick that gently, then back up to my ass again. It was driving me wild. I squirmed, rubbing my ass on his face, until he grabbed my panties and pulled them off me. I felt free and naked, and I wanted him to look between my legs and ass cheeks. I pushed my ass up higher and opened my legs wider, and then his wet tongue was flicking across my asshole again, faster this time. I loved the way his tongue was stroking me down there so much I pushed my ass back onto it. He got the message and hardened his tongue, kept it stiff while I lowered my asshole onto it and started riding it a little. It was so warm and wet there.

After a little bit, he got on his knees and pulled my butt cheeks further apart and started going to town, fucking my ass deeper and harder with his tongue. While he did that, I reached up and began rubbing my clit. Not hard, just enough to make it tingle. I could have came so easily while he rimmed me like that, but then he stopped and had me turn over again. It sat up on my elbows and opened my legs slowly so he could kneel between them. His cock throbbed, massive between my legs. I thought about Kyle again and I got horny imagining him sitting off to the side, watching another man about to slide his thick cock inside me.

“D’you like the way I was eating your ass?” Phil asked me. I nodded. “Open your pussy lips with your fingers.” I obeyed him, reaching down through my muff and opening my pussy wide for him. He took his cock in his hand and started rubbing the head of it all over my clit, sending ripples back up across my shoulders. Kyle likes to rub himself on that part of me sometimes. I love feeling his cock brushing up against my clit like that. Sometimes I have him cum there so I can rub it into my clit and cum that way myself. But I wanted to feel Phil’s huge cock inside me, and soon he stopped rubbing my clit with it and moved it down to my hole.

I wet my fingers and moistened the opening and looked down. His thick head squeezed into my tight hole, then he pushed in a few more inches. He was thick alright. I could really feel the difference between his cock and Kyle’s.

“Oh, that’s good,” I said.

It turned me on to watch his cock as it pushed deeper and deeper into me. I felt filled like I’d never been filled before. It wasn’t really painful, but I could feel just how big güvenilir bahis siteleri he was, how long and fat his cock was as it stretched my lips wide open. I tried opening my legs wider, but they were already spread as wide as I could get them. Phil reached down and grabbed my ankles and pulled them wider for me, and as he did that, he pushed his cock right into me, sinking into my pussy right up to his balls, which I could feel touching my asshole.

“Oh my God, your cock is fucking huge,” I gasped at him.

He pulled it almost all the way out, then slid it back deep inside again, and that was just the most awesome feeling I’ve ever had down there. It’s hard to describe something as big, and as thick, and as warm as that sliding inside the tenderest part of my body, but it was totally fulfilling. It made the whole inside of my pussy throb, and my clit tingled like it never had before. I just lay back then, and his pace increased, pulling it almost out, then plunging it deep again. I loved lying back and feeling him fucking me with that huge dick. My titties bounced on my chest, harder and harder as he fucked me deeper and deeper. I saw him staring at the way they moved.

“Your tits are really turning me on,” he said.

“I love the way you’re making them bounce,” I told him. “You’re fucking me so hard. Fuck me deeper.” Impossible as it was, I thought I felt the end of his cock touch me deeper than before. My muscles clutched it tighter and tighter until I could feel it building in the soles of my feet. “Keep fucking me,” I seethed at him. “I’m going to cum.”

It was like a volcano when I came. My cunt tightened around him like a vise when he finally rammed it deep and kept it there, it spasmed around the thickness of his shaft uncontrollably, hard at first, then, as my orgasm wound down, gentler and gentler until I was done. I lay back, totally, thoroughly satisfied, with Phil’s cock still buried inside me. I craned my neck up and kissed him, filling his mouth with my tongue. He kissed me back and we just made out for the longest time.

“Whew!” I finally said. “That was the hardest I’ve cum for a long time.” I pushed him off me, and said, “Okay, your turn.”

He flipped on his back and lay there, big cock still rock hard. I knew exactly how I was going to make him cum, especially after giving me one of the best fuckings of my life. I knelt between his legs and bent over so my ass was in the air and my nipples were just brushing against the bed. With his cock standing straight up, I put my head down and began to lick his balls. First, I tickled them lightly with my tongue, just moving them around in their big loose sac, then I went in between them, pressing my tongue right in the middle of them. I’d stop licking a couple of times so I could suck on them, and that drove him absolutely wild. But it was his cock I wanted in my mouth again.

After I’d finished with his balls I licked his thick, pulsing shaft again. It tasted good, all covered in my cum like that. I licked every inch of it, loving how it tasted, how it felt hard and heavy against my cheek. But finally, I was ready to make him cum. I grabbed his cock and let my lips slide over the head of it again until three or four inches of his solid meat was in my mouth, then I started riding it hard, jerking him off with my hand.

After a few minutes I stopped sucking it and started licking the head as hard as I could, jerking him faster and faster. I kept switching back and forth like that until he said, “Jesus Christ, I’m gonna cum.”

I kept licking his little hole and jerking his thick meat until suddenly he bucked in my hand, gave one huge, long moan and one thick spurt of cum after another shot from his cock all over my tongue and lips, completely covering the lower part of my face. If there’s one thing I love doing with Kyle, it’s making him cum on and in my mouth. I just love the feeling of a man’s sperm shooting onto me.

When Phil had done cumming, I jammed his cock back in my mouth again and sucked down on it hard. I think I got almost half of it in my mouth that time. I kept riding it and sucking it until his sperm was all frothy around my lips. Finally, I squeezed the last drops of his cum into my mouth and let him watch me as I licked my lips clean, then used my fingers to get all the sperm that was around my mouth and chin. I think that was one of the biggest loads of cum I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Phil looked back at me and said, “Wow, that was the best cocksucking I’ve ever had.” He was suddenly all relaxed and lying back, his hands behind his head. Even softening, his cock was huge. As I got off the bed and put my panties back on, I wondered what it would have felt like trying to cram it all the way in my ass.

I still had a day left on my trip to find out.

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