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Note: Please, please, please, please leave a comment after the story, Good? Bad? Ugly? I really do care about your comments, and enjoy reading each one.


“I sure hope the weather holds,” I commented, to no one in particular, even though my wife, Erin, was the only other person in the car. “The weatherman said it was supposed to storm around six this evening.”

“Yeah, well, he could be wrong.” Erin voiced her mistrust of weathermen in general. “It’s so overcast. If we get stuck in this storm, we’ll be really screwed. I think we’re about there. “

“It should be quick,” I replied, “Just look at the house and we’ll get the hell outta here, take care of the paperwork when the weather isn’t so shitty. What time is it?”

“Five after noon. I hope she waits, I’d hate to drive all this way for nothing!”

“Late, damn, but if it’s as nice as the photos, it’ll be worth the trip!” I wanted to get out of Hartford.

“29 East Watson road?” I asked Erin.

“Yes, this is it. The one on the right with the little Honda car out front.”

I pulled into the drive right behind it, and reluctantly turned of the engine, not wanting to shut off the heater until we had to leave it behind.

We left the car, and trotted up the path, trying to avoid the chill wind.

As we approached, the front door swung open. “Mr. And Mrs. Fredrickson?” I heard, and looked up into the most gorgeous blue eyes I’d ever seen. Deep as whirlpools, those sky blue eyes sparkled like fine jems. Frozen on the spot, my mouth opened in greeting, but no sound escaped.

“You can call me Erin, and you must be Tanya?”

Recovering somewhat, I stammered,”Nice to meet you.” I still couldn’t pry my eyes away from hers, they were just so sexy. When I did, I noticed my spouse was having a similar problem, though she managed it much better. Erin was looking the real estate lady up and down, smiling all the while

Tanya stood there another moment, long enough for me to survey her ample breast. Her long, shapely legs disappeared under a thigh-length wool dress. Her shapely hips and ample bosom contrasted rather nicely with the slender waist in between.

I gazed around the room, spying a lovely sunken fireplace and tiled family room, with rails all around, and a pleasing tan carpet on the floor of the entry way and hall. I couldn’t help but steal short glances at Tanya, as she pointed out the house’s many features.”The fireplace has some really nice features. There’s a fan that forces air through the hearth. It’ll heat the whole house, if needed. And there are several ledges that are accessible from the other floors. They’re ideal for house plants.”

She lifted an arm to point out one ledge, raising the hem of her dress slightly. From the lower part of the room, I spied a creamy white thigh, smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The real estate agent turned to me, and asked, “What do ya think so far?”

“It looks marvelous so far” I replied, smiling. I suppose I should have actually looked at the house, but I couldn’t seem to pry my eyes away from the sexy real estate agent.

Erin turned from her inspection of the fire place to look at me, frustrated. With me?

Uh oh. Better cool it or both women will be pissed at me.

But then she was also stealing glances at our stunning host. I busied myself looking at the ceiling and walls, hoping beyond hope that my spouse would find a way to hook up with this lovely gal. Erin had always enjoyed the company of other women, once in a while bringing one girlfriend or another home, where I often enjoyed making love with the two of them.

“I like it” stated Erin, direct and to the point..”You gotta show us the rest of the house!”

Erin slipped her coat from her petite frame and slung it over the railing. Her nipples strained the fabric of her shirt, hard as stones, but no longer from the cold.

Did I see a smile on Tanya’s lips, as she looked Erin up and down. “Why certainly! This way to the kitchen and dining area. I think you’ll love it also!”

Tanya led us to the fully furnished dining area, complete with a cut-glass chandelier and graceful oak table. A large gas cook top sat in the island between the kitchen and dining areas. There were many cupboards an open door leading into a generous pantry. A large window in the dining room offered a fabulous view. It showed a cold, frosty landscape with trees that had long since lost their leaves.

“Oh, what a nice kitchen,” Erin said, looking around, stealing small glances at Tanya whenever she thought the real estate agent wasn’t looking.

I went to the large stainless steel sink, and examined the faucet and sink, then the nearby dishwasher. “Nice, and a garbage disposal!” I pushed the faucet on full blast, to see a generous stream of cold, clear water rush out and down the drain.

Tanya was saying, “This house is listed for $249,000, but I’ll bet the seller would take a little less.”

“Really? It seems a steal, even at that,” I replied. innovia escort

Erin noted, “The pantry still has a lot of canned goods, are they still moving?”

“The sellers moved to Washington, and didn’t think it prudent to ship the canned goods. They also left some cooking utensils and a few other things they didn’t need, let me show you the rest of the house. The master bedroom and bath are just to die for!”

My sexy wife continued to absentmindedly open cupboards, glancing inside, then back at our lovely host. Erin’s long red hair tossed this way and that as she tried to simultaneously look at the cabinets and Tanya. The sight was, in some ways slightly amusing to me, as I’d never seen her this excited. I assumed it was not the house she was excited about!

Through the large window in the dining area, I noted that it had started snowing, and the wind howled outside. “Oh, damn”, I thought, “We’re gonna be stuck here, snow bound.” Ignoring the weather change, I focused instead in on Tanya’s sexy ass, swaying side to side seductively, as she lead us down the hallway.

Gawd, I thought, watching Tanya and Erin move down the hallway in front of me. How I’d love to bed these two beauties, right here and now. But it’s starting to snow, damn it! If we don’t hurry, we’ll be snow bound.

The master bedroom was not a disappointment. Plush carpeting, the color of rich dark chocolate covered the floor, contrasting somewhat the fine oak paneling. A huge canopy bed, hewn from logs and tree branches, occupied the center of the room Along the sides, his and hers dressers, both with full length mirrors, matched the bed with every detail. A bay window graced one end of the room could hold shelves for plants and flowers, or perhaps a bench seat.

As I glanced at Tanya, standing near the foot of the bed, I noticed her nipples, like Erin’s, formed hard bumps standing at full attention. She was apparently as aroused as my spouse and I, but seemed to keep her composure well.

“The dressers were built into the wall,” Tanya was saying, though I scarcely heard her, “and the sellers didn’t want to break up such a well matched bedroom set, so they left the bed.”

Through the bay window, we all took note of the changed weather. The wind and snow had turned into a full fledged blizzard, almost six hours ahead of the weatherman’s predictions.

“Oh, Damn! Look at how hard it’s snowing.”Erin observed, “Honey, can we even drive in that?”

“I don’t know, Erin.” I replied, “Tanya what are our chances? You live around here.”

“It isn’t happening today, That bastard weatherman! Five and a half hours early!”

Luckily, we didn’t have any other plans for the weekend. Would it blow over and be finished as early as it started? Perhaps I could call off from work, if it lasted longer than the 24 hours they were talking about.

“Being snowbound here’s not so bad.” Tanya continued, “The heat’s on, and there are plenty of supplies. There’s even some firewood, in the basement, if it comes to that,” our lovely host volunteered. “I think we can enjoy our time together,” Tanya said, a broad grin on her face. “Tom, Erin, I think I know what you’d both like to do.”

With that, Erin’s smile returned, and she moved to embrace Tanya. they kissed, tentatively at first, then with more passion, as the sexy blond returned the kiss.

I stood in amazement, watching Erin and Tanya, as their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths, locked in an erotic duel. Their hands roamed each other’s sensitive spots, cupping a breast here, caressing a nipple there. Hands gripped and kneaded a firm, shapely bottom, then went on to caress and explore elsewhere. My cock was growing firmer by the second, watching Erin’s hands explore and roam all over the places I wanted to touch.

“Tom,” Tanya asked, as they broke their kiss, “Can you be a dear and go down to the basement to grab a few bottles of wine? I’ll make it worth your while, if that’s ok with Erin?”

My heart almost leapt out of my chest as she turned to kiss my wife again.

I left them there, locked in their embrace, and turned to explore enough of the house to find the door to the cellar. I heard one of the women moan in delight, as I groped for a light switch for the stairs. I descended, reflecting on my apparent good fortune.

At the bottom of the stairs, I paused to glance around, trying to hurry, yet curious about what I would find down here. I could see two large beds, and three doors. A thick, light sandstone colored carpeting covered the floor. I moved around the room to the nearest door, and opened it to see a large bathroom. The second door opened to what I considered a more traditional cellar, dim lighting and sparse furnishings. Exposed plumbing above, bare concrete on the floor, and unfinished block walls. A small stack of firewood sat there, next to a large wine rack, with about 20 bottles, of various types. I found 3 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, istanbul escort and headed back up to the kitchen to find glasses and a cork screw.

As I opened the door, at the top of the stairs, I could hear both women. Their sighs and moans were interrupted here and there with a giggle or a soft instruction. “Oh, yes! There. Harder… Please?” The suspense was killing me, those two women were making love, and I was invited! First I had to find a few things. I felt like I was on a timed treasure hunt, only the treasure was after the hunt.

I rifled through the kitchen cabinets, franticly looking for a cork screw. Finally, I found both cork screw and glasses, in the dish washer. At least we wouldn’t have to drink out of the bottle. I turned and almost ran back to the master bedroom, trying hard not to look like I was in a hurry. All the moans and coos comeing from the bedroom had me worked up, and my trousers were tenting slightly. I definitely wanted to get a piece of that hottie, Tanya.

When I got to the door, I stopped in mid-stride, to behold the scene on the bed. Their cries of passion were more muffled now, though more urgent as each neared climax. The women were in a 69 position, pleasuring each other crossways on the bed. Erin was on top, with her tight ass hole visible above Tanya’s blond hair. Each was eagerly licking and sucking the other’s pussy with wild abandon. I just stood there and watched, my cock gradually stiffening.

In a few moments, Tanya paused in her efforts to pleasure my hot little redhead. Her head fell back to the sheets, with her eyes closed. Her moans and sighs reached a fevered pitch as she neared climax, her unseeing eyes open and gazing directly at me. Suddenly, Tanya’s whole body stiffened, and started trembling and twitching, dancing to Erin’s tongue.

Tanya rested a few moments, with her head tipped back over the edge of the bed, eyes closed. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, those beautiful blue eyes twinkling like stars in the night. Lazily, Her tongue circled Erin’s slick and glistening pussy, then moved down to suckle and lick at her clit. I watched as Tanya inserted a finger then two between Erin’s pussy lips, and started moving them in and out, lazily. The gleaming wetness of Tanya’s fingers as she worked them in and out of my wife’s pussy turned me on even more.

Tanya soon pressed a finger into Erin’s tight little ass hole. Erin’s cries and moans suddenly changed pitch. “Oh, Yeah. Fuck me! That’s it. Faster, fuck me faster! Fuck my ass. Fuck, I’m comeing!” She began to orgasm, thrusting her pussy into Tanya’s face, over and over again. Soon, Erin collapsed into a heap on top of our sexy real estate agent, spent.

I suddenly realized that I’d been staring, as if in a trance. I was rock hard and ready for action, but set to work opening a bottle of wine. As I turned to serve the two women, Erin slid off of Tanya, and both turned and sat on the side of the bed, smiling.

I handed both fully naked women their drinks, then paused a moment, looking each up and down. Tanya sat there, her shoulder length blond hair framing those gorgeous blue eyes, a hint of Erin’s juices evident on her chin and nose. Definitely more than enough firm, pale breast for any man, with rose red aureoles and nipples standing at full attention, like little erasers. Further down, her long shapely legs were slightly parted, showing me her smoothly shaved pussy, still glistening from their passion, her deep red pussy lips protruded slightly.

Instinctively, I glanced over at Erin, taking stock of her as well while searching for permission and approval. Erin’s long red hair complimented her sparsely freckled complexion, and contrasted nicely her emerald green eyes. Small brownish nipples, still erect from their recent lovemaking, sat atop crinkled aureoles and large firm tits. Further down, a small butterfly tattoo sat slightly above, and to the side of Erin’s sparse red landing strip. She kept that landing strip, always, as proof to anyone that yes, her red hair was natural, and she was proud of it. Long, slender, though well muscled legs led from her immaculately groomed pussy, its lips pink and swollen, shiny from Tanya’s ministrations a few moments before. Erin winked at me, and smiled, as if to say “Go for it!”

This was heaven. Even as the weather outside had turned into a frozen hell, I was a happy man. Stranded in what hopefully would be our new house, with not one, but two gorgeous women, ready, willing, and able to satisfy any lover. The rest would take care of it’s self, in time.

Tanya stood and sat her drink on the dresser, then embraced me, kissing me deeply. Her tongue caressed my lips, and I met it with my own. Our tongues danced this way and that, sometimes mine in her mouth, caressing or wrapping around her tongue. Other times it was her tongue in my mouth. I tasted her sweet breath, the wine, and just a hint of Erin’s sex. My hands cupped and caressed Tanya’s breasts as I kadıköy escort lightly pinched her nipples. She responded, her tongue dancing at a fevered pace, as she groped first for the buttons of my shirt, then palmed and caressed my now aching cock through my slacks. I was so hard, it actually hurt.

Suddenly she pulled back from our kiss, and pushed me backwards, onto the bed. Tanya began unfastening my pants, and Erin joined in. Soon I was laying there, cock standing at full attention. I closed my eyes, taking in the sensations of two sets of lips, two tongues kissing and licking my cock. Two sets of hands caressing my thighs and balls, squeezing now and again, but ever so softly. The feel of their hair tickling my thighs just added to my arousal

Tanya’s full lips engulfed my cock and swallowed it all the way to the base. Those blue eyes looked at me and smiled the whole way down and back up. She then twirled her head a couple times and went back down. I felt a firm pressure on each of my balls in turn, as Erin sucked one into her mouth, then the next. She chased Tanya back up my pole with her tongue. My wife then licked around the head of my dick, and swallowed it. I was lost in the sensation, it was so intense. Their mouths met in a kiss, with my cock between both sets of beautiful lips, and their tongues played over the head of my cock and each other’s lips. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return.

“Easy, Tanya, there’s enough here for the both of us. Tom cums real quickly like this” Erin said, between slurps.

In fact, I was getting close, and silently thanked them both for slowing down a bit. I tilted my head back, and closed my eyes, letting the feelings wash over me, while concentrating on not blowing it all right then and there. It was incredible, These two gorgeous women were playing a tune, and my cock was their instrument. I felt their music all the way to my core.

Soon the weight on the bed shifted, and I opened my eyes to see Tanya’s beautiful shaved pussy being lowered to my face. The aroma of her sex was intoxicating. I lifted my head to lightly kiss her upper thighs, then licked and kissed closer and closer to her moist, inviting pussy. Both women were still enjoying my cock, as they licked, kissed and took it into their mouths. I felt Tanya’s large, firm breasts brush lightly, then more firmly on my stomach as she swallowed my cock to the hilt. She stiffened as I finally licked the outer folds of her pussy. I was rewarded with a gasp and a taste of her sweet, tangy sex. The three of us played each other like instruments now, the music climbed towards a crescendo.

Tanya gasped again, as I slid my tongue up and down her slit, and lightly licked her clit, at the bottom. The smooth sides of her pussy lips tickled my tongue as I circled the entrance to her pussy at the top. Her moans were the vocal accompaniment to our song, and grew more urgent by the moment. I buried my tongue in her sex, as far as I could, my chin pressed firmly to her little pink clit, and shook it from side to side. Tanya let my cock slip from her mouth as she arched her back to more fully enjoy my efforts.

Erin joined us on the bed and slid herself onto my hard cock. She gently thrust her hips back and forth. Her moans and coos joined the music that was our lovemaking. I sucked on Tanya’s clit, and slowly traced the circle of her opening with a finger.

I kept up my efforts on Tanya’s clit, then inserted a finger, two into her pussy, and unhurriedly moved them in and out, in time with my tongue, and Erin’s thrusts.

“Oh god, Oh god, I’m coming,” Tanya cried out as she pressed her pussy more firmly into my face, and clamped her smooth legs around my head. My fingers were forced out of her hot pussy, but I found her tight little asshole, and pressed my thumb into it. I strummed it like a guitar string.

“Oh god yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck yea! I’m coming! Comeing! Yea,” Tanya moaned, shaking her head from side to side. I pushed my thumb into her spasming, puckered hole . She stiffened in her release and finally eased up enough that I could breathe. Our hot real estate agent collapsed into Erin’s arms as I licked at her pussy languidly, from one end to the other.

Tanya lifted herself onto her knees, which allowed me a view between her thighs, of the bottom of her large firm breasts and my wife’s gorgeous face and tits.

Erin’s eyes were closed, concentrating on her own pleasure; her generous tits bounced and jiggled with every thrust, but were soon covered. Tanya’s hands squeezed and caressed those firm globes; she paused only to flick or twist Erin’s fully engorged nipples.

Soon Erin’s thrusts reached a fevered pitch. She fucked herself faster and faster on my hard cock I met her every thrust, slamming our bodies together.

“Yes, Yes pinch ’em. Harder. Yes! Like that. Oh god! I’m coming! Fuck me! Faster! Yes! Pinch…,” Tanya silenced Erin’s cries of passion as she forced their mouthes together. Soon Erin stiffened, and broke their kiss. She was shaking her head side to side, in the throes of a major orgasm. I kept pushing into her, though slowing down gradually as Erin’s thrusts became erratic, then stopped altogether. Erin and Tanya both collapsed sideways, onto the bed, their passions spent for the moment.

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