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Wife finds out Bigger is way Better

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Wife finds out Bigger is way Better
My wife and I are in our upper forties and had been married for twenty years. We were what you call your typical average middle income family. A few years ago I began to fantasize about seeing her with another man. I don’t know exactly why I felt the way I did, but I do know I felt a huge rush of adrenalin thinking about it.

I had become so enamored with the idea that I approached my wife one night about it. My wife is a bit on the conservative side, but at times she can surprise me. I brought up the idea of sharing her with another lover, but that idea was soundly rejected. I guess I couldn’t blame her, but I wasn’t about to leave it alone. I tried a few more times, but again nothing seemed to be convincing her on trying it. Then one day I decided to take a calculated risk. I knew I needed a different approach.

I was going through a well-known personal site when something caught my attention. The headline read, “Is your wife hot! I want to massage your wife for free.” Normally I thumb through a number of these ridiculous headlines, but this one had my curiosity up. I decided to look a bit more into it and find out what the catch was.

I contacted the individual later that day and asked him for more information. He came back the next day and said his name was Jake. He was a young man who had a thing for older married women and my wife seemed to fit what he was looking for. He wanted to know if I had ever shared her before or if I was interested in sharing her. I told him it had been a fantasy of mine over the past few years, but so far she wouldn’t go along with idea. I basically given up any hope of it ever happening. Jake shot back that he had a good bit of success in seducing women just like my wife through the art of massage. He was a massage ther****t and had been doing this for the past five years. He gave a couple of examples where he took an unwilling woman and turned her into a sexual maniac through massage.

I now began to believe in him and I asked him a few personal questions about himself. Jake said he was twenty eight and single. He said he loved being with older women because of their experience and wild sexual inhibitions. He loved the idea that I had been her only sexual partner in life. He then sent me a few pics of himself dressed and not dressed. I was quite impress by what I had seen. Jake was a good looking young man, but better yet his cock was far superior to my own. I told him how my wife thinks it is a big fallacy regarding big cocks. He assured me she was wrong and this gave Jake even more incentive to try to seduce her.

Jake replied, “Well, once I get my 8 inch cock inside her she will find out that it is no fallacy. Matter of fact she will probably will only want to be fucked with a big cock.”

He seemed to know what he was talking about and I figured I had nothing to lose at that point. I decided why not let him take a stab at it. I also explained that she was going to be a tough nut to crack and that don’t be surprised that his plan might fail. Our twentieth anniversary was only a month away and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give him a shot. My wife had talked in the past how she loved to be pamper one time with a relaxing massage.

Jake and I worked out all of the details and agreed to meet after I took my wife out to dinner for our anniversary. He was quite excited and couldn’t wait to meet her. The thought of taking a woman who had been only touched by one man in her life had him wanting her badly. Jake thought canlı bahis şirketleri this might also increase his odds of success.

I was so excited I couldn’t hardly contain myself over the next month. I could only think about this young man’s hands all over my wife’s body and then him seducing her into fucking him. Our twentieth anniversary couldn’t come fast enough as far I was concerned, but with a little patience it finally did arrived. That night I took my wife out to a romantic dinner. We sipped down a bottle of wine and I could see she was feeling quite jovial. I mentioned to her that I had a surprise for her later, but I couldn’t tell her about it until then. She loves surprises and she had no idea what I had planned.

When we arrived back home a few hours later. She said, “Ok, where is my surprise?”

I told her that I went overboard on this special anniversary and got her a massage ther****t for the night.

“Really?” She replied back.

“When is he coming?”

“He should be here very shortly,” I replied back.

My wife was so excited and she began to tell me how one of the woman from the office had visited a spa a few weeks back and bragged about how much she enjoyed being pampered.

A short time later Jake arrived at the door. He was an extremely pleasant young man and my wife felt instantly comfortable with him. We chatted for about ten minutes, while Jake set up his massage table. He told my wife for the best results she needed to change down to her bra and panties.

She headed for our bedroom to change while Jake and I discussed a few things. She came out a few minutes later with a towel d****d around her body. She felt a bit nervous, but that quickly change when she tossed the towel aside and climbed up onto the massage table.

Jake loved her body and he poured a little oil on her back and began to massage it in. A few minutes later he unhooked her bra strap to give him excess to her whole back. He moved his strong hands all over her back and neck region as my wife let out several relaxing moans. A short time later he finished up with her back and neck. His hands now gently made their way down over top of her beautiful round butt. He gently ran them over her ass and down to her legs. He gave each of her legs a gentle and sensual massage over the next ten minutes. He worked each leg over real good as my wife said moaned out, “Oh, that feels so good!”

His hands now slid down to her feet and he began to massage each of them. The foot is one of the most sensitive spots on a person’s body and my wife’s feet are extremely sensitive. She enjoyed it tremendously and she let out several soft sighs along the way.

It had been about twenty minutes into her massage when he moved his hands back up to her lower back region. He felt he had built up enough trust with her that he ran his hands along the edges of her panties. A few minutes later he slipped his hand underneath her panties and he began to massage her bare naked butt. My wife laid there enjoying every second of it as she made no attempt to stop him.

He decided to take it one step further, and he began to inch her panties down over her the cheeks of her lovely ass. A few minutes later he had slowly worked her panties down to her knees. Her bare naked cheeks had my cock hard as a rock. Few seconds later he removed her panties from her body. He tossed them over to me as they were extremely wet. My wife was enjoying her massage so much that she didn’t even protest what he was doing. His hands now freely ran over her ass and inner thighs. youwin He even ran his hand up in between her legs just enough that it barely grazed against her aroused pussy. She felt extremely relaxed and her body flinched every time his hand got close to her swollen pussy.

Things were moving along in a favorable way and he now said to my wife, “I want you to turn over.”

My wife spun around and now lay there on her back. She kept her legs tightly against one another and her bra barely was on her. Jake again dribbled some oil down onto her body. His magical hands began to work over the front of her body. He had moved my wife’s loose bra just enough that one of her nipples now appeared. She made no attempt to cover up and Jake slowly pushed it totally away from each of her big tits. His hands now began to encompass each of them. He was slowly taking control of my wife’s body.

A few minutes later Jake slid his hand down in between my wife’s legs. He slowly worked his finger in between them, prying her legs open. His finger now began to touch my wife’s swollen clit and her body began to squirm on the table. She could no longer keep her legs tightly together and Jake began to force them apart. A few minutes later he shoved one of his fingers deep into my wife’s pussy. She began to cry out and the thought of Jake taking her was quickly becoming a reality.

Jake now began to ease down his shorts. His 8 inch cock quickly appeared and he moved up to the top of the massage table. My wife lay there with her eyes partly shut and in a trance, while Jake moved her head just off the edge of the table. He pushed his big cock up against my wife’s lips and forced his cock deep into her warm mouth. My wife felt so relaxed and aroused at that point she made no attempt to stop sucking on his cock.

She continued to suck on his cock, while Jake’s hands gravitated down toward each of her lovely tits. He firmly grabbed each of them and my wife began to suck even harder on Jake’s young cock. She sucked several minutes on his cock and then he decided it was time to go for it. He climbed up on top of the table and got on top of her. He forced my wife’s legs apart and his cock was only inches from her aroused pussy. It was now the moment of truth. I began to wonder if she would actually go through with this and let him fuck her. I was only seconds away from finding out.

He brushed the head of his big cock gently up against my wife’s swollen pussy. Her body jerked up as she let out a startled sigh. He had passed a big first step now and was very close to succeeding in his quest to fuck my wife. He teased her with the head of his cock for the next minute or so and her body squirmed even harder underneath his. She was losing control quickly and her legs now began to part. He took her overtures as meaning that she wanted his big cock inside her and he turned towards me and gave me the approval sign.

She started to moan out seconds later as she felt his cock penetrate in between the aroused lips of her quivering pussy. He pushed a few inches of his cock into her and held it inside her for the next several seconds. My wife again made no attempt to stop him and he began to inch his big cock even deeper into her a minute later. Her moans began to radiate across the living room and her body was on fire. My cock was the only one she ever had until this very moment. This was a new experience for her and it took time for my wife’s pussy to adjust to the sheer size of his cock.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she now cried out.

He slowly began youwin giriş to work his cock in and out of her while I watched from the sofa. Her moans began to increase over time and she now felt a major orgasm building inside her. A few minutes later with her body in rhythm with Jakes she began to cry out into a very intense orgasm. The sound of her screaming out had my cock on the edge of erupting. This was the first time that she had ever cum for anyone but me.

Jake climbed off her a few minutes later and turned her over onto her back. He had her slide off the table and he wanted to take her from behind. She reached out with both hands and held tightly onto the side of the table. She bent her ass back towards him and was on full display for the both of us to see. Jake reached out and grabbed onto each of my wife’s hips. He pushed his cock back into her from behind and my wife let out a hollowing cry. He began to fuck her hard from behind and my wife now felt what it was like to be fucked with a large cock. She cried out loudly now, “Oh god! Oh god!” as Jake forced all eight inches of his cock deep inside her. She was loving every minute of it and Jake fucked her hard for several more minutes. He was quickly making my wife a believer and minutes later she screamed out into another mind blowing orgasm.

He then moved my wife over to the couch a short time later. He sat down and had her climbed on top of his big cock. He rammed his face into her big tits and she began to force herself down onto the shaft of his cock. He sucked and licked her hard nipples as she felt his big cock slide up deeply into her. A short time later my wife began to scream out. She was bucking hard on top of his cock and was on the verge of another powerful orgasm. Seconds later she cried out like never before. She had forced herself down onto all 8 inches of Jake’s cock and began to cum extremely hard all over it.

A few minutes later he rolled my wife off his cock and had her sit on the couch. He pulled her aroused body forward towards him and he knelt down in front of the couch. He quickly inserted his cock back into her and began to fuck her very hard again. She began to scream out seconds later as she felt his cock tear deeply into her.

He fucked her hard for several minutes and the sounds of my wife crying out filled the room with, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

He pounded his cock deeply into her for several more minutes and my wife screamed out once again into another intense orgasm. A few minutes later Jake yanked his throbbing cock from my wife’s hot pussy. He stood up over top of her and aimed his big cock down at her defenseless body. He began to stroke hard on his cock and just seconds later it began to erupt. He shot several streams of cum all over my wife’s beautiful body covering it in his sweet nectar in a matter of seconds. When he was done my wife had cum dripping from both breasts along with some that landed on her face. She was totally exhausted and she laid there for several minutes before getting up.

A short time later Jake wanted to take me again. His cock was rock hard and he was still extremely aroused. He had my wife get down onto all fours in the center of the living room rug. Her gorgeous ass was high into the air, while Jake got in behind her. He fucked her hard from behind for a good twenty minutes, and my wife screamed out into another earth shattering orgasm. He then pulled his cock out of her and came hard all over her sweet ass. He covered her ass in cum as it drip down over the cheeks of her lovely ass. I couldn’t believe how much Jake had changed my wife that night.

He then said to her, “Do you still feel the same about big cock?”

My wife uttered out seconds later, “Bigger is way better!”

I hope someday to meet up with Jake once again!

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