Temmuz 14, 2024

What a Day

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Big Dicks

Ever have one of those days? Everything seems to be going wrong… That was what kind of day I had. Went to work spilt coffee all over my blouse. Then just before I could finish my report and save, the computer froze! I lost everything. Well… That’s just a portion of it. I get a call that my dog is missing, then my water is shut off so there goes my soothing relaxing bath. Well enough about that for now eh? Let me introduce my self. My birth name is Brittany though most tend to call my ‘Brit’… Why I’d like to know… Dirty blonde as they call it for my hair. I try to keep it long, though a ponytail’s worth is all I have to show. My work is, as most people would think. A secretary. Not the most glamorous job but it gets the bills paid.

Okay, well back to my day. There I stood. Drops of sweat clinging the coffee stains white blouse against my chest. My boss giving me the daily scolding for perhaps a single spelling error or another glorious report he forgot to give me. Something about today just seemed awful. As I had stated everything was going wrong. I could tell by his sick grin that he was probably getting a kick out of my damp shirt. Heck I even forgot my bra! Finally, he had finished. My hands tugged down the work skirt. A dark navy (too bad my shirt wasn’t that color) then back out to my desk I went. The moment I was able to slump down… here came Peter. Now this guy I would suck off just for the pleasure of watching him squirm. He was just drop dead! I felt tingles watching him pass by. Staring up into those eyes of his… I found my self nearly pressing a hand against bakırköy masöz escort my skirt. “Hey Peter” I seemed to almost whisper. Unable to get all the words out.

“How’s your day lovely?” Lovely? Did he just call me that? He had to be joking… I felt so icky right now.

“A good screw would be nice!” I let out a laugh. Lord I was only kidding about that. Playfully I batted my eyes at him. Fingers crossing together on top of my desk.

“Sounds like a plan” Before I knew it, his lips were pressed to mind. He was bent over my chair grabbing my knees! What the hell! I tried to muffle out protest but he just kept on kissing me. I wanted to push him away. But something about all this made me feel so hot… so dirty. One of his hands moved waving over behind his shoulder. Soon enough he had stood… grinning down at my gasping form. “Ever wonder why there are only five men and one woman working here? Time for you to get your raise.”

Both hands went up to try and tell him to stop… let the way his hand just pushed under my skirt. Fingers rubbing against my covered slit caused me to groan out loud. With his free hand, I found my blouse unbuttoned then pulled away. My breasts free for the world to see. More shadows circled around. The other coworkers and… my boss! Had their clothes off around me! As for Peter, he glanced at each of them then down looking at me. “Looks like the company slut is wet and ready to please”

The fabric, which was my panties, were torn off… well just at the same time my skirt bakırköy otele gelen escort was cut by their scissors. They sure knew how to undress a woman. I didn’t protest one bit though… Deep down in side I knew I wanted to be their dirty little company whore. Onto my hands and knees they placed me. Lowering my spread wet cunt against my boss’ cock. The penetration nearly made me scream. He wasn’t the biggest man but his thrusts did the job! It had been months since my last good fuck. My screams were soon silenced as another swollen member was given in my presence. Shoved into my mouth against my throat. Both of his hands of this man gripped my head violently fucking my lips. The oozing precum was coating my tongue with the sweet liquid.

Peter leaned down next to my face. That hard cock of his rubbing up and down my cheek. “Ya know Brit, you sure do have a tight pussy… Hop you don’t mind your ass being taken. Our boss wants your cunt for a bit of a long time.” The moment he finished those words… He moved from my vision. He didn’t seem to care if I was dry back there or not. All I know is that his cock rammed against the tiny rose bud. I both felt pain and pleasure feeling both cocks rubbing together against my inner walls.

I heard a deep groan in front of me… As the sticky fluids of the bastard fucking my throat went down into my stomach. God it was so warm… so delicious. The last two men, who haven’t cummed, moved in front of me. I sat up against the cock in my ass and pussy. Hands stroking both their bakırköy rus escort members as I licked over the heads. A deep throat scream bellowed out from me. The delicious orgasm flooding my body, my juices almost leaking out to cover my boss’ balls. God this was great! All that fucking seemed to make the orgasm last over and over again. I could hear Peter yelling behind me, though only barely “How does this feel slut? Like being gang fucked here?” All I could do was scream yes. Over and over again.

All this pleasure was just too much for me to handle right now. Everything seemed to go white. Just before I passed out, I felt my bowels and my cunt being flooded with the sexual juices of my new lovers. Cum splattering across my face and bare breasts. As everything went back, I fell down against my boss’s body.

With moon light glowing down on me… I could tell it was nighttime. My lower half seemed to just ache… yet oddly enough I still felt the waves of my orgasm coming through me. My eyes were barely able to open. Drops of cum dripping over my eyelashes. I slowly sat up, my right hand reaching down scratching over my bare hairless cunt… Gobs of cum leaking beneath me from my puckered anus and my pussy. One glance down showed me that even after I had passed out. They kept on working; I was just a masterpiece of sex. My entire body smothered in cum. something in side of me seemed to love what I was doing now… As I peeled the white male fluid… slurping it off my fingers… I saw most of the men around me unconscious. But Peter stood there, staring at me. “Well, keep this act up and you will keep on making more then the boss… We plan to keep our little cum whore happy.” Each of those words caused shivers up and down my body.

A grin… I was feeling sexy so this grin matched. Staring upon his naked spent standing form. “Sounds good, so tell me… Same time tomorrow?” Guess today wasn’t as bad as I had thought…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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