Temmuz 17, 2024

Watching Her Work

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I sat, absentmindedly swirling the cup in my hand- it was just a Dr. Pepper- and taking in the sights in the room, enjoying the pulsing bass coming through the sound system. There was a little play going on here, and there, but nothing that really caught my eye. A cute twink was strapped to the wall on the other side of the room and was being tickled, so I was doing my best to completely ignore that one.

I was really vibing to the playlist they had on tonight and was content to chill and see what others were getting into. The dungeon lights were a cool blue and purple this evening, matching the retrowave tracks and setting the tone for some calmer, more sensual scenes. I was about to meander out to snag a refill of the soda when a pair made their way over to the chair often used for bootblacking. He had a nice pair of Docs on, and the girl was one I knew liked to do bootblacking, so I kept my skinny-jean-clad butt parked to watch.

Sure enough he sat and put his feet up on the stands. He was in a tight tank that showed off his arms; she was in a lacy getup. I was distracted by the crimson of her lipstick crooked up into a smirk, the bright white of her teeth as she bit her lower lip. She opened a small bag and set out a few of the tools of her trade. Some small metal canisters, a little spray bottle, a few different brushes, a couple of cloths.

She started to move her hips, her booty, to the slow rhythm of the music, dipping and rolling with the synth. She worked them as she turned around for him, pulling her top off, her nipples crinkled in obvious excitement. I could see that even from my vantage point, 30 or so feet off.

Facing him again she leaned over, tits swinging forward to brush the toe of his right boot, and reached forward to cuff his jeans, rolling them up above the ankles. She massaged those ankles, squeezing the leather that reflected a dull purple from the lights. She grabbed a hold of her breasts and squeezed his ankle between them, giving his boot a boob job. Her blonde hair flowed down her freckled back and she threw her head back as she rubbed her tits up and down the boot. pendik escort bayan After a minute she did the same for his left boot. He was looking on, arms crossed and almost no expression on his bearded face, but his cock was visibly hard down his left pant leg betraying his interest and arousal at her work.

She stood back up, returning to the slow, seductive motions as she pushed the leggings down off her thick thighs. She bent over in front of him so he had a good view of her ass; I’m sure he could see her pussy peeking between her thighs as well. She looked up and caught my eyes for a moment; a quick smile passed between as she acknowledged her audience and said audience silently “applauded” the show.

She was bent at the waist, rolling the leggings down to her ankles until she got them off, setting them to the side in a pile with her top. She turned back to face him, straightening up as she did, and it was my turn to enjoy the sight of her big, round ass.

I watched, mesmerized, as she gave both boots a quick once over with a brush. She spritzed one with the bottle, then worked up a lather with one of the little brushes and something from one of the tins. She placed his boot on her shoulder and looked up, locking eyes with him as she worked the soap into it, wiping it off with a cloth when she was done. At some point he’d unzipped his pants and his thick cock was visible against his trim triangle of bush. I guess he’d gone commando, why not? I was impressed that she seemed to keep her eyes on his, as I couldn’t help but check out that thick rod myself.

She repeated her cleaning with his other boot. The energy from them was electric, I could feel it from my seat. Apparently so could others, I was no longer alone on the couch I had been using as my voyeur’s crow’s nest. Apparently done cleaning, she gave them another wipedown with a cloth. I enjoyed watching her butt shake and jiggle a bit as she vigorously rubbed the tops, then the heels of the boots.

I watched as she stepped up to him, straddling his right foot. He leaned down from his throne and kissed her, but I saw his maltepe escort toe move up and push into her crotch. I heard a moan escape her mouth, muffled by his, as she bent her knees to grind on the boot. She was running her hands up and down his body, squeezing his hips, then his calves, back up to his shoulders. He had grabbed her hair up in his fist and was pulling it back as they kissed.

I slipped a hand underneath my belt and waistband to grab myself a bit, thoroughly enjoying the scene. I pictured myself in his place, seated high, pushing my tongue between her soft lips as she rubbed her pussy on my own knee high boots, her body making them slick and shiny. I must have zoned out like that for longer than I realized, as a cry brought my attention back to her. He had yanked her head back by the hair and was smiling down at her while her body shook, an orgasm flickering through her.

She got on her knees and gently took his boot, the one she’d just cum on, in her hands and started licking it without hesitation. She lapped at the boot, tasting the leather, and tasting herself on it. Its sheen dulled as she cleaned herself off of it. Satisfied, she got back to the business of her service. She suggestively swiped two fingers in one of the little tins- they came up with a gob of dark black on them- and rubbed them all over his boots. Both her hands were quickly covered in the polish as she massaged several layers of polish into them. They seemed to have become an even matte when she was done. I saw her reach for a rag, I guess to wipe her hands off, and he grunted out a gruff “No.” It was the first word I’d heard him say the entire scene, and it was to deny her cleaning her hands off.

There was a hesitation, then she obligingly grabbed another brush and worked his boots over one more time, occasionally leaning down to drag her tongue along them in long, lapping licks, until the soft lighting of the dungeon was again visible on the toes. Her hands were still stained black, so when he nodded down towards his crotch she had to ball them up and rest her arms on the arms of his chair, making kartal escort sure that the polish stayed only on the boots and the tools used to put it there.

I heard a soft moan from the woman that had joined me on the couch; she was biting her lip as we watched the bootblack take his cock into her mouth, bobbing her blonde head down a little farther, farther. Letting him go, his cock smacked his stomach with a wet “thud” as she licked at his balls, burying her face between his legs. Her tongue trailed up along the underside of his rigid and veined shaft, causing it to visibly twitch when she got to the sensitive spot just under his meaty cock head. He’d uncrossed his arms and had grabbed her wrists, running his hands up and down his forearms as she continued to provide a bootblack’s service.

I kept watching, enthralled, aroused, as she sucked him off. It was impressive how she was able to make sure she didn’t neglect his balls while her hands weren’t usable, still stained and restrained. His breathing was getting heavier, his chest heaving and his abs shuddering as she moved faster up and down his cock, engulfing almost his entire length, withdrawing to the tip, and dropping her face back down to take him in again. Finally his body tensed and she stopped about halfway down his cock, swallowing him down as he came. The woman next to me sighed, and I couldn’t help but agree with the sentiment.

Relaxing and letting go of her wrists, he stroked her hair as she let his slowly softening shaft fall out of her mouth, glistening with spit. He tucked it back into his jeans and buttoned up, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead, whispering a hoarse “Thank you for your service,” before standing and making his way back towards a bathroom. She turned to watch him go, her dark red lipstick showing not a single bit of cum; she’d swallowed it all. After a moment, clearly in a bit of a daze, she started packing up her little bag on all fours. I could see her pussy was still wet, her thighs glistening with the smeared juices from her earlier encounter with the toe of his boot.

Before she could get too far into it I walked up and sat down in the chair. “Got time for another pair?” I asked her. She looked up and gave me that crooked smirk again. Nodding vigorously, she grabbed my boot under the thick rubber sole and hiked it up onto her shoulder, ready to begin again.

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