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Solo Male

He’s the most beautiful young man you’ve ever seen, spinning and slithering in the middle of the dance floor like he’s all fluid. His hair is a mess of spikes that glow neon under the club lights, and his lips that are occasionally moving along to the music look so plump and sweet. His legs are long- hell, his body is long, a body he sometimes slides his hands down in subconscious sensuality. And through it all his eyes are closed while he’s lost in his private rhythm.

You’re not the only one whose noticed. A lot of young women and even a couple men have been glancing worshipfully at him. Oh no, not tonight, interlopers. This one’s been heating you up just by looking and you want- hell, need- a lot more than just looking. You finish your drink in one gulp, get off the bar stool, adjust your skirt, and start a smooth rhythm of getting to the dance floor that sways your hips and clicks your heels.

When you finally approach him, the heat between your legs just aches at seeing more of his beauty. He has a strong bridge of a nose with a cute little downturn, a touch of stubble along his jawline, and oh god, his eyelids are smudged by liner. He’s perfect.

“Is this spot taken?” you coo and boldly put your hands on his hips. Mmm, such a solid body.

His eyes fly open as he’s broken out of his trance. You can’t quite make out the color, somewhere between green and blue, but they’re big and beautiful. And since you’re matching his height in your heels, you can take in every detail.

“Oh, uh, hi.” He looks you up and down and quickly smiles like he’s hit the jackpot.

“Not interrupting anything, am I?” you ask and glide your tongue under your glossed upper lip.

“Nope.” His hands hover in the air for a moment before resting on your own hips and he sways a little to continue dancing.

You laugh to yourself; looks like you picked up a sweetie. You pull his body closer in silent granted permission of contact until your lips are practically breathing the same air.

“Ooh-” he gets the idea quickly. One hand weaves into your hair and the other settles on your ass- such large and warm hands he has- and his sways turn into grinding against you.

“Mmm…” Oh, yes, sweetie with a naughty side. Even through your skirt he’s touching all your sensitive nerves; you can just tell he’s a big boy. You lick your lips and move your hips in a figure-eight to return the favor, and his moan is as sweet as the music.

You continue to writhe and grind together to the rhythm; he’s so good at it you’re feeling just as wet inside as you are outside. Somewhere along all your moaning and sighing first names get exchanged, everything’s just become a hazy blur of lust. You slowly rake your fingers through his surprisingly soft mess of spikes and watch him roll his head to the side.

“You’re so pretty I could kiss you all over,” you whisper and not so subtly nudge your breasts, contained by your corset top but showing just enough skin to be tantalizing, against his chest.

“Yeah…” A drop of sweat glows on his neck under the lights, but before you can playfully flick it away he leans close enough for the outer layer of his lip skin to brush at yours.

You take the bait and seal your lips over his, moans reverberating through your body. Just as soft and sweet as you imagined, tinged with a little sweat and alcohol. The club’s music has segued into a slightly slower beat and you stroke along his back in time. Even just the one layer of his shirt is one layer too many over his muscles.

“Ahh…” His tongue slips past the seam of your mouth, all exuberance and desperation. With a playful giggle you let your tongue poke and bump along his. So thick and yummy…

When he breaks the kiss he turns you around in his hold, hands on your stomach and nuzzling kisses in the crook of your neck. Oh, he’s good, real good. You grind against his hips and especially what’s between them while he paws you all over and you keep dancing.

Whenever his hands brush over your breasts or between your legs, you can’t help the shiver no matter how sweating you are. Young men typically aren’t shy about what they like and want, and his actions are practically screaming his desire from the rooftops. Oh, if you could hear him scream-

You antalya escort turn and drape your arms around his neck. “I’ve got a room upstairs for the night…if you feel like it,” you offer and lick your lips. All up to him now.

He breathes deeply as he looks you up and down again, and something in his eyes seems to darken. You brace yourself for the answer that you’re too old for him after all, or he already has a girlfriend, or he doesn’t sleep around like that-

“Sure,” he finally says and lazily draws a finger down the pattern the ribbon ties make on your top.

You sigh in both relief and at the touch. Neither of you are going to regret this. You kiss his top lip and take his wrist to lead him out of the club towards the hotel elevator, the music slowly getting fainter and fainter until you can actually hear your breathing.

Out of the neon lights you can get a better look at him. His hair is a bleach job with peeks of his natural roots, and you suspect when he’s not working up a sweat his skin is creamy enough to look delicious. Right now his mouth is smiling so adorably but you keep self-control on kissing it for another moment. While you’re waiting for the elevator you smooth your hair down and dab sweat from your face, taking a little makeup with it, but you’ve always had a young-looking face so he doesn’t seem freaked out. In fact, he actually grins and says, “You’re really pretty.”

Ooh, there’s that aching again; a compliment like that always does it to you. “Thank you, baby,” you wink and pull him into the elevator when the doors open.

You flatten your back against the wall and he willingly presses on you, that dark look flashing in his eyes again. Yes, you did all the flirting beforehand, time for him to take as much control as he wants. Breath is ragged in your ears as he cups your hips and kisses deep. Mmm, just like that. You scritch at the back of his hair and let his mouth play and tease as much as it wants until the doors open again.

“Right this way…” You slip an arm around his waist to lead him to your room and now he’s tucked close to your side almost shyly, his shirt still soft with sweat. How he goes from sexy to cute in an instant is beyond you, but you’re loving it.

Once in your room you slip away your heels with a sigh of relief, even if it means you lose a little height. He chuckles, but you’re not offended by it. “Sorry babyboy, not an Amazon,” you grin. At least you can still look at those eyes.

“You’re still pretty,” he says and rests his hands on your shoulders. You hold his hips and stay silent with a smile, willing to let him make any move he wants now.

After a moment he licks his lips and looks down, not necessarily at your cleavage but like in thought. “Um…I don’t…”

Don’t what? “I’m on the pill if that’s what you’re worried about,” you say and rub up and down his sides to reassure.

He shakes his head. “No, I…” His body seems to draw away and shrink- in fear? What is there for him to be afraid of?

“I haven’t slept with anybody before.”

Oh. Ohh. You can’t help blinking in surprise- somebody as gorgeous and knows how to move like that hasn’t done it yet?- and he definitely notices the change in your expression.

“I’m not gay,” he quickly protests, “and I’m not stupid, I had sex ed. I just…I dunno, get nervous around girls…” He looks down again like wanting to sink into the floor.

Oh, you remember being that young and nervous and inexperienced. A wave of tender empathy touches you and you pull him close in a move that’s comforting without being motherly. “Baby, you’re not gay and you’re definitely not stupid. I think you just get nervous around girls your own age?…”

“I guess,” he murmurs and nods. “Like, if we both didn’t know what to do and I screwed something up- but I saw you and figured that you could, like, show me something?” He rubs his hands over his face like taking away sweat and adds, “And you really are pretty…”

There was that sweet side he was showing earlier. You haven’t been with a virgin since your own first time- or at least if you have they didn’t say anything- but you have no trouble with having a night to show him what sex feels like. Afterwards kepez escort he can go off to approach girls in his age group feeling more experienced and hopefully not so nervous.

He’s shaking at this point, and if he wasn’t so obviously nervous it’d be adorable. You stroke the back of his hair in soothing motions and kiss his cheek. “Relax, baby, I’m not going to judge you. I know we can make each other feel good and it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’.”

His wide eyes stare at you but at least the intensity of his shaking has slowed down. You kiss him again and take a deep breath to push your chest out. “Want to unwrap me?” your voice goes low.

He obviously likes that idea as you feel him hard against you again. Virgin or not, there’s few straight men on the planet that can resist unrestricted access to breasts. He tugs at a ribbon on your corset top and smiles as it loosens. Bit by bit he unthreads the ties and it isn’t long before your top falls away enough to drop it aside. You sigh at the cool air making your skin goose dimple and keep watching his reaction.

His sweet pink lips are parted in a way to make heat pool more between your legs. “Oh, wow…” He dips his head a little, eyes flickering up in asking silent permission. So darling. You nod and stroke his hair some more.

His mouth touches upon your skin in slow and careful motions, switching between kisses and licks and the occasional suckle like sampling a sweet meal. It’s not as orgasmic as getting eaten out, but his lips are so lovely and eager to please you moan and roll your head back at every tingle that shoots through your body. “Mmm…oh, babydoll, yes…yeah, like that…”

He licks for another minute or so before pulling his mouth away from your breasts and he stands to peel off his shirt. His skin is creamy and build solid and sturdy, and oh god he really is sexy. You lick your lips in approval and his relieved smile makes him glow.

“C’mere, baby.” You take his hand to lead him towards the bed and sit with you on the edge of the mattress, then rest the hand on your hip by your skirt’s zipper. He takes the hint quickly and tugs it down, still grinning once your lacy panties and stockings are exposed.

You hold your hands behind your head, fluffing your hair a little and playfully pouting like the centerfolds that have no doubt starred in his wet dreams. “Is this good, love?”

“Yeah,” he nods and his voice is breathy. The bulge in his jeans isn’t lying either.

Oh, you so desperately want what’s in there. Just a little more patience, even as you reach for his zipper with a cheeky smile. “Let’s see what you’ve been hiding away from all those girls,” you lick your lips and watch him blush.

He’s warm under your hands, warm like his moans make you feel. A sweet “ooh!” leaves your lips when his erection finally stands tall, framed by the softest looking patch of light brown hair. The tip is glistening, likely meaning he’s been turned on and trying to keep it in all night. Maybe it’s a little selfish of you, but you just want to show him one more thing or two before the boy officially becomes a man.

“So strong,” you whisper and gently stroke up and down the smooth length, watching his face as little beads of sweat form and those beautiful lips whimper in desperation. “I know, baby, almost there…” You open your legs to give him a view as you undo the ties holding your panties together- and what a view as his eyes immediately darken in desire.

You gather him into your arms to lie half beside you and half on top, taking another taste of his lips and holding his hand again to cup it between your legs. Still warm…

“Oh-” With just a little uncertainty on his face, he rubs a finger over your most sensitive lips. It’s faintly rough on your wet skin and you grind against his hand with a moan. He smiles to your reaction and keeps up stroking.

“Ahhh…” Your body rolls in a wave, and the more he touches you the slicker it feels. “That’s what you’ve been doing to me all night, baby.” You grip his hair and go in for another kiss that nibbles his plump bottom lip.

Without any prompting he rolls completely on top you, and the pleasant sudden surprise of his weight makes you gasp manavgat escort aloud. “Oh, yes, baby, don’t hold back. It’s all yours now.” You thread your fingers into his bleached hair and look right in those blue-green eyes. A new intensity glitters in them as if instinct has taken over. He is youth and arrogance, desire and heat.

He crashes his mouth to yours in a kiss and thrusts forward with little grace, but you’re so wet it doesn’t matter. Your cries of pleasure mingle with each other especially as you raise your hips off the mattress to take more of him inside you. He’s thick and hot and absolutely perfect.

“Oh…oh…fuck…oh-” he pants as if in surprise of what he’s just done in between attacking your bottom lip with more biting kisses. Such a sweet and dirty little mouth.

“Mmm…” You clench your muscles and roll your hips to feel every contour. “Feels good, baby?”

“Uh huh…” He doesn’t need any urging to continue thrusting smooth and deep. You know you’re going to be sore later but it’s completely worth it. Every thrust rubs over your spot and you moan each time.

“Ooh-” You glide your hands down his back and your tongue plays in and around his hot mouth. “So good…my big strong man.” Your man for the night, and you’re the one whose made him a man, and oh that is so fucking sexy to think about you clench some more and pant hotly in his face.

He brings a hand to your breasts to rub and tease around as he keeps thrusting. Sweat trickles down his face like sensual raindrops and you feel his heart pounding. Groans rumble in his throat and he is an animal unleashed.

“Yes, yes, ohh…” You keep your palms flat to the small of his back and lift your legs to wrap them around his hips. With a grunt he presses as deeply as he can go, not sliding out just yet. Sweet jesus, you can feel the fireworks building already. “Oh, fuck, babyboy, that’s so good.”

His breaths start wavering ever so sweetly and body shaking again, and you get the feeling he’s trying to hold off on coming too soon. You hold the back of his hair and kiss him as tenderly as you can in silent reassurance.

“Mmm…” His pace slows just enough to still feel oh so fantastic. You run a heel up and down the back of his long leg and smoothly roll your hips in rhythm. “Right there, baby…let go whenever you want, just don’t stop moving…”

“Unh-” He whimpers your name and makes a few more thrusts before he finally does let go with a warm flood and a cry that sounds like lightning hitting gravel.

“Oh!” Your hips buck wildly with every sensation hitting you at once. He’s hot and beautiful and just what you needed, and the fact he did listen to you in not stopping moving is hitting all your nerves in the best way possible. You grab a wrist to cup his hand between your legs again, and he takes the hint quickly by rubbing over your clit.

“Oh fuck right there-” comes out in one breath, and when your own orgasm hits you can’t see anything except bright spinning lights like back at the club. His lips hit yours messily and you dig your fingers into his hips.

“Erg-” He collapses on your body with a deep lungful of air, and you roll you gaze to the ceiling while waiting for your heartbeat to get back down to normal. Little breaths stutter from your lips as you come down from your high and his body goes limp in relaxation. When he pulls out he wipes sweat from his face and looks at you almost expectantly.

When you feel finally capable of speech again, you drape your arms around his shoulders and kiss each side of that warm and delicious mouth. “Mmm…how’re you feeling, babe?”

“Wow,” he breathes and returns the kiss. “Uh, was it good?”

“It was great,” you kiss all over his face and stroke his back muscles. And he’s only going to get better from there, you know for sure.

He stretches out his arms and legs and rolls onto his back. Such beautiful lines he has. “An’ I thought I came too soon.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment,” you tease in good nature and pat your frenzied hair back into place. “You can go clean up any time you want,” you make sure to tell him so he doesn’t feel like he’s being held captive by a crazy woman. He just murmurs and drapes an arm across his chest.

You completely peel away your stockings and lay back down beside him, basking in the heat radiating off his gorgeous body. Surprisingly he rolls over to face you and takes your bottom lip in a kiss that has just the right pressure of biting down.

“Best…night ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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