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Jake was waiting. “I just think it will make the wedding night even better,” he had told Lauren one night at the very beginning of their relationship. “I know it will be rough, but I think it will be worth the wait.”

At first, Lauren had been somewhat spellbound by her boyfriend’s decision. It wasn’t often you found a eighteen year old guy who wanted to wait. And the fact that Jake could have had any girl in the school only added to Lauren’s amazement. He was a healthy 6’0, with a beautifully muscled body and gorgeous dimples. He had a reputation in his high school as one of the “sweethearts,” the tender guy who played classical piano when he wasn’t starting for the Varsity football team, but it was agreed that there was something undeniably sexual about his sensitivity. His girlfriend refused to confirm or deny this assumption, offering only slight smirk. “I could never kiss and tell,” she would say.

Lauren wouldn’t tell, but that didn’t stop others from guessing. She was a knockout and proved the old adage that good things come in small packages. She had a mega watt smile and curves that were, as Jake liked to say, “Absolutely edible.”

Despite Jake’s unchanging mindset, it wasn’t unusual for sexual tensions to soar. both teenagers, contrasting their wholesome reputations, had long ago mastered their own sexuality. They used this knowledge to drive their partner to the brink of insanity, and mind shattering orgasms were not uncommon as the two hid away in the back of Jake’s van.

One night, Lauren had a feeling that Jake’s unyielding mindset might change.

“Hey, I’ve got the house to myself tonight,” he had said. “Can you come over?”

She had giggled. “I’ll be right there.”

He opened the front door and ushered her inside, slipping his arms around her tiny waist and sealing her mouth with a kiss. Her heart sped up, her face instantly flushed, and he pulled away long before she would have liked.

“I rented a movie.” He said. “You interested?”


She removed her coat while he started the movie, and they settled onto the couch, Lauren fitting herself into the space between Jake’s arms and his body, resting her head delicately on his chest. He stroked her hair as the movie began.

She supposed his actions were innocent enough, as he did seem intent on actually watching the movie, but he was driving Lauren nuts. Every few strokes, his fingertips would lightly brush over her ears, sending chills down her spine and causing Haymana Escort a pleasant wetness between her legs. She wasn’t sure how much she could take–but she wasn’t going to make the first move. She preferred waiting for him. She began peeking up at him, letting her eyes linger on his beautiful face, debating whether she was going to be able to resist the urge to lick his ear. She squirmed as her nipples hardened and the wetness increased. Finally, Jake caught on.

He glanced down at her as she stared at him. “You’re not really watching the movie, are you?”

She shook her head and smiled. “Not really,” she admitted. Jake grinned, shut the TV off, and pounced on her, thrusting his tongue down her mouth, leaning her back onto the couch as he adjusted himself on top of her. As his fingertips trailed down her chest, lightly hitting her nipples, he pounded against her crotch, his hard on teasing through the layers of clothing between bodies. Her hands shot down to his waistband to unbutton his pants.

He laughed at her impatience. “Let’s go upstairs,” he offered. She pushed him off quickly and ran to the stairway, glancing back quickly to make sure he had followed. He walked up slowly behind her, allowing himself to watch her lovely ass. He felt his cock swelling. He took a deep breath and tried to regain some sense of control before he entered his room, where Lauren was already stretched out on his bed, her hands roaming over her body.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he said. “Let me handle that.” He removed her hands from her breasts and replaced them with his lips, gently brushing against her swollen chest through the shirt she was wearing, enticing her nipples to protrude even further. He caressed the area with his cheek, refusing to obey her whimpers to just “take the damn shirt off.” He bit each nipple lightly through fabric. She moaned. Finally, his hands slid up her back, reveling in the smooth, ivory skin, enjoying the fiery heat her body was already emitting. As his hands snaked up her spine, he pulled her close, kissing her deeply, making her moan as his fingertips just gently brushed the sides of her full breasts.

Unable to resist any longer, she pulled her T-shirt over her head and forced his lips into her cleavage. Slowly, he licked large, wet circles around her nipples, soaking through the sheer cotton bra she wore. Her talented hands found their way to the waistband of his jeans, and she quickly pulled İranlı Escort his belt off. She reached in and gently squeezed his cock as it strained against his boxers. As a surge of electricity shot through him, he yanked off her bra and viciously bit and pulled at her nipple with his teeth. She squirmed and drew in deep, ragged breaths.

Remaining clothing came off in only a few seconds. Lauren lay back on his bed, unable to react as Jake kissed down her stomach. She felt as though her pussy were on fire. His tongue couldn’t get there fast enough for her liking. Unfortunately, Jake was a tease. He buried his nose in her pubic hair, enjoying her scent, refusing to caress her with his tongue just yet. His hands traced up and down her thighs. “Jake,” she managed to gasp out. “I need you…Please.”

It was all the encouragement Jake needed. His tongue dove into her inflated lips, pushing up into her cunt, stroking furiously, wanting to get her as worked up as possible. Her body started to tingle. She gasped as she neared the edge, as she grew detached from her body, gulping in air as pressure began to build from her legs.

He pulled away suddenly, rocking back on his knees and grinning down at her. “You all right, Kiddo?” he asked. “You’re breathing kind of heavy.”

“Don’t stop,” she ordered, her voice throaty. “Please don’t stop.”

Obeying her commands, he slid back down between her legs, this time, gently tapping her clit with the very tip of his tongue. She groaned her approval. Once again, Jake slowly built up the intensity, his tongue rapidly pushing her clit back and forth as the red flush turned a shade darker on her beautiful chest. He kneaded her breasts together, tweaking and pulling at her nipples.

“Yes…” she cried. “Oh Jake…that’s it…Oh my goodness…Keep going!”

But once again, he stopped. She drew in a breath to complain, but she felt something hard strike her clit. She opened her eyes and looked down. Jake was on his knees between her legs, holding his eight inch cock with his right hand, guiding it as it struck her clit over and over again. Lauren could feel his precum mixing with her juices. She licked her lips, wanting the salty taste of his manhood in her mouth. He was gauging her reactions with anxious green eyes. When she didn’t protest, he dragged his turgid mushroom head down her slit. Then up again. And down. Her muscles quivered each time he passed over her opening. She Karapürçek Escort wanted him inside of her.

“Jake.” Her voice was needy.

“Lauren…Can we?…Please…I want you so badly.” He swallowed hard. “I want to be inside you.”

She nodded slowly, not able to believe it was actually going to happen.

“You’re sure you’re ready?” he asked, not stopping as he caressed her slit with his cock.

She laughed. “I’m ready…Go slowly.”

He nodded and guided his head to the very beginning of her opening. he slid only centimeters in, and her pussy went wild, contracting and expanding in an attempt to bring in more. He kept a firm hold of his shaft. She closed her eyes, warding off the orgasm she could feel boiling inside, because she knew it was only going to get better.

With tantalizing control, Jake let only a few more inches slip inside. As the warm walls of her cunt gripped him, he could feel his balls begin to quiver. He gritted his teeth and refused to succumb to an orgasm. He was determined to make this last.

“Jake. Stop teasing me. Please.” Lauren was fighting for control as well, he could hear it in her voice. Without hesitation he pushed the remaining length of his dick inside. She called out, and the sound of pain startled him. Jake did nothing, holding himself above her on his elbows, waiting for her to signal the next move, as he gasped for air, twitching with pleasure.

Slowly, she lifted her lips and kissed him tenderly, licking the sweat off his upper lip. “Fuck me. Please.”

And Jake began his assault.

Starting with a slow and deliberate rhythm, he rocked his hips back and forth, picking up speed, pulling out almost all the way and driving back in with such force Lauren felt it in her fingertips. She began to shake. Her legs tightened around his back, her pussy gripping and relaxing against his penis deliciously. He bit a nipple as he pounded against her, chewing and pulling as the tensions built up in his groin. He knew he was close. His balls struck her ass as he pulled out again and again. Lauren gasped and moaned, intense pleasure flooding her body, tensing her muscles, preparing them for what was coming.

Her fingers gripped the muscles on her lover’s back as she begged and cried for release. Slowly, she began to tingle, she saw white as her body was overcome with the most exquisite release she had ever experienced. She moaned and twitched, arching her back to allow the glorious sexual tension to flow throughout her body. Her pussy clamped down on his cock, and, after three short strokes that broke his rhythm, Jake exploded inside his first lover, crying out her name as he forcefully shot his cum inside her.

They were silent when it was all over, content to lie in each other’s arms, buried underneath Jake’s sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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