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Cum Throat

(Note to readers – This is a true story and is co-authored by me and Linda1234, another Literotica author. I am posting it here with Linda’s full knowledge and consent. Only the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the subjects.)


My name is Katie. I’m in my 40’s, a Sara Evans lookalike, 5’6″ 115 lbs, C cup, and very Bi. In fact, I’d be a lesbian if I hadn’t met Ben. He’s older and is very successful in business. He convinced me that I could have the best of all worlds if I married him. He promised me that if I married him I could do as I pleased with women so long as I involved him in some way.

I tested his promise on our wedding night by seducing a very beautiful Hawaiian girl working at our resort. She and I fucked most of that night while my husband sat by and watched. In fact my husband didn’t get any sex at all until the next morning, and didn’t get to fuck his own wife for the first two days of our honeymoon.

As we checked in to the hotel that first night I knew that I was going to have to get things off on the right foot sexually, or else I might not have the sort of freedom I really wanted. I needed to establish right away, and very firmly to Ben, that our marriage was going to be absolutely chock full of female sexual partners – for me. I wasn’t sure how to do it. I had no plan, but when I saw Leilani behind the check-in desk that night I decided that she was my opportunity.

Ben stepped away to check on something with our bags, and I was at the desk alone with her for a minute. Her eyes were killers, and her beautiful brunette hair was darker than space, and just as full of sparkles. I spoke right up to her.

“I sure hope my husband is up to his marital duties tonight, but somehow I doubt it. I might need some help later,” I said to her, hoping that she wouldn’t cringe or freak out about me talking about sex. She looked pretty young, so I thought that might mean she would be up for something crazy.

She took my meaning, looking at me for a second. I gave her my best “I wanna fuck you, bitch” look. Glancing across the lobby to where Ben was talking to a porter, she said “He looks like an older guy. Does he have trouble in that department?”

“Well, he gets it up ok, but he comes too fast, and anyway I’m not really into cock that much.”

“Then why did you marry him?”

“Because he has money, and he promised me I could have girls on the side,” I answered, and tried to turn up the intensity of my look. I basically stared into her eyes to see if my interest in her had registered.

She raised an eyebrow.

“You ever been with a girl?” I asked.


“Why don’t you come up to our room tonight? It’s my wedding night, and I want to have a party.”

She looked shocked, and Ben returned to the desk to conclude our check in. Her eyes darted to him, then back to me. I gave her another intense look, and slowly nodded my head “yes,” hoping to convince her to take me up on the invitation. She was flustered, and looked down at her computer monitor.

“Tonight’s your wedding night?” She asked, looking back to Ben, and then to me again, still with a stunned, slack-jawed expression.

“That’s right!” Ben replied, excitedly.

She finally looked like she was coming out of it. She looked as if she had made a decision, and went back to her monitor.

“Just a moment,” she said. “I’m going to upgrade you to our best suite, no additional charge. Congratulations, and here’s to a long and satisfying marriage,” she said to Ben, but cutting her eyes over to me on the word “satisfying,” which she said with a subtle emphasis.

She handed over the passes to us, that would unlock the door to our room. Ben was delighted! As a businessman he loves getting extra value for no additional cost. We were in our room for 15 minutes when there came a knock at the door. It was a hotel employee with a bucket of champagne. “Compliments of the front desk.” Ben had him set it up on the table in front of the sofa, where the man popped the cork and covered it with a towel to keep it chilled. As Ben pulled out a tip for the man, I sat down on the sofa to pour myself a glass. There was a small envelope on the tray with my name, my married name on it.

The card inside read “I get off at 10:00. ~ L” It was only then that I noticed there were three glasses on the tray.

Leilani’s darkened skin was so incredibly beautiful! Her tits were small and pert, and her brown nipples and tight little pussy was just right for me to suck. I worked her clit into loud wild orgasms. We didn’t care who heard. Meanwhile sweet Ben sat and watched, and he ended up getting quite a show.

She was nervous at first, but the champagne helped. Ben didn’t have any, leaving it for me and her. In about 20 minutes she was feeling the wine, and I started talking dirty to her. I told her how beautiful she was, how hot she made me when I saw her, how she was getting my pussy wet. She was shy and nervous, but was loving the compliments. I told her I wanted to kiss her neck. She laughed and said that would be ok, so I got behind her as avcılar üniversiteli escort she sat on the edge of the bed. She started giggling, loving the feeling I gave her.

Three minutes of kissing and breathing on the back of her neck and she was not going to leave that room. I told her how badly I wanted to see and touch her breasts, and she said that would be ok too. I kept up the compliments, and the kissing, and her defences came down, then her blouse came down, then her skirt came down, then her panties came down.

I fucked Leilani for all I was worth that night. I needed Ben to understand the passion I had inside me – for women. I made Leilani come three times that night just by eating her out and fingering her G-spot up inside her pussy with the pads of my finger tips. She was laying on her back, with her legs open so wide I thought she was going to break a hip. Her sex moans were making the wine in the gasses ripple. She came in my face and snapped her legs shut like a bear trap, rolling onto her side, and taking my head with her. She was spasming and twitching.

She was actually begging me to stop, but I know that a woman who comes needs to get right back up on that horse. I jumped in between her legs, looked her in the eye, and told her I needed to put my pussy on her. I grabbed one leg and pulled it up between my breasts and squirmed down into her sex, pressing mine into her clit. I knew that the pressure against her was too much so soon after multiple orgasms, but I just held myself down on her, squeezing her little fuck-fruit, keep the pressure down.

She was dying with pleasure and pain, but I held my clit down on hers, and came on top of her just from that, and looking into her eyes, telling her she was making me come. Her spine rippled again, and she snapped back up into me. She shut her eyes and ground up into me, screaming at the tops of her lungs as she came again.

I got her to go down on me too, and I loved being her first!

As I lay on my back, I looked down and watched her beautiful, dark eyes just above my pussy and told her how fucking hot she looked eating me out. I told her that I just had to pump my pussy into her face because I couldn’t stop myself from fucking a woman as beautiful as she. I did it too. I jammed my cunt into her as I looked into her eyes. Later I licked my juices off of her face and praised her for the job she did.

Even though she wore the lightest of makeup, her hair and face had been wrecked by my pussy rubbing into them. Her mascara was running. They make it waterproof, but nothing is pussy-juice-proof! She reeked of my scent. I wouldn’t let her wash it off because I wanted it to stay on her for as long as possible.

I asked her if she liked it and would she ever think about doing it again? Yes to both! Later that morning, when she left, I went over to my husband sitting on the sofa, where he had been watching us all night. I sucked Ben’s cock and he came in about 5 minutes.

Since Ben even went so far as to let me fuck other women on our Honeymoon, I felt confident that he had accepted his limitations as a man, my love of pussy, and that our marriage would work. We’ve been married roughly 10 years, and during this time I’ve seduced many women, always with Ben’s knowledge and approval. I often seduce the wives in the couples in our social circle – what a feeling of power to seduce married women who are virgins to lesbian sex, and teach them what fucking is really all about! I prefer seducing women who are at least five years into a marriage. That is enough time for a typical man to lose focus on pleasing his woman, and for their sex lives to drop into a rut of quick bang-bangs, after which he rolls over and is soon asleep, selfishly inattentive to her needs.

When I want to go after a woman I pretty much go with what I think will work at the time, and since every woman is different it is almost never the same thing twice, but I do have one thing I have done several times to get their juices flowing and seduce them in my home. After socializing several times as husband/wife couples, I invite her over alone for wine and my special spiked cookies. I don’t give her enough to get high, just enough to loosen her up. We talk and bond, and complain about men and what selfish pigs they are. Eventually our conversation gets around to sex, and how badly men do it. Then I find a reason to get around behind the sofa, and I make a point to gently start massaging her neck and back, softly whispering to her, asking whether it feels good.

When she’s worked out her surprise at getting a free neck rub, I move to her front side. She has to be relaxed and comfortable with the sex talk, and if I feel that she is, then I lean in closer to her and tell her how she deserves to feel better, and to have someone who pays proper attention to her. Soon there is a brief touching of our cheeks, and later our lips. Next a light kiss, and then a deeper kiss, and when she accepts my tongue into her mouth, and pushes hers back into mine, I know she’s excited and wet. I kiss avrupa yakası escort her neck, and behind her ears, telling her in between nibbles how exciting she is to me.

Different women respond in different ways at different points when I do this. Sometimes they realize that they are being seduced, and it’s too much for them. They get up and leave in a hurry. Some of them I never see again, and sometimes they call me a day or two later, and the seduction continues then. Other times I call them after a few days to check on them, and some of them never want to see me again, but some of them do and the seduction continues then.

However, many of them don’t leave. Often a wife stay there and return my kisses and allow me to move down to kissing her chest, and into her blouse. When I get into her shirt I work her tits very patiently, better than her husband has ever done or could do, and I love to look into her eyes as I take her nipple gently into my mouth for the first time.

The rest would be history – around 75% of the time. Between my seductions and Ben, I’ve been extremely happy.

But the story I want to tell you today is a story within the seduction stories. This is the story of how I became pretty serious with a girlfriend, another married woman, and how our sexual needs kept getting interrupted by our husbands, so we decided to do something about it.

Her name is Susan, and she became a very special girlfriend. Susan used to model, doing catalog and ad work when she was in her 20’s. She is a 5’10” blonde, 130 lbs, with very sensitive C cup breasts. She always reminded me of Cheryl Tiegs, the swimsuit model. Together we decided to turn both our husbands bisexual.

Why did we want to do this? Because our husbands became pains in our asses, that’s why! They were getting in our way, and interrupting our lovemaking. Any husband who gets in the way of his bisexual wife’s steady pussy is going to have something come his way, and in the case of our husbands, what came their way was each other.

Soon after Susan and I met I turned her onto lesbian lovemaking and we started spending as much time with each other as possible. We spent time shopping, going to lunch, attending exhibits, gallery openings, movies, theater events, and dinners out. We were full-on dating. Of course, we were also fucking like bunnies, going down on each other, fingerbanging each other, flirting outrageously in publc, and getting naked at each other’s home. We spent as much time making love with each other as possible.

Mine was the first pussy she ever tasted. That day I pulled her into me with my legs, watching her lick me, and hooking her forever on the taste and scent. It had been the same for me, when I was a much younger woman.

The first time I ate pussy, between the legs of a woman in her early thirties, and twice my age, I was terrified. I had been told so many negative things about my vagina, why wouldn’t I be scared of them all? However I as I lay, naked on my belly, looking into the eyes my seductress over the muffy cover of her vulva, my senses were telling me an alternative truth. Her aroma was delightful, and her expression was one of anticipating, frothy lust for me. As I lowered my focus, I saw her opening, and tentatively planted my first kiss, then my first lick. An hour later I was laying in her arms, my cheek against her breast, my face was bathed in her fluid, and I was fully addicted.

The roles were reversed that day that Susan went down on me. My husband, of course, got a full account when he got home, as I stroked his cock to completion. He was eager to meet her, and so we started having her to dinner, or he would meet us for lunch sometimes, after which she and I would leave together for some girl-on-girl sex.

Other times all four of us would get together, and that became sexual too. When this happened Susan and I would first fuck each others’ husbands and then, when they were spent, we’d go to town on each other. We’d really take our time and make the kind of sweet, crazy love with one another that only women can do, slowly and passionately, again and again.

However the more the four of us got together, the more Susan and I decided we really preferred making love with each other, and the more we viewed fucking the men as a nuisance, a chore, a diversion from the really exciting lovemaking that only another woman could provide.

No matter how much time Susan and I spent loving each other, it seemed like we rarely had enough time to do it properly. We wanted to fuck all day, make each come countless times, pass out from pleasure, then take turns waking each other up with tongue baths on our cunnies. With the husbands, we rarely got more than an hour or two together, and there was always the matter of having to deal with their cocks first.

On days when Susan and I could get back to one another’s home together, one of them would invariably come home and want to stroke off while he watched us. On evenings when the four of us got together, we would fuck the guys or suck them off, then try bağdat caddesi escort to get some alone time together in the back room, but one of them would normally show up a little later and want to “help us out,” by rubbing our shoulders or backs while we tried to make love to each other. It was very sweet, but really! Who wants all of that penis around? We had our sights set on much more pleasureful sex, pure, uninhibited, uninterrupted lesbian sex!

Then one day I had an idea. It was just a fantasy, really. Suppose we could train our husbands to fuck each other? Then Susan and I would have more time for each other, and more time to make love to each other the way we really like it! If only we could somehow train the boys to take care of each other’s needs! The problem was that they were both 100% straight. They had no desire to fuck another man. Was such a conversion possible? We devised a plan.

Other women told us it was impossible. For example, my email pal, Linda told me that she thought gay and bi men were born that way. She said it was impossible to turn a straight man into a cocksucker who liked being fucked and sucked by other men, and who liked fucking other men. I, however, had set my mind to it, and I was confident. Although I didn’t want to turn Ben 100% gay because I didn’t want to lose him, I was sure that, with Susan’s help, I could turn him bi, and Susan’s husband, Jerry as well. We decided to convert them gradually, in small steps.

Here’s a summary of what Susan and I did. I offer it as advice for other women who would like to turn their own husbands or boyfriends bi. (Just be careful you don’t do it too well and turn them 100% gay!) As you will see, the key is to get them so horny by a combination of straight and lesbian sex that they will beg you to let them come. So horny they will do anything to come. With this as your leverage, you can gradually get them to blow and fuck each other.

Step 1: Get on top and be the active one.

Get on top and stay there during sex with your husband. Tell him you will do everything. All he has to do is to lie there. Then fuck his brains out so he loves it more than any fucking ever. He should only come while he is under you or when you blow him. Get him used to being the passive one. Get him used to you being the active one, the one in control.

It has now been more than 5 years since Ben’s been on top. He now really prefers to be on the bottom and to be totally subservient to me. I even keep him on the bottom when he eats my pussy – I sit on his face and fuck his mouth, holding him in place with my hands, and talking to him about being a good boy, until I cum. He loves it and I’m in heaven. If I fuck him, and these days that is rare for reasons you will see, then I make him be still while I milk the cum out of his cock.

Step 2: Dominate him in the bedroom, including blindfolding him.

Once it becomes normal for you to be on top during sex, take it further by gradually taking more and more control and dominance in the bedroom. Get him to agree that he can be in control in public, but you will be in control in the bedroom. It has become second nature for me to be dominant in the bedroom when I am with a man, although not with a woman! I love to have Susan on top especially when we are tribbing, fucking clit to clit, rubbing our pussies together. It is so great to see her beautiful face above me and those great tits above my face just asking to be sucked. I love having a woman on top, grinding her pussy down into mine. On the other hand, I must admit that it’s also a huge rush for me to have a big, powerful businessman be completely submissive to me at night. It makes me come so much harder.

Not only will blindfolding him add to his excitement. It also will put you in control, and reinforce that he is the passive one. You must get him used to doing what you tell him. It took Ben a while to get used to being subservient to me in the bedroom, but now he wouldn’t have it any other way. He really wants to make me happy in bed. More and more, he will do anything to show his love for me.

Step 3: Have him suck a strapon.

After a while Ben said he would try anything to make me happy, anything to show his love for me. I told him there indeed was a way he could show his love for me. I put his blindfold on, put on my strapon, brought him off the bed to kneel on the carpet, kept his hands down, and opened his mouth. Seeing him take my “cock” for the first time and start sucking it was such a rush that I had to come! I slipped my fingers down and fingered myself to orgasm with my plastic cock in my husband’s mouth. He was never very good at making me come with his penis, so he very much enjoyed the idea of “sucking me off,” has I had done to him so expertly.

I bought more of them, and from then on, when we had sex I would have him on the floor sucking my plastic cocks. Every time he did it I fingered my pussy under the belt, and I told him that when he sucked my cock it showed me how much he loved me and that that was what got me off. When he is on his knees blindfolded and sucking my cock, I look down and feminize him by telling him what a good little wife he is becoming, sucking her husband’s cock, or that he looked just like a little white teen girl sucking a huge black cock. I make Ben tell me how much he loves my black cock. After about six weeks of sucking my cock as often as I wished, I judged that he was ready for the next step.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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