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Vacation Home

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Tiffany and Jeff had arrived at their vacation home in the Bahamas a day earlier than they had planned. Jeff dropped her off at the house and ran to the store to get some wine for later on. Tiffany walked through the house to the bedroom and kicked off her shoes. She walked over to open the curtains above the window.

She looked towards the pool and saw the groundskeeper Marcus. He was swimming in the pool. This was no big deal. They didn’t mind the help using the pool when they weren’t there. She smiled and watched him for a couple of minutes.

She walked through the house towards the back door to let him know they arrived early. Before she could open the door she noticed he was no longer in the pool. He was standing beside the pool with his towel in hand. The water glistened against his dark skin.

He was about 6 feet tall, very athletic and his body was toned. Then she noticed it. His cock was huge. It hung roughly seven inches down his leg. She gasped and stepped back from the door, hoping he didn’t see her. He dried himself off and sat back in the lounge chair to soak up the sun.

She had a great view. His legs were slightly spread. She tingled at the sight of his cock across his leg. She walked back towards the door. The tingling grew as she watched him. As if somehow he knew that she was watching, he reached down and rubbed his cock. To her surprise it grew as it stiffened.

It must have been 10 inches long. She was throbbing now. She slid her hand beneath her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She pressed her fingers against it each time his hand slid down the length of his cock. She began to imagine him inside her. She let out a slight moan as her fingers found their way inside of her panties and into the moist flesh between the lips.

She worked her fingers as she watched. He stroked the entire length of his cock slowly. She closed her eyes and could now see his dark cock slide inside of her slightly tanned body.

She opened her eyes when she heard the car door close. Just in time to see Marcus sprint to the guesthouse where the staff stayed. She pulled herself together and walked to the front door to meet Jeff. She kissed him as he entered.

“I missed you too,” he said. “Have you seen the staff yet?”

“No,” she said, “I haven’t seen anyone yet.”

He grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen. He put the wine on the counter and pulled her near. They kissed and began to caress each other. He pulled her skirt up and squeezed her ass, pulling her hips into his. His cock was growing tight inside of his pants. She pulled herself back and freed it, stroking it as they continued to kiss. He moved his hands in front of her and rubbed her hot moist mound.

She dropped to her knees and sucked on his balls as she stroked his cock. His cock was a fair size. It was enough to satisfy her. She slid it inside of her mouth and closed her lips around it. She cupped his balls as her lips slid along his shaft. After a few minutes Jeff lifted her up and placed her on the counter of the island. She laid back as he removed her panties. He kissed her inner thighs before moving in.

He kissed her clit several times before licking it with the tip of his tongue. She squirmed on the counter as he moved his tongue up and down along her pussy. As he reached the top he would curl his tongue and gently flick her avcılar elit escort clit. It was driving her crazy. She closed her eyes and turned her head back and forth. This was making her dizzy so she stopped and opened her eyes.

There he was. Marcus was standing outside of the back door, watching. She quickly turned her head, hoping he didn’t see her see him. Then she looked towards the back door again. He was still there. She smiled at him and he smiled back. She nodded her head to let him know it was ok for him to watch. He smiled and continued to watch.

“Mr. Jeff, Mrs. Tiffany?”

Dammit, it was the housekeeper. Marcus took off, Jeff popped up and returned his cock inside of his pants and stuffed Tiffany’s panties in his pocket as Tiffany slid off the counter and lowered her skirt.

“In here,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany was beet red when Marta entered the kitchen.

“I didn’t expect you here until tomorrow, but I have made the beds, placed fresh towels in the bathrooms and I’ll call in Ms. Stacy and tell her to get here and fix you some supper.”

Marta was about 5’5′, slim body and small firm breasts. She had light brown skin and long straight black hair.

“Thank you Marta,” said Jeff.

“I will be in my room in the guesthouse if you need me,” said Marta.

“Thank you Marta,” said Tiffany.

Jeff kissed Tiffany and went to the bedroom to change clothes. Tiffany walked to the back door, but Marcus was nowhere in sight. She walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

A few minutes later Jeff walked into the living room with the phone up to his ear. “Hang on Tom, Honey I’m going to Toms house to say hi, wanna come with me?”

“No, it was a long flight. I think I will stay here and rest.”

Jeff told Tom he would be right over and hung up the phone. “I’ll be back before dinner,” he told her as he kissed her. And he left. Tiffany walked to the back door and looked out. She couldn’t believe she acted that way towards Marcus, but she couldn’t get his huge cock out of her head.

Marta walked back in through the side door.

“You must be tired, you should go for a swim in the pool and relax,” Marta said.

“Only if you come with me. Jeff went to visit a friend.”

“Ok Ms. Tiffany, if you insist.”

After changing Tiffany walked out the back door towards the pool. Marta was already in the pool.

“The water is nice Ms. Tiffany,” she said.

Marta wore a two piece that showed her body nicely. The dark blue material stood out against her light brown skin.

Tiffany took her robe off and dropped it on the lounge chair that Marcus was on earlier. Her red two piece fit her nicely also. She was 5’9, long brown hair and slender. Her breast filled her bikini top.

“You been working out, haven’t you Ms. Tiffany,” said Marta.

“Just a little,” Tiffany returned. She walked to the deep end and dove in.

They talked about the weather, the flowers and other things for a while as they played in the water.

Marta noticed Marcus working with the roses.

“Hmm, that Marcus is sure something to look at,” Marta said.

Tiffany smiled, “You know each other well?”

“He takes good care of me Ms. Tiffany,” Marta said.


“Oh yes Ms. Tiffany, he takes real good care of me. You and avcılar escort I talk about a lot of things, but I don’t think you want to hear about my sex life.”

“Do tell, Marta, do tell.” They both giggled.

“He can satisfy the deepest thirst, if you know what I mean Ms. Tiffany.” They both laugh.

“Marcus, come here and meet Ms. Tiffany.”

Marcus walked over towards the pool. Tiffany felt a little embarrassed as he approached.

“Ms. Tiffany this is Marcus, Marcus this is Ms. Tiffany.”

They smile at each other and said hi. Marcus pulled up a chair and sits down next to the edge of the pool. They talk about how nice the roses look for a while and Marcus repositions himself in the chair. Marta can see the outline of his cock as the material of his shorts tightened around his leg.

“You see that Ms. Tiffany,” she said as she pointed at the bulge, “I told you. Marcus, come sit by the pool.”

Marcus smiled as he moved over and sat on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water.

Marta slid her hand up the leg of Marcus’ shorts and grabbed his cock. Tiffany tingled as she remembered him earlier by the pool. Marcus smiled at them. Marta reached up and helped Marcus get his shorts off. His huge cock was almost filled. Marta grabbed it and began to stroke it.

“You gotta feel this Ms. Tiffany,” she said.

Tiffany smiled and shook her head, unsure if she could or not. Marta grabbed Tiffany’s hand and moved it closer. Tiffany grabbed it.

“Ms. Tiffany, you ain’t gonna get shy on me now are you, after all we been through?”

“No Marta, I’m not, but I haven’t talked about this with Jeff yet.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t Ms. Tiffany.”

Tiffany smiled as she stroked his enormous cock with Marta. Marta could barely close her small hands around it. Marta leaned forward and slid his cock in her mouth. It stretched the lips of her small mouth. She sucked what little she could of it for about five minutes as Tiffany stroked his shaft and played with his balls.

“Wanna try Ms. Tiffany?”

“Not until I talk with Jeff about it,” she said.

She wanted to very badly but she and Jeff had an agreement. They wouldn’t have sex with other people until after they got their partners permission.

“I can’t suck this thing no more, my mouth hurts.”

“We gotta do something Marta, you got me started, now you gotta finish,” said Marcus as he slid into the pool.

The water was up to his belly button and his cock still stuck up out of the water. Marta slid of her bathing suit bottoms and told Marcus to help himself. Marcus led Marta over to a spot along the side of the pool and leaned her up over the edge. The spot was just right where Marcus could stand behind her. He grabbed his cock and guided it into Marta’s pussy.

Tiffany watched in shock as Marcus fucked this woman with half of his cock. Marta made a hell of a racket but looked like she enjoyed every bit of it. Marcus called Tiffany over. Tiffany could not take her eyes off his cock. Marcus pulled Tiffany even closer. Tiffany wanted to touch it again. Marcus smiled at her and grabbed her hand and pulled it closer to his cock.

Tiffany grabbed it. She could feel that it had gotten firmer since the last time. She began to stroke the bottom half of his shaft as the top half forced its avcılar eve gelen escort way inside and out of Marta. Tiffany’s pussy was screaming for attention now. She slid her hand inside of her swimsuit and forced a finger inside of herself. It wasn’t doing anything for her, so she slid a second one in.

Marcus reached out to her again and spun her around. Tiffany’s back was to Marcus now. She had lost her grip on Marcus’ cock when he spun her around, so she quickly reached back behind her and grabbed it again.

Marcus felt Tiffany’s firm ass. He slid his hand down the back of her bathing suit. Tiffany spread her legs apart a little. Marcus slid a finger down between her ass cheeks and rubbed the tight opening of her ass. Tiffany jumped a little then relaxed. Marcus put a little pressure on the opening, let off and repeated several more times. Tiffany’s pussy was pounding now.

She reached back with her other hand and pulled Marcus’ hand around front. Marcus slid his hand down the front of the suit and slid his middle finger inside of her. He pulled her body tightly against his as he fingered away inside of her. Tiffany kept thinking about his huge black cock and wanted it inside of her.

“Please… Please…,” she said.

Marcus couldn’t hear her over the sounds of Marta.

“Please… Please,” she said louder.

The next thing she knew Marcus had lifted her onto the side of the pool next to Marta. Marcus slid the bottoms down her legs and flung them across the pool.

“I thought you would never give me a break Ms. Tiffany,” said Marta.

Just then she felt the head of Marcus’ cock pressing against the opening of her pussy.

“Oh My god,” she said, “please go easy on me.”

Marcus was as gentle as his huge black cock would allow. It spread her wide open as it entered. Marcus worked it in slowly. He had gotten about 5 inches when Tiffany almost passed out from the orgasm. Marcus paused as her pussy spasmed around his cock. When it settled down he began to work it again.

“Tell me when you have enough inside of you Ms. Tiffany,” said Marcus.

Tiffany just moaned, she couldn’t talk right now. Tiffany moaned again after he had worked a couple more inches inside her. Marcus just worked with that. Tiffany loved the feel of his huge, stiff, black cock inside of her. Marcus loved the feel of fresh meat himself. There weren’t too many girls on the island that wanted to mess around with a cock that big.

Marcus fucked tiffany for good while. He could feel his own orgasm coming. He fucked her faster. Suddenly Tiffany could feel his balls slapping against her. Marcus had the entire length of his 10 inch cock inside of her. He was fucking Tiffany hard. Tiffany had just completed another orgasm when Marcus pulled out.

Marta had been watching in shock herself. Ms. Tiffany had just taken the whole thing inside her. Marta saw Marcus pull out and immediately grabbed his cock with both hands. She stroked it as hard as she could until Marcus came.

Tiffany just lay there. She was exhausted. She no longer had to wonder how it would feel, she knew first hand.

Tiffany had rested enough to make it inside of the house. She had dried off and was now laying in bed when Jeff returned. Jeff walked up to the bedroom.

“How are you honey,” he asked?

“Fine,” she said sadly.

She didn’t want Jeff to be mad at her for not asking him first.

“Did you meet Marcus yet,” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I hired him a couple of weeks ago and sent him down here, I thought you would like him.”

Tiffany told him how it all happened. Jeff was happy to see that Tiffany had enjoyed her gift.

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