Nisan 18, 2024

Urban Girl in a Village

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Urban Girl in a Village
The name’s Roshni, currently 21 years old, from Northern parts of India.

Well… I can’t be sure of that. I was born there, but my mom and dad are from the south end of the country, Kerala.

My dad’s work demands a lot of travel. He had to travel from places to places. Countries to countries, to be exact! Like any other man who loves his family a lot, he took his family too with him to all these places.

So from my c***dhood itself, from the moment I started to remember things, I have been a wanderer in my life.

I had my primary education in Germany for 3 years, next 3 years in Bahrain, then till twelfth in New Delhi.

My adolescence was spent completely in the capital of India…may be that’s why I feel like, That’s my home… and I wanna be there.

Now…the most important decision of my life was taken by me 3 years back. The worst decision of my life, to be precise. I decided to do my college education in Kerala.

Don’t know why i took that decision. May be I thought that I wanted some fresh air, change of environment and feel another climate and culture. So I packed my bag to Kerala alone while dad and mom fled to London.

This incident happened when I was 18 years old. It was the month of June when we landed here. Rain welcomed me to my motherland. I knew little bit of the native language Malayalam but my tongue got twisted while saying some of the words, People used to laugh, while I tried to keep up with the pronunciation. But fuck it, you know!

I was staying with my grandmom and grandad in a village. They were very old but they could take care of them self. It was very hard for me to adjust to the life there.

Someone who have been living in cities and enjoying the night life cannot adjust to the sudden silence the villages have to offer and the routines where everyone shut their lights off by 7.30-8. I was trying very hard to adjust with the life style. And I was missing my mom and dad.

So slowly I made some friends in college.

Met with new people.

New boys.

Life was slowly getting better in Kerala.

That’s when i noticed one thing that I hadn’t ever seen anywhere before.

I used to wear jeans pants and T-shirts to the college in the earlier days of my college days. The men, I mean, every single fucking person I met in the roads and college, was looking at me as if I were walking down the road completely naked and asking them to fuck me at the moment.

Some bad incidence occurred to me in one of my early days in Kerala, which I still remember with much clarity and I’ll write about it here:

It was a rainy day. Our internal exams were about to start the next week and I didn’t even know which chapters to study and I didn’t even have the notes with me. Since I was new here and I had to arrange and buy a lot of things, I had to do a lot of shopping and because of that I had to miss some of my classes. I was staying with my grandmom and granddad in their village house. I didn’t even get a chance to buy other classmates’ books and take a Photostat to study(actually they knew me little and were hesitant to give their books). I was all alone to do something. So I decided to make some moves on my own.

I went to my teachers and referred to their notes and to their reference text books. I decided to do some studies in the college library and decided to spend some time in the library. That day, as soon as the classes finished, I called home and said grandmom that I’ll be late and will catch a bus to reach home as I will not get the college bus. Then I went to library and took the reference books and started to make notes.

For the next two hours I was all into it and I really lost track of time. I came to know it was quarter past six in the evening, only when the librarian came and said they were about to close.

I got out of the library and college.

I was a little panicked. The college campus was all empty, there were only some hostel boys who were playing the basketball in the court. I quickly got out of there and started walking.

I had to walk around 400 metres to reach the bus stop. Then a slight breeze started to form. Within minutes it became a wind and the wind started to gain its speed. It felt a lot cooler and I enjoyed it. The breeze was forming goose bumps on my hands. My nipples started to ache against the bra. I saw clouds gathering in the sky. It was a nice climate. This breeze was the clue for the heavy rain that followed.

Then it started to rain. 2-3 drops of rain fell on me. Within seconds it started to rain heavily. At this time I almost reached the bus stop. It was around 100 metres away from where I was now. When I was taking the umbrella from the bag, I heard a horn sound and the people who were standing in the bus stop started to move. I knew the bus was coming and if I spend time in taking the umbrella, I might miss the bus.

So I decided not to take the umbrella and started walking. Sound of the bus was coming nearer and …there was it. The bus stopped at the stop and people started to get into it. I was still around 25-30 metres away from the bus. If I walked in this speed, I would never make it. I knew that. So I decided to run.

But I couldn’t run fast enough as it was raining heavily and also wind was at full speed and there was a big bag on my shoulders. Also, I was getting wet! As all passengers got into the bus, I was almost there and I waved my hand to the bus conductor to stop the bus.

He then looked at me.

He didn’t blow the whistle.

He waited for me.

I ran quickly to reach the bus and as I got into the bus, he blew the whistle and the bus started to move. I took a deep breath and was relaxed and looked around. What I saw made me startle a little bit.

The bus was almost full with male passengers and every single person was looking at me.

I was standing near the bus conductor and he was not looking onto my face, but only into my breasts.

I knew what was wrong. Actually I felt it.

I was all wet and I was wearing a white shirt and a black bra inside it. I could feel the fabrics of the shirt sticking on my body.

I was really afraid when I knew that all of the passengers who were looking into my body could see the shirt all wet and see-through and the black bra visible through it.

I was really ashamed. I wanted to hide my body. I got an idea.

I decided to take my bag off my shoulders and put it across my body. Also, I had to take the money for the bus fare. So suddenly I started to take the bag.

I must admit that I was a little tensed and was not cool at all and all in a hurry, as I took my bag off my shoulder, my shirt also came with the bag.

I was not aware of that until I took the bag off one shoulder completely and started to search for the purse in it. As I looked down to search for the purse, I saw the shirt was stripped off the right shoulder and my wet naked shoulder was in display for the whole bus except for the black bra strip. I quickly placed my shirt back on my shoulder and took the purse and gave the money to the conductor.

All the seats were occupied and the bus was almost full. Some women who were sitting in the seats looked at me as if I did some crime. So, standing there, relaxed, I started to wind the clock back and re-played the whole event.

I must be putting a show for the people in the bus. They might have thought that I did everything purposefully. I looked around again. Everybody was still staring at me.

Some were looking onto my boobs, some on my wet shoulders, some on my back. Very little on my face too.

The bag was feeling a little bit heavier as I stood with it on the shoulder. So I decided to keep it in the berth.

The shirt I was wearing was a shorter one, which only covered the top of my pants and only 2 inches length on my arms. So, if I raised my arms, since my top was all wet and short, I knew that it will come along with my body and show a little bit of my belly and a clue of under arm. But at the time I didn’t think about it much as my shoulder was getting weaker.

So, I turned to my left, took the bag from the shoulder and moved a little to the back, since the berth started only from a feet back where I stood and raised my hands with the bag.

But one thing I didn’t know was that, I was already putting on some show for my fellow passengers standing behind me. My back was exposed around one inch where the top had ridden up, which I didn’t know because of the coolness and the total wet situation. So, I knew it was going to be difficult than I thought.

However, I didn’t wish to turn back and rearrange the top and go again to the berth because the people who are not really looking now will get a chance to peep into my body (I wonder,if there were any…!!). So I decided to proceed and finish and quickly return.

I took the bag and rose the hand to the berth to put it there, I felt the top raising far beyond the pants, raising by softly touching the smooth skin of my belly, now touching and softly playing around my belly button. Goosebumps formed when the cloth touched the belly skin. It was playing around my navel and don’t know why, I looked slightly through the side of my eyes to the fellow passengers.

Around 5-8 people standing around me were admiring my body. Not only the navel show, but also the posture of me which positioned my boobs in such a position that it was jammed between the poles in the bus, which made my boobies look bigger and protruding.

Also the sleeves of top were in such a position that they showed my cleanly shaved underarms. Looking into their eyes, I thought they were confused where to look in my body. I don’t know why, but I liked to stand like that for some time even after I put the bag in the berth. I stood like that by adjusting the straps of the bag that fell from the birth, for around 10 seconds. Then I moved back to my position and adjusted the top, back to normal again.

It was raining heavily, so the bus moved very slowly.

There was no change in the crowd for a long time since the bus didn’t stop at many stops since there were no one to get off or to get in the bus. Bus then entered into the town area. The bell rang and the bus came to a halt at the bus stop.

There was a bar near the stop and only some people got down there. Then more people started to get into the bus.

The bus stood in the stop for some minutes and it all started to get hot and humid inside the bus. The rough talks of men started to rise from the back of the bus. They were talking loudly, abusing each other, laughing out loud. Even I started to feel the smell of alcohol rising all over there.

I felt a little panicked by the thoughts of the strange people standing behind me with little consciousness and me standing there with a wet and see-through white top with a black braziers under it for all of them to see. Quickly I startled when a hand came from my behind and touched my shoulder.

I suddenly turned back and saw a middle aged man standing behind me. I looked at him piercingly.

Then he said softly: “move a little to the front. It’s getting too crowded and people behind are standing on the steps. They may fall out.”

That’s when I looked back. The bus was full of men, low class dirtily dressed alcoholic men queued up behind me, most of them staring at me like a wolf looking at its prey. Many of them were having their eyes red as a traffic signal and were stripping me nude with their looks. I couldn’t look back for more time as I totally panicked looking at them.

I started to move forward. But I couldn’t help much as there were women standing in the front, too. I moved maximum one feet. Seeing this, men also started to move forward.

Comments were coming from the back, like ‘move to the front, lady. We are falling to the road’. But I couldn’t help moving to the front.

Then, I took a breath and turned back and said: “I can’t move anymore to the front. It’s crowded.” Looked into their eyes, while saying this. They didn’t expect this, I believe.

No one responded to it, but I still heard someone whispering something. I felt confident.

That’s when the bus conductor came with his loud noise and big mouth. “everyone step forward. Can’t you see all these people hanging on the steps and it’s all raining. You are a bunch of heartless creatures. Madam…move forward.”

I knew, he was mentioning me. I tried, but to no avail. That’s when a sudden rush came from the back and people started to fall one on the back of another. Some well-built man must have been standing on the steps!! Some women standing in front of me made loud noises as they started to fall.

Well, I was standing there by holding to a vertical rail. I’m a short girl with 5’2” height. I can’t reach to the top horizontal rail by simply standing there. I’ll have to raise a bit and take all my hand’s length to the top to reach onto the horizontal rail. So I usually hold the vertical one.

Whatever, it was not a comfortable position for no one in the bus. As the push came from the back, the man behind me pushed me further. I could not hold on to the vertical rail any more. Had to move forward. My hands were free. That’s when the bus started to move forward. Everyone started to fall back. People were making noises. Me, in desperate effort not to fall back more, since I had been in touch with the man in my back for some time, raised my hand and took hold of the horizontal rail and pushed myself forward further.

After just a sec, with a strength bigger than that of mine, the woman in the front pushed me back with such a force that I moved back more and started to get squeezed between people and my hand got off the rail.

In an effort to free myself, I moved to the middle row of the bus where the situation was a little cooler than before. The bus was swinging to and fro and I quickly took hold of the rail above my head with my right hand and also used my left hand to hold the rail to a little left of me. I had to raise a bit more than usual to keep me in position.

I had totally forgot about everything else and kept on concentrating on my positioning in the crowd. I forgot that there were drunkard people standing behind me, I was wearing a dress that was a provocative in their culture, they say, and I was standing with a weird pose by stretching both hands to the rails and by placing legs apart to keep me stable, until when a ugly man behind me reminded me of all those things, by placing his hand on my ass, which was protruding to him.

I was shocked to feel the hand on my back.!! He was pressing my right ass cheek through the jeans pants. I felt his rough hands. Impulsively, I turned back to look at him.

?There were lights in the bus, which didn’t help anyone to see a damn thing except the contours of the shapes of things. You cannot see the colour of the hair clip used by that woman in front of me. Also it was all getting dark in the outside.

?I only turned back a little but just then I felt the strong aroma of the liquor from his mouth. I felt like vomiting. I turned my head and started to look at the hair clip of the woman. I didn’t know what to do.

But the man behind knew what exactly he was doing. He started to caress my right ass cheeks like he were pressing a soft hand ball in his hands. I tried moving forward. But, to where…?!! my moving to the front, he must have thought as a signal and slowly his hand moved to the bottom of my ass. He put his fingers in the gap of my bum cheeks and started pushing them further. It was hell of a moment.

?I then decide to react and using my left hand, pushed his hand away from my body and turned back to look him to say something. But his big grey moustache sting on my cheek and he smiled with his ugly black teeth on me, which gave a foul smell of alcohol and nicotine. “Move away.” I somehow managed to say. He said nothing and kept on giving that foul smile.

That’s when something totally unexpected happened. Another hand started to caress my belly from my right back!! I was really startled by it because he was tickling me!! He smiled at my reaction. It was someone else who was tickling me.

Seeing his activities, the man, who I was looking at, started to smile too. I turned to my front and placed my left hand back on the rail. Seriously, I didn’t know what to do. His hand kept on caressing my bare belly and back.

I knew there was a lot of flesh I was showing off by raising all my hands to the sky. About two inch of flesh was in display.

I then again used my hand to put the top downwards and push the ugly hand away from my belly.

I was sweating. Sweat was flowing from my neck, armpits and everywhere. Amidst all those foul smells, I felt the smell of my sweat.

The man would remove his hand for a sec when I pushed him away and will place it again somewhere else on my body. He was never forcing me. He never wanted to do so because still there were enough possibilities for him to wander around my body even without using force.

When I pushed his hand from my right back, he would place his hand on my spinal cord and start to run hand through the groove. When I pushed his hand from there, he would, after a sec, suddenly place his hand directly over my belly button and put a finger into my hole.

He used that one second to lick his that finger I think. Because, I felt some wetness while he did that.

Or was that the sweat which filled my belly button?

When I removed his hand from the belly button, he placed his hand on my ass cheeks and also started to caress my right hip bone.

We! That was not his hand!

It was that of that first man, who liked my ass more than naked flesh.

Now there were two!!

One pressing my ass cheeks while another caressing my hip bone and pushing my jeans downward. He put a finger through my jeans and found my panties.

I was totally helpless and had no idea what to do. The only one thing that I did was understanding the situation I was in.

Yes, I was in a crowded bus, all wet, not only by the rain but the sweat formed in me, because of the heat in the bus caused by the exhaled air mixed by the alcohol and nicotine, while two ugly hands of some totally unknown strange low class workers was wandering all over my body!

Not one, but two.

Not two hands, but two pairs of hands.

Yes. They were completely over me.

I tried hard to understand the situation I was in.

It was like: One hand pressing my ass cheeks one by one, sometimes each separately, sometimes pushing hand into the hot gap between the ass cheeks, another hand playing with my belly button, wandering all over my belly, sometimes going all the way downward to put the finger inside the jeans and even trying to put it inside the panty, another hand touching the left hand of mine, well, the underside of it, touching my wet sweating armpit, my cleanly shaven white armpit, and sometimes pushing the hand towards my left boob.

My boobs, 34D are lemon drop shaped ones which used to protrude defying the gravity. He pressed his hand on my boob strongly.

Still there was one hand, which was wandering all over my back, sometimes coming to the front and pressing my right boob, then going back and putting it inside my shirt through my bottom and caressing my whole back.

I was not sure, if a third person was involved!!

Because it didn’t match the rhythm of movement of other 3 hands.

Then came the tongue.

The man with his hand on my panties, came through my right side and licked my neck, which send a shiver through my body.

This guy is some crazy tickler, I thought.

Then he mover further and placed his head under my raised right arm.

Oh My God.!!Please give me control… I thought.

He placed the head under my arm and gave my already wet underarm a big long wet lick using his soft and strong tongue. “mmmm…” he said. Me, on the other side, exhaled strongly.

I impulsively moved my arm from him. Also his hand was always inside my jeans and touching my panty. After doing this he put a finger inside the panty. “no,no,no…please…don’t do that…” I whispered to him.

But instead of the reply, he kissed my underarm and moved the hand downward.

I don’t like shaving down there. So there always used to be a thick forest at my groin area. I felt his hand touching my hairy groin. His hand wandered around in the bush. He moved further downward. I knew what he was up to.

FUCK…!! A stranger is trying to play with my soft pussy in a crowded bus…!

That’s when I felt something else. I no longer felt the hand that was pressing my ass cheeks.

That missing hand’s other pair was now pressing my left boob. The hand, now found its way inside my shirt. He put the hand through my armpit hole and was forcefully placing the hand inside the shirt. He put 3 fingers inside the shirt. My black brazier was tight against my boobs. So he desperately tried pushing the finger inside the bra.

That’s when that crazy hand which was wandering all over me placed the hand inside the shirt through my back. He lifted the shirt as if he were gonna strip me in the bus. Luckily, he didn’t do that. But did something else. He unbuckled my bra from behind!!

The moment he unbuckled it, I felt my body relaxing and I took a deep breath. Because the other hand which was pushing the bra and my body stretching upwards had made my torso so tight against the brazier.

As soon as he unbuckled it, the bra jumped forward and felt it moving downward. At the same moment, the hand which was keeping on trying to get inside the left side of shirt got a sudden urge to push his hand further inwards. He placed four of his fingers inside my armpit hole and started putting them through the bra. He didn’t have to fight hard to reach my boobs. Because the straps of the bra loosened and allowed his hand to take hold of my breast. My naked breast…!!

An ugly low class drunkard playing with my soft and fleshy naked boobs and caressing my pink and soft nipple with his rough hands.

I thought about my days when I used to be a beauty queen in my plus two classes and the boys always wanted to look a peak at my cleavage whenever they got a chance. My boyfriends never fed up sucking to my soft pink nipples. Some of them even used to keep sucking my soft nipples.

That boobs are now being pinched and use violently by a dirty third class drunkard!!

Now there were only three hands on me. One trying to reach my pussy, another pressing my left boob and nipples, and the last one …well…the last one disappeared after unbuckling my bra, then came back to unzip my jeans…!! I was wondering, what all their free hands were doing!!

At this moment I was in total horror as everything was skipping away from me. If he undid my jeans, i will be almost nude in public. Unhooked bra, undone shirt buttons (well…I had no idea when did that happen), now I was about to lose my jeans.

Me, in horror and panic, tried desperately to stop all these harassing. I took my left hand from the rail and put both those hands which were playing on my jeans and pushed them away.

As I lowered my left hand the 3rd hand was trapped in between my armpit and boob.

I moved forward and used my right hand to push away the hand from me. In that force, I heard a tearing sound.

Alas…!! my shirt was now torn…! fucking hell…!!

I desperately started to do my undone shirt. I will take care of my bra later. Did all the shirt buttons. Pulled my jeans upwards. That’s when i started to swing to and fro.

Since both my hands were on my jeans, I lost my balance and started falling. I tried to reach to the rail.

That’s when the man to my right-back took my hand and placed it on his hand. I tried holding him.

I had to move to my right side while doing it. Seeing this, the other two men moved to my left and covered me.

Now I was encircled by 3 men.

I tried holding the rail using my left hand. Then the other man on my left took hold of my hand. I didn’t know what they were up to, until the man to my left took my hand and moved it under his tucked cloth and placed it on his rock hard cock!! He was wearing a brief, but I still felt his hard cock in my hand. Right then I tried pulling away. But he placed his hand over my hand and started moving it inside the brief of his, and thus placing it straight on his cock.

It was of an average length. He started moving my hand to and fro on his rock hard cock, when the man behind me pushed my jeans a little downwards.

He pushed it down until my butt cleavage was being put on display. He stopped it right there and disappeared for some seconds. He’s like that. Now I was sure he’s gonna come back with a huge shock on me.

The other man whom I was holding onto started to caress my boobs through the shirt. I looked downward.

My rock hard nipple were pressing against the white shirt. Ohh…!! I should have taken care of the brazier right then, when I got that chance.

Since my hands were no longer aiming at the sky and were placed at one man’s hand and another man’s cock, the bra straps started to move downwards.

Also his boob play helped it to move further downwards. The straps started to come through my sleeves to my hands. I used my right hand to push the straps inside the sleeves. At the moment itself, it came back to display.

That’s when the man at the back came back. Yes,it was hell of a surprise…!!

I didn’t feel his hand , instead, through the butt cleavage I was providing for him, he placed his dick into the gap between my ass cheeks.

I felt the warmth of the piece of meat he placed in the gap. He slowly started to push his monster into my jeans, through the butt cleavage.

He slowly started to move to and fro and I felt the cock pressing into my ass cleavage and going back.

At the same time, I felt my right hand in rhythm with the cock. He no longer was forcing me to whack him off. Instead, i was stroking him. His eyes were closed.

That’s when I heard the bus conductor shouting loud. I was about to reach my bus stop. Still there were 3-4 stops ahead before my stop reaches.

At that moment some new wave of emotion came to my mind. Something I never had in me. I decided to finish them off before I get down at my stop. I somehow wanted to make them cum and make some memories of this trip in their mind. And mine too. Suddenly I was in the mood and started to play along. Like that chinese proverb says: “if you’re being ****d and you can’t stop it, just enjoy it.” So that’s it. I decided.

I felt the cock in my left hand starting to get hard more and more. I heard the man whispering to me: “don’t stop”.

I kept on wanking him forcefully. I felt the speed of mounting through the jeans kept on increasing. I was afraid if someone else is noticing his movement. I knew he was about to shoot it off. All of this caressing, stripping and playing must have made their balls to boil their semen. I wanted to finish all of this before I reach my stop. I saw the man to my left starting to lose his control, started to shake violently. Suddenly he started to fuck my fist using his about -to- erupt cock. And within seconds everything slowed down.

I felt a hot stream of thick cock-milk flowing into my left hand. He kept on coming. His cock ejaculated 3-4 times, each time filling my hand enough amount of liquid.

As soon as he ended it, I withdrew my hand and looked at my palm. It was full of white jism. I pasted it on my jeans pants. I didn’t want anyone else to see it. That’s when I felt another hotness.

The man who had been fucking my ass cleavage sped up and by a sudden gasp, he erupted inside my butt cleavage, allowing his hot cum to flow all the way through my ass crack into my ass. I felt it really tickling when his hot semen flew through my butt crack all the way down to my ass hole and further downwards. That hot liquid in this cold weather was tickling my butthole.

There was more time for the bus to reach my stop. I looked at the other man who had been standing there watching all these things. The man to my back put his cock out and pasted his cum on my bare back. I said to the man to my right : “I’ll get down at next stop.”

I don’t know why I said it. May be I was afraid that he won’t allow me to get down there without finishing him off. Or maybe I wanted to make him happy. “Oh…” he said. He was caressing my boobs. “then finish me off before you go…” he added.

Me, watching this surprisingly asked him: “what?”

“You heard me.”

“No way I’m doing that.”

“So what were you doing all these time?”

“You were forcing me.”

“Oh really? But I thought you enjoyed it.”

“Fuck off.” I said.

That’s when the bus stopped at the stop just before mine. The crowd was slowly subsiding down.

He kept on caressing my boobs. He had already unbuttoned me and my shirt was open till my navel for display for anyone to see. My bra laid there loosened all the way down to my Belly button. “I’m going.” I said.

“you can’t.” Saying this, he put my hand under his cloth and directly on his thick hard cock. He had the biggest cock among the three. “until you finish me off” he took hold of my bra and pulled it towards him.

“No. You can’t do it, please, leave me…let me go.” I said in panic. I knew, he won’t let go of the bra.

“don’t waste your time talking. start and finish before you reach there.”

I was in total panic as there was less than a minute to reach the stop. There was no time to think. May be he is right. I can finish him before the bus reach there. Without thinking, I started to whack him quickly.

“Do it slowly.” he said.

The bus started to move. The next stop was mine. I obeyed him. I stroked him slowly.

“enjoy what you are doing.” He said.

I tried. But still I was panicked. I tried enjoying it. I stroked him slowly and intensely so that he can enjoy as well it will end soon.

The conductor shouted the name of the stop. There was only around 20 seconds before the bus reached there. I stroked him slowly and steadily. I used my finger tip on the bottom of his glans penis and moved it under there. I used to use my tongue on my friends’ glans when I needed them to cum fast. It worked out. He closed his eyes and started humming. “mmm…I’m cumming…”

Just after 2-3 seconds, I felt his hot thick cum on my palms. I kept on using the finger down there and he kept on cumming. Then I heard the conductor using the bell, indicating the driver to stop at the point.

Yes…it was my stop. The bus was about to stop there. He opened his eyes and took my arm from his groin area and looked at the cum- filled soft smooth little hands of mine. He smiled. As I was about to paste it on my jeans, he surprised me by taking my cum filled hand to my own breasts. And he pasted all of his cum on my bare nipples, tits and everywhere on my breasts. I felt a strange arousal forming inside me. I pinched my nipple. That’s when the bus came to a halt and people started to get off the bus.

“Your stop” he said. I panicked and looked on my body.

My jeans pants were all the way down to 3 inches below my navel. I could see my panty. I quickly pulled it up, buttoned it. Then the bra. Once again I left it as such, without buckling the bra straps. Instead, I pulled it back, through my hand to my shoulders.

I felt the strong smell of cum from my boobs. But there was no time for that. I started to do my shirt buttons. I did the 2-3 buttons and that’s when the double bell rang and the bust started to move. “One more person…” the men standing behind me shouted. They were all watching my actions and enjoying it.

I was their slut for the last half an hour, and they must show their respect to me in a way, right?

The bus again stopped and I started to run to get off it. “Your bag.”

The man whose cum was pasted on my jeans, helped me take my bag.

People gave way for me. As I was about to reach the steps, I saw the outside of the bus and a sudden rush of cool wind hit on me. The rain had all subsided. I felt so cool and the conductor felt so aroused, I think. Because he was looking on my body with open mouths. As I looked down, I saw my shirt’s buttons were all open from the bottom of by bra towards the jeans. I felt like a bollywood item dancer with all my wet belly and the cute deep navel in display, for him.

I didn’t try hiding them all as nobody else were looking. I started to get down the bus . He was standing near the steps and I had to squeeze past him. While passing him, he adjusted in such a way that my breast pressed against him. It really helped.

My left boob really pressed against his belly and again the top button left its hole and my cleavage was in display for him. Since my bra was not hooked, it almost passed way down till my areola. He watched in amazement as my cleavage and areola was on display only for him.

I felt his hard on slowly rising. But now I had no time to handle it, so I got down at the stop and started walking, not even looking into the bus. I knew, every single person must be looking at me since I was showing off a lot of skin to all of them. I quickly started buttoning up and walked home.

As soon as I reached the home, I entered my room and put the bag aside and closed the door.

I lay there in my bed, thinking about the shocking experience from the bus. A bunch of ugly third class workers played all over my body and I let all of them cum on me and the cum is still glued to me.

I felt really ashamed of myself. Why the fuck didn’t I react to a single person? I even asked a man, if he wanted me to jerk him off.

I had thought that I was a strong person who can go through any situations boldly, taking my decisions. Now in a bus full of ugly men, I couldn’t raise my voice against a single man who used advantage of me. Not only that, I even allowed them to masturbate on my body. Why did I act so strangely?

Thinking about all these things, I also felt ashamed of myself. Also wondered if anyone who knew me were in that bus. Thoughts started to flow into my brain. I woke up and decided to take a bath. I stripped off the shirt.

It was torn at the armpit. There was mud on it, from those workers’ hands.

I smelled it. It smelled of my sweat, the smell of alcohol and even some foul smell. I felt ugly. Then another smell came from my body. I knew that smell. It was the smell of cum. I knew where it came from. I looked down and saw my breast was covered by the cum.

I stripped off my bra and smelled it. It smelled of a strong cum.

I felt a tingle at my pussy. I always liked the smell of cum. It had some strange aroma which always used to awaken me.

While I was abroad, while in a combined study, with 6 other boys and me, I used to give every single boy blowjobs, of course not informing others. The smell of male cum makes me super horny. I smelled it again. I didn’t want to, but some instinct made me do it.

Suddenly I felt ugly.

Some ugly low class whore who smells the cum of a low class drunkard worker who whacked off it on her body. Then threw it into the bed. That’s when the smell started to rise from my body itself.

I knew where it came from too. It was from my tits.

Without looking onto it, I touched my boobs, by closing my eyes. I took my both breasts in my hands and started pulling my nipples. I again felt a strong blood flow into the nipples. They became erect. I smelled them and started licking them. It felt pasty.

I spitted my saliva on my boobs and started mixing it with the stranger’s cum. It has now become an awesome mix. I felt the smell and the sticky paste really made me horny. I lost all my control.

OK. I’ll decide everything after these 2 minutes, I decided. I started to pinch my nipples forcefully and lick the saliva-cum mix from my boobs.

OH…! I wanted more cum.

I licked all those cum from my boobs. Where do I get more sperm? That’s when I remembered it. I pulled my jeans pants off and started searching for the cum which i pasted on it. I found it. There was only a stain on it. I smelled it. Damn…!! what a foul smell that was…!!

Still I felt tinkle below there. Without wasting a moment, I again put it into my nose and smelled again.

Damn!! I love the smell.

I again and again smelled it and lied down on the bed smelling it and pinching my nipples, mixed with the saliva-sperm mixture.

Then I felt some wetness near my pussy. I decided to finger myself. As soon as I started to put my finger, I felt a huge rush of wetness flowing to my pussy. It came from my ass.

I took the hand off the front of the panty and placed it at the back.

Oh my God…!! it was all wet down there. My panty, my ass crack throughout, my asshole, it was all filled with cum.

There was a sloppy sound when I tried pushing my cracks apart. They were glued to each other by a stranger’s cum.

I felt really excited and horny.

I started fingering myself.

I placed the cum soaked jeans near my nose, pinched my saliva-stranger’s sperm pasted nipples and started to play with the cream at my ass crack.

I used my finger to paste the cum all over the ass crack. When it became all pasty, I brought the finger to my nose and smelled it. There was a kinky smell of the cum mixed with my sweat along with the smell of my asshole.

I kept on fingering. I suddenly reached the edge of orgasm as I felt this strange kinky smell. I started to taste my finger. I liked the taste. I again used my finger to touch and take more of that mix from my butt. I again tasted it. All of those thoughts and smell really touched me and I started feeling it.

I was about to cum. A strong sensation passed through my body.

My nipples became hard like never before.

My pussy walls started putting pressure on my fingers.

I was close to cumming. I put two fingers in my pussy and started fingering furiously.

Within 5 seconds, my body erupted to a strong orgasm, which I hadn’t experience in the near days.

I laid down there for some time.

Then I woke up and started to take a long bath to clean all the stranger’s cum from my body.

I washed my clothes since I didn’t want my grandmom to smell cum from the clothes. After washing, I stitched the shirt too.

Placed them neatly on the hanger as if everything were all right. I took a deep breath and tried to convince me, saying everything is normal now. But I knew it was not.

Next morning I woke up with some strange thoughts.

3 horny drunk men made me their cum bucket in a helpless situation. There were some weird dreams in sleep. So I couldn’t sleep properly also.

I couldn’t face anybody. I took a sick leave on that day. I didn’t come out of the room the whole day. Told my grandmother that I was having stomach pain. I spent the whole day in my room, crying. The thoughts kept on coming to my mind.

One thing that shocked me the most was, why did it happen to a girl like me..!!! I thought I was the girl who could live at any circumstances. Say no to anyone at any time. Still they harassed me. Those ugly fucking strangers.

May be no one else saw me, or knew me. Still, it happened to me! I felt angry on myself. I beat and bit myself out of anger. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my body. How could they m***** me? Do I look like a slut for them? Or did I give any idea that I’m an easy girl?

No. I didn’t.

But why??

Is that because I was attractive for them? Yes of course I am cute. I know it, anyone who saw me know it and it is a truth.

I have a c***dish round cute face and cutest pair of eyes which attracts anyone. Anybody who looked at my face, will stare at me for some seconds.

It’s easy for me to be friends with anyone. I just had to let them look into my face for a few seconds and then give them a cute smile in return. They will be happy and will come running to me and will say a ‘HI!’. But does that make them horny enough to **** me in public?


I felt humiliated. I cried again for hours.

Then after a point where I can’t cry or get angry on myself anymore, I started consoling myself.

May be it’s because they were drunk. All 3 were super drunk and completely out of control. That can be a reason.

Was it because I was showing too much of my body to provoke them? Ok. I was wet and my dress was a little hugging my body type one. So what? Does it give them the license to caress my flesh? Of course not. Was I inviting them by showing the body? May be they felt so. But that doesn’t mean that they can cum on my body.

It’s true that I was shocked by their approach and didn’t know how to react to the situation. It was my fault. I agree. Now I learned from my bitter experience. Lucky that I didn’t face some cruel rude men in some lonely forest area.

Somehow I said nice things to myself and got my emotions under control.

I decided not to think about it anymore. And to be careful in future.

* * * * *

Some days passed by. I never reached home late or traveled in public transport after that incident. I was always cautious the way I was dressed in public.

I spent more time with friends in college. I had many friends, boys and girls there. Boys in college were mad about my beauty. OK, I think it’s time to explain how I look.

As I said before, I have the cutest pair of big eyes and a round face. Some boys used to commend how cute my cheeks are. They loved the dimples when I smiled. And I smiled a lot. I have long wavy hair. But usually I keep them short till around my breasts.

I’m 5’2″ tall with an average body. I have lemon drop shaped 32D breasts with a big areola and hazelnut colored nipples. I have bubble shaped butt. My uniform shirt doesn’t cover my butts. I’ve seen boys checking them out from behind.

Boys from my senior classes used to come to my class just to talk with me. And I didn’t feel anything bad just talking with them. 4 boys already proposed me in just 2 months.

As I was not in a hurry to be in a relationship, I sweetly rejected them. But still I used to talk with them and text them. It was good to be a center of attention. And I was more than happy now.

Then he came.

The sexiest boy in the college. He had green eyes. It’s rare in this place to have green eyes. He stood a good 5’6″ And he was hot. Strong muscular body and chiseled jaw line. Fuck I wanted to be with him. I decided.

One day I saw him in college canteen with one of the senior boys who used to talk with me. There were other 2 boys with them.

I went to the guy whom I know already and said hi to him. I started talking and gave some cutest smile I could. I could feel that the hot guy was looking at me. I didn’t look at him in the beginning. But after a few moments, I really wanted to look into his eyes and gave a look to him.

His look was piercing through my eyes. I could look into it the whole day. He shook hands with me. His hand was strong and soft at the same time. I didn’t feel like letting go of his hand but I knew I had to. His name was Wasim. He had a deep voice.

“I’ve heard many stories about this hot chick in college. But now I know what they’re talking about.” He said.

I blushed and said thanks.

I couldn’t even say anything else. I knew I was falling for his looks.

We all talked for 5 more minutes and went separate ways. I checked his ass when he was going back.

He was so hot.

Next day at lunch time, as usual Wasim’s friend came to talk with me as usual. I was expecting Wasim to be with him. And he was there. I almost ran towards them.

We talked for about half an hour and Wasim was the one with whom I talked the most. The bell rang and the other guy said that they have to go.

“You go. I’ll come in 5 minutes.” Wasim said.

The other guy left.

Wasim then stood close to me. Looking into my eyes,he said: “Don’t go in the college bus today.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I have to tell you something.”

“You can say now” I said.

I didn’t want to be some easy girl who would obey everything blindly.

“I think I’m in love with you” he said looking deeply into my eyes and holding both my hands softly with his strong hands.

I kept on looking into his eyes.

He continued: “Don’t say anything now. But if you are positive, stay after college.” He wrote his phone number in my palm.

I had three hours to think. I left without saying anything. But I knew that I was going to stay after college.

The final bell rang.

I said my bus friends that I had to check some books and went to the library. I heard the buses leaving the compound. But I didn’t have any fear because now I have a boyfriend. And I’ve seen him coming to college in motorbike. I felt safe and comfortable. I decided to give him a hug when he came into the library.

I texted him that I’m in the library. He came after 10 minutes. I was sitting in a dark area of the library, which was not visible from the entrance. There was only the librarian who was sitting near the entrance. I heard someone entering the library. That was Wasim. He came around the corner.

I went near him. He crossed his hands around my waist. I stood close to him looking into those eyes. And I hugged him. My boobs pressed against his chest. We stood like that for half minute.

Then we started kissing. He kissed on my lips and then slowly started licking the lips with his tongue. I parted my lips. He entered his tongue into my mouth and it met with my tongue.

I stood more close to him. My breasts were now more pressed against his chest. My hands were playing with his hair. And our tongues were dancing together. He put more and more of his tongue into my mouth. My mouth was now filled with his tongue. It have been a long time since I kissed someone. I started turning on.

Then I slowly started sucking his tongue. I started moving my head around his tongue. It was like I was giving a blowjob to his tongue. He made his tongue stand erect and strong. I licked the under side and the whole of his tongue. Then wrapped my lips around his tongue and licked the tip of the tongue. The kissing felt soo good. I kissed him passionately.

But I knew we had to go. The warden will come check on us any moment.

I then moved apart and said: ” We should go”

Then he said: “No,no.. please.. one more minute”

Then I said: ” No Wasim.. I cannot be late to my house. We must go now.”

Then he said “OK”

We quickly grabbed our bags and left the library. The librarian was looking at us intensely. He knew something was going on.

Wasim had bike and we left the college. I sat behind, hugging him from behind. I felt bad for him because I knew he was really in the mood and because I insisted we had to leave. So I pressed my body against his back. My boobs were pressing against his back.

“Hey,are you ok?” I asked.

“Fuck! That was amazing! What a kisser you are, Roshni! ” He exclaimed.

I suddenly felt very happy. He looked like a small k** who got his favourite candy. Such a big man smiling like a k**. I was starting to like him more.

I pressed my body more against him and hugged him from back. I bit his earlobe. I was feeling horny. My hand slowly wandered towards his groin area. I knew he was hard. I slowly started rubbing my hand against his bulging. “Keep your eyes and mind on the road, ok..” I whispered in his ears.

“I’m not sure I can” he said putting his free left hand on my hand which was on his crotch area.

“May be I should stop then” I said, taking my hand away from his bulge.

“No,no.. keep it there. I have another idea.” He said and took a left turn from the road.

It was a small road which led to another smaller mud road. The road became narrower. There were no buildings around. “How do you know this place? ” I asked.

“We come here often to drink alcohol and smoke pot.”

I didn’t know that he drank or smoked before. I was cool with it. But I had just met him yesterday. Now I’m going to this lonely place,god know what to do.

Am I acting like a slut? I wondered. But then I thought about my earlier relationships. I have done so many crazy things. May be it’s because of the way I was brought up. I was very casual about wearing skimpy clothes, having one night stands and all.

But here in village rules are entirely different. If a girl have sex with a boy before the marriage, it’s a big issue here. All the blames fall on her.

Actually after that bus incident, I was kind of reserved. I took a double check bahis siteleri on everything before doing it. Even if it’s wearing some clothes, or smiling at an unknown guy.

Then I thought about Wasim.I don’t even know this guy properly. I merely wished that he is a decent guy. I was really curious to be with him. That led to here now.

But it’s my life,right?! I have the freedom to choose what to do and what to wear. I felt loosened a bit.

I decided not to go all the way with him. At least in the first hour after we started the relationship.

He stopped the motorbike at one place. He turned his head back and looked deep into my eyes. His eyes were so sexy. I kissed on both of his eyes.

We slowly got down from the motorbike, while holding on to each other. He stood against the bike and me, without missing a second, fell onto his body.

Oh god! I was so turns on.

We started kissing again. More passionate and intense this time. We were moaning while kissing. I held his face in my hands and put my tongue into his mouth. We started licking each other’s lips. Then our tongues met and started licking each other. Then I bit his lips and moaned.

He then grabbed my breasts and started playing with them. His hands were all over my boobs. Then he slowly started to unbutton the shirt. I knew all the buttons were undone when I felt his cold hands on my boobs. I didn’t stop kissing.

He then put his hand inside my bra to find my nipples. They were so hard and aching for attention. I moaned into his mouth and pressed my lower part of body closer to him. My lower stomach was now pressing against his dick. He pressed it harder against my body while pinching my nipples. I knew this was going beyond my plan and somehow wanted to stop.

Also I knew that we were not gonna stop until any one of us came. His hand went behind and unclasped the bra from back. My boobs got released from the bra and they came into plane view for him. He stopped kissing to look at my boobs. “Oh God.. they are so beautiful..!” He said.

Without missing a beat, he started licking my tits. It felt so good. His tongue was so soft on my boobs and his teeth were so hard on my nipples. He was biting and licking me. The nipples became rock hard. He kept on saying things like ‘they’re so hard’ ‘it’s beautiful’ ‘I wanna eat them’ and so on.

He was humping against my legs like a dog. His cock was rubbing against my thighs. I was curious about how his dick looked. I unbuckled his pants and put my hand inside his brief.

He had trimmed the hair down there. I could feel his dick. It was hard as a rock. I released it from the clothes. A thick 7″ black cock. It was circumcised. I had never seen a circumcised cock.

It looked very muscular with thick veins running all over it. I started giving him a handjob. He started moaning, closing the eyes.

“I’ve never seen a circumcised cock before ” I said.

“Then look closely” he said.

Then I smiled and said: “no, I won’t do that.”


“Because you’ll put it in my mouth if I bring my face close to it.”

“No, promise. I won’t.”

“Sure?” I asked.

“Yes! ”

I then went down on my knees. I placed my knees on his feet as there was mud on the road. My shirt was open and the bra was now near my navel. I didn’t do anything to cover my boobs.

He was rock hard and pulsating. The veins were so strong and full of blood.

I held his dick and started watching it closely. I held it against his belly and watched the underside. Then brought it down and faced against my face and watched it from the front. I held it in my hand and gave 2-3 strong slow wanking,looking into his eyes. I looked back on his cock. Some precum was there on the tip of the cock. I looked into his eyes. “Your precum is leaking.”

“You wanna taste it? ” He asked.

“No.” I replied.

“Try it..” he pleaded.

“No. That’ll give a bad idea to you.”


“You’ll think that I’m an easy girl who gives blowjob on the first day itself.”

“I’ll never think of anything like that.”

He continued:”Also, you’re not blowing me off,right? You’re just trying to taste my precum. That’s not considered as a blowjob. Also, I’ll never think of you as a bad girl. You’re an angel. And I love you.”

I was happy to hear that. And he looked so cute when requested and convinced me to do so. He looked very innocent. I liked it.

“OK. Don’t think that I’m sucking your cock,OK..I’m just you know..”

Saying that, looking into his eyes, I licked the precum off his cock. I started from the bottom of the glans and licked slowly till the tip where the precum was formed. It was a small distance, but I made it last as long as possible. I took some good 3 seconds to lick it off. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

“Mmmmmm” I said, tasting it in my mouth.

“So do you like the taste?” He asked.

“Actually I didn’t feel anything. It was little sticky and kind of salty. That’s it.” I said innocently.

“Can you… Do it..Once again?” He asked.

“No. I can’t do that.” I answered.

“Please.. it feels so good.” He said. He looked so cute when begging like that.

I started laughing, seeing this. My breath was falling on his dick. He became harder.

“Please can you at least give a kiss on the tip?”

I didn’t say anything and looked into his eyes while slowly wanking his cock. Then I looked back onto his hard meat. More precum was forming. “Oh there’s more of it.” I used my hand and milked out more precum from the cock.

“Do you want kiss or lick?”

I asked.


“How can I kiss and lick at the same time?” I laughed again. His dick was almost close to my teeth.

“Oh you can. See, put your lips around the tip like you’re kissing and then lick the tip for tasting a little more of the precum.”

He explained. I couldn’t stop laughing, knowing how badly he wanted to put his dick in my mouth.

“Try.. open your mouth..” he said.

“OK.. like this?” I put on the most innocent face of mine and half opened my mouth.

He then placed the tip of the cock between my lips.

“Now you can close the lips around the glans like you’re kissing and lick the precum from the top” he said.

I wrapped my lips around the glans penis and licked the tip of his cock,looking into his eyes.

“like this?”

While talking, I tried to keep my tongue touched onto the cock.

“Ohhh.. yes..”

I kept on talking.

“Don’t push your cock inside my mouth, ok.. because then it won’t be either licking or kissing. That would be sucking. Then you’ll think that I’m a bad girl who gives blowjob to you the second day we met and hours after we started the relationship.”

I was talking with the tip of the dick in my mouth. I tried to keep the tongue in touch with the cock whenever I was saying the words. He started leaking more precum. I knew that he was almost on the verge of cumming. He was seconds away from it. I was curious how he was gonna deal with it.

“Roshni.. my love.. I think I’m going to…”

Before he finished the words, I gave a strong kiss on the cock with the tip still inside my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around the glans and started licking the whole head of his cock. He then slowly started moving his hip back and forth which slowly pushed the dick into my mouth. I didn’t say anything but kept on licking the cock.

He pushed it deeper in every next movement. In some 3-4 pushes, my mouth was filled with his cock. I closed my eyes and now started bobbing on his cock. I was playing with his balls and licking and sucking his cock. Suddenly I felt some extra blood rush into his cock he finished:


and the next moment he started cumming in my mouth. He started spurting hot thick cum in my mouth. I tried to keep the cum in my mouth. After 2-3 thick ejaculations, the cum started leaking out of my mouth. Then he took it from my mouth and continued cumming on my boobs. I let him do that. I stroked his cock and aimed it on my cleavage. He came more. I used his cock to paste the cum on my boobs. I then looked into his dark green eyes with my mouth open. It was full of cum. I closed my mouth and swallowed the mouthful cum in one gulp.

“Aahh..” he said.

At that moment I saw love in his eyes. He grabbed my hands and pulled me upwards and hugged me tightly. He didn’t kiss me, Though. But I knew he loved me. I looked into his eyes and said: “I love you too”

That night we talked till 3 in the morning. About everything we loved and hated. He was such a sweet guy. I was starting to like him more and more.

Next day after classes we went out for a coffee. We kissed in the hotel washroom. It was a quick one, though.

We never stopped touching each other when we were together. In the college we used to hold our hands or my hands wandering through his thick beautiful wavy hair, or when we were alone, he’ll hold me by waist or we’ll sit in the canteen looking into each other’s eyes for a long time..

Everyone figured out that Roshni and Wasim are in love. We didn’t do anything to stop them also.

He used to drop and pick me up from my home everyday in his bike(in India we say bike for motorcycles. Don’t get confused it with the bicycle) Although he never came near my house.

I was afraid of the villagers. They always observe people and start saying rumors. I’ve seen people staring at me even though I used to dress by covering my whole body. I used to walk some distance and from there he used to pick me up. And dropping also. I used to sit very close to him while riding on the bike. Hugging from behind. Everyday we somehow managed to hug or kiss at some point of the day. But nothing else beyond that happened until that night:

One night he called me saying that he is outside my house. I was surprised. It was very late. Around 12 at night. My grandparents sleep very early. They go to bed by 10 max and start snoring in 10-15 minutes.

I told him to go back. But he said that he missed me so much that he just wanted to see me. I said fine and opened the back door of the house without making any noise. He came in. I asked him to leave. He then started looking into my eyes. I also looked into his eyes.

Within seconds we started kissing each other. I was wearing a nightie that day. He started playing with my boobs outside the nightie. It had buttons in the front. He unbuttoned them. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Roshni.. you’re not wearing a bra!”

He said between the kisses.

“I don’t like wearing them. Especially at nights.” I said.

“What about mornings” he teased.

“I prefer not to.. but then people would get the wrong idea, you know..” I teased him back.

“What will they do?” He asked.

“What if they stare at my hard nipples? What if they get to see them? Won’t that be bad?” I continued teasing him. We liked to talk like this. It used to turn on both of us.

“Seeing them will not be bad.” He said looking at my hard nipples and full boobs.

“But kissing and biting them will be..”

Saying this he took my nipples in his mouth and started biting and licking them.

“Oohh” I moaned. We were standing just outside the door and making out. I felt so naughty. What if my grandparents woke up? What if someone who is going through the road saw me half naked with this guy? All these thoughts were turning me on.

“Let’s go inside.” He said.

I didn’t want to. But I obeyed.

Saying this he locked the door from inside and took me in his hands into my room. He put me down and turned to lock the room. Turning back, he stared at me.

I had removed my nightie in that time. I was standing only wearing my red panties.

“Oh My God!!!”

“Roshni… You’re soo..” he was searching for words.

“..Naked” he said.

It was the first time he was seeing me with so little clothes.

He hugged me and Started kissing me all over my body. He kissed my neck, boobs, nipples, armpit, stomach, put his tongue inside my navel and bit the lining of the panty and started pulling it down.

“Wait..” I said.

“I feel very lonely standing naked here. I need some company.”

Hearing this he removed his t-shirt and pants. I could see the outline of his cock through the briefs. We stood close to each other and started kissing each other while roaming our hands on each other’s bodies.

Within no time my hand was inside his briefs rubbing his cock. I stripped him naked and he stripped me too. We were stark naked in my room. He started rubbing my pussy lips and put one finger inside. I was wet. His finger easily slid into my pussy. I was wanking him at the same time.

He pushed me onto the bed and lied on top of me. He was kissing me and his hands were over my boobs. I could feel his cock rubbing against my pussy lips. I parted my legs. He then removed his hand from the boobs and led his cock into my pussy.

I wanted him inside me. I parted more. He put his cock inside my pussy. I raised my hip against his cock. It went inside me. It was amazing. I felt full after a long time. I used to have a lot of sex in my earlier days. But nowiIt had been a while since someone fucked me. It felt good.

Once it was inside me, he started moving on top of me. The movement became faster. He was fucking me intensely. My pussy walls expanded when he pushed his big dick inside it. I started moaning. “Hmmm… Fuck me hard Wasim… Fuck me hard with that big cock of yours…It feels so good..” I whispered in his ears.

He kept on pounding me for around two minutes. I was in the verge of cumming. I played with my clit. Pressed it hard. I wanted to cum soon.

“Don’t stop.. keep on fucking me. I’m about to cum.” I said.

“Me too Roshni.. ” he said.

“Wasim.. don’t cum inside me.” I said.

He then slowly started pulling out the cock from my pussy.

“Hey.. don’t stop fucking me.”

I was not sure if he’ll follow it exactly. And I didn’t care. I just wanted to cum.

He fucked me hard. My pussy walls started contracting. I knew I was about to cum. I pushed my pussy against his cock. My legs locked him from back. I didn’t want to stop him from fucking me.

Then my body shivered. My pussy lips started pressing against his cock. I started cumming.

“Aahhh… Don’t stop Wasim… I’m cumming..”

I said.

“Me too Roshni…” He said.

Then I started feeling his cock becoming hard as never before. He gave two more strong pounding into my pussy. That was it. He too started cumming inside me. I could feel his hot thick cum filling inside my pussy. He kept on cumming. There was a lot of it. My pussy got flooded with his cum. He came for a good 15 seconds.

He fell on me.

“I’m sorry Roshni.. I couldn’t stop.”

Both of us were full of sweat. I kissed him.

“It’s OK.” I said. I didn’t care if I got pregnant. I just wanted to cum.

“I’ll be careful ” I said.

“But next time don’t do this, OK..”

“I’ll be careful from next time” he smiled and kissed me.

We lied like that for half an hour. He fucked me twice the same night.

My pussy was full of his cum. And we were covered in sweat. We hugged and lied together, stuck together in sweat and cum.

He left after 3 in the morning. I went outside naked, to say goodbye to him. I felt sexually relieved after a long time.

I told him never to come like this after that. I didn’t want to take the risk of being caught in the middle of sex. He obeyed. He never came to my home after that.

But I knew that we were going to have a lot more sex in the coming days.

I just wanted to figure out how and where.

I gave him a long kiss for the last time. He left.

I stood outside the home without a single cloth on me and full of cum and sweat. It was such a turn on for the exhibitionist girl inside me. I wished that I could stand there some more time. The thought of someone crossing the road watching me standing there naked made me so horny. I started fingering myself. After 3 hours of sex, I was still horny. But it was too cold outside and the fear of someone seeing me naked made me go inside home.

I was starting to feel sexually liberated.

I’ve always had this urge to show skin. Earlier, when living in cities, I used to wear shorts, miniskirts, short jumpsuits, rompers, strapless tops, halter tops, crop tops etc. They were very usual in those places. People used to show a lot of skin.

There were girls who used to dress up very conservatively as well.

But I chose to show my skin.

I used to enjoy those showing offs. Even from the school days, I tried to wear clothes which were acceptable in the society, but at the lowest level of decency.

Whenever I used to go out with friends, I would always be one of those people who wore the least amount of clothes. As usual I used to get a lot of looks from both men and women.

When I came to live in this village, a cover involuntarily fell on such thoughts. I’ve never risked showing my skin here.

I knew it was bad in these villages. It gave a bad impression about the girl.

Those village people never think that ‘This girl is liberated. She decided to wear whatever she wants. It’s so cool.’ Instead they think ‘this girl is showing so much skin. She is walking to turn men on. It doesn’t seem like she is a good person from a reputed family.’

And because of that she never gets good marriage proposals. Just because she wears revealing clothes. It even affects the family and its reputation in that society.

So women never choose to show their body.

Even if it’s a skirt that shows some skin below the knee, or a sleeveless top, or a t-shirt (obviously without a shawl) or a saree that shows the belly and navel.

It’s all bad here.

If you wear them, your future is dead.

But after that night where I stood naked outdoors at 3 am, something possessed on my body.

I started feeling like I want to show more skin.

My parents are not here and I’ll be flying to North India or Europe after this college studies. And I’m never gonna come back to this village. I don’t give a fuck what those silly villagers think. This thought of exhibiting my body was getting intense as the days progressed.

One day I asked my boyfriend: “Wasim, can I ask you something?”

He replied: ” Yea sure Roshni..”

Whenever people start with this line, others listen very carefully. He knew that I was asking something serious.

“Do you mind if I wear some clothes which are not very conservative?

“Mmm.. I guess not. But what types of clothes do you have in mind, specifically? I can’t let you wear bikini and roam around”

“Chii.. who roams around wearing a bikini here in your village where people even haven’t seen a navel with their naked eyes except the item dance numbers in Bollywood movies?”

What I said was true. I haven’t seen a single lady wearing sleeveless dress here. And it has been more than a year since I’ve started living here. I haven’t seen another woman’s navel as well.

“What types of clothes do you mean?” He asked curiously.

“You know, jeans and top, sleeveless churidars… like that”

“Come on yaar.. who cares if you wear a sleeveless churidars and jeans?”

“I know. but still I must make sure, right. Also what will the villagers think when I wear such clothes?”

I asked him just to know what he thinks about it.

“You’re from city, right. So, people can take that you are habituated with wearing such clothes. And wear them with complete confidence and be comfortable in it.” He supported me.

“Also, you’re my girl. I want to know who’s gonna stop you from that.” He finished.

I felt so happy hearing those words.

If he agrees, I can wear them to wherever I want to. I gave him a kiss for that.

On most of the weekends Wasim and I used to go out. I easily convinced my grandparents saying that I have a special class, seminar or even some group discussions happening in college!! They were too uneducated to understand that. Also, they had a belief that I’ll never lie.

While going for movies or just for roaming around, I would smuggle some clothes in my bag while wearing my usual college uniforms when leaving home and change the clothes in some hotel washroom or something.

I started wearing sleeveless churidars and t-shirt while going out.

Once we went for a movie in a theatre which was 10 kilometers away from my home and I wore a t-shirt for it.

Most often we used to select Theatres which were less crowded and always some corner seats. Our hands will be roaming on each other’s bodies and some long kisses also happened in theatres. I remember once we kissed for almost one hour continuously which involved lot of kissing and biting on the faces. My face and neck were full of his saliva when we stepped out of the theatre.

We went for the same movie 3 times just because the theater was almost empty!

One day after the outing with Wasim while I was coming home, my grandma asked me why the bag looks so full. I was carrying a churidar that day. I lied that there are some library books in it. She believed it.

But I decided to change my choice of clothes because churidars and jeans pants were so big that they made the bag look so full. I decided to do some shopping for more smaller clothes. (or was I just looking for a good reason for wearing something skimpier?!)

I told Wasim about this. He couldn’t take the risk of losing me because of the large volume of clothes I was wearing. So he had to agree.

“But we won’t get my looked-for clothes here in this village.” I said.

“We can go to Kochi” he said.

Kochi is the biggest city in Kerala and it’s a growing cosmopolitan city. All kinds of people come there. Girls there wear modern clothes and you get pretty much all kinds of clothes there. We planned our next weekend trip to Kochi.

I packed a t-shirt and jeans for the trip. I knew it was the last time I had to be careful about smuggling clothes. Next time onwards nobody is even going know that I’m carrying any clothes in my bag.

That day I left early from home. The city is far away from my home. I changed into my t-shirt and jeans on the way in a hotel washroom. It almost took around 2 hours to reach there.

Once we reached there, we went straight to a big shopping mall there. We found a shop there which sells all kinds of women’s wear.

I started with tops. First priority for selecting any piece of clothing was that: if I make it like a ball, it should fit in my one hand. But most of the t-shirts the salesman showed were bigger balls. Maybe he thought that I wanted the similar type of t-shirt I was wearing.

“It can be smaller.” I made it clear for him.

“Is sleeveless ok for you?” He asked.

“Totally.” I said.

He then went to another section of clothes where all the sleeveless tops were kept. He showed some clothes there. They were not t-shirts. They were tank tops, which I loved to wear.

I looked at Wasim, showing him a piece of clothing, which was white in color and just covered my ass.

“Is it ok?” I asked him.

“Try it.” He said.

I went inside the changing room, removed my t-shirt and wore the white tank top.

It was literally hugging my body.

The armholes were cut 2 inches below my armpit. The armpit fat was visible from the sides. It was so tight across my stomach that I could make out the shape of my navel through it. The material was thin cotton such that anyone could easily figure out the shape of the bra I was wearing underneath.

I looked super-hot in it. It had been a while since I wore something like that. I really wanted that top.

I came outside the changing room wearing it. Wasim was waiting outside.

“Roshni! You can’t wear it here in public. It almost looks like an inner wear.” He exclaimed the moment I stepped out.

“No! It doesn’t. It’s just perfect, you see. First of all, it fits in my hand if I make it like a ball. So, I can easily smuggle it from my home. Also, it’s actually not showing anything which was not seen while I used to wear other clothes. See, I wear sleeveless tops, right? This is also sleeveless. And it’s showing nothing else. It’s covering my ass too.” I tried my best to sell it to him.

“But the material is so thin and hugging your body. See, anybody can make out the shape of your navel. Your bra edges are visible. And finally, it really exaggerates the shape of your breasts.” He finished.

‘Exactly’ I thought.

“But I’ll wear a shawl with it, if you want.” I said.

Shawl is supposed to cover the breasts when you wear tops which highlights the shape of the breasts.

“But it’s showing off too much, honey” he was confused.

“You think so because you haven’t seen clothes which actually shows off. This is not one of them.” I said.

That must have hurt his ego. I was sure he felt smaller in front of me. He didn’t express it, though.

“OK… But buy a cardigan also with it. Also promise that you’ll always wear shawl or cardigan with this top. Always!” he agreed.

“Yeaayyy..! Sure!!” I said and hugged him.

I bought a black cardigan with it. It was also very thin material. But at least it covered my hand and shoulders.

But while thinking from now, He was right. The top was a very big step in my way of dressing.

I chose two more tank tops, one black and one yellow. Same material. One white cardigan and a red cardigan.

Next I moved on to buy bottoms. I was looking for only leggings. It was easy for me.

I bought the tightest leggings in various colors. Grey, black, white and red. They ended somewhere between my knee and ankle.

I tried one. It was like a second skin on my body. Anyone who looks at my calf, thighs and ass can easily notice the shape of them. Wasim was not ok with that one too.

“I’ll be wearing a shawl, right. So I’ll wear it in such a way that it covers my ass too. If I’m wearing a cardigan, it will reach till my knees at the back. So, it’ll cover the ass too.” I told him.

Somehow, he agreed. But I was wondering how to wear this shawl in such a way that it covers both my boobs and ass. I’ll be showing one part while hiding the other. I must figure that out. Or… maybe not.

I wanted to buy some nightwear as well. Summer was coming. I can’t wear those nighties, which are thick dresses which reaches all the way to the ground.

I wanted more comfortable clothes.

I bought a very transparent satin dress. Red in color. If I was not wearing a bra, the areolas will be visible through the top. That transparent. That see through.

It came 6 inches above the knee. I tried wearing that in the dressing room. It felt so great. So thin! So light weight!

I can’t wait to wear that and roam around at home at night.

I didn’t show it to Wasim. I didn’t want permission from him for that. I was planning to wear them while sleeping.

Since my grandparents are very old, at night, they can’t see a thing. They can’t recognize what I am wearing.

I wanted to buy a jeans shorts. But I was not sure how will Wasim respond to that.

Also, wearing shorts revealing almost all the legs is the biggest sin in village. Anyway, I decided to ask him.

“Hey, Wasim… can I try some shorts?”

“No, no… No shorts for sure!”

“Shorts? You want shorts? One minute madam” the shopkeeper ran for shorts.

“Let’s see how it goes. I’ll buy only if you like” I consoled him.

He didn’t say anything. The shopkeeper bought the shorts. It was longer than I expected.

“Can I try this?” I asked.

“I guess so” Wasim said.

I tried it. It came two inches below my knees. It was a three-fourth. That stupid shopkeeper! I thought.

It looked decent. “I don’t find anything wrong with wearing them” I said. Waiting for Wasim’s reply.

“Take it” Wasim said.

I bought one jeans shorts as well.

Hmmm…What else! I thought.

I saw some more halter tops, strapless tops and many more there. I saw a lingerie section as well. I was wondering, what all would be there. But I didn’t want to make Wasim more upset.

May be later.

We started travelling back.

On the way back, I asked Wasim: “Are you ok with my clothes?”

“Yea, it’s fine”

“I’m so happy that you liked them. Now we can go out without the fear of my grandparents catching me smuggling the clothes.”

“Yea, right.” Wasim responded.

I was not sure if he was actually fine with my clothes. I decided to cheer him up.

I slowly moved my hand towards his crotch area and started rubbing his cock.

“Are you sure you’re not angry with me?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything. But his cock started replying by waking up.

“Oh! Somebody else is happy!!” I exclaimed.

“Roshni, this is a highway and people are watching us.”

“Let’s go somewhere private then” I whispered in his ears.

He stopped near a hotel.

“We’ll have a tea from here.” He said.

“Oh really?!” I said teasingly.

We went in the hotel and ordered one tea.

“I wanna go to the washroom.” I said, and I went inside the loo.

I knew he will follow me.

I stepped into the washroom and removed my t-shirt and waited for him. I wanted to surprise him.

I heard his footsteps. I wished it was him. What if it was someone else? That thought excited me.

I opened the door and peaked outside. It was him.

He saw me and rushed inside.

“Oh Roshni! You’ve already stripped for me!” He got excited and started kissing me.

I was also very horny and kissed him back passionately.

He closed the washroom door behind him. I wished that he kept it open so that somebody else accidentally came and saw us making out. I seriously didn’t know what got into me. I really felt like showing off, like never before.

In five seconds he removed my bra and started playing with my nipples. I pushed his head towards my nipple. He licked it for a bit and then started biting them.

It felt soo good. The nipples started growing hard.

I rubbed my hand on his hard on. He started removing his pants and boxers.

“We cannot fuck here.” I said.

His cock was out already.

He didn’t respond to what I said but instead he put his hand on my shoulder and started pushing me downwards. It felt forceful.

He grabbed my face and said, “But you can suck me.”

His harshness surprised me. But I didn’t want to spoil the mood.

I opened my mouth and put his dick in my mouth.

The moment it was inside my mouth, he started fucking my mouth hard.

After 2-3 thrusts his cock reached my throat.

“I’m gonna deepthroat you.” He said.

He has never deepthroated me without my permission before. But I was not in the mood to say anything. With a big cock down your throat, you don’t have the luxury of talking much.

He pushed it hard and I felt it going all the way inside. I couldn’t breathe. Tears started coming from my eyes.

His cock was literally going in and out of my throat.

“Wahem ztop. I xant vreeth” I somehow managed.

“One sec. I’m almost there” He said.

He gave some 2-3 deep pushes to my throat. It did hurt. I couldn’t take any more of this dishonor. I pulled it out forcefully.

When I pulled it out, he started jacking off on my breasts.

I knew he was on the verge of cumming.

He started cumming on my breasts. I didn’t even look at him, but I closed my eyes and took some long breaths while trying not to puke. His cum started spurting all over my breasts. After cumming, he rubbed his cock on my nipples to clean it.

“Clean up quickly. Someone might see.”

I was shocked by the sudden change in behavior of Wasim. If he had some problems with the clothes, he should have said, right! How many times did I ask! I was really angry on him.

I stood up in front of the mirror. Cum was dripping on my boobs. I cleaned the cum using the tissue paper. I didn’t want to create a scene with him there.

We went back. We didn’t talk much on the way back.

I reached home by around 7 in the evening. I somehow smuggled the clothes bags inside the house when my grandparents were not around.

I was so tired after the long day. I decided to take a luxurious bath with some oil massage.

Applying oil on body before taking bath is a habit I started after coming to the village. It relaxes the body muscles and gives you some deep sleep.

And applying oil all over body was fun. Playing with nipples and sometimes fingering the oily pussy! And especially today I was in the mood to play with myself. Since that day where I stood outside naked at 3 in the morning, I was looking for more chanced to be naked outside the house. Also, the plan to buy revealing clothes for the past 4-5 days got me excited more.

It was around 7:30 at night. I decided to push my boundaries a little more. Grandmother was watching some soap opera in the TV. She won’t wake up from the chair till it’s 10, even the house is on fire. My granddad was sitting outside, praying.

I decided to work my plan out in the backyard of my house. I didn’t have to worry about those two coming there. It was pitch black there. Even somebody walking on the road won’t be able to make out a person standing there. Unless they flash some torchlight exactly on my body, which was a risk I was willing to take and it excited me a lot. So I took a bowl full of oil and went to the backyard. I carried a bathing towel as well.

I stood there in the darkness. I could hear the dramatic music happening in the soap. I can hear my granddad’s prayer as well. I only had to worry if any one of them stopped. I took a deep breath and remove my clothes.

In a minute I was stark naked outdoor. I started rubbing with the oil on my body. I started from the legs towards the upper parts.

I poured more than enough oil into my hands and applied it all over my body. I covered my legs, thighs, inner thighs, ass, stomach, hands, with a lot of oil and then poured a handful of oil and spread it on both my boobs.

Ohh!! It felt so good.

I slowly started playing with my boobs while rubbing them with the oil. I was getting hornier. My nipples started growing hard.

The thought of standing outside naked with oil all over my body sent shivers through my body. I slowly started playing with my nipples. I pinched them. More blood rushed to my breasts. I started squeezing them harder. I really wished that Wasim was now with me.

Now I could feel the oil leaking into my pussy and asshole. It was tingling.

I now placed my right hand between my thighs and put one finger inside my pussy.

It was now wet with the pre-cum and oil. Sticky and smooth at the same time.

I slowly started fingering myself. I was so turned on. I started fingering fast. I put my second finger inside. More pre cum was flowing through my pussy now. I kept on playing with my nipple at the same time. My eyes were closed and sweat started flowing from my forehead.

Now I couldn’t hear my granddad’s prayer. Instead it felt like he was talking with someone. I didn’t give much attention as I was on the verge of cumming. That’s when my grandmother called me.

“ROSHNII..” I suddenly stopped fingering. ‘Fuck!’ I thought. I was about to cum in some 10 seconds.

“What?” I replied little angrily. “What are you doing?” She asked. She was still sitting in front of the TV. “I’m going to take bath.” I replied.

“Before that get some drinking water for your uncle.” So that was it.

This uncle is a 50-year-old man who lives next to our house. He comes regularly at night to talk with my granddad. They keep on talking for some good one – two hours about everything in the world. My granddad was a communist in his younger days. Even now he is well educated about the world politics. It’s fun talking with him.

This uncle, like many other people in the village liked his company. Also, I’ve seen this uncle looking at me hungrily and trying to flirt whenever possible. I used to avoid him.

But tonight! It’s a different day. I’ve been horny since morning. The thoughts of purchasing some revealing clothes already excited me. And the shopping, foreplay with Wasim and that quick blowjob in the hotel washroom had made me very wet. And now, standing naked with oil all over my body and almost in the verge of orgasm, I decided to push the boundary a little more.

What if I went to meet him with this oil dripping body? That thought itself made me almost cum. I decided to play a little.

But I had to wear something.

There was a towel which I used to rub the water off the body after taking the bath. In the south Indian towels, they are stitched in such a way that there is a bigger gap between threads. Even though it doesn’t make the towel transparent, the material is very thin. It shows the outlines of the nipples if you’re not wearing anything underneath. Obviously, people never use it for wearing purpose. But I chose it for wearing it tonight while meeting this uncle. Wear only it.

I wrapped that towel around my oiled up naked body. But there was a problem. Lengthwise it was short. If I tried to d**** it around my chest, it won’t cover my ass and pussy and, vice versa.

So, I d****d it the other way. I placed one edge at the back of the left armpit and brought it through the back, covered my boobs and brought the other edge to the front of left armpit.

It almost reached the other edge. I had to pull it a little more so that I could tie a knot under my armpit.

I tied it there. My boobs were bulging above the towel because of the tightness of the towel. Now it was lengthy enough to cover my bottom part and reached 2 inches above my knees.

But now the new problem was, it was open from the left armpit downwards. It was getting wider as it went downwards. So the whole left side of my body was naked. If I moved my hand to back, front or upwards, the whole left side boob, my stomach, hips and thighs would be visible for the uncle. I was showing off a little too much. I wore a safety pin near my hip.

I knew that even now I was showing off a little too much. But I was soo turned on to care.

I started walking towards the house. While taking each step, I can see the towel gaping making a big gap from the body.

There was an almirah in the work area, which had a full-length mirror on it. I stopped in front of it and put my right leg in the front and checked myself from my left side.

The sight was something more than I expected. Left side of my body looked like the symbol of infinity. It was closed under my armpit, then expanded from there downwards until my hips. My left sideboob was bulging to the side, under the towel. I can make out shape of my nipple through the towel. At the hips, the safety pin was pulling to connect the sides of towel. It started gaping again from there downwards. My whole left leg was visible from the hip.

I raised my left had above the head in front of the mirror. I could see my left sideboobs and my tummy. In that pose, I put my right leg in the front, like walking. The towel gaped from the legs and my whole right inner thigh was visible. And the sight was so erotic because my body was shining and oil was dripping from the body.

I went into the kitchen and poured some water into a steel tumbler. I took it with my left hand and started walking towards the sit out.

My grandmother was sitting in the hall watching TV, but turned to the other side. If I walked fast enough, she won’t see me as she was glued to the screen.

Granddad’s chair was facing the yard while uncle’s chair was faced towards the door from which I would be walking.

Granddad also won’t see much of me if I’m quick enough to give the water and leave them immediately.

I planned everything, took a deep breath and started walking towards the sit out.

I passed the hall and reached the sit out. “Sorry uncle, I was about to take a bath.”

He was preparing the pan using beetle leaf. When I said this, he raised his eyes and looked at me.

He stopped making the pan and stared at my body. Also, I tried to act like an innocent village girl by trying to cover my body using the towel and gave him the cutest smile. I placed the glass of water in front of him.

My nipples were poking on the towel and a large amount of cleavage was seen from the top of the towel. Since I was bent in front of him, the towel gaped a little, from the left side of my body and the boobs were hanging inside the towel. I stood in such a way that my left side was visible for him. My left boob was straining against the tight knot which was under the armpit. With my slightest movement, I could feel my boob floating inside the towel. The uncle didn’t miss any of it.

I was standing side by side with my Granddad.

If he looked a little to his right, all he could see would be my naked boob hanging in front of him.

Luckily, he didn’t.

I didn’t want to stay there longer and take the risk. I turned to my right side and started going back.

I could see my towel gaping near the thighs which might give him a good look at my inner thighs.

But I didn’t know if his look reached till there. He was stuck at my boobs. I rushed to inside.

I didn’t want my grandparents to catch me wearing almost nothing in front of a strange guy.

The moment I reached inside the kitchen, I put two fingers inside my pussy and started fingering. I was more wet now from all the showing off. I heard my granddad saying: “leave it there. I’ll take it inside later.” Then I heard uncle saying: “it’s OK sir. I don’t wanna trouble you.”

Is he coming inside? He wanted to see more of me? I was sure he won’t try to do anything physical while my grandparents are there. As long as I’m in the safe zone, I was willing to tease him a little more.

I removed the pin from the hip. By doing so, the whole left side of my oiled-up body was visible. It included the left sideboob except the areola or nipples. Tummy and legs were also on display. If my towel moved half an inch, my pussy would also be on display. I could feel my pussy dripping. I was so horny by now. I stood facing away from the door and acted as if I was doing some job.

He was walking towards the kitchen when my grandmother stopped him. “How’s everyone at home, Vasu?” She asked him without looking away from the screen. “Oh, they are all doing good.”

By that time he reached the door of kitchen.

“Hi Roshuu…” He sweetly called me.

I turned back from my left. I raised both my hands and started tying the hair. I could feel my towel gaping away from my body. Left side of my oily naked body was on display for him. The boobs, tummy, hips and the long leg. His look directly fell on my tits. They were shining with oil.

“Oh! You shouldn’t have bought it. I would have come there to take it” I said.

“No, no dear. You’re in a rush, right.” He somehow said while investigating each and every inch of my body. “Also, if someone sees you like this outside…” He stopped there without knowing what to say.

“Yea… I know. I’m all oiled up for the bath. Doesn’t look good, am I, uncle?” I asked with my best innocent voice while going closer to him to take the glass from his hands.

“No, you look great my dear. But what I mean is…”

He was out of words as he worshipped my body.

He stood there silently scanning my body.

“What you mean?” I went closer to him and grabbed the glass from his hand while looking into his eyes.

“You look so hot!” He said looking at my cleavage. His hand was now almost touching my sheer towel. He didn’t move back even after I took the glass from him. Instead he stood closer to me.

“You look beautiful” He whispered to me.

“I’m sorry. I’m not properly dressed.” I said innocently and walked way from him taking the glass.

“No, no. You look perfect this way.” He said. I giggled shyly. “But I’m feeling shy standing in front of you like this.”

“Like what?” he asked.

‘Oh! He is also in a playful mood!’ I thought.

“You know, the body full of oil and wearing only a towel” I said shyly

“It’s ok” He said. “When you were a small girl, I have seen you without any clothes and I’ve even took you for bath in the public pond, do you remember?”

“Mmm… no uncle.”

“How will you remember! You were barely 2 years old then. You’re still that baby girl for me even now.” He added. I was sure he wanted to spend more time with me with these silly talks.

Meanwhile I didn’t stop myself from entertaining him by giving glimpses of my body here and there while washing some vessels in the kitchen.

“You’re making up this story, aren’t you?” I teased him.

“What? No! You want proof?” He asked.

“mmm… may be.”

“You have a birthmark where your backbone ends.” He said.

Wow! That really shocked me. My birthmark just above my buttcrack was something my boyfriends used to find very sexy about me.

“Is it there?” he asked. I didn’t say anything. I was facing away from him. I felt him standing right behind me. I could feel his hand slowly going under my towel from my backside. How little I was wearing! Within two seconds his hand was above my buttcrack. I felt some cold air on my ass. So, he was now looking at my naked oil-dripping ass. He started rubbing the oil over my ass.

“Do you remember I used to oil up your body…” He said.


His touch was turning me on. I stood still. He slowly moved his hand down my ass crack. Oil was flowing inside my ass. His hand reached near my asshole.

“Oh Vasu Uncle… You’re embarrassing me.” I moved my body away from his hand and turned around to face him.

“I’m not a small girl anymore. I’m a grown-up woman.” I didn’t want to go all the way with him right away.

“With fully grown body parts.” I didn’t feel like stopping teasing as well.

I saw a tent formed under his lungi already. “See, even your body agrees with me.” I said by pointing towards his growing tent. I was curious to see how it looked. But I controlled myself.

“Yea. I can see it.” He said by looking at my chest. I looked down to see my hard nipples poking hard against the thin material of the towel.

“A fully-grown woman with a lot of passion” he said.

I was tempted to touch my hard nipples. I leaned against the concrete slab on the kitchen.

“Oh, you mean this?” I asked him by running my hands over my boobs. “I’ve been massaging for almost half an hour. That’s why they are standing out, you know.” I now moved my left hand under the towel and started rubbing my nipples. Finally!! I needed this touch. I started rubbing them by looking into his eyes.

“Do you want any help with that? I am a well-known massager here.” He kept on looking at my hand rubbing my left boob.

“No, thanks. Now I can do it myself. But may be later.” I climbed onto the concrete slab and sat on it. My towel shifted its position and now my left leg was completely bare in front of his eyes. It just covered my pussy and right leg. I shifted my left hand from left boob to the right one. My left wrist was covering left boob while I massaged right boob. The towel kept on moving left and right around my belly area, sometimes exposing my navel to him.

“Your navel is filled with oil.” He said hungrily looking into my abdomen area. “It’s not good if you keep oil inside the navel for a long time. You should spread it to other parts.” He said. I was sure he just came up with something like that.

“Oh, is it, uncle?” I acted like a stupid girl and moved the towel a little towards the right side of my belly, exposing the navel to him. I heard him inhaling heavily. He must be shocked to see a butter tummy with a deep hole on it. Also, the joining area of my pussy and left leg also came into view now. Pussy lips were not visible, but he could now see the beginning of my pussy. One-week-old stubble was visible.

I pressed my finger above my navel, and as a result the oil came out and started flowing out, downwards. I could feel it flowing towards the pussy. I looked into his eyes. I knew that he couldn’t control himself.

He was now playing with his cock over the lungi.

That sight increased my thirst to finger myself.

“It’s flowing downwards now.” I said to him.

“can I see it?” He asked with anticipation.

“No.” I said.

I looked into his eyes and bought my left hand towards my pussy. “I have to rub it. Otherwise it’ll spread all over the kitchen slab, you know.” The towel fell back into its position and covered my left boob.

“Mmm… You’re right.” Saying this he put his hand inside the lungi. By that time my hand reached my pussy and started rubbing over it. It was still covered with the towel.

Ohhh!! It felt so good. I was almost on the verge of cumming for the past half an hour. Finally I was going to cum.

We didn’t say anything to each other. We both knew what we were doing, yet without showing our cunt or cock to each other. His wanking was now obvious. His hand was moving under the lungi.

I put two fingers inside my pussy and started fingering it. He was bahis şirketleri also jacking off intensely. “What are you doing there, uncle?” I asked him teasingly.

“Wanna see?” He asked.

“Oh,no!” I giggled.

“I have a small idea, though” I added.

“What are YOU doing down there?” He asked.

“I’m oiling up.” I said.

“Make sure that the oil reaches everywhere.” He said.

I was almost on the verge of cumming.

“Hmmm” I replied.

I somehow wanted to cum with him.

I placed my right hand above my left boob and started squeezing my nipple. I purposely moved the towel a little towards my right exposing the nipple to him.

“Oh!!” He exclaimed looking on my bare breast.

I squeezed the whole breast while fingering my pussy.

I knew he was at a no-return zone when his back curved and his wanking became quicker.

His eyes were stuck on my boob when I untied the knot of the towel under my armpit and removed it from my body, revealing the naked and oiled up body for him. That threw me also from the edge. The thought of exposing my stark-naked body to a man who is old enough to be my dad and someone who used to take care of me when I was a small k**, made me cum hard.

I fingered furiously and my pussy walls started pushing against my fingers. I opened my legs and showed him the beautiful sight of my pussy being fucked hard by the fingers. Precum was flowing from my pussy. I pounded the pussy with my fingers. I came hard.

“Aah…” I heard him saying while cumming. We came exactly at the same moment.

The pressure that was in my pussy and head since morning finally got relieved. I came for some good 10 seconds. I sat there for 30 seconds, eyes closed, enjoying the moment.

I opened my eyes to see the uncle looking intensely on my sweaty oily body. “uncle, I’m so sorry.” I said, closing my legs to hide my pussy, but without any attempt to cover up myself.

“I have been lonely and you know, I felt aroused and somehow…”

“It’s ok, my dear. I can understand. At your age, I can perfectly understand your situation.” He put his hand over my shoulder.

“Thanks uncle, for understanding. But please don’t tell it to anyone else. It’ll spoil my future. And whatever happened now, shouldn’t change our relationship. You’re like my dad.” I kissed on his hand which was on my shoulder and I started crying.

“hey, Roshu, my dear. Don’t cry. I promise that nobody else is ever going to know what happened here. It’s between us” He comforted me.

I smiled looking at him. It must have worked. Some crying and a smile should do it. Well, it has always worked for me.

“Ok, thank you uncle! I gotta take a bath now” I got down from the slab, took the towel and gave a peck on his cheek. My oily boob pressed on his chest. “Oops!” I said.

“It’s ok.” He said.

I didn’t bother covering up.

“Gotta go.” I started walking away from him, with some extra swing to my naked oily ass.

“Ok, my dear. See you soon!” He said from behind. I could feel him enjoying the sight of my naked back.

I went to the bathroom which was some 10 meters away from the house building. Anyone who was walking in the road could see me. I didn’t really care at that point.

I was now becoming the village exhibitionist!

After that encounter with the neighbor uncle, next morning I woke up with embarrassment. I felt like a slut, showing my open pussy to an uncle who was old enough to be my grandfather. I shouldn’t have gone till that extend.

But, as always, the other side of my mind tried to defend what I did. I remembered being horny the whole day. I had to find one way or another to relieve myself.

So, I told myself that it was ok, unless he creates some scene out of it. But not wanting to take a risk, I decided not to make it a habit and removed the blanket to get out of the bed.

Oh! I had worn the new nightie last night before sleeping. The amount of skin that was visible under the nightie was way too much.

The red nightie came almost till my hips because I must have rolled around a lot in the sleep. I was not wearing panties while sleeping. My whole milky thighs were visible.

My finger headed downwards and slowly raised the tip of the nightie until my finger met my pussy lips. Yes! It was wet. I must have had some wet dreams at night. My finger easily found its way to the hole and I started masturbating in no time.

I put both my fingers inside the pussy and quickly I got the pace while the other hand was pinching the nipples. Pussy was getting wetter and the nipples becoming harder. Morning orgasm was seconds away.

“ROSHNIII” That voice startled me. I quickly removed the finger from the pussy.

It was my grandma. She was coming to wake me up. My door was locked. She started knocking on my door non-stop.

“Wake up. It’s already 8. You have to leave in one hour.”

Oh shit.

I woke up, readjusted the nightie and walked towards the door. She won’t go until I open the door. She believes that I sleep after she leaves (Which is true as well).

On the way to the door, I checked myself in the full-length mirror. It was a sight!

The hard nipples were clearly visible through the material. They were poking on the thin satin material. It was clear that I was not wearing any panties as well, because if I were, anyone can make out the panty lines if I were wearing one.. I thought of changing the nightie.

But should I? Will she notice? I wondered. I decided to give it a try.

I opened the door and she was standing there.

“Come out fast. Get ready.”

She said and left.

While leaving she said: “wear something presentable to the world while coming out.” And walked away.

Oh my God! She noticed! That was so embarrassing. I put on a full-length maxi.

Maxi is the Indian version of Nightie. It went all the way till my ankles. It had a zipper in the front. If I unzipped it, it’ll go until one third of my boobs.

I didn’t wear any bra it panties under it. Who’s going to notice. I thought.

I wore it and zipped three fourth of it. Some shades of my cleavage would be visible, but not much. I went out to brush.

That’s when I noticed my neighbor uncle doing some work in his land. He was doing some farming in his property, plowing the mud using the hand hoe.

He was only wearing a small towel around his waist. No shirt. And I didn’t see anything under the towel from that distance. Lungi or anything like that.

When I looked at him, he waved at me. He had been noticing me. I waved back.

I took the toothbrush and applied some paste on it. I was doing it while turning my back to his side.

I decided to play naughty. I unzipped the zip of my maxi a little more, till the middle of my breasts. From my point of view, I could see an ample amount of cleavage.

I started brushing and walked towards him. “Good morning Uncle..” I said.

He stopped his farming and walked towards me happily and stood near the boundary of our properties. I saw his look quickly going towards my cleavage for a second.

“Good morning Roshu..”

I hate being called Roshu. Anyways…

“Uncle… I wanted to tell you something.”

“What, Roshuu…?”

“What happened yesterday was a mistake. It was not supposed to happen. I’m so embarrassed to even stand in front of you.”

“Hey, that’s fine dear… I totally forgot about it yesterday itself.” He assured.

I doubt it. Maybe he masturbated at least 3 times thinking about it.

“I’m sorry uncle…”

I said, with my head down. At that moment I was the most innocent girl in that whole village.

Then he started comfort me saying different things like, I am like his daughter for him… I’m still a c***d for him, blah blah blah…

I stood there smiling listening to whatever he was saying, while thinking how to change the mood of the scene.

I got an idea. I suddenly acted like some ant bit me in my leg and bent down in front of him, scratching the leg.

I could feel my boobs bouncing under my maxi. After scratching I looked directly at his face. He was looking at my naked boobs. Almost half of my boobs were on display for him.

He must be knowing that I’m not wearing a bra. Not sure if he saw my nipples.

He was distracted for a moment. “Yea… there are many ants here. Next time you should wear your chappals.” He said.

“Mm…OK” I bent down again and resumed scratching my leg.

“OK, uncle I gotta go. Let me wash my mouth.”

There was a pipe near where I was standing, some two meters behind me. I walked back towards the pipe, and in that moment, I unzipped the whole zip of the maxi, without him noticing.

It went all the way till three fourth of my boobs. I went near the pipe, turned, faced the uncle and started Washing my face and mouth. The pipe was very low, so I had to bend down more to get access to the water.

I bent without any hesitation, like any innocent girl would do, without realizing what was on display for him. But I exactly knew what I was showing to him.

My whole boobs were hanging back and forth in front of the uncle while washing the face. I was sure he could see the whole boobs and further down, even my belly and my navel. If he’s lucky enough, he might have seen my pussy hair as well.

He stood there without saying anything, enjoying the beautiful sight in front of him. After washing my mouth, I splashed some water on my face. That movement made my breasts to juggle and right nipple jumped out for a moment and went inside the maxi.

I hoped that the uncle saw it.

After washing, I went near him and said bye.

My zipper open, whole cleavage with half of my boobs until my areola visible in front of his eyes, and water dripping to the cleavage.

I saw him staring into the cleavage.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said.

I checked his towel. It was tenting now. Now I was sure he was not wearing any underwear either.

I blushed and walked away from him.

On my way back, I zipped up properly and got ready for college.


Nowadays, exhibitionism was a part of my life.

I regularly went out with Wasim wearing the tank top, sometimes with the shawl or Cardigan and the leggings. I always made sure that some part of my body was on display.

Sometimes while we were out, I wouldn’t pull down the top too much so that my ass covered in tight leggings was on display. My panty lines were easily visible through the thin material of leggings.

Sometimes I would pull down the top that some of my cleavage was visible from the top of the tank top, slightly covered by the shawl. Some other times, while sitting in restaurants or parks, I made sure that my hands were positioned in such a way that the side boobs were easily visible for whoever was sitting on my sides.

The bra lines would obviously stand out while wearing these tops.

I always got some stare from the back side or from the sides or sometimes from the top, while sitting. I made sure that some cleavage was visible for the restaurant boys who come to take orders or whoever was passing near us.

Wasim didn’t have any issue if I wore all those clothes while I was with him. But his assumption was wrong while I was at my neighborhood. To be frank, I didn’t really bother if Wasim was ok with all these show offs.

At home I started wearing tank tops and some shorts, which I bought while we went for another shopping. My panty lines were easily visible through the black cotton shorts and it came to around mid-thigh. It was little loose at the thighs and tight at my ass parts.

In the beginning my grandparents used to say things like, “You can’t imitate your city life here. People won’t take it easily.”

?” I’m wearing this only in front of you two, right…? I’m not going out wearing it.” I said.

But I had other plans.

I slowly made them believe that it was ok wearing these short clothes at home. So, they started getting used to me wearing them all the time when I was home.

When uncle used to come home, in the beginning I never used to come out. But slowly, I started coming out of the room and talked with him for one minute, very casually.

I could hear my grandparents telling the uncle things like, “We tell her not to wear these clothes here.”

But uncle was always on my side (why wouldn’t he?) “She grew up abroad, no. So, she must be used to wearing such clothes. Also, she looks very good in them. Those clothes don’t look bad on her, at all.”

So now, my grandparents were convinced that what I am doing is alright. Afterwards, I would wear tank tops and shorts just after coming from college (earlier I used to wear them only after taking a bath at night). I had different combinations of tank tops, t-shirts, shorts and leggings and I never wanted to go back.

I started presenting myself more to uncle when he comes home. I would give him snacks, water or whatever he asks, and would make sure that a good amount of cleavage was served to him.

Charity begins at home. I started my exhibitionism from my home too. I made sure that those people who come home in the afternoons and evenings to meet my granddad got some glimpses of me, one way or another.

Thus, I conditioned the whole neighborhood to believe that I wear revealing clothes at home.

I’ve seen men and boys walking around my house, to check if those rumors were true and I always made sure that they were. At nights I still wear a towel and walk to the house. (I hope that I said earlier about the bathroom, which is a separate building which is at some distance, around 20 meters from the house building.)

?Wasim was a frequent visitor to my home, at night. He came at least three days in a week, to fuck me. I sometimes invited him to my room, leaving the backdoor open, lying naked in my bed, legs open.

Or, I would go out naked, and we had sex in the outdoors. The risk of getting caught fucking outside excited me. Wasim didn’t have any feelings like that. He would get horny whenever he sees me.

Even in college, he would wrap his hand around my waist or touch my boobs while walking together.

He was treating me just like a hole to put his cock in. I started thinking that he doesn’t find me special anymore. He thinks that, since I’m showing off my booty and cleavage to others, there’s nothing special for him, in me. Also, he has used me a lot. I slowly started losing interest in him. Maybe he’s losing interest in me as well. But we never talked about it.

We went for shopping quite often. I bought more variety of clothes.

I bought Sleeveless churidars, most of them plain in color. White, yellow, black… and I chose the clothes which were slightly see through so that People can easily see my bra from the back side and my belly from front. I wore shawls with those churidars, always. t-shirts and shirts, all of them tight across my body, especially boobs.

I bought a spaghetti top as well, which I thought of wearing instead of bra, or sometimes only that top when at home.

Another item I bought was a floral print light maroon colored full sleeve top. It was very loose. But transparent. I was very choosy about my bra while wearing that top. Public can see my bra inside it, and my belly.

I was now in my second year of college. Wasim in his last year. I knew that this relationship won’t last long once he passes out from the college. So, I didn’t want to be the first one to break this. I also went with the flow. But I was finding other ways to pleasure myself.

I became good friends with my classmates. We had a gang in which most of them were boys.

There were 6 boys and 3 girls in the gang.

The other two girls, Neetu and Aiswarya were in relationship with two boys in the same gang. So, whenever we sit together, the 2 couples would be sitting together in a corner and rest of the 4 boys would be talking with me.

We used to talk about anything and everything in life. When the exams are nearing, we used to conduct combined studies. Sometimes it would be in the college itself, or hostel or in one of the friend’s houses.

During combined studies, we used to have a lot of fun. We used to play cards, sometimes share a smoke or watch movies.

I used to smoke before coming to this village. When my new friends used to smoke, I would put some hints about interest in smoking. One day they asked us to smoke. The other two girls didn’t.

Me, after a slight hesitation, took 2-3 puffs in style. Boys clapped seeing this. So now whenever we were together and they boys were smoking, I also took a drag or two.

Out of all those days in the last year, while thinking about it now, I clearly remember that one day which can be marked as a milestone in my exhibitionist career. It’s worth explaining in detail about that one day, which can be called as ‘THE DAY!’

It was a Saturday. Our exams were nearing and Wasim also didn’t come to fuck me previous couple of days. I remember having some attempted fingering which was interrupted by grand mom, as usual. So I was a little horny since the morning.

We had planned a combined study in one of the boys’ houses. The same evening I had planned to meet Wasim to go for a movie. I decided to carry one tank top. That day since there was no classes, I was wearing a shirt. So, I decided to wear this tank top inside the shirt so that the weight of the bag will get lesser.

I wore a black brassiere and a white tank top and on top of that I wore a red and black check shirt & black leggings.

The shirt I was wearing was an extra decent one. it was full sleeve and not hugging my body or anything. it was a very loose shirt and it didn’t show of anything and I bought this from a nearby shop. So I guess that it is fine with the people if I wore that outside.

While leaving from home, my grand mom reminded: “How long are you going to keep that cloth we bought?”

Some day before when we both went out, she bought a clothing so that we can stitch a blouse and skirt with that. Don’t get the wrong ideas about the blouse and skirt. The skirt comes all the way to the ankle and the blouse is like a shirt, but without collar. If you guys google for ‘Kerala blouse and skirt’, you will get an idea.

Yep. That decent.

I decided to give the clothing to the tailor on the way.

I have been to his shop before also. He himself takes the measurements of women, which most women don’t approve. Since his works are excellent and he is the only tailor in the village, people adjust with that. I have once heard uncle saying that he is a flirt. I wondered if he was!

I went inside the shop and greeted him. He gave me a broad smile and threw a look all over my body.

“I need these clothes stitched.” I said.

“Yes. That’s why I am here.” He replied with a smile. “Are these for skirt and blouse?” He asked while taking it from me.

“Yes, it is. By when will it be ready?” I asked him.

“In a week?”

“Ok, fine then.” I was about to leave.

“But I need to take measurements” He said.

“But last time you took the measurement, right?” I asked him.

“Yea, but for blouse and skirt, the measurement is different. Also, that was 3 months back. You have gained some weight by now.”

Oh man, he is a flirt.

“Fine, I’ll come in the evening to give measurement. Now I got to rush.” I said.

“No issues. I’ll be here” He gave one broader smile.

I left from there.

Once I reached my friend’s house, other 4 friends were already there. We were alone in that house since his parents had gone out for the whole day.

Both the girls called in the last moment and said that they won’t be able to make it as they had some other plans. They must be roaming around with their boyfriends in some park or theatre.

Again, I was left with 4 boys.

We didn’t waste any time as we had lots of portions to cover before the semester exams. We studied hard for good 2 hours. Then one of the boys, Abi said that we will have a smoke and then continue the studies. We all agreed.

Chand, to whom the house belonged to, said that we can’t smoke outside as the neighbors might see. He said that we’ll have to smoke inside the room itself, doors closed. Hoping that the smell of cig will die off by the time his parents reach home at night.

We lit the cigarettes and started smoking. I took a whole cigarette and smoked the whole cigarette.

Once we all finished 4 cigarettes (Kiran, one of the 4 guys, doesn’t smoke), the room was filled with the damn smell and smoke.

The room temperature started raising. There was no AC in his room and the fan was not helping. He was afraid to open the doors or windows also. We started sweating.

This gave me an idea.

I have never tried to expose myself in front of my friends. They know that I am in relationship and I might not be a virgin, but I have never given them any idea about the dark side of my life.

Why not now?!

Actually college is safer than the neighborhood. I’ve been smoking with them, and they have never said anything to anyone else. So what’s the harm in showing a little bit of my body, I thought.

Without giving it a lot of time, I removed my shirt.

?I kept my reaction very simple. I acted as if it’s the simplest thing to do. And I saw that they were surprised a little by this move and they started checking out my struggling body trying to get out of my shirt. I could feel my boobs bouncing a little bit and I made sure that my hands were stretched while removing the shirt and my armpit was visible for them.

Once I removed the shirt, I moved my upper body clockwise to my side, to keep the shirt aside, because of which my side boobs were easily visible for their entertainment. The sides were a little wet from my sweat. My kinky side enjoyed showing it to them.

I said “Ohh..! it’s too hot in this room..”

I put my finger inside the front side of my top and blew some air into my cleavage. Even though I didn’t show anything to them, I could see my cleavage which was sweating now.

All 4 of them agreed to my statement and stared at me. I acted as if there was nothing abnormal happening here.

“Let’s start again then” I said and opened the books to start again.

?The table around which we were sitting was the height of a tea table. To write or read something from the book that’s kept on the table, we had to lean a little bit towards the table.

Now, when I leaned towards the table to read a portion in the book, I could feel my boobs hanging down and stretching against my bra. I didn’t bother looking right away at them, which might give my friends that I’m showing off intentionally. But from the atmosphere in the room, I knew that my cleavage was exposed to them.

I read the portion aloud for them all to understand and after reading one whole paragraph, I looked up to their faces, asked: “Understand?”

Now, none of them was listening to what I was reading as all of them were looking into my cleavage. I got startled for a second, but controlled my smile and seriously asked them again: “Why are you guys not getting even a simple thing? It’s just a continuation of the earlier portion we just learned, no?!”

Then I said to myself: “don’t know how to make these idiots learn this. Give me that pen”

I leaned more from my seat towards the pen which was kept away from me and took the pen. I could feel each and every one of them was staring at my boobs stretching and hanging inside my top.

Taking the pen, I bent more to write in the notebook to explain by writing it down. This time I took a quick second to take a glimpse of how much I was showing to them.

One fifth of my naked boobs were on display for them. I made sure was my boobs were bouncing enough inside my top while writing and drawing in the book. I explained very well also. But this time I was looking on their faces. The multi-tasking was a little tough.

Explaining the portion while making sure that my boobs was bouncing enough to get their attraction and looking at their faces in between knowing that they’re enjoying the view and controlling their emotions.

Their reaction was worth watching. They didn’t know where to look, in the book or my face or the boobs shaking in front of them and acting as if they were understanding everything. All four of them were giving glimpses to my boobs in between, especially when I was writing in the book. I spent some good 2-3 minutes explaining everything in detail. After explaining I asked them: “Now, do you understand??”

“YES!” All of them said together.

“Finally!” I said.

“Em… Roshni..” the fourth guy, Manoj, the boldest of all, said.

“What?” I asked.

I thought that he was about to say something about my display.

“Em.. you’re sweating too much.” He said.

Yes. I was. But I hadn’t given a thought about it yet. Was too busy doing many other things. The excitement of showing off and explaining and talking continuously must have made me sweat.

But to check why he said it, I looked down.

I could see the whole area between my neck and boobs was sweating excessively. I could see the drips of sweat was going into my top, ie, into my exposed cleavage. I suddenly felt so exposed. I was more excited. I innocently said, acting as if it was normal that my cleavage was exposed: “Yea.. I know.. it’s too hot in here.”

Saying this, I got hold of the top and pulled it away from my body and blew some air into it. from my view point I could see the sweat flowing all the way towards the stomach. I wished that they also saw that. But I didn’t have any plans to show them right away.

Instead, I raised my hands and tied my hair as a pony. I made sure that they got good view of my clean-shaven armpit once again which was also sweating. When I raised my arms, the top shifted up a little bit, exposing my belly and navel also to them.

I took some time removing some hair that was stuck to my neck because of sweat. I stayed in that position for some good 15 seconds.

All 4 boys were now enjoying the beautiful view of the hottest chick in the college showing her armpit, navel and cleavage and sweating. They didn’t say anything until I finished my show and finally Chand, to whomever the house belonged to, said: “I’m so sorry Roshni. Next time I’ll make sure that there’s AC in My room when you come.”

“Then how about us? Aren’t we sweating?” One of the guys said.

“Yea, OK OK.. all of you I mean..” he said.

“OK, cool.. let’s take a break then. We’ll have lunch.” I said.

All of them agreed. I stood up with a bounce and my boobs bounced inside my top. Chand’s Mom had made some food knowing that we would be coming.

“I’ll server you guys.” I said and went to the kitchen. Chand also came to the kitchen to help me.

I walked around the kitchen taking the food out, Washing the plates while Chand pretended to work while checking me out who was walking around bouncing my boobs.

“You’re so beautiful Roshni..” he said to me while standing near me.

I looked into his eyes. He was looking at my tank top and cleavage. I didn’t stop or stare at him. Instead, I moved and stood very close to him looking into his eyes seductively and said: “Thank you Chand”

“Can I ask you something?” He whispered.

“Anything” I said, giving him confidence.

“Can I… Can I hug you? Or may be a kiss?”

‘Oh WOW!’ I thought. “May I ask you, why?”

“Oh.. you’re so beautiful and such a great person.. I can’t stop myself from staring at you.. so you can say that I’m being a little greedy to be hugged by the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen..”

I was totally flattered by his words. I didn’t ask anything else. But stood there with my hands wide open, welcoming his hug.

He smiled like a small baby and hugged me. I made sure that my boobs pressed hard on his chest. I rested my head on his shoulders. It felt so good for me as well.

He had wide chest and back. It felt great hugging him. We stood like that for some good 15.

I felt his hard on slowly rising against my lower belly. I didn’t try anything to move away from it. He slowly kissed my neck. I was again getting turned on. So I moved my head a little back and looked into his eyes.

“Chand, I have a boyfriend. I can’t go any further.”

“Yes..Yes.. I can understand.” He said.

We looked into eyes for some time while bodies hugging together. He sometimes threw looks into my cleavage as well.

“OK, we should go.” I said and gave a quick kiss on his lips.

He stood there wrapping his hands around my hips and gave me a slower kiss on my lips.

I wished it lasted longer. But I didn’t want to spoil everything.

“Chand, we should go.”

I pushed him away from me and took the food to the dining area. He followed me with the plates. I served food to everyone like a good house lady but showing a lot of cleavage and bouncing around. All 4 of them got eyeful of my semi naked boobs bouncing in front of their faces.

We had food, cracked many jokes and studies some more time.

None of them were feeling sleepy or felt like leaving the study area. I made sure that they were thoroughly enjoying my showing offs.

I had already told Wasim that we’ll meet at 3. So it was time for me to leave. I asked Manoj, if he can drop me to the theatre which is on his way to house. He was willing to do anything for me. It was time to leave them now. From the eyes of other 3 boys, I knew that they wanted to spend more time with me.

I got ready to leave, packed my things, put the shirt inside the bag and wore my shawl over my top.

“Are you going out like this?” Abby asked.

“Actually yea.” I said.

“Will that be a problem?” I asked them.

Asking this, I did a rotation in front of them.

“Maybe you should pull down the top a little bit.” Manoj said.

While doing the round, my bottom of the top was folded near my hip. My ass was on display in my tight leggings.

“Mmm… Maybe you’re right.” I said and pulled down the top covering my ass in behind. This pulling down caused more of my cleavage to come on display.

I took the shawl and wore it like a V around my breasts so that both my boobs will be covered.

“Fine?” I asked them.

“Yea..” Kiran said looking into my cleavage.

“Looks like I’ll have to be very careful with the shawl now” I said looking at him.

Kiran blushed.

“OK,then.. time for me to go.”

I said.

Chand was the one who didn’t want to let me go. I went near him and gave him a hug. A full frontal one.

“Thank you so much Chand for tolerating us all this while”

I said and stood like that for 4-5 seconds.

I moved away from him and saw rest 3 boys waiting for their turns. I hugged Aby and Kiran too.

Oh God.. I was getting hornier by now. Do these boys have any idea?!

I could feel Kiran’s hard dick pressing against my belly. I made sure to press against his groin area.

Looked like Abi, Chand and Kiran would have something to imagine while jerking off tonight.

I went near Manoj’s bike. It was a Yamaha R15. Its back seat was too high to sit. I climbed on it and waved to other 3 boys and we left.

The moment we left, I put my hands on Manoj’s shoulder and moved closer to him. He made sure that he applied disc brake at regular intervals. I knew this and moved closer to him. My body was almost touching his back now.

“You can wrap your hand around my body. You’ll be more comfortable that way.” He said.

“No, it’s OK.” I said weakly.

“Believe me” saying this, he removed my one hand from his shoulder, brought it downwards and wrapped it around his belly.

“OK OK.. I’ll do it.” Saying this, I brought my other hand and literally hugged him from behind.

I sit like this only with Wasim. And with the elevated seat position, It looked like I was climbed on his back. My boobs pressed hard against his back. I didn’t do anything to sit back or acted uncomfortable with that position. I sat hugging him from back. He was now riding very slowly. Enjoying my boobs on his back.

I thought about my first journey with Wasim in his bike where I wrapped my hand on his dick and gave him a blowjob moments after we started the relationship.

Is it ok if I do something like that with Manoj? Will that be ok for Wasim, if I have physical relationship with other guys?

But I decided against it. I didn’t want to spoil the already breaking relationship. In a couple of months, Wasim will go to some other college. I didn’t think that Wasim would be interested in keeping the relationship. Both of us were getting bored of each other. But he should be the one who’s stopping it. So I kept my hands where it was. Wrapped around his belly.

Manoj slowly placed his hand in my hands. ‘Oh my god, what’s he doing!’ I thought.

I didn’t want to spoil the mood we were in. Luckily, we were almost near the theatre. So I let him do whatever he wanted. He took my one hand in his and moved it downwards. Before I realized what he was doing, my hand was on his crotch.

“Manoj, no.. ” I pulled away my hand.

“Stop here. I’ll get down here” I said.

“Roshni, I’m sorry. I can’t resist. You looked so fuckable today” he said.

“Bye” I said and walked away seriously. It was interesting, though.

I walked for 2 minutes. Wasim was already there. “How did you come?” He asked.

“Manoj dropped me in his bike.”

“You came wearing this? With him?”

“Do you have a problem with me wearing this or riding with him?”

He didn’t say anything.

“Come on Wasim.. don’t act like a k**”

I was unnecessarily angry on him. Was I frustrated because I was in relationship with him or I won’t be able to get intimate with Manoj? I was not sure.

He had already taken a ticket. We went inside the theatre. We found a left corner which was the third row from back. He looked Serious. I moved closer to him. OK, if I don’t get Manoj, let it be Wasim. Lol

I pressed my boobs on his hand and kissed on his neck. That’s when I noticed some young boys sitting in the back row. They look like college boys of my age. They were having college bags with them. I saw them noticing me- kissing on Wasim’s neck.

We waited until the lights in the theatre turned off. Once the film started, Wasim slowly started raising his hand towards my top. I removed the shawl and kept it aside. My body in hot tank top was visible for him in the occasional light from the screen.

“You look so beautiful in this top, Roshni” he finally confessed.

“I know..” I took hold of his hand and moved it towards my top. “See, how smooth the material is.. You can feel every contour of whatever is inside it.” I slowly rubbed his hand on my belly covered in top. I could feel his fingers going into my navel.

I was walking outside, wearing this top! How many people must have seen the hollow part near my belly where the navel is.. and the bra lines…

The thoughts made me very horny. Luckily Wasim was also in the mood. “You know, what’s disturbing?” He asked. “What?” I demanded.

“This!” He touched my bra line through the top.

“Should I remove it?” I asked him back.

“Can you?” He asked immediately.

Thinking for a second, I gave a quick glance into the backseat. I’ve got some audience. I decided to entertain them also.

I moved away from Wasim, sat straight and put my hand in the backside of my top and unclasped the bra. Then put my right hand inside the left armhole and pulled the bra strap off. Did the same with the right strap. Then I moved the bra straps out of my hands. After that I put my hand inside the top from the bottom and pulled it off.

It was one of the easiest things I did. With the tank top, removing bra is simple. And of course, I made sure that the boys understood what I was doing. Once I was done, I took out the bra and showed it to Wasim. And the boys behind me saw that too!

Wasim grabbed me by waist and started kissing me while his hand crawled from under the top towards my boobs. He grabbed my boobs easily and started playing with my nipples.

‘Ohh.. it felt so good.’ I needed this since the last 3 days! Some rough hands to play with my tits. My nipples started getting hard.

He started moving downwards as he started kissing my chin and neck. I close my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Slowly he started pulling down my top downwards. It started stretching. My boobs started coming on display. He kept on kissing my cleavage and boobs. In a couple of seconds, he pulled the top more down as my nipple came to display. I had a feeling that the boys might be able to see my tits.

At least they can see the silhouette of my boobs. I hoped so. The thought turned me on so much.

Wasim kept on playing with my boobs for a very long time. Now both my boobs were out of the top and he was playing with both. Then he put his finger inside my pussy through the leggings and started dry fingering. I played with his dick through the pants. I didn’t feel like taking it out and blowing and swallowing cum in the theatre. I would be so slutty. But being topless is fine. 😉

After several minutes of the play, the interval card came on screen. We quickly rearranged our cloths. I took the shawl and d****d it around my neck and put the bra in the bag. We were decent again.

Wasim kept on looking on my top. He could see my boobs in their real shapes. He slowly removed my shawl to see my nipples. They were so hard.

“Wasim, I want to go to loo.” I said. “Like this?” He was surprised.

“I’ll wear the shawl.” I convinced again with the shawl.

Before he said anything, I stood up and walked down the steps. I could feel my boobs bouncing inside the top while walking down the steps. Right now, nobody will be able to see me unless they turned their heads. Nobody was doing it. But while coming back, it will be a different scene. I thought.

In the bathroom, I played with my nipples while peeing. They were so hard. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I had worn the shawl around my neck. So it covered the boobs in the front. I turned profile to check my side boobs.

They looked slightly different without the bra. I removed the shawl from the side a little bit. Now around 1/4th of my boobs were visible from the side, through the top. Easy for someone who has a little imagination.

If I walked fast or some wind blew, the shawl will move, to show my full breasts and hard nipples through my thin tank top. I was excited. I walked towards the theatre door. Some men were standing there smoking. I walked close to them. Outside, I was like a good girl who completely ignores them, but inside I made sure that all of them noticed.

When I was passing, suddenly all of them stopped talking. My boobs were bouncing and it was so obvious through the top and shawl. I held the shawl close to my body as I didn’t want to take a risk there. I walked fast and went inside the theatre.

All the lights were on and it was bright enough to see people passing. I started walking towards my seat and when I stepped on each step, I made sure that my boobs were bouncing inside the top. I could feel that each and every person was watching me walking upwards. Men and women. It turned me on so much. In a place like this, where girls don’t even wear sleeveless top, I’m walking wearing a tank top without a bra inside, with a shawl, of course. It’s a great achievement, I thought.

As I reached near our seats, I gave a quick glance at the boys sitting behind. All 3 of them were waiting for me, I guessed. While walking inside between the seats, my upper body bent a little to front. My shawl fell slightly away from the body. My sideboobs were visible for the boys. I sat down near Wasim.

He was excited as well. “Roshni, everyone was looking at you. You looked so hot with boobs bouncing while walking up.” He exclaimed.

“Did you like it?” I teased him. “Ohh.. that was so hot” he agreed.

“How about now?” I asked him while removing my shawl. His eyes directly went to my boobs. My hard nipples were clearly visible now for his eyes.

“Oh my god!” He exclaimed.

I raised my hands to tie my hair in bun, and now my boobs were standing proudly on my body. I knew how it looked because I knew this was the favorite posture of a woman which turns men a lot.

I saw one uncle sitting in the front raw turns back to see me tie my hair, without any shyness, showing my armpit and boobs through braless see through tank top. His eyes went wide seeing this and quickly turned back as his family was with him. I gave a small smile. He had no idea how big turn on was this for me too.

“You’re getting some audience” Wasim whispered to me.

“As long as you’re with me, they’ll remain as audience” I said.

I saw some men in our row too turning sideways to look at my display. I was sure they had a good look at the lemon shape of my boobs and the nipples.

Wasim was waiting for the light to turn off and the moment it happened, he jumped on me and started kissing me. He kissed my lips, neck and quickly moved towards my boobs. He pulled the right-side strap of my top downwards and pulled out my boobs and started sucking my nipple. Oh god! Does it get ever better?!

I was sure that now at least 5 people were not looking into the screen, but the show we were giving.

I closed my eyes and pulled Wasim’s mouth closer to my nipples and groped his dick through the pants.

In a minute, his dick was out and I was jerking him off. He was biting and playing with my right boobs in his mouth while his other hand was already playing with my left boob. In sometime, the left strap also came down. Now I was sitting with my tank top around my belly, both boobs on display.

This was such a turn on. When the light in the screen turned on, I could see myself sitting topless, while Wasim playing with both boobs in a crowded theatre.

We continued like that for quite some time. I was jerking him very slowly. Didn’t want him to shoot it quickly and spoil the fun. After he played with his mouth on my right boob for a good 5 minutes, I fed him my left boob. He took it in mouth and started biting and sucking it without any delay. I was so turned on by this. I used my left hand to play with my right boob while right hand was on his cock.

I bit my lips and turned my head back to check if the boys behind me we’re watching me. Suddenly the screen turned full bright and my right boob was on full display for them. Without any doubt, all 3 boys were intensely looking at my show. I pinched my nipple with my fingers and bit my lips and turned to front. Wasim, who was busy playing with my nipples didn’t notice any of these.

I knew he was almost on the verge of Cumming.

“Let me know 5 seconds before you cum” I whispered in Wasim’s ears.

“I think I’ll cum in 5 seconds” he said.

‘Really?’ I wondered.

I didn’t want him to shoot his wade all around, in his pants, on my hand, seat, or even some people who’re sitting nearby. Not wanting to take risk, I lowered my face downwards and put his hard dick in my mouth. I didn’t want to suck his cock in a public theatre. But just to swallow his cum so that it’s not a mess.

The moment I lowered my head, I started jerking his dick with my hand, hard and licked and sucked the tip hard. I didn’t want people to see me giving head in public, like a slut.

Strangely, he removed my hands from his dick. Now it was only my mouth that was working on his cock.

I kept on sucking him.

5 seconds

10 seconds

20 seconds

1 minute passed by.

There were no intentions for his dick to reach climax.

I now pulled out the dick from my mouth.

“No,no… Don’t stop. I’m almost there.” He said. “Are you sure?” I asked him.

“Yes yes.. ” saying this he forced my mouth onto his cock and held my hair strongly and started fucking my mouth.

Now here I am.. sucking the cock topless in the Middle of a theatre where at least 5-10 people we’re watching me.

Instead of getting angry, it turned me on so much.

I stopped hurrying and changed my pace into a slow rhythm. Wasim understood this and removed his hand from behind my head and started playing with my tits.

I was now blowing him very slowly, taking his cock deep inside my mouth, wetting it very well and giving my best, knowing that I had an audience. I made sure that his dick went all the way to my throat and came out before taking it again into the mouth. I used my tongue under his shaft and tingled the tip of his dick with the tongue. I made sure that I licked the saliva from dripping on his pants. I Kept on sucking him for good 2 minutes when he said this in my ear: “I wanna cum on your boobs”


I didn’t say anything, but looked into his eyes with his cock in my mouth.

I could see the other boys also trying to get a look at me sucking a cock in public.

I kept on sucking him hard for a good one minute, licking the tip and sucking the whole dick and finally he pulled it out. I moved closer to him and grabbed both my boobs around his dick.

He rubbed his dick on my right nipple and started cumming on it.

I had forgotten the fact that we haven’t had sex for at least 4-5 days and Wasim never masturbates.

The first jet itself was a thick white one which went directly into my cleavage. Next one went a little higher, below my neck. Next 3-4 wades went all over my neck and boobs. I kept on wanking him until his balls were emptied on my boobs and chest.

Once he was done, I bent down and licked the tip clean.

I looked down to see a huge amount of cum dripping into my cleavage and was all over my boobs and neck. I did nothing to clean them, instead I covered it by readjusting the top. The top was getting wet because of the cum and it got glued to my boobs.

I ran my hand over the top to feel the sticky cum pasted all over my top and boobs.

“I think we should go now” Wasim said. I agreed. It was not a good idea to stay after all these show offs. I took the shawl and wore it around the neck. I turned back to find the 3 boys looking at me. I didn’t know how much they saw. But I’m sure they got a good idea of what all I’ve been doing. We got up from the chairs and walked out of the theatre.

I went to the lady’s washroom and checked the mirror. The top was mostly transparent because of the cum. Also, my neck, nape and the cleavage which was visible, were shining with cum. I decided not to clean it.

One strand of cum looked like a necklace around my neck. I spread some cum which was on my breasts, all over them and kept the rest on my neck and nape as it was. I really felt like going out like that. Cum dripping from my neck and a tank top without a bra and the top transparent because of the cum. But I knew that this will become a big news everywhere and this place can’t afford a sight like that. So I wore the shawl around the neck and went out.

As I was walking out, I could feel every person standing there looking at me. There were not many people, though. I wondered how many people noticed the cum stain on my top or the dripping cum on my neck.

I went straight to the parking area where Wasim was waiting for me.

He was shocked to see me like that.

“Roshni.. why didn’t you clean the cum off your body??” He exclaimed.

“Don’t you like it?” I winked.

“Well… Yea.. but what will people think?” He was doubtful.

“Let them think that I am a slut who gives blowjobs in theatre and walks around in town wearing cum around neck” I said.

“Oh God.. you’re insane.” He said.

I climbed onto the back seat of his bike and kept some distance from his body. I didn’t want his cum to be pasted on his back.

While riding in bike, we halted at a traffic signal, when I remembered to wear the shirt over the top. I opened the zip of my bag and took out the shirt. That’s when I noticed a car which was on the side. Its window glasses were up. I couldn’t figure who was inside. Anyway, I decided to act oblivious to it.

I removed the shawl from my body and put it inside the bag. Then I started my usual procedure which turns on every single male human on earth. I raised my hand above my head and started tying the hair in pony. By doing which, my boobs stood proudly inside the cum stained almost transparent tank top. Wasim’ hand games in the theatre made the neckline wider. My nipples were poking through the top. Even my areolas were visible in the day light.

I did it for some good 10 seconds and then looked inside the window mirror of the car and adjusted my top, by holding it a little away from my boobs and re adjusting to place it back, because of which, I was showing side boob to whoever was sitting inside the car.

I didn’t even bother to know, who was inside it. I was too horny to bother. I took my shirt and wore it.

Show was over, at least for now. canlı bahis I reached the place where Wasim usually drops me and gave him a good-bye kiss. He asked me if he can come tonight to home. I told him that I’ll let you know.

I walked towards my home, which was around half kilometers away.

(The day is not over…)

While walking towards home, after all those exhibitionist adventures, horny as fuck, all I had to think about was the crazy shit I did the whole day.

Showing my tank top-clad body to my classmates- more than enough cleavage, armpit and navel and hugging all 4 of them and making sure they were hard for me, then heading to the theatre where I removed my bra and gave a blowjob to my boyfriend while some boys watched me from behind and finally shooting all his wade on my boobs.

I looked down to my tank top. Some cum stains were still visible on my cleavage and top. I put my hand under my shirt and pinched my nipples over the tank top. They became hard within seconds.

Oh God! I quickly needed a relief. I walked quickly towards my home, expecting to have an earth-shattering orgasm in my room.

That’s when I remembered something: I had to go to the tailor shop to give measurements for the blouse and skirt.

I should go to the house and take quick bath and come back and give the measurements. I thought. But I will have to walk around half kilometers back just for this.

Fuck! I was so tired to walk back. That’s when the plan B came to my mind, which quickly gave me some excitement and added the horniness which, I thought was already at peak.

Can I go like this to the tailor shop?!

Braless and cum stained top??

Can I?

Should I??

I was not sure if I could show off where people know me, and how it would affect my personal life here.

I must spend around one more year here.

If they get to know my slutty side, they might complain to my parents or grandparents.

But since I had been acting as a slut the whole day and all those hormones working crazily in my body, I thought, that I should show at least one percent of what I do outside, in my village. I got excited to give some clues of my dark life, to my fellow villagers.

Thinking all those things, I unbuttoned 3-4 buttons of the shirt while walking, and gave some more tweaking to my nipples, which went harder than ever. I pulled down the top so that a little bit of the cleavage is in view.

I was still confused when I reached near the tailor shop. I slowed down. Should I? I looked towards the shop. It was half closed. I could see the tailor sitting inside the shop. He wouldn’t notice even if I walked by. Should I come back later? I was so confused. What should I do??

“Hi” I said.

The tailor was reading some magazine. Looked like some pulp weekly.

He looked up and his eyes directly went to my cleavage.

“Hey” he closed the book and stood up.

“I was in a hurry in the morning. Couldn’t give the measurements” I said. I notice that I was finding it difficult to talk. Was not sure if it was because of the brisk walking or because I was excited.

“Hey, it’s ok. I was also a little busy then.” He responded and took a couple of steps towards me. He was a dark short guy- around 5’3″, who was in his forties. He was almost as same tall as me. And he had a big pot belly and was starting to get bald. He had a thick mustache also.

“Cool” I said, looking into his eyes.

He observed my body once again, 3 buttons of the shirt open and a slight view of cleavage through the top. He can’t make out if I was wearing a bra or not, I guessed.

“Are you sure you can’t take the measurements from the churidar I gave?” I asked.

“Actually, the stitching will be different for a blouse and a churidar. Also, if you want to change the neck or sleeve measurements, we’ll have to take it again”

He explained.

“OK, sounds reasonable. let’s take it then” I said.

He took the measuring tape and stood closer to me. His gaze was going towards my exposed cleavage most of the time.

First, he started with the waist. He took the tape and wrapped it around my waist, took the measurement and wrote it in a notebook.

Then he went down to take the length of the skirt. He sat on his knees in front of me.

“How much length you want?” He asked me, looking up- with my boobs in foreground.

His one hand was at my hips and the other hand was at my ankles.

I thought for a moment. How long a skirt can be, here?

It cannot go beyond the knees.

But, around the knees? I’ll have to check that.

“Little higher” I said.

He raised the hand with tape, 2 inches higher.

“Little more” I said.

He looked up for a moment.

“You keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop.” I said casually.

He gave me a naughty smile hearing this.

He started raising his hand slowly.

It reached the knees.

When it reached at the bottom of the knees, he further slowed it down.

‘Should I say stop?’ I thought.

‘May be a little more?’

It rose slowly till the kneecap.

I didn’t say anything. He kept on rising his hand, while looking at me, with a shocked expression. I also looked into his eyes, deeply, confidently.

His hand crossed the knee cap.

NO. Not a single word from my mouth.

His hand kept on moving, through my thighs.

It reached two inches above the knee.

“OK, stop” I said.

“Are you sure?” He was surprised.

“OK, little down then” I giggled and said.

He stopped at around 4 inches below my knees.

He stood up.

“I see you are in a playful mood” he said.

“I’m always like this” I replied, giving him a wink.

“Don’t judge me” I giggled again.

Now the top.

He started by taking the measurements of sleeves.

He put one edge of the tape on my shoulder over the shirt.

And asked me how much.

I showed him around 3 inches length.

Now he started measuring the armpit area.

He was not able to properly take measurement because the sleeves of the shirt were quite large and it was hanging at the armpit area.

“Should I remove the shirt?”

I was in a hurry. Lol.

He looked at my face and looked at my tank top. Maybe by now he knows that I’m not wearing bra.

“Well, can you?” He asked.

“Yea, sure” without any hesitation I started unbuttoning the shirt. He was standing in front of me just feet away and looking at my body.

He didn’t even care looking at my face.

I removed all buttons and stripped the shirt off.

While doing so, my cum stained top with nipples poking in it came on view.

His gaze directly went to my hard nipples.

“Wow..” he said.

I raised my arms and gave him an uninterrupted view of my whole upper half of my body, with nipples poking out of the thin tank top and the armpit, and told him: “let us start”

He stood there enjoying the beautiful view for a good 10 seconds.

Even if he now came and gave me a hug and started playing with my body, I wouldn’t have said anything. I was that turned on by then. He came near me and took the measurement of sleeves at the armpit area.

He slowly caressed my armpit. Also, in between he slowly touched my boobs through the top.

After taking that measurement, he moved to the neckline area.

He started measuring from my neck, towards the boobs.

“Can you keep the neckline similar to this one?” I asked.

I was already showing some cleavage.

He looked into my cleavage and looked at me.

I pulled down the top a little more. Now one quarter of my cleavage was on display. My areola and nipples were centimeters away from being on display.

He opened his mouth in shock.

I started laughing and pulled it back.

“I was just joking. Keep it minimum.”

He made the neckline normal enough that it stopped just above the cleavage.

But I made sure that the shoulder area was wider, so that more of my neck and shoulder would be visible. A slight movement will open the front portion of blouse and my cleavage will be on display.

Mm… good enough. I thought.

He made sure to take the measurements of my breast area very carefully.

The tape was hugging my tits while he took the measurement. Also his hands were all over my boobs while adjusting the tape and checking the measurements.

He didn’t even ask, how tight the blouse should be, at the chest area. It looked like he wanted to craft this item and the boobs are gonna be the central attraction of his masterpiece.

Once all the front measurements are done, he came around and stood behind me.

Stood as close as possible.

I could feel his belly pressing on my back.

I didn’t do anything to stop him, though.

He stood there and took the neck measurement from back.

“How wide do you want the backside of the blouse be?”

He asked.

“As wide a possible” I said.

“I thought so” he replied and started marking the outline on my backside.

“This is how it is gonna be, ok..”

He said and started drawing.

He stared from the shoulder, around 4 inches away from the neck.

Then he used his finger to move downwards. It went down straight vertically.

Hmmm… this was gonna be really wide. I thought. There will only be space for the bra to hide underneath the blouse.

He finished the drawing by reaching the other side of the shoulder.

The back side of the blouse was gonna look like a three times wider version of a lace bra. And it’s gonna show a lot of back side of mine.

“Done” he said.

“Cool. When will I get the clothes?” I asked.

“In a week?” He said.

“Fine thank you.”

I wore the shirt and left the shop.

After reaching home I stripped off my stinking clothes and lied down on my bed, rewinding all the mad things I did today.

At least 10 people got a hard on because of me. And they would be masturbating thinking about my body. That was such a turn on. I slowly started rubbing my pussy, which was wet.

Knock Knock Knock

It was my grand mom. She wanted some grocery items from the nearby shop urgently.

She is never gonna leave me for a good orgasm, I thought.

I walked towards the door, left hand fingers still inside the pussy, without bothering to cover myself up and opened the door. I stood behind the door, with only my right hand sticking out, to collect the bill and cash from her hand.

“It’s urgent” she said and left.

I stood there, door wide open, naked, fingering, the afternoon light falling directly inside the room.

I put my head out and peaked to the veranda. Nobody was there. My grand mom was in kitchen and granddad doing some farming in the property. I stepped out, stark naked from my room. I had never done anything like this so far. I continued fingering while walking. I crossed the verandah and entered the hall.

From the hall I can see the road. If anyone walking on the road looked into the house they could see me naked. I kept on walking.

I didn’t have any plan. If nothing stopped me, I would have walked all the way to the store stark naked, which was some 20 meters away from my house compound.

I crossed the hall and reached the sit-out area when I realized that it was still day and people were walking outside. But even then, I didn’t feel like wearing any clothes. Now I can see the road.

My heart started beating faster than ever.

Suddenly the good side of my mind woke up and suddenly, I was feeling wrong. I looked around to find my granddad’s shirt which he had kept on the chair.

It was a long full sleeve shirt. I put that on me. It was so big on me, it came till almost my knee caps. Also, my hands were hidden under it. I folded the sleeves and buttoned up.

Even after buttoning up the second last button in the top, it was coming till the half of my boobs. I decided to go out like that.

I walked out of the house and went towards the shop. There were people in the road, since it was evening and people come to the junctions to chill. But it was not that crowded too. Around 5-6 people were sitting on a road side bench.

As soon as I walked in, they all stopped talking and looked at me. I didn’t check if I was revealing anything too much. I was in a hypnotized state. Without looking at them, incredibly horny, I walked towards the shop.

I walked in. There was a young man in his late 20’s. Looked like the shopkeeper’s son or something.

He was surprised to see a teenager walking in wearing only a shirt, which was loose on her, showing some cleavage and thighs. I was sure nobody would have walked into his store like this before. Ever.

“hi” I said.

“hi.. hi.. what.. canIdoforyou?” he was stammering while talking.

I liked him. Such a sweet chap. He looked cute also, with his straight hair falling into the forehead and that excited expression. I felt like laughing. I controlled and gave him the bill.

“I need these.” I said.

He took the bill from my hand and started packing things. He went inside to get the sugar, rice and salt.

When he went inside, I checked to shop. There were some cosmetic items in a box kept near the counter area.

I decided to give him a show by the time he reaches back. I bent down a little bit, as if checking the items in the box. I felt the shirt gaping in the front. I checked myself out, to see how much of my boobs were on display.

The shirt was gaping on the right side only and almost a quarter of my right boob was hanging inside the shirt.

So technically it was not the cleavage that was visible, it was only one boob. I pulled the shirt a little more down so that more of the boob came into view. But it was not erotic enough for me at that moment. I thought for a moment and I unbuttoned one more button.

The moment I unbuttoned it, I could see my whole right boob hanging outside the shirt. Oh.. this is too much, it might give him a heart attack. I thought and moved my hand towards the button to buttoning it up. I looked up.

He was standing there with the packets and looking on my boobs.

‘Oh my my my.. too late’ I cursed myself. Now there is no point in buttoning it up. He was looking intensely into my shirt.

I quickly stood up. “I was just checking the shampoo” Now I was the one who was embarrassed.

“Check.. choose anyone you want” he said.

“No, it’s ok”

I was thinking, if he saw me unbuttoning the shirt and maybe he thought that I am an exhibitionist?

“You can take anything, for free.” He told me while writing the bill.

And looked up from the bill and said: “I won’t tell anyone” and winked.

What did he mean by that? Did he see what I did? Or is he happy because of the show, that he is giving me an offer?

I was confused and made up my mind like I always did. I acted like an innocent girl and bent down to look for the shampoo bottle. I once again felt the shirt gaping in the front and my boobs hanging inside it. I picked up a shampoo bottle and looked at him. His gaze was still on my boobs. I looked down.

Fuck me! My right lemon shaped boob was hanging outside my shirt. The dark brown nipples were out for him to enjoy.

“Oh My God.. I’m so sorry” saying this I covered my boobs and buttoned up both the buttons.

“I was in a hurry and didn’t get time to dress up properly.” I said.

“The pleasure is mine.” And he meant what he said.

“The shampoo is free.”

“No, no. Actually I am the one who should pay for this. Not only for my mistake, but for keeping this as a secret.” I told him.

“Haha..fair enough. But I’m not accepting the cash for the shampoo because I have never seen a hot customer as you”

I blushed. “You should accept it”

“May be you can pay me later”

“Are you sure?”


“Would you give me your phone number as a favor? I don’t have much friends who are girls here. It would be great if you can be my friend.”

Can he be sweeter! I felt like kissing him. I gave him my mobile number and left the shop.

I left the shop and went to the street. It looked like the news of the girl wearing only a shirt got spread in the village. Because there were more people on the road and it looked like everyone was waiting for me.

I didn’t bother looking at them and walked directly to the house.

It was almost 7 and I decided to take a bath.

I removed the shirt, took the towel and went to the bathroom and quickly took a bath. I had a lot to study as the exams were approaching. Didn’t want to waste a lot of time oiling up and an elaborate shower.

I entered my room. I was still excited by the day’s journey and felt like walking around naked. But it was only 7.30 pm and I couldn’t do that. But I decided to wear my nightie instead of being naked.

Like those commercials say, that nightie was the next best thing to being naked.

I didn’t bother wearing bra or panty, but only wore that nightie and stayed in my room.

That’s when I heard my granddad talking with my neighbor uncle. Their subject of discussion was me. My granddad somehow knew about my daring walk through the junction wearing the shirt and he was so angry about it.

I think he wanted to scold me for that, but the uncle was trying to convince him not to do that. I should be grateful to the uncle, I thought.

Finally, after some intense discussions, uncle told him that he will speak with me and try to convince me not to do that again.

And I heard him getting up from the chair and walking towards my room.

My room door was closed, and I was writing some assignments, lying on the bed.

He knocked on the door and I asked him to come in.

He opened the door and looked towards the bed and froze there for some good 15 seconds.

I was lying on my stomach, wearing the nightie.

Before he entered the room, I had made sure that one strap of the nightie was off the shoulder and somewhere around the elbow. Half of my right boob was on display and since my hands were pressed together, both boobs were pressed together showing a good amount of cleavage to him.

“Hi Uncle.. How are you?”

He entered the room and closed the door behind. It looked like he didn’t want them to listen to him scolding me.

Smart ass.

He came close to me. I didn’t bother covering myself up or adjusting the strap.

He kept on looking at my cleavage and I could feel the edge of the top touching my nipple. Which means, my areola was on display for him.

I looked into his eyes. He seriously had no idea how horny I was at that point.

I have made at least 20 cocks hard that day and at least half of them must have jerked off thinking of me.

And here I was, horny since the morning, not even fingering my wet pussy. My pussy has been wet for the past couple of hours and I was ready to increase the excitement.

I didn’t even care if I ran naked in the streets, at that moment.

He came closer to me and touched my cheek. “You’re so beautiful”

He said.

I shifted a little bit in my position and the top went down an inch and my right boob was right in front of his eyes.

He slowly moved his finger downwards and groped my boob.

My nipple was hard as a diamond by now and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling.

I started gyrating my hip and pressed my pussy on the bed.

I really wanted to cum by now.

I opened my eyes to see the uncle using his other hand to hold his hard cock through his lungi.

He was caressing it, pleasuring himself.

Seeing this I too lowered my hand and it went directly to my wet pussy.

I started moving my hip on my finger and the finger moved faster inside the pussy.

Oh fuck how wet I have been.

The whole day flashed in my mind in a second.

Showing my body to my college friends, hugging them while pressing their hard dicks on my body, the bike ride, boob press against my friend’s body, removing bra in the theatre, and blowing Wasim in front of an audience, him cumming all over my top, wearing that cum and showing it to the world, teasing the tailor and him playing with my body, and wearing the shirt, only that shirt, to the grocery shop and showing my boobs to a complete stranger and now letting the uncle grope my tits while I am fingering myself to orgasm.

I was seconds away from cumming. I wanted him to cum with me.

I was feeling so dirty and did something totally unexpected.

I moved my body towards the edge of the bed, leading the nightie to go further down, now showing both my boobs to him, but my face now close to his lungi-covered cock.

He had the lungi folded and it came till his knees. It looked somewhat like a mini skirt.

I, looking into his eyes, moved closer to his knees. He took a step closer so that my head was almost touching his folded lungi. I then lowered my head so that now the lungi was above my head but covering it.

I raised my head again to see complete blackness under his cloth. My face was now buried under his lungi.

I raised my head again to touch my mouth on his hard cock. As I had expected, he was not wearing anything underneath.

He was hard a s a rock. Without any hesitation I opened my mouth to take his cock inside and started sucking on it.

I couldn’t see anything. Even if my grandparents came into the room, I wouldn’t know. I felt so naughty sucking the cock of this old man.

I sucked intensely. I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue.

And used all my skills to blow him, while fingering myself.

I could feel my orgasm building inside me.

He was now moving his hip as if fucking my mouth.

He was forcing himself inside my mouth. He held my hair and started pushing my face deep into his crotch. I felt very naughty and horny and fingered furiously.

I was almost close to cumming while I could feel him groaning and fucking my face intensely.

I knew he was close to orgasm too.

His cock started getting rigid and I knew that there was no turning back for both of us.

My pussy walls started moving on their own around my fingers while I could feel his balls moving around, which were touching my chin.

And he pushed my face once again into his groin and by doing so, his cock went all the way into my throat.

That was it. He lost his control and his cock started twitching inside my throat.

That kick started my own orgasm where my hip also started fucking my fingers uncontrollably while his cock started pulsating in my throat and I could feel his cum shooting directly into my throat.

Without any hesitation, I started swallowing it. He kept on shooting powerful hot loads and I, without removing his cock from my throat or without any gag reflex, welcomed every single drop of his cum directly into my stomach. I swallowed every single drop happily.

I stayed like that for a few more seconds.

Finally, I managed to do it. I felt very relaxed and I kept on sucking his limping cock and finally withdrew my lips and tongue from his cock.

Then I came into lights from underneath his lungi, with a smile on my face.

His face was still having that shocked expression when I licked my lips, mentioning that I loved his cum.

He once again touched my cheek. It looked like he wanted to kiss me, but he was hesitant to kiss the cum stinking lips.

I kissed his hand and put my index finger on my lips, indicating that he shouldn’t mention any of these to my grandparents.

He nodded and left the room and closed the door.

“I convinced her. She won’t do it again” He was telling my granddad.

Next day was a Sunday. I woke up in the morning, to the thoughts of my Saturday exhibition streak. I was lying on the bed, feeling quite lazy to get up.

I was feeling so naughty after what happened the previous day. I was getting lot of attention wherever I go. Obviously, if that’s what I wanted, I’m getting it. Which included many wrong attentions from wrong people, like my grandparents.

I’m living with them and couldn’t stop them from controlling me turning myself into a whore. After all they are the easiest people to deceive. So, I am fine with their restrictions. Let it be.

I thought about that incident happened to me in the bus a couple of years back and how sad and angry I was on those people who used me. I still remember lying on the bed just like I am lying now, tears running from my ears, for weeks.

But now, my mindset has changed a lot.

If something like that happened to me today, I would be proud.

And I won’t mind travelling in a crowded bus, very next day, again wearing something more revealing.

Even if my grandparents complained about my exhibitionism in the village streets, I was not feeling embarrassed or shy about what I did.

Instead, I wanted to do something more!

It’s just that I will have to do it without their consent. I was wondering how.

That’s when I got a message on phone. It was from an unknown number. I opened it.

The message said: ‘Hey, Roshni!! this is Rahul. The stationery guy’

He had a cute DP.

I replied immediately: ‘Hey Rahul. Good morning. I’ll save your number.’

‘Good morning Roshni…’

Me: ‘ 🙂 ‘

Rahul: ‘Yesterday everyone was talking about you in the junction’

Me: ‘yea… I guessed it. No wonder my granddad was complaining about me’

Rahul: ‘Don’t worry about it. Don’t care about them.’

Me: ’emm… I’m not sure about it. I won’t be able to go out as I used to’

Rahul: ‘oh no. Please don’t think like that. You looked beautiful in that shirt yesterday. Please keep coming to my shop. I would love to see you more.’

Me: ‘that’s so sweet of you.. 🙂 ‘

Rahul: ‘So… Can I see you again? ‘

Me: ‘Even if I don’t come to your shop very often, you can come to my house if you like my company.’

Rahul: ‘Really?! Would your parents be ok with that?!’

Me: ‘There’s no need to inform them. Lol’

Rahul: ‘oh awesome. Sounds like a plan.’

He was so excited. Within seconds his next message came.

‘Can I come now?’

Me: ‘not now. I’m still in bed. And my grandparents are outside.’

Rahul: ‘but I feel like seeing you’

I thought for a second and looked down. I was wearing my nightie. I decided to send him a selfie. I turned on the camera and lied on my side. A little bit of cleavage was visible. I clicked the pic and sent. Within seconds he sent a love emoji.

‘Wow Roshni!! Can it go more down?’ he asked.


‘I gotta go. Bye.’ I texted and left.

I changed into a regular maxi nightie and stepped outside. I brushed, had my breakfast and started studying.

It was summer season and it was freaking hot outside.

After studying for two hours, I decided to take a bath because I needed a break and I was sweating heavily.

After the shower, I decided to wear something more comfortable. Since I was sitting in the room and not planning to step out the whole day, I decided to wear my yellow tank top and shorts. And definitely, without a bra or panties.

The nipple was poking through the top and the brown areola was also slightly visible through the bright yellow top.

And in the last few months I had gained some more weight, as a result the shorts was tighter across my butt and thighs. It came till mid-thigh. It was hugging my pussy as well.

Even when having lunch with my grandparents, I didn’t bother covering up. They were getting used to it, I realized. They only had problems if I went outside wearing it.

My granddad mentioned it also in a very light way, in the conversation.

‘Baby, let me know if you’re going out. I need to buy some tablets.’ Also, I heard him telling grandma to keep an eye on me, if I’m going out wearing that top or shorts.

I decided to stay at home until the waves subside.

It was noon. The sun was burning outside. No one would even think of going outside in that sun. My grandparents usually took afternoon naps right after the lunch. I was feeling tad lazy after the meal and the insane summer. I also decided to relax a little bit.

I was lying in the room, thinking of all the mad things I did the previous day and in an instant my nipples were poking on my top. I looked down to see them hard. I slowly rubbed them over the top and they became harder. I was enjoying the moment, eyes slowly closing and hand slowly slipping into the shorts.

“AMMAAA!!” I got startled hearing that loud sound outside. ‘who the hell is calling out for his mother in this house?’ I wondered and looked outside.

It was a door to door seller carrying a big bag.

He was a 50-55-year-old dark complexion guy with grey beard.

He looked so tired and sad with his life. He was wiping the sweat from his forehead.

He saw me looking at him.

“Give me some water, ammaa” he again shouted.

“Ok, ok…” I said and got up from the bed and gestured him not to make loud noise again and startle my grandparents.

“Who is that, Roshni?” grandma asked, half asleep.

“It’s a seller, grandma… He is asking for some water. It’s ok… I’ll give.” I told her and walked out of my room into the kitchen.

Grandma started snoring in seconds.

I was in the kitchen, pouring water into the glass. The hard nipples in the foreground woke the lusty Roshni up.

I wondered, if I can tease this old man a little bit.

Most of these sellers don’t stay at one place. And I’ve never seen him around. So maybe he is just passing from one village to another. Maybe he will never come back again to this place.

What’s wrong with entertaining myself a bit? And giving this man some good views in this dry life?

All these thoughts led one to another and in a minute, I was pulling my top down, showing some good cleavage and nipple poking on the top.

Just for some effects, I dropped some drops of water exactly in the cleavage so that it’ll look like sweat and it’ll grab his attention as well.

I pulled the shorts a little up. Now it was pressing against my pussy and ass was also tight across the thighs. It was now well 6-7 inches above the knees. It was seen only a little bit as the top was covering the crotch area of the shorts. I tied my hair in bun, made sure hair won’t cover the view.

I walked with glass in hand. I was trembling with excitement. My nipples were also getting hard as it kept on rubbing on the top. I was turned on.

I reached to the sit-out area where the man was sitting on the floor.

He was really thirsty, I guess. He was looking at the door, when I walked in.

Sitting on the floor means I will have to bend down to a great extent.

Mmm… interesting.

I stood in front of him, him looking at the glass of water, I gave him a cute smile and bent down to hand over the glass.

I felt the top gaping away from the boobs. Within a second, my boobs were hanging in front of his eyes.

I made no attempt to cover up and made sure no hair strands were falling down to hide his view and I was not wearing any ornaments in the neck. I wanted to make sure that he never misses this view and I was not wrong. My cleavage was the only thing that was visible for his eyes at that moment.

I looked into his eyes.

He took the water from my hand and gave me a thirsty smile, looking directly into my naked boobs.

I wanted to strike that pose some more time. That’s when I saw the bag which was filled with merchandise.

“What are all those things in your bag?” I stood there, bending closer to the bag, with my hands resting on the knees.

Now my hands were pressing the boobs together, thrusting them out of the top.

He, drinking the water, staring into my cleavage, didn’t say anything and enjoyed the moment of his thirst getting quenched and maybe, his little boy waking up to the sight.

I stood there for 4-5 seconds until he finished the water. He gave me the glass and said “thank you”

“You want more?” I asked.

“No, ma’am.. maybe later.”

So he is planning to stick around for a while. Interesting.

“Sit down. I’ll show you.” He said.

I sat on the floor, right in front of him and his bag.

I left the top to be as it is and gave zero attempt to hide anything.

Now my top was so low, that even when I was normally sitting, good amount of cleavage was visible for him.

Also the shorts rode up more, reaching the upper thighs.

I leaned towards the bag with curiosity, to check what all are in the bag. I felt the top gaping once again, showing him a good amount of my bouncing wet boobs. I was actually sweating now. I could feel the sweat running into the cleavage drop by drop.

His face was now less than two feet away from my body and he had no intention of hiding he desire as he kept on looking into my boobs while unpacking the bag.

He opened the bag. It was filled with so many totally random items, like, bangles, necklaces, nail cutters, key chains, earrings, whistles and some toys.

“Earlier days people used to wait for me every week to buy items. I had the most exclusive items with me, which I used to buy from the town and bring”

He took out a necklace and handed it over to me.

“This will look great on you.” He said.

“Nowadays nobody wants to buy from me” He continued his story.

Whatever the story is, he had a good sense about the jewelry.

The necklace he gave me was a thin golden colored necklace with a red stone heart shaped locket. I liked it.

Me, now, listening to his stories, took the necklace, opened the lock, held the two ends in both hands, raised hands behind the neck and started locking it.

My torso was now fully exposed to his eyes.

My nipples poking into the yellow top, and the raised hands thrust the boobs more into the top, and sweaty armpit.

He enjoyed the view for a good 5 seconds while I was attempting to lock it in the back of my head.

The red locket fell perfectly inside the cleavage.

He took out a mirror from the bag and showed me.

I checked the mirror. The necklace looked so beautiful in my neck. I tilted the mirror down to see the locket fell deep inside the cleavage. I put my fingers inside the cleavage and adjusted the locket, facing outside and looked at him. He was still staring into my boobs.

“what do you think?” I asked him.

“You look beautiful in it.” he said.

I looked into his eyes for a few seconds.

“My selections are never wrong, you know” He winked and said.

“Oh, really? Let’s find out then. What else do you have in that bag?” I bent down again and looked into it.

The necklace fell apart from the cleavage and it was now in front of my hanging boobs.

He opened the bag to take out some more ornaments, like bangles, earrings and rings.

I tried some of them and selected a few.

There was another packet inside the bag.

“What is in this?” I asked him.

“Well…” he thought for a second and said.

“These are some modern clothes that I used to sell to the ladies. But now, since there are lots of shops around, nobody is buying them.” he said.

“Can I have a look?” I asked. Modern got my attention.

He took the packet out and opened it. It had a few clothes, which looked very thin. I took them out curiously and started opening one by one.

He stopped helping and went back to staring into my boobs moving around inside the top.

The clothes looked quite old since he hasn’t used them for quite a while.

The smallest material that got in my hand was a white blouse.

“Is this a bra?” I asked him because it could never be worn outside as it was so thin like a tissue paper.

“Well… it exactly is not a modern costume. It’s something that very old people wear at home. And it’s a blouse. They wear bra inside them.” he explained.

I could never use it. But should I try wearing it? I wondered.

As I kept on staring on it holding, he read my mind and told: “If you liked it, try it once. You can wear it at home”

“Yea… I’m looking for something to wear inside home in this summer season. And obviously I can’t wear a bra in this heat.” I said.

He quickly started breathing heavily, and said: “If you liked it, wear and check it.”

“Ok, let me try this.”

I said and took it inside. He looked so lustful when I said it and waited in anticipation.

I removed my tank top once I reached inside and wore the blouse. It was one size smaller for me.

Its design was just like a blouse that Indian women wear with a Saree. But so thin that if I dropped water on it, the moment it’ll become totally transparent and it’ll show everything off inside.

I wore it.

My dark nipples were easily visible through it. Instead of hooks, there were buttons on it.

I tried buttoning it up. But since it was a smaller size, it was too tight across my boobs.

Instead, I decided to tie it under the boobs.

I stretched the material a little bit and tied a knot under the boobs. It was so open across the boobs, half of both my boobs were on display already. The upper part of the blouse where the buttons were there, it became flaps and was folded.

I pushed the boobs closer so that now maximum amount of the cleavage was visible, showing some areola.

I checked in the mirror.

I looked like a slut, wearing the smallest shorts, showing my upper thigh, and the sheerest blouse possible, with ample amount of cleavage on display along with my whole tummy and my deep navel on display.

I pulled the shorts down so that there was a lot of skin on show between my boobs and pussy.

Thinking for a second, I loosened the top a little bit also, just in case the seller gets lucky.

I walked outside.

My boobs were bouncing as I walked to the sit-out.

He was waiting impatiently and the moment I stepped out, his mouth was wide open, staring into my boobs.

“How is it?” I asked him, with an innocent smile.

“Its.. it’s..” He stammered.

“Little bit revealing, right?” I asked.

“Yea.. I guess so.” He said.

I liked his truthfulness. “Yea.. thought so.” I said.

“I think I can’t wear this anywhere” I giggled nervously.

“But you look so modern in this, ma’am.” He somehow finished the sentence.

‘Modern’ I laughed to myself.

“Yea… but I guess I can’t wear this in this village.” I said.

He didn’t say anything but was staring at my cleavage.

“Is there anything that I can wear here?” I asked and again sat down in front of him.

I could feel the knot I made under the boobs was getting loose, slowly.

But I didn’t do anything to cover up or anything.

I again started going through his clothes, giving some extra movement to the boobs.

He didn’t do anything but kept on staring at my boobs.

Inch by inch, I could feel my boobs getting relaxed and them falling out of the constraints of the blouse.

And finally, I knew he was treated to both my naked boobs when the material which was rubbing against my nipples lost contact with them and both my boobs fell open from the blouse.

Both my boobs were hanging free right in front of this stranger’s face.

I waited for a couple of seconds and then reacted: “Oh my God! This blouse is too small for me”

I bought both sides of the blouse and held them together with one hand, hiding the boobs and looked at him. “I’m sorry.” I said.

He was still looking into my boobs while saying “it’s fine.”

That’s when I found a spaghetti strap top in his bag.

Without any inhibition, I started taking it out. I took it with my free hand and tried to open it since it was folded.

Him, without even trying to help, kept on staring at the boobs.

I then removed the one hand which was trying to hold the two ends of the blouse and started unfolding the spaghetti top.

The blouse started falling apart again showing enormous amount of cleavage.

The spaghetti top was again a white top.

I opened it and held against the light. It was sheer.

I looked at him. His mouth was open and staring at my boobs.

I looked down to see both my boobs outside the blouse, showing him every single detail of my boobs, areola and nipples. I didn’t bother covering now.

“I wanna try this.” I told him.

“But.. this blouse looks good on you.” he said.

He didn’t wanna stop the treat he was getting.

“But we just said that I can’t take it, right?”

“But… but…” He didn’t want me to leave from there and change the blouse.

“Hmmm… I’ll quickly change and check this.”

Before he realized what I meant by that, I removed the blouse sitting there itself, kept it on the side, took my time to adjust the other top, and started wearing it.

I sat there wearing nothing but my tiny shorts, in front of a complete stranger.

He sat there enjoying every second of the best view he has ever seen in his life.

I, on the other side, took my sweet time to figure out which is the front side of the top and then tied my hair, which was loose by now, into a bun, with both hands tying the hair, exposing my naked torso for him.

After tying the hair, I wore the top.

As I imagined, it was a sheer top which exposed everything inside.

My dark areola, hard nipples and the shape of my boobs were also visible through it.

I pulled it down a bit, showing some good amount of cleavage above it. I could wear it under a shawl or cardigan.

“Hmm… it’s nice. Don’t you think?” I asked him.

He was stunned by all these shows and shook his head, still looking into my boobs.

“I’ll take this.” I told him.

“Ok. Anything else?” He asked.

“I think this will be enough for now.”


He folded the blouse which I was wearing earlier and kept in the bag.

“I’ll pack them for you.” He said and took out a polythene cover and put the selected bangles and earrings in it.

He looked at the necklace I was wearing.

“Should I pack this as well?” He asked.

“Yea, you can pack them.” I told and removed the necklace and gave to him.

He put it in the bag and looked again in anticipation.

I, with a naughty smile, removed my top also and gave it to him.

I was again topless.

“Oh.. I forgot my top inside the room when I went to change into blouse.” I said.

“It’s fine. Nobody will see.” He said.

“Yea… Except you.” I laughed.

I sat there without any inhibition, not covering my body, with my boobs proudly staring at him and him staring at them.

“How much is the total?” I asked him.

He counted for one minute, while I was again busy tying the hair with both hands, my boobs jiggling when the body was moving.

“340 rupees.” He said.

“OK, let me take the cash and my blouse.”

I went inside, checked my purse to see that there was only 50 rupees with me.

Aah.. hell. I didn’t wanna wake my grandparents now.

I thought for a second, took my tank top, held it in my hand and walked outside.

Didn’t even bother checking if anyone else was standing outside or in the road.

I was so turned on by then.

I walked with full freedom, boobs jiggling in every step, him enjoying the scene.

“Actually, there is a problem.” I said, keeping the tank top on side, not bothering to wear it or cover my body.

“I don’t have that much money right now with me.”

“How much do you have?”

“I have 50 rupees.”

“Ohh.. that’s too less.”

“I know. I don’t wanna wake my grandparents up right now.”

“Hmm… I will be coming next month. You can pay then also.” He said after thinking for a while.

“No, no… I’m not sure how long I’ll be here. I might go back to my town any time. I mean, I have never seen you before in two years’ time. I don’t think I’ll be seeing you again. Actually, I am planning to go to Delhi next week. So, I don’t know when I’ll be back.” I lied.

He was not sure where this conversation was going. He kept on looking at my boobs and sometimes my face. “So… What should I do?”

“Emm… I don’t know. But I really don’t want you to go without any payment.”

He kept staring at my boobs thinking what to do.

“So how are you planning to pay me?” He asked.

“Actually I don’t know.” I said this, with a slight movement of my body, which made my boobs shake for a second.

It was not that he was not paying attention to my boobs, but it gave him an idea.

“Can I touch them? Not for free, but for a reward.”

Finally! I thought.

But without showing it, I said “Emm.. I don’t know.”

After 5 seconds, I continued : “If that’ll make up for 290 rupees, I guess you can.”

“Actually it won’t if I just touch it for a second.” He said.

“You can touch for a minute then.” I said.

Him, without any second thoughts, moved closer to me and groped both my boobs with both his hands.

He was so excited, he treated them like a sponge ball. He pressed them together, without paying any special attention to nipples or anything, but pressed hard on both of my boobs.

I moved closer to him making it easy for him. His head was also near my boobs level, looking at them. I was enjoying the harsh treatment my boobs were getting.

I took his head in my hand and pulled it closer to my boobs. Him, taking this as a hint, opened his mouth and started sucking my nipples.

After sucking both greedily, he started biting them. Hmmm.. that felt so good. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

One hand was playing with my one boob and the other one was in his mouth. My one hand was at the back of his head while the other one was kept on his shoulder. I felt the other hand moving continuously, which was his free hand. I opened my eyes to see his cock outside his pants, and him jerking it off.

It was an ugly cock.

Even though it has been hard for quite some time, it was around 4 inches in size and had wrinkles on it. And the pubic hair had become brown in colour, maybe because he hasn’t shaved for a veryy long time or because he was unhygienic.

“How long will you have to do this?” I asked him.

“One minute, right?”

“But it has already been more than two minutes.”

“I’m almost done.” He said.

“But our deal was for one minute.” I said. He looked at me with fear in eyes. Leaving me like this would be the last thing he needs right now.

“No, no…” I’m almost done here. He started jerking off faster now.

“Maybe you should do faster.” I said.

“Yes yes.. I am.” He said.

All this while, I was bringing my hand which was on his shoulder, slowly downwards.

“Maybe I can help” I said looking intensely into his cock.

At this point my hand was already above his hand which was jerking off. I slowed down his hand movement. He removed his hand and I put my hand on his cock. I was holding it strongly and started stroking him slow and steadily.

He, who was in a rush to finish off, started moving his hip and his cock was now fucking my fist. His pushing made his hip and my hand move closer to me.

Then he in a second, started getting up.

I was thinking if he was planning to get a blowjob.

But he stood on his knees, so that his cock was now in level with my boobs.

He was so obsessed with my boobs, he moved closer and his cock was now rubbing my nipple. I, instead of stroking, started moving his cock around my nipple and the tip was playing with my nipple. His precum was leaking which made my nipples wet.

I played with his cock on both my nipples.

I gave him one long stroke which made the foreskin move all the way back to expose his glans.

It was covered in white gooey stuff around the head.

I felt so dirty to let such a cock around my boobs.

I have never played with such a low-class man or a dirty cock like his.

But being such a bitch for him made me hornier and I felt like a slut for him. I was looking at his cock which was rubbing against my boobs and a dirty thought got into my mind.

I wanted to get the white stuff inside my mouth.

Without giving it a thought, I bent down, tilted his cock upwards and my tongue was licking his cock in a second.

“Aah.. yes..” he moaned..

I felt so dirty, after two more licks, I wrapped my lips around his cock and started using my tongue to lick his cock while my mouth was sucking on it.

I felt the white stuff in my mouth and I swallowed it.

It didn’t taste like anything, but the smell coming from his pubic hair and groin area was very bad. I felt like a cheap whore who sucks the cock of a door to door seller for 290 rupees (which is around 4 dollars).

I closed my eyes and moved closer to put his whole cock inside my mouth.

His pubic hair was going inside my nose and I could smell a bad odor.

Here I was, sitting outside the house in the broad daylight, wearing nothing but a short shorts, topless, sucking the cock of a complete stranger who was a street seller.

I felt so naughty and started fingering myself when he said: “I’m gonna cum.”

Knowing his obsession for my tits, I pulled out and aimed it on my cleavage and jerked faster.

In 5 seconds, he started cumming. He didn’t cum much. And the semen was thin. But I managed to aim it on both my boobs until he finished off.

He sat there exhausted.

“Please get me some water.” he said.

I, without bothering to cover up, went inside and got him water.

By the time I was back, he had packed his stuff and was ready to leave.

“Thank you so much.” He drank the water.

“And keep this money.” He gave me back 50 rupees.

“You deserve this” He said.

I didn’t say anything but took it from him and gave a smile. He gave a final look at my boob which was dripping his cum and gave my nipple a tweak and walked away.

?I stood there with my boobs exposed, cum starting to get dried on my boobs.

?I didn’t feel like cleaning it off.

?Instead I rubbed it on my tits and walked inside carrying the packet which I earned, by acting like a slut.

The End…..

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