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Under the Influence

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Lisa Harrap didn’t like going away. She missed her husband, Ron, and her three children, the youngest of whom still had no idea why mommy had to leave every so often. Lisa felt sometimes that she couldn’t do much to explain it to herself, never mind a five year old. But, since she had been promoted to the position of editor at the Braddick and Braddick Publishing, she seemed to be travelling much too often for her liking.

Ron drove her to the airport, as he always did, and the two of them said little of importance during the twenty-five minute trip. Conversation was usually no problem between them. It was one of the things that had attracted the young Lisa to him, fifteen years before. They fit well intellectually. It had been suitably later that she found out that they fit physically too. Now, though they had been married thirteen years, the two still hated to part. That was why any talk was difficult at times like this, and was limited to pointless questions and answers.

“You have the notes your boss wanted you to take?” Ron asked, keeping his eyes on the road straight ahead.

“Uh-huh. They’re in my bag,” Lisa replied.


It was always this awkward. Lisa sighed. It would be better in a way when she was on the plane. She would miss her family terribly, right from the start, but she could be alone in her misery.

Well, not quite alone. The executive class section of the jet was full, and she was seated next to, behind and in front of, dozens of fellow passengers. At least the one who had the seat beside hers was decent. On the previous flight, the guy next to her kept trying to cop a feel. It wasn’t that she disliked being admired; she was, however, a one-man woman and had never thought of straying. It annoyed her to think that some men considered her the cheating type.

She did get offers, implied and explicit. Which was rather nice, in a way. After all, when a woman turns forty, she wants to know that she is still desirable, whether she admits it to herself or not. She knew she was gaining weight, and would have to start going to the gym more regularly. An incipient second chin could be felt when she held her head a certain way. But over all, the package wasn’t bad. At five foot five and 140 pounds, she was a nice package, she knew. A pretty face framed with thick, curly shoulder-length blonde hair, big brown eyes, a pert nose, full lips… It wasn’t so bad farther down, either, as her breasts hadn’t sagged much in the last few years, and she often undid a button or two when going into business meetings. It was hardly the feminist approach, but it helped. And that was, after all, as far as she would go.

And yes, the offers were nice. She could have had affairs, many of them, if she had wanted. She had been tempted, but she knew the price would have been far too high in terms of guilt and pain. So she stayed faithful. Besides, the sex with Ron was nothing to complain about, she mused with a giggle.

The man seated next to her on the plane glanced at her.

“I know the movie on the flight is a comedy, but it hasn’t started yet,” he said with a smile.

“Ooops, sorry,” apologized Lisa, a little embarrassed. “I didn’t realize I was laughing out loud.”

“That’s all right,” he said. “You have a pretty laugh.”

That was how it frequently began, Lisa thought to herself. An innocent, rather sweet compliment. And most of the time, the men who made passes at her remained gentlemanly. It was part of the game. When they were turned down, they smiled or shrugged their shoulders and said something like, “Can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?”

The meetings this time were at least interesting. They centered around what articles the public would be looking for in magazines in the months to come. Braddick and Braddick published dozens of periodicals, covering as many subjects, and the company management liked to stay ahead of the crowd. Lisa thought that was sound policy, and found trying to predict what the public would want in, say, half a year’s time, an intriguing process.

There were conferences based on age groups, genders, professions, hobbies and lifestyles. In three days, Lisa attended them all. It was exhausting but enjoyable. She even managed to forget her loneliness over being away from home, at least for a while. She called Ron and the kids every day, and she was as excited as they were Saturday night, when the meetings were over and she could catch the plane back home the next day.

Lisa had just stepped from the shower in her hotel room when a knock on the door interrupted her drying. She wrapped a towel about her body, under her arms, and peered through the peep hole in the door. It was one of the women from the meetings, Kelly. She and Kelly had hit it off during the conferences and had just finished having dinner together. Lisa wondered if she had forgotten something at their table.

“Hi, Lisa!” Kelly exclaimed. She always seemed to be exclaiming, and seemed never without a big, beautiful smile. “Caught you just out of the bath?”

“Sort aksaray escort of.”

“Well, that’s kind of lucky. A bunch of us are going to meet in Jake’s room for a little party. Nothing serious, just to let off steam. I want you to come along.”

“I was just going to settle down to watch tv before bed…” Lisa said. She was feeling a little keyed up after all the talk, thought and debate of the previous three days. She would have a terrible night, she knew, if she didn’t unwind a bit before turning in.

“Oh, no, you can’t do that,” Kelly wailed. “You know there are more guys here than girls and, well, strength in numbers, right?”

Lisa wasn’t sure what her new friend meant but thought it might have something to do with fending off advances. Kelly was married, too, and she and Lisa had discussed over drinks the temptations that could arise from being alone in a strange city, far from anyone who knew you. Lisa could tell that Kelly wasn’t exactly worried but she also knew that Kelly tended to drink a little too much. She had opened up to Lisa in a way the latter could never have done in return. Kelly had stumbled in fidelity once, years before, and she was scared of doing it again. The expression on the tall, red-head’s face was comically imploring.

“Okay, come on in while I dress,” Lisa said, hoping that her exasperation was fully hidden. She needn’t have worried. Kelly was good at her job, but then her job didn’t require her to be too sharp.

“Thanks, hon, you’re a life-saver!” Kelly cried, coming in and closing the door behind her.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” Lisa asked, as she gathered her clothes and went into the bathroom to change. Kelly peered down at her garb. It was casual, relaxed, a loose v-necked sweater and jeans.

“Yeah, it’s informal. No more meetings!” Kelly frowned and cocked her head at the half-closed bathroom door. “Why? What are you wearing?”

“Well, I thought some slacks and a blouse…” In a few minutes, Lisa appeared in the bathroom doorway, almost dressed and brushing her hair. She looked good, she knew, in business attire, and the same sort of clothes she wore for meetings would do for this ‘party’, since, though they made her attractive, they also showed that she was professional.

“That’s fine, hon, but you are gonna button up first, right?” Kelly giggled, and pointed at Lisa’s chest. Her blouse, tucked into the waist of her slacks was nonetheless completely undone and displayed a tantalizing glimpse of round breasts in a white, lacy bra.

Lisa laughed and said, “Do you think I should?” But she didn’t give Kelly a chance to be a smart alec in response, and buttoned herself up.

“Yup, I was right,” Kelly said. “The guys out-number us. Twelve to six…”

“Eight to six, actually, but who’s counting.” Lisa smiled at her friend as they entered the large suite just down the corridor that the conference chairman, Jake Tarsky, had rented for himself. Or rather, had had the company rent for him.

The music was low and jazzy, barely audible outside the closed door of the room but perfect for the relaxed attitude of the party. Everyone was chatting and laughing, and as soon as Lisa and Kelly walked in, they were presented with glasses of red wine. Lisa was almost immediately glad she had come.

“Hello, ladies,” Jake said, coming over to them. “I see Alan hasn’t wasted time trying to get the two of you drunk.” Jake chuckled and hit Alan Pearson in the chest with a knuckle.

“If anyone gets drunk on one glass of wine, she deserves, er, whatever happens to her…” Alan was an older man, in his fifties and a real gentleman. He was not tall or handsome but nevertheless the sort that Lisa could have gone for if she weren’t married. Actually, she thought to herself, she had gone for that sort. Alan ran a hand through his salt-and-pepper hair and grinned awkwardly. “What I mean is that this won’t get you drunk, ladies…” He wandered away again.

“I love that guy; so easy to embarrass that I have to pull my punches around him,” Jake said. Jake Tarsky was a different proposition to Alan Pearson. Big and blustery, he spoke loudly, laughed loudly and didn’t care who heard it. But then, few minded because he was a genuinely nice man. Lisa considered his large, boney face, prominent features and large hands. She blushed a bit wondering if other parts of him were as big, but recovered herself enough to think that he and Kelly made a similar pair. “Come on in, girls. You know everybody…”

The party was not large enough to split into groups, so everyone lounged about on sofas and chairs, or on cushions on the floor, talking. References were made to music and movies, Jake especially liking to do that because Brad, the youngest of the group at twenty-six, had no idea what his elders were talking about. He accepted their ribbing with good grace, however, and always had a boyish grin on his handsome face. But it was when he was asking about the psychedelia of the 1960s, that one of the women, Petra, said:

“Oooo, anal yapan escort and speaking of the ‘sixties…” She pulled herself to her feet (Petra, despite her two hundred pounds, was quickly influenced by alcohol) and shuffled over to her purse by the door. Everyone paused to watch what she was up to. When she turned around, she wore a big, silly grin on her plain face, and carried in her hand several marijuana joints.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” everyone cried, almost in unison, ending the drawn out word in laughter.

“Why didn’t we think of that?” Kelly pouted. She herself was feeling less pain after numerous glasses of wine.

“Some of us did.”

Alan surprised most present by pulling another joint from the breast pocket of his shirt. More laughter followed as a few others produced cigarettes from hidden places. Within a minute all the joints had been lit and were being passed about.

Lisa knew that she couldn’t indulge. She had tried drugs in college of course and though they had the effect of lowering inhibitions in others, they completely demolished hers. Even the mildest form of pot would make her want to run naked through public places, throw her money and jewellery off a bridge and generally make the next day one of painful regret. Fortunately, the crowd she was with this night was more mature than those with whom she had last tried anything similar. When she explained her problem, no one pressed the drugs on her, except Kelly, who exclaimed more and more under their influence.

Perhaps it was the wine, but it hadn’t occurred to Lisa that there was another way for pot to affect her than through direct inhalation. After an hour of everyone (except her) smoking contentedly away on the joints (and there seemed to be rather a high number of those), she was not quite her normal self. If second-hand tobacco smoke could cause cancer, second-hand marijuana smoke could cause intoxication…

“Are you saying I have small tits?” Lisa found herself saying. Christ, she thought, did I just say that? Well, why not? I DON’T have small tits.

“No, no,” Brad answered, “I meant smellER… That’s all.”

“Well, fuck you!” Lisa said, and turned her head in a tiff.

This brought laughter from everyone in the room, though she thought it distinctly odd that only a few people were laughing. She looked around again, and saw that she was the only woman present. Then she nodded, as if reaching a conclusion. Everyone else had paired off. She had watched as the couples left, hand in hand, going to find more privacy in their own rooms. That’s right, Lisa remembered: Petra had gone off with the guy who looked like the Rolling Stones’ drummer, and the last girl to leave had been Kelly, who somehow had already lost her jeans and was leaving with the man of her choice wearing only panties and her sweater.

Oh boy. Lisa shook her head. She knew this would happen when someone brought out the joints. Who the hell had done that anyway? She was sitting on the floor at the foot of the king-size bed in Jake’s suite. Brad was stretched out on the carpeted floor in front of her, while Jake was in a chair to one side. Lisa could swear that he had a hard-on in his pants.

“Here, honey…” Alan leaned over Lisa’s shoulder. He was lying full-length on the bed, his sock feet on the pillows and one arm around her shoulders. With the other hand, he offered her a half-smoked joint. “You haven’t touched a drop all night…”

“No way. That stuff affects my judgement,” Lisa said as she accepted the cigarette and drew on it long and hard. She coughed and grinned.

“What judgement, bitch?” Said Brad, staring up at the ceiling. At this, all four laughed uproariously. “Fuck, what was in those things?” he wondered aloud.

Lisa breathed in suddenly. Alan was kissing her neck. She started to say something but it felt so good. His lips were soft and wet, and with his left hand, he caressed the other side of her neck with such gentleness. She knew that she should stop what he was doing, but it was so nice that he perhaps should be rewarded instead. Lisa turned her head toward the older man and they kissed. His tongue parted her full lips and explored her mouth. She grunted in a way, and as she let her hand go to the back of her head, his slipped over her left breast. This, she knew, really had to stop. But, again, it felt so nice.

Lisa’s eyes were closed and even though she felt someone unbuttoning her blouse, it took her a moment to force her vision to work. She turned away from Alan and found Brad in front of her, fondling her breasts from which he had already pulled away her bra cups.

“If I tell you not to do that, will you stop?” Lisa asked plaintively.

“Prob’ly not,” the young man replied.

“Then that’d be a fucking waste of time, wouldn’t it?” Lisa grinned as Jake turned her face to the left and smothered her lips with his big mouth. His tongue was enormous, almost blocking her air-way, but she loved it. She felt herself becoming damp between her legs and squirmed atakent escort a bit.

“You need these off, don’t you, baby?” Jake ran his hand down the bare skin of Lisa’s torso to her slacks. Lisa was about to say something, but between Alan’s attention to her neck and Brad’s to her breasts, she could barely form words. She tried to shake her head, but nodded it instead.

Jake hefted Lisa bodily from the floor and deposited her in a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Alan slipped off her blouse and tossed it aside, while Brad kissed her mouth, reaching behind her at the same time to unclasp her bra. That too went off to the side. She lie down on the bed and the two men each selected a breast to nibble and suck. Lisa was feeling heavenly. She knew men liked her breasts. They were unblemished and white, and the nipples, though small, stood straight out when she was aroused, straight out and hard.

“Oh, Jesus…” she murmured, twisting her body a little. Her nipples had become sensitive with excitement and the men’s teeth were firing pleasure almost to the point of pain to her brain. She tried to place a hand on the back of each of their heads, but found each man holding one of her arms down. She smiled and…

…felt her legs free and cool. She opened her eyes and saw Jake tossing away her slacks. Brad moved away from her breasts and slipped her panties down her legs. Lisa kicked her feet playfully and her panties, stained wet in front, flew through the air. Brad had pulled his sweater over his head, and Lisa, still on her back on the bed, ran her fingers over the bare, smooth skin of the young man’s chest. Alan had discarded everything but his underwear, exposing a hairy body that Lisa didn’t usually care for but found very arousing tonight. His short were tented in front of his body by about five inches and…

…so were Brad’s, only his five inches were about seven. They were getting bigger, Lisa thought, with a smile. She looked to see Jake and found him pulling off his pants, no underwear underneath. His cock stood out, nine inches, thick and red. It pulsed as it levitated in the air before him.

“Holy Jesus fuck…” Lisa said, the profanity almost disappearing in the widest grin she’d had in a long time. “If someone doesn’t do me now, they’ll be in big trouble!” She laughed as the men eased her farther up the bed.

Brad gently spread Lisa’s legs with his knees and slipped himself up her body. She moaned as she felt his cock enter her wet pussy.

“Yes, that’s it. I won’t tell daddy…” Lisa giggled and, turning to the side, wrapped her fingers around Alan’s cock, still in its dark blue underwear. “Take that off, for fuck’s sake, and do something with it. OH!” This last cry came as she felt the effects of Brad’s work. He had started off slow, fucking the stoned woman, while she was distracted. Sharp, beautiful impulses of pleasure brought her back to what he was doing. She saw the young man’s handsome face above her own, and drew it down to kiss as he pounded away at her pussy.

“Oh, yes, baby, fuck me, fuck this slut,” Lisa urged, kissing Brad’s cheeks, lips and forehead. She had had to release Alan’s cock to fling her arms around Brad’s back. She gripped him tightly as the slapping sound of their bodies, and the slurping sound of his cock buried in her wet cunt aroused her more and more. Lisa felt her body rising, her breathing becoming more and more shallow, and knew what this meant. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and dug her nails into Brad’s back as she and he came together.

“Holy Jesus fuck!!” she screamed, her pleasure exploding exponentially as her womb was filled with Brad’s cum. After a moment, she recovered her senses and looked about her. She smiled as she watched Alan jerk the skin of his cock back and forth.

“No need for that, Mr Pearson…” Lisa pushed Brad off of her, as he had served his purpose, and lurched to her hands and knees. Alan’s cock was different than Brad’s… At least, she thought so. She giggled as she realized she hadn’t even seen the youngest dick in the room. He did have one, right? she wondered. She lowered her head and looked backward. Pearly cum was leaking out of her cunt and down her thigh. Yup.

But Alan’s cock was nice. A beautiful shape. Lisa smiled at Alan, kissed him, and whispered in his ear that he reminded her of her dad. With that, she plunged her face down into his crotch. Alan moaned as he leaned back, supporting himself with his hands, as Lisa took his whole organ into her mouth. In it went and out it came, over and over, as her left hand, the wedding ring on its third finger, moved up and down with the motion, causing Alan exquisite joy.

“Oh, God, Lisa… I’m cumming…” he said, almost as if he wanted her to stop. Lisa nodded but didn’t let up on her sucking. She withdrew her mouth until all but the cock’s head was released from the velvety wet grip, then dove down again, forcing the skin back and licking the tissue underneath with a heavy tongue. “Jesus…” Alan prayed.

He released his cum with a cry. It was hot and there was a lot of it. Lisa moaned in short little bursts, as if saying “Oh, oh, oh!” repeatedly. She swallowed as fast as she could and still some escaped from her lips and down her chin. As Alan collapsed back onto the bed, Lisa pulled her mouth from his cock, already going limp.

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