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Twin Re-Education

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A request by a fan!

A weirdly difficult story to write, a sort of bimbofication without losing of any intelligence, and instead the girls think that studying sexual pleasure is more important than anything.

This is my first request story so hopefully it’s good as the idea was told to me.

Good heaps of incest and sexual acts in this one as a brother uses a magical object bestowed onto him.

Comments, ideas or anything is welcome. Thanks for reading. And as always sorry for the iffy editing, its never my strong point.


Chapter 1 – Jason

Jason sat in his desk chair, it’s one broken wheel making it lopsided and difficult to sit on properly. He was staring at his old laptop on his equally old and broken desk, trying to complete an assignment for university.

Jason’s parents never really cared for him, they much preferred to look after his younger twin sisters Jacy and Lucy, even though they had recently turned 18.

The thing that annoyed Jason more about his crap family was that both of his sisters was far smarter than him and had far better prospects in life. His parents and relatives were sure he was a failure, despite him being in university.

In fact it seemed to Jason that everyone knew that he was disliked by the rest of his family. He thought It was because he was already 21 and was still living at home, studying through university. He got no money from his parents unlike his sisters who were increasingly spoilt as they got older.

Jason looked up at the bedroom door as he heard a noise outside.

He sighed he knew what was coming.

Suddenly Jacy and Lucy burst through his door laughing.

“How goes it Mr Hard On!” Lucy giggled and Jacy followed suit. Once they had caught Jason masturbating and forever since teased him over it.

“Hey you, gotta hard on yet,” laughed Jacy. The only thing Jason could do was ignore them or they would get him in trouble with their parents. Jason always knew something would go bad when any of his family came into his room.

They stood there, in his room laughing at him. Lucy with her shoulder length nut brown hair, skinny jeans and a small top which accentuated her modest bust, and Jacy identical in most ways except her hair was dyed a deep purple and was shorter than Lucy’s. She wore a light green dress which cut to reveal her attractive cleavage.

They wandered around his room looking at Jason’s collection of odd ornaments and posters, teasing him as they went. Until finally something bad happened as Jason feared, Jacy being clumsy fell over the laptop charger wire and fell. Jason’s laptop went black, it’s battery long lost or hidden by his sisters, losing all his work as the cable came loose. Jacy cried in pain as she landed, crumpled on the floor.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Lucy shouted running over to her twin sister.

“I didn’t do anything!” Jason protested, “I was just sitting here.”

Before long the commotion brought their dad upstairs and he walked right up to Jacy,

“You ok Jace, he asked using his pet name for her, concern in his voice.

He looked her over and ruffled her hair when he saw she wasn’t too hurt and helping her up.

“Leave me alone to speak with Jason,” he said.

The twins moved from the room very quickly, Jason saw and he knew what was coming.

“What did you do?” asked John, Jason hated his father and only called him by name

“I didn’t do anything,” Jason said quietly bracing himself.

“What do you mean, nothing?” John replied his voice strained, ” THEN WHAT HAPPENED TO JASE!” John exploded and slammed his hand down on the desk. “You’ve done nothing for this family!” He shouted though not as loud as before, “why can’t you be more like your sisters!”

Jason got up from his chair and walked out of the room, his father yelled after him.

“Don’t you walk off when I’m talking to you, you shit!” He boomed.

Jason took the stairs 3 at a time, taking his jacket and left through the front door and into the night…

Jason walked for awhile, feeling the unfairness of his life heavily on his shoulders. He felt so angry and annoyed “I’m gonna fucking kill something,” he said malevolently under his breath.

Jason continued walking, down several different roads, his anguish building. He tripped on an uneven paving stone. Cursing, he lashed out at a bin in the quite street. It came down with a loud crash in the silent street, it’s contents spilling.

He ran, afraid he would be caught. As he turned down yet another dark lonely street, something attracted his vision. A large man bending over hitting something on the ground.

Jason paused, as a strange feeling filled him, then he realised. The man was hitting a person!

He stood there as he saw the man batter the figure on the ground. Jason snapped, all he could see was his father beating someone. He hated his father and could never wish him on anyone.

Jason ran over silently, jumping at the assailant. His knee Betturkey struck the figure in the back, as he threw angry punches at the back of the man’s head.

The attacker, confused and dazed staggered away as Jason hit at him. Finally breaking into a run and away into the dark side alley that met another street.

Jason sighed, heart beating, hands throbbing as his rage left him. Then he remembered the other person. He turned back to see a tiny old lady, spring to her feet. She dusted herself off and smiled at him.

Jason was taken aback at the battered old lady seeming so unhurt and immediately braced himself for an attack or something.

“I bet your confused at what’s going on,” said the lady in a surprising light and kind voice.

Jason stared silently.

She giggled childishly and then said “I am a witch as cliché as it sounds,”

Jason had had a weird enough evening already so he instead of laughing at the strange crone said “how can you prove it?”

She smiled again showing nice white teeth. “I’ll give you this,” she mused opening her black jacket and producing a small round brown object, from some hidden pocket. She smiled again, seemingly very happy. “I’m only doing this because you helped me out with that man earlier,” she explained, ” my magic is very old and strange, but your not going to become a magical fairy or whatever…” She trailed off awkwardly, “anyway!” She exclaimed, “this seed pod is imbued with a complex magic of mine, if you hold it and think of a person and say the magic word they will gain a new personality, similar to their old one but…” she smiled yet again, showing off her perfect teeth, “filled with lust,” she giggled.

“Could it work with two people?” Jason immediately asked, forgetting how stupid he sounded.

“It seems my gift is exactly what you want my young friend,” she said amused.

“Well, it could potentially work with two people,” said the witch thinking aloud, “this should work,” she mused producing a small glass bottle of dark liquid. She raised the bottle to her lips, drank some and spat it onto the round seed pod. She then wiped off the residue. “Here, now it should work for your twin sisters,” she said clearly happy.

Jason was shocked that she knew he had sisters but he was too excited to really care, and he didn’t know why. She handed Jason the seed pod. It was surprisingly light, and it was hollow, he shook it and he could hear the old dried up seeds inside rattling around.

“But what is the magic word?” Jason asked examine the pod.

“Well,” said the witch, still grinning, “the first time you think of your sisters say a phrase, that will become your magic word,” she paused clearing her throat politely, and then said, “Just click your fingers to revert them to their old personality.”

“One last thing,” she said “as time goes on their old personalities will get more confused so be careful how you use it.”

Jason had more questions but the witch bid him goodbye and strode calmly off into the night before he could say a word. Only then did Jason realise he didn’t exactly know what the pod would do.

He sighed and held the seed in his hand thinking of his sisters clearly in his mind. He the said “…” Jason realised he didn’t have any good phrase.

He loosened his grip on the seed and started walking home, he would have to climb into his bedroom window to get back into the house.

He hoped the stupid seed pod magic would work and punish his crap family. “I’ll teach them!” He said defiantly. It suddenly came to Jason, a way to get back at his sisters for humiliated him. He held the seed pod, picturing his sisters in his mind and said “gotta hard on.”

Chapter 2 Lucy

Lucy was reading through a text book on biochemistry. Although she didn’t really feel like it, Lucy always felt like she should always be ahead in class as much as she could, lest her sister overtake her. She glanced over to Jacy, sleeping in her bed.

Lucy always felt a bit jealous of her twin as she was just as smart as she was only she did hardly any work, her forehead creased into a frown as she thought things over. Then her serious face broke and she smiled, they both loved each other better than any other sisters. That was probably why they still shared a room at their age.

Lucy smiled to herself again. She looked down at her book, and realised her mind had gone completely blank just for a second, she couldn’t, for the life of her, remember what she was thinking. Rubbing her eyes Lucy snapped her book closed and turned on her desktop she shared with her sister.

Lucy aimlessly browsed the internet, movies to watch or things to buy. As she wasted time on the internet a strange thing happened, she could feel an odd buzzing noise inside her head. Lucy closed her eyes and rubbed her temples lightly. Then it passed as quickly as it came.

After her brief episode Lucy felt compelled to get some more studying in before bed. She searched a few questions she had Betturkey Giriş thought of in Google until she came to something that answered her question. A video of a naked girl her legs wide apart caressing between her legs with long slender fingers. Lucy watched intently trying to learn as much as she could.

She started to heat up, undressing, pulling off her top and bra, letting her firm D cups free. Then struggling to take her jeans off, finally throwing them aside Lucy slide her hand between her legs, rubbing in round motions, gasping at the feelings of pleasure, copying the girl on the screen.

She saw anther video below the first she clicked on it and Lucy was stunned to see two girls holding each other. One girl was licking the other girl between her legs as they lay on a bed. “Lick my pussy” the girl receiving said. Lucy copied the phrase, rubbing all the while.

She felt this urge inside her build, this strange need to increase her pleasure no matter what. Her thoughts were disturbed…

“Lucy!” Came a voice from behind her. It was Jacy sitting up in bed, the covers dropping away to reveal her bare breasts. “Help me Lucy,” said her twin pulling the covers off herself. Lucy gasped her sister’s fingers were deep between her legs. Lucy copied her sister, moaning at the increased pleasure. “I was watching you,” her twin said breathlessly.

Lucy stood up, one hand between her legs and collapsed onto the bed on top of Jacy. She copied the video moving her mouth to the warm, wet pussy between her sister’s legs.

She giggled at the taste of her sister’s sex as she licked.

“Lucy!” Jacy exclaimed “your hair is..” She trailed off has she heaved with pleasure from Lucy’s little tongue running over her pussy. Lucy looked up, to feel her brown hair fall in all around her face. It was at definitely past her shoulders and probably longer. Then she also noticed Jacy. Her deep purple hair was also trailing across the pillow. Something strange was happening.

They both made eye contact and smiled. Jacy grabbed her bare tits and squeezed them together, encouraging her sister. Lucy licked her lips and took the soft warm nipple into her mouth as her hand found Jacy’s soaking pussy. She rubbed slowly while sucking her twin’s nipple.

Jacy let out a massive moan and pushed Lucy’s hand between her legs more firmly as she met her orgasm. Lucy followed afterwards, the fingers of her other hand deep in her own tight and soaking pussy.

Just then there was a knock at the door and their mum walked in. Lucy sat up wiping her hands on the bed. Thinking quickly Lucy pulled her leg up and rubbed it as if in pain.

“What happened?” Asked their mother tousle-haired and sleepy, “I heard screaming.”

“Oh I just banged my leg on the bed,” Lucy replied her voice strained with what passed as pain but was really the lingering pleasure of her orgasm moments before.

“Ok then, night girls,” their half awake mother said, ” don’t sleep too late now,”

The sisters waited patiently until the sounds of footsteps disappeared and broke into fits of quiet laughter after Jacy emerged from the covers where she had pretended to be asleep while covering her bare chest.

Jacy rose from the bed putting her nighty back on and sat down at the computer. “Good thing the screen turned off,” she said.

Lucy was shocked, she had forgotten about that completely.

“Do you wanna study some of this for a bit.” Jacy said casually point at the porn on the screen.

“Yeah let’s!” She said excitedly as Jacey often didn’t do much studying with her. “Look that one has a guy in it,” she said as her twin clicked the thumbnail…

Chapter 3 Jason

Jason awoke in his bed, he remembered the events of last night in distinct clarity. He still had the old and dried seed pod in his hand. He only then realised he hadn’t ever stopped the power. He clicked his fingers awkwardly feeling a little silly. Did he really believe in this bogus, he wondered as he rose from his bed.

He got up and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Jason had climbed through his window after jumping the back garden fence and using the old shed right next to the house to reach the window. He had done it countless times before after fighting with his parents. Jason felt a strange feeling of friendship between the witch and himself and as a result he trusted her. So he though seriously about his new power and tried to believe in its power.

“I’ll have to play it cool,” he though to himself. Jason would need to wait till his sisters got back from sixth form but as yet they hadn’t even left. But luckily his parents always left for work at the crack of dawn.

He left his room to get breakfast, down the stairs and over the kitchen door, he heard voices. Jason hung outside the kitchen door, listening. He could only hear the odd word, “last night” and “dream” where all he could make out. He stepped forwards, pushing the door. His sisters eyed him up strangely as he came in, they stopped Betturkey Güncel Giriş their hushed conversation the second he made his presence known.

Jacy had turned round and was looking in the fridge and produced orange juice.

“I can’t really tell how much their personalities will have changed this soon on,” Jason though to himself.

He made toast ignoring his twin sisters and after spreading butter on the hot bread, took it upstarts with him.

Jason still wasn’t exactly sure how the magic worked. But he needed to be patient and not make anyone suspicious. He drew out a few ideas on his laptop at what he should try and make his sisters do. He laughed to himself happily as new ideas flowed into his head. Jason went online to order some props.

Time passed as slowly as it ever had for Jason as he awaited the return of his sisters. When they did get back he would have about five hours or so until nine in the evening when the parents got home from work.

After an age he heard voices and the front door opening. Jason well ahead of himself in his plans felt his cock stiffen in his pants. He pulled a jumper over the bulge and when downstairs.

His sisters met him with a distasteful glare.

“Hey,” he said with painful confidence, “have you gotta hard on?”

They looked at him oddly and smiles started to spread across their faces. The same way they always did before they were about to tease him. But neither the purple haired nor the brown haired twin voices any taunts.

They looked to each other and then Jacy said to her sister “should we ask him?” Her identical counterpart nodded. As she asked her purple hair erupted into growth reaching half way down her back in long natural looking locks. Her sister’s hair also grew from shoulder length, down her back.

“You know your a boy…,” she hesitated, “so you know stuff about porn and stuff,” she paused and then blurted out through her embarrassment, “Could you teach us how to give a hand job?” Jacy finished, playing with her long hair as if it had always been that long.

Jason smirked and then said “Of course, my room or yours?”

Several minutes later Jason was sitting in his sisters’ room on the computer chair looking at his two sisters.

“Well the first thing is to undress, you need to arouse the person you going to do it to..” He trailed off.

They started hesitantly at first but then after they got calmer with the situation sped up. Tops, a skirt and a pair of jeans littered the floor along with shoes and brightly coloured socks. The twins stood in their underwear in front of their excited brother.

Jason smiled “it’s best if your completely naked, underwear covers up the best bits.”

“I don’t really feel comfortable doing that though,” said Jacy stubbornly.

“But if you want to be the best you can be at it, then you should,” their brother explained.

“Oh, so you mean like getting full marks on a test,” Lucy suggested.

She unclipped her bra and let her large but firm D cups loose. Her nipples were of a good size and she had quite light and pink areolas and not too big Jason noticed.

“The perfect size,” Jason though to himself. While Lucy slid her dark panties down her smooth legs, Jacy unclasped her bra gingerly.

She cupped her breasts with her hands and slowly letting them fall to reveal her chest. They were as good as Lucy’s in every way except for the fact her nipples looked larger and harder. They were erect Jason realised, she must be enjoying it.

They also had bare pussies. Jason was shocked, he didn’t think that they would be shaven. “When did you do that?” he asked hiding his surprise.

“Last night,” they said together.

“We saw on the internet,” Jacy explained.

“That’s very good,” Jason said as he took of his jumper, still hiding as much of his bulge as he could. “You should keep yourselves like that,” both of his sisters nodded.

“Now you should excite me, you know get me in the mood,” they stood their naked thinking. Lucy then snapped up an idea. She slowly grabbed her sisters right breast, gently massaging it, the nipple too.

Then Jacy curved her hand between her sister’s legs. They turned to each other. Lucy let the nipple go and dropped her hands to Jacy’s moist pussy. Her fingers rubbing the outside of her sister’s sex.

They turned and kissed, Jason saw a flick of pink tongue as they moaned together. Their big soft tits squeezing together.

Jason pulled off his jeans and boxers revealing his stuff member. The girls turned to him and seemed breathless with excitement. They crouched down around their brother.

“You just take it in your hand, like this,” Jason explained, quiet with anticipation. He took hold of this shaft and showed his eager sisters.

They watched intently as he held it, but it was Lucy who was the first to close her warm hand around his thick cock.

Jason was proud of his manhood 7.4 inches was quite a descent length. He closed his eyes in pleasure and Jacy added her hands to his cock. They stroked up and down slowly and surprisingly delicately.

“Now..,” he managed through the pleasure, “do you want to..,” he though carefully as they weren’t stupid, so he’d have to trick them slightly, “..want to get to the more advanced techniques?”

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