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Token Honeymoon – episode 4

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Dan and June are now embarked on their delayed honeymoon. Dan is still struggling to come to terms with June’s behaviour in New York, while June begins to see her actions from Dan’s side.The train pulled into Montpellier at nine thirty. Dan knew exactly what he was doing, he picked up the hire car and had them on the road to Cap d’Agde before June had a chance to catch her breath.”When do we take off our clothes?””After we check in at the reception area.””Are we in a hotel or what?””A chalet. Normally it would sleep four but I thought some space would be good. It’s self catering, but we could eat out if we wanted. There are some hotels but it costs more to do pretty much the same thing.””I don’t understand how you can be so organised. How did you sort all this out?””The night before you came back, what did we do?””Um… nothing, it’s the one night we didn’t talk. I was tidying up and packing and you said you needed sleep, instead of talking in the middle of the night. Oh… wow. You were down here?””Checked the chalet, booked the car, picked up our passes, sorted everything.””Passes?””The resort is secure. They don’t want any voyeurs or troublemakers wandering around unless they pay and take their clothes off. There are barriers, you need a pass to get in. They’re in my bag.”June unbuttoned her dress and spread it open. “If I see a cop or anyone I’ll cover up. What kind of naturist is it?””What kind?””There are some that are all pure, no erections, no hanky-panky. I call them prudists rather than nudists. It’s not like that I hope?””It’s so big that there are all sorts. On the beach one end is for families and the other is more anything goes.””How long is the beach?””Miles and miles. Our chalet is towards the other end.”As soon as they were through the barrier June threw off her dress. “Come on you, stop the car and get naked.”Dan had little choice and a minute later was driving naked,  purring slowly though the site to get to their chalet. As soon as the bags were inside and the door locked June wanted to walk outside.”It’s all very well for you being on New York time.””Do you want me to find someone else to fuck?””No, I’m sure you could, you don’t have to prove it, but you did promise.”I did. Don’t worry love, I’m only teasing.”It’s a long walk to the beach at this time, some of the gates are closed but I know a way.” Dan picked up a bag, stuffed some money and two towels into it and led the way out of the door. As they got near the beach he made her stop for a moment, wrapping one arm around her.”Can you hear the sea?””Mmmm, how far is it?””Another minute.”The beach opened out in front of them, in the half moonlight it seemed to extend forever. There were a few people visible, some walking and others horizontal. They headed east, away from the afterglow of sunset, away from the lights of the hotels and into the seemingly endless moonlight. They soon moved beyond any sign of people. Dan stopped and pulled June down onto the sand, insisting that she lay for a while on her back and looked up.”Have you şişli escort ever seen so many stars?””Never.””Look over there, about four O’clock, do you see that tiny dot moving.””Is it a plane?””No, a satellite. There’s hundreds of them up there. You often can’t see them in the city because the background light is too bright.””I never knew. Is this part of you surprising me?””I’ve barely started.””That’s not a pun is it?” She giggled. “How far does the tide come in?””Hardly at all. A couple of feet up and down. It’s the Mediterranean.””So we could lie in the water for ages and not get swamped.”Dan sprang up and helped her to her feet and they jogged down to the water. June stood for a moment letting the sea splash onto her toes, watching to see where the waves ended. She carefully sat where the last of each ripple arrived, settling herself so the water washed up to her pussy.Lying back, holding herself on her elbows, she spread her legs and watched as the next wave ran towards her. The water washed in and she let out a tiny cry. As the next one approached she reached down with her fingers and spread her labia, giggling some more as the water made contact inside.”Are you enjoying that?””It’s wild. I thought the water would be colder. Does your cock shrink when it’s cold?””You’re itching to find out aren’t you.””Can I make it nice and hard first and have you in me.””So I fuck you and freeze my balls at the same time?””If it’s too awful we can stop.”He knelt along side her and she rolled a little sideways holding his balls and using her tongue to play with the head of his cock. In another minute she was starting to take him completely into her mouth. She had him hard and very deep when a slightly bigger wave appeared and made her gasp, sucking his cock so far she almost choked.She flung herself back on the sand, taking a huge breath.”Fuck me. Quick.””But…””Fuck me.”Dan swung himself into position  and found her cunt in one motion, holding his breath and dreading the arrival of a wave. When it came he couldn’t help his body spasming, forcing his cock as deep as it would go, jerking and driving his way in as his body reacted to the water.”Ugh. Yes. Yes,” June moaned, her hands wrapping around him, clutching him tight as another wave poured over them, the water this time coming to a trickling halt at her shoulders, washing into her armpits and dragging another gasping breath.”Keep going, keep fucking me, cum if you can.”Dan needed little encouragement. For the next five minutes they were both writhing in the sand and water, each successive wave adding to the drama until June screamed.”Oh, God, oh, oh, oh, Dan. Oh that’s magic,” she flung her arms out flat on the sand, panting and laughing the same time.”Sorry love,” she said, still catching her breath. “Did you come?” He shook his head.”Sorry I couldn’t help that,” she said.”It’s okay love. It was great anyway. What happened?”She lay in the water for a second and then pushed him off. “Look up,” she said. “There were shooting stars. At least escort şişli five of them, just at the right moment. That was so amazing. I’ll never forget that.”As they both looked at the sky there was another and then another.”I hope we don’t have to pay extra for that.”June hugged herself, rolling from side to side laughing. Eventually she twisted around and kissed him and then rose to her knees and pulled him upright before turning and dragging him into the sea. They walked fifty meters before they were waist deep in the water and June let go and dived ahead of him, swimming, laughing and shrieking for joy.After ten minutes swimming Dan managed to nudge her towards the shore. When they were knee deep she stopped and insisted on playing with his cock.”It’s shrunk. It looks so cute like that but I can’t walk up the beach with it that small, people will wonder why I brought you,” she said, dropping to her knees nuzzling and licking. “I love the way it’s so salty.””It’s the Mediterranean, it’s saltier than the Atlantic.””I don’t care why, I just want to enjoy it.”She kept at it for a minute until Dan had a partial erection then she stood, linked arms with him and strolled through the last of the water and up the beach.”Does this mean I’ve got to constantly have some kind of hard on? People will think I’m a pervert, or taking Viagra all the time.””I’m teasing you but I can’t wait to see what there is on the beach in the morning.””Purely in the interest of science I hope.””Mmmm.””You won’t be able to take pictures, unless they agree.””I expect they’d agree if I was nice to them.””I haven’t said yes to that yet.””Do you think you will?” she said, nuzzling up to him and pulling him close. He stopped walking for a moment, apparently lost in thought.”In the interests of pure research I would like to see how horny you get if you were deprived for a few days.””I wouldn’t be deprived if you fuck me. You pretty much have to don’t you? It’s our honeymoon.””The way I see it there are a number of choices, do you want to know what they are or should I surprise you?””Tell me.””Either I could make you wait longer than eighteen hours and see what happens, or I could make sure to fuck you more often than that and see if that cooled things.””I might just get used to doing it more often.”So you want to go for option one?””I didn’t say that.””What about I use that random app of yours. Each time we have sex we hit up a number and that’s how long to the next time. I know you like sticking to the rules.”June stopped him, pushed him to the floor and lay on top of him.”I’d forgotten what fun you are,” she said, kissing him. wiping the wet hair from his face and teasing his chest with her nipples.”Do you really want to fuck other people?” he said.”Not if it upsets you.””If I let you and then found that I didn’t like it… um…” his voice cracked a little. “Would you be able to stop or would you… I don’t know how to say this. I shouldn’t have started on it. Sorry.””Or would I cheat behind your back?””No. No. I wasn’t thinking mecidiyeköy that.””Would I leave you? Would I be upset with you?””It’s the first week of our proper honeymoon. Maybe it’s not the time for this.”She rolled over and pulled him on top of her. “Fuck me,” she said. “I want you inside me. You’re hard enough and you’ll get harder, please get inside of me.”She reached down and grabbed his cock, expertly working with her fingers and pulling his mouth onto hers at the same time. Her tongue explored him as she guided his cock into place and then gripped his buttocks with both hands and pulled him in.”That’s better,” she said, her vaginal muscles squeezing him as she began to gently buck and thrust with her hips. “Most of all I want you. Never doubt that. I do like other cocks, I like the variety, the challenge, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get any. There are toys, and there’s you, I’ll cope.” She squeezed him again and nuzzled him with her nose. “I know it was bad of me to drop all that New York stuff on you. Horrible of me, I feel like a bitch for doing it, but better now than you finding out next year or something.”He pulled back a little to look at her. “How on earth would I have found out?””You would have. One thing I did discover from all my sex research is that cheaters always get found out. I think it’s a kind of law of the universe, like gravity or summer following spring. Something would happen, it always does. That’s part of why I wanted to tell you straight away. I wanted to tell you because I was proud of myself too. I bet you couldn’t find many wives who go to such lengths to give their husband great sex. Mostly I had to tell you because I love you and I couldn’t imagine living with that secret for the rest of my life.””But you said I could still surprise you. Don’t surprises have to be secret? Are there rules for this, I mean how long can you keep a secret before it’s too long?”She shrieked with laughter, wrapped her arms around him and rolled the two of them over so she was on top. Her hips ground into him squeezing him from the inside, gyrating and humping up and down until she suddenly collapsed onto him.”Sorry,” she said. “I beat you to it again. Now you’ll have to do me when we get to bed.””What was that about?””I love the way you bounced it back at me. That’s what I get from marrying you.””Banter?””No silly wicked boy, equality, giving me as good as you get. None of those other cocks are going to do that.””So what do they do?””They do me silly, or I do them, but there’s no depth.””No depth?””I’m not talking about inches, even those with more inches than you, they fuck my body, they don’t love me. The bullish guys like to show what great studs they are, the small guys want to show how grateful they are. It’s physical. It’s fun but it’s a million miles from what you give me.””I’m going to need a lot of educating.””It’s selfish.  If I fuck a stranger I’m doing it because I fancy it, I don’t have to think about them. If I suck someone’s cock it’s the same as licking an ice cream. I can enjoy it without wondering if the ice cream likes it.” She paused for a second. “That’s not completely true, I have to pay some attention, they have to like it or they’d go all floppy.” She stopped again.

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