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Tina’s Nautical Adventure

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It was an impressive boat. He said it was an 80 foot custom yacht. I arrived at the marina on a sunny Saturday morning in San Diego and found slip number E-12. It was a white boat with black windows and it appeared to be three levels high. There was a patio set on the second level where two gentlemen were sitting, drinking coffee and reading newspapers.

I was wearing my sexiest two piece black swimsuit with short cutoffs pulled over the bottom. I had on flip flops and carried a small weekend bag over my shoulder. As I approached the boat, both gentlemen stood up and one yelled down to me, “Are you Tina?”

I smiled up at them and responded, “Yes I am,”

They both met me at the back of the boat and helped me climb in. Both men were in their early 50’s with very nice tans and both were in good physical condition. As they had previously told me, they were business partners from Phoenix that were 1/4 share owners of the yacht. They used it several times a year to get away from their wives and go fishing out at sea. I met one of the men, Mark, on line a few weeks before where we got into some sexy chat sessions.

He knew I was a struggling recently divorced mom, in my forties who was in-between jobs and looking at the want ads every day. After a few chat sessions, he said he would hire me to be a crew member on his boat and the amount he offered was almost too good to be true. He knew I had no experience but made it clear I was not being hired for my knowledge of the sea or boats. I was desperate and at the same time a little excited about such an offer. After all, none of my friends or family had to know details. It was just a job like any other but I suspected there were more strings attached.

My boys stayed with their dad for a few weeks and my friend watched my apartment and dog. I was going out on a million dollar yacht on a new adventure and I had only the most basic knowledge of what my new job would be, or so I thought.

After I boarded and the introductions were done between Mark, John, and me, Mark handed me a contract to sign. It was very short and the basic idea was that I had to agree to do everything I was told by the captain and crew in exchange for my very generous compensation. I agreed after scanning it and signed the contract knowing full well there may be some liberties taken. I was ready for it. I was excited by the fact these two men seemed pleased at my appearance and willingness to sail with them. As a divorced mom of two boys, I have not had a lot of dating opportunities and these two men were checking me out like they had never seen a woman before. I was flattered.

They invited me up to the next level where John settled in behind a big steering wheel. Mark and I sat on a sofa by a nice wooden bar. John messed with the buttons and switches and I could feel the engines start up. It was still quiet but I could feel a subtle vibration all around me. He was talking to someone on the radio about undoing the lines and we began to slowly move out of the slip. I could see us pulling into the harbor through the huge windows opposite my seat. This was so exciting. I did not know where to look. I watched John handle the controls and I wanted to watch out the window to see all the other expensive boats in the harbor. I was riding in a very expensive boat with a couple of rich guys. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was somebody important. I had only seen things like this in the movies.

Just then, the back door opened and two younger, tanned men entered the lounge we were in. Mark introduced them as the real crew. They stayed with the boat full time for all of the various owners and did all maintenance, cleaning, food prep, and dirty work for the fishing. I think they actually lived on the boat full time. They looked like college age boys or young men and they were very well mannered. After a short introduction, they went up some stairs to another level.

I asked Mark if there were any other people on board. He said there were not. Just the four men and me – the newest crew member. He said that with a very evil grin.

We were moving very very slow through the harbor. I saw hundreds of yachts, smaller boats and sailboats. I even saw a big Navy ship of some kind. I learned there was a Navy base right in the San Diego harbor. Mark asked me what I liked to drink and I told him I loved margaritas. He mixed up a pitcher and poured each of us a drink over ice. As we got further away from the docks and the waterway widened, we began to go a little faster. I could see the opening to the ocean about a mile ahead. I asked Escort Sincan Mark what my first duties would be. I was anxious to learn what I would be doing for the next two weeks.

“As soon as we get out to the open sea, I will explain everything,” he said. “Just relax and enjoy the ride for now. We like to get about 20 or 30 miles out before we talk about fishing or any other plans.” He went on after a few minutes and said, “I will tell you the first rule though. Once we clear that point up ahead, we will be out of the harbor and this boat has a rule that no females on board will wear clothes out of the harbor.”

“What,” I said? “You want me to take my clothes off? And then what?”

“Nothing else,” he said. You just have to be naked past that point. “Rules are rules.”

“But seriously, I am 44 years old,” I said. “I am a mother of two. I am just an average woman in average shape. You really don’t want me running around naked. You act like I am a playboy model or stripper or something.”

“That’s exactly what we like,” he said. “We love average, but cute, curvy women. We can go to the strip clubs for twenty something college girls. Both John and I are attracted to you. You are much more attractive to us than you think. Now get undressed, you have about 1 minute before you are in violation of the rules. You don’t want to be disciplined before we even get started?”

“Disciplined? What does that mean,” I asked?

“It is all in the contract you signed,” he said. The captain has full discretion to disciple the crew as needed to keep order on the ship. But we won’t need that if you comply.”

So I stood up and slid my shorts down as he watched me. I kicked them off and hesitated for a minute. He looked right at me and said, “Now the swimsuit honey.”

I unfastened my top and very slowly let it slide down my arms and drop to the floor. His eyes were fixed on my D cup breasts. I am a brunette with dark, large nipples and my breasts hang more than I would like after two big baby boys and 44 years of gravity. I am also not as slim around the waist as I was a few years ago. I was very nervous standing there like that in front of him. And his friend John was right behind him steering the boat.

“Very nice,” he said. I love them mom boobs. Now the bottoms.”

I have been naked in front of men before. I was married once and have had at least a dozen boyfriends over the years. But this was different. I was just stripping in front of a man I just met minutes before and he was looking at me as a pure sex object. I was excited. I was so excited; my nipples were hard as though I was in a cold spray. But I was embarrassed and a little scared at the same time. I loved that he was turned on by me and I loved him directing me. This was a completely new experience for me. I never did anything like this before. I have fantasized about stripping but here I was doing for real. Fifteen years ago I might not have been so self conscious about my body. But I took a deep breath and placed my hands on my bikini bottom and slid it down over my hips and dropped it to the floor. I kicked it off over by the top.

“Very nice,” he said. “I like the shaved beaver. If you didn’t have that, I would have requested it. Now come back over here and finish your drink.”

“What if the boys come back down,” I asked?

“Just get used to that,” he said as he laughed. “You will not have any clothes on at all for 2 weeks. They will see you.”

And as if right on queue, they came back down the stairs and just looked at me standing there naked in the middle of the room. I tried to cover up but you know what that looks like. John also turned around to stare after I felt him move the engines to full power.

There I was, a 44 year old mom of two who was standing nude in front of four strange men, out in the ocean and rapidly heading away from land. It all came to me at that point. I must have been pretty naïve to agree to this. I even signed a contract agreeing to obey all orders. I just realized what those orders were going to be. I expected some flirting with Mark and even more if we really hit it off. Instead, I was facing 2 weeks of things beyond anything I ever fantasized. But I was heading away from any help or any chance of escape if things went wrong. What did I get myself into?

And I was not proven wrong. After about 30 minutes of full power, Mark slowed us to a complete stop and shut off the engines. I looked out the windows and realized I could not see land.

John said, “We are no longer in U.S. waters or U.S. jurisdiction. Now the Eryaman Escort only law that applies is the captain’s.” I saw a very evil grin form on his lips. “And the captain is a real pervert.”

Mark stood up and unfastened his shorts, dropping them to the floor. He had a very nice sized, semi-hard penis. “As the captain,” he said “My first order to you Miss Tina is to come over here and suck my cock.”

I knew something like this was coming. “Can we do this in private,” I asked?

“This is as private as it’s going to get,” he laughed.

I knew I had no choice so walked up to him and kneeled in front of him. The others sat around the room and watched intently. I glanced once more around the room and sure enough, all eyes were glued on me. I used my best skill and maneuvered under his penis, taking it in my mouth. I grasped his naked buns with my hands and slowly worked my mouth up his shaft. He was completely hard in about fifteen seconds and quite large. His penis stood straight out from his body as it got completely hard. That part I liked. My ex husband didn’t get that hard any more. I worked slowly at first and then faster with about every third or fourth downward motion going all the way to his base. Each time I went all the way down where my nose touched his belly, the guys in the room made gasping noises. Guys are impressed by that. I alternated between gently scraping my teeth up and down his shaft and the head of his penis with pressing my tongue under it and forcing it against my upper lip and the roof of my mouth. I know from past lovers there is a difference between just going through the motions and actually sucking. I suck and my lover knows the pleasure. I also know that I am not to use my hands unless he asks me to.

He lasted a long time but I finally sensed his breathing and his hip movements quickening and tensing. Just when I thought he was close and I was ready to pull off, he grabbed me by the back of the head and forced himself in my mouth. I felt his spasm and tasted his semen all at the same time. I have not done that in a long time but he forced it and I had that nasty taste in my mouth for the first time in years. He spurted several times over about a minute and I just swallowed it as he panted. Finally, a few minutes later, after he was done, he let go of my head and let me lean back.

“Very good,” he said. “I like the non-hands motion. And just to be clear, you will swallow all cum. That is another rule. Don’t try to pull off ever again.”

I took a big gulp of my margarita and turned to face the men again. John was unfastening his shorts and smiled at me. I knew I was going to have to do him next. I had never been with two men before, much less four. I was feeling like a prostitute. I even asked Mark at that point, “Why don’t you guys just hire prostitutes for this?”

He replied that anyone can hire a prostitute but having a local neighborhood mom serving the crew is every man’s fantasy. He said he wanted to see if he could turn me into a real slut.

I already felt like a real slut.

At that point I was just about ready for more. I walked over to John with much more confidence and pushed him back on the sofa. I kneeled in front of him and began sucking his penis with enthusiasm. I knew I was in for a few weeks of crazy fun so why not get into it. I went down on him for only about 10 minutes before he tensed up. I followed orders and just stayed on him as he climaxed into my mouth. It was very nasty but I took it all and swallowed it. All the guys clapped and cheered. I was their entertainment and I was succeeding in getting them off…..me…..just an average mom from Chicago. I was being their whore and loving it. If my ex could only see me now.

I got up and drank a whole margarita down. Maybe the alcohol was adding to my new mood. I don’t know. Just then, the two young guys left. I was actually disappointed because I thought they were next. Mark told me they had some work to do but would be visiting me in my room later that night. Mark, John, and I sat in the lounge for a few more hours, drinking margaritas and just getting to know each other. I was nude of course. I learned they had plans to role play with me and do a number of sexual kinky things over the two weeks. They were both real perverts whose wives were not interested in their games. I must say I was not really sure I was ready for all the things we discussed but I was going to try. The made it clear that they owned me and they could do as they please. They sat on either side of me, feeling and groping my breasts. At one point Keçiören Escort Mark had me lay on the coffee table facing them and spread my legs for them. He commented that he liked my vagina and told me to spread it open for them. I know strippers do this but that was even more demeaning than giving a blow job. John said he was going to have fun seeing what all he could fit in there. I know my ex complained about its size after having two very big babies. But these guys acted impressed rather than disappointed.

Early in the afternoon, we ate lunch and Mark took me to my cabin. It had a nice big bed. It was almost king sized. He opened my bag and took out my extra clothes including a bra, a few panties and both swimsuits. He picked up my other swimsuit and shorts. He said, “you will get all this back when we return to San Diego.”

As he left, he said, “Come on back up on deck whenever you are ready or just relax a while.”

He was gone about 30 seconds when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and the two young guys pushed their way into my room. “Are you ready for your blowjobs guys,” I asked?

They both laughed and grabbed me to push me on the bed. One held my wrists as the other unfastened his pants, forced my legs apart and forced his penis into my vagina. It happened so fast, I almost forgot what my deal was. I fought and struggled because I did not know what was going on. As a struggled, the one guy held my wrists tightly while the one raping me held a hand over my mouth and another hand tight around my throat. These guys were rough. I was scared…..and excited all at the same time. He was not gentle. He pounded me hard and in a matter of minutes, he climaxed inside me. Lucky for me, I am very good about my birth control. He never even thought about a condom.

As soon as he finished, the other one swung around and rammed his already-hard penis into me. They did not have to hold me down any more. I was not fighting. He raped me for about 15 minutes and also climaxed inside me. They both got up and got dressed. One said, “We will be back tonight. See you at dinner.” Then they closed the door behind them. All I could do was lay there, stunned. I knew the deal but they were so rough-and not at all like the well mannered young guys I thought.

Later on, after dinner, where I was still nude, I had to give both Mark and John blowjobs again. And I got my dessert again. Mark told me I was going to be a great addition to the crew and he would give me the rest of the night off. But of course, as soon as I went to my cabin, the boys came in. This time, they did not even knock. Over the next few hours, they both raped me twice and I had to lick and suck various parts of their bodies. They did talk to me a lot more and told me the guys have done this before and they will be getting very kinky over the next few days.

Sure enough, the next 13 days were interesting. The guys did some fishing. They shot guns off the back of the boat. They drank a lot and ate a lot. But in between, we had sex at least a hundred times in ways I never imagined. It would take a hundred pages to describe everything. There will be more writing. They tied me up in different ways. They raped me. They used toys on me. They made me do things I have never done. I licked places I never licked.

At times I was treated like a queen and at others, I was just a slave. They pleased me and tortured me. But more than that, they pleased themselves. I was there to provide sex and entertainment. I was a whore, their private whore. At no point could I see land. I was their captive and they knew it. But the adventure and excitement were beyond compare. I was sexually free and my friends and family would never know. I even enjoyed swallowing semen and being raped repeatedly. I know that sounds odd but I think it has been said that you bond with your captors. Of course I actually volunteered but I should have read the contract.

I woke up early on the second day and showered. I wrapped in a towel and climbed two sets of stairs to the main cabin. Mark and John were nude and drinking coffee. John grabbed my towel and violently jerked it away. “Don’t make mw take your towels away too.” He said. I apologized and sat down.

We had coffee and fruit as the boys worked outside. After breakfast, John got up and carried a gym bag over to me. He fumbled around and pulled out four leather cuffs with steel rings attached. Without asking, he fastened them tightly to my wrists and ankles.

“We have a fun day planned for you” he said. “If you need to go to the bathroom, you better go now. You might not be free to go until tonight.” They both laughed and as I headed down the stairs, I saw them both removing coils of rope and other leather and metal devices from the bag.

I knew my second day was going to be a bigger challenge than my first.

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