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Three’s Company

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Alone, in the candlelit darkness of her friend’s bedroom, Julie momentarily questioned her sanity. What was she doing? Her eyes darted to the door; the thought of making a break for it crossing her mind. Of course, if she ran, she would never be able to look Megan or John in the eyes again. Then again, if she proceeded in the direction she was heading, she probably wouldn’t either. She started to swing her legs over the edge of the bed when Megan came back into the room, bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in hand, followed closely by John and three glasses.

“I am sorry it took so long, Jules,” Megan apologized, her full bottom lip pouting playfully. “John couldn’t find the glasses.”

“Um, that’s okay…” Knowing that her escape had been thoroughly thwarted, Julie resigned herself, and eagerly accepted a glass of the mind-numbing, ruby nectar. She swallowed a huge gulp, not acknowledging Megan’s chuckle.

“Don’t be nervous, Jules.” She reassured. “If you don’t want to do this, all you have to do is say the word. And if you want to stop at any time, it is over. You’re with friends. We are not going to judge you if you change your mind.” She sat on the edge of the bed, and ran her fingers through her friend’s hair. “Are you sure that you are okay with this?”

Julie nodded affirmatively. This was something that the three of them had been discussing for a long time, although it was usually with a large degree of humor. She had always thought that Megan was the most beautiful creature in the world, and despite the fact that she had never considered herself even remotely homosexual, was not going to let this opportunity be lost to a case of cold feet.

“Good.” John’s deep whisper cut through the silent tension that had ensued following Megan’s question, as he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Julie’s forehead. She almost pulled away, ankara escort but the hungry look in Meg’s blue eyes stopped her. She downed the rest of the wine, welcoming its inhibition-erasing haze, and mustered up the courage to smile at Megan. She leaned forward to sit her glass on the nightstand, and Megan chose that moment move in for a kiss.

Julie’s eyes widened as Megan’s lips found hers. She couldn’t believe how quickly she melted into her friend, yielding her mouth to Meg’s tongue, and then kissing back as fervently as she had ever kissed anyone in her life. She felt John’s hands begin to caress her shoulders, sliding the straps of her satin nightie down; followed by the sensation of his lips where the thin strips of material had rested. Meg pulled back and looked into her eyes.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” Meg whispered, not releasing Julie’s gaze. John was still kissing her, his lips now trailing a path toward her hard nipple.

“Yes,” was the only word Julie could muster, and it came out as little more than a breathless whisper, followed by a sharp intake of breath as John’s mouth found her nipple. She arched her back, instinctively, and he pulled her closer to him, running his hand down the small of her back, and cupping her ass. She moaned, and Megan kissed her hard on the mouth.

Megan’s kiss, sweetened by the wine, tasted better than anything Julie had ever experienced in her life. Their tongues swirled together, and their lips meshed. Megan playfully nipped Julie’s bottom lip, and Julie giggled into her mouth. Unable to help herself, she reached for Megan’s breasts, grasping and squeezing them just enough to incite a moan. Meg’s hand found hers, and began to guide it slowly down.

John, enticed by the display, had become an onlooker. He watched intently as Julie’s hand slid into his wife’s panties, and thought he escort ankara was going to explode. Through the thin material, he could see Julie’s fingers, only hesitating for a split second, begin to massage Megan.

Megan arched herself to meet Julie’s touch and moaned into her mouth. Her friend was driving her absolutely wild; her fingers were sliding over her clit, while her hot tongue darted in and out of her mouth, across her lips. She pulled away from Julie’s insistent mouth, and caught her husbands gaze. She nodded to him, and he once again joined them in their exploration, taking Julie’s nipple into his mouth and sliding his hand between her legs.

“You are so wet,” he groaned, sliding his middle finger slowly into her pussy. In and out he slid it, timing his fingers to Julie’s as she continued to rub Megan’s clit.

Julie was hotter than she had ever been in her life. She felt John’s finger sliding in and out of her pussy, and then up to her clit. And then back. She felt Megan’s clit, harder and slicker than a marble in hot oil against her fingers. She knew that she was going to go insane. Her breathing was ragged and uneven, and she could feel herself losing it. Just then, as if they had timed it beforehand, Megan and John pulled away. She moaned, desperate.

Her desperation was short lived, however. A split second after pulling away from her, John had Julie on her back, her legs dangling over the edge of the bed. He pushed her knees apart and cupped her ass in his hands. Before she knew what was happening, he lifted her pussy to his mouth and began to tease her gently with his tongue. Taunting her. First, licking her clit, and then nipping the inside of her thighs, finally slipping his tongue inside of her.

Julie was going wild. She arched her back to meet John’s teasing tongue, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted him ankara escort bayan inside of her, completely. She was going to cum, and she wanted his cock in her when she did.

“John…” she moaned. It was all he needed to hear. He shot a glance at his wife, who had been watching intently, her finger sliding against her clit. He stood, and raised Julie’s hips even higher. In one swift motion, he was buried deep inside her. She yelled out his name, and thrust her hips to meet his.

Megan, knowing what John’s glance had been asking for, began nuzzling and kissing Julie’s nipples, and then allowed her kisses to trail downward. Seconds later, she was licking and sucking Julie’s clit, while her husband continued to thrust in and out of her pussy.

Julie was trying to meet Megan’s mouth and John’s cock with each thrust of her hips. She couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling, and she knew that it was going to end in moments; she could feel the first waves of orgasm washing over her.

She grasped Megan’s thigh, pulling her toward her. Without removing her mouth from Julie’s clit, Megan twisted herself around, on hands and knees, inches above Julie. As she continued to suck on Julie, Megan felt Julie’s hands grasp her hips, pulling her pussy toward her mouth. She felt Julie’s tongue push insistently into her pussy while her fingers once again found and began massaging her clit.

Megan’s orgasm was explosive; the contractions seemed to go on forever. Even while she came, she didn’t ease her assault on Julie. She sucked even harder than she had before, steadily, until she felt Julie tense and then arch convulsively.

As Julie’s pussy tightened around his cock, John thrust even deeper, and she moaned; still meeting his thrusts. He felt it the moment her orgasm truly took her over, and he slammed into her again and again. His moans mingled with hers as he came.

Much later, when the three of them had recovered, Julie looked at Megan, and kissed her lips again. John, leaning against the headboard, watched intently as Julie’s hand slid down his wife’s stomach…

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