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This Is The Future!

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Hannah had wanted Nic for a long time. Whenever she saw him, her mind would wander to the naughty things she wanted to do to him. To Nic, Hannah would just be another notch on his bedpost. He was a complete stud. Everyone wanted him, even the boys (not only the gay ones, especially people like Ben.W he had wanted Nic in his gay oral world for a long time, now more than ever. But now Nic is with Hannah, so Ben had no chance). On this particular day, Nic was looking even more sexy than usual, and Hannah had noticed this. She had decided to lure him back to her house after school.

The last lesson of the day was French, and the class had been given homework. Hannah saw this as an opportunity to get Nic into bed, so she went to speak to him:

“Nic, I don’t think I’ll be able to do the French homework on my own, it’s too hard. Will you come to my house with me after school and help me with it please?”

While asking Nic, she made sure to stick her bountiful chest out as far as it would go (very far).

“Sure baby, I’m up for any extra-curricular antalya escort activity. But only if we can do it naked.”

Hannah giggled loudly to Nic’s sexual innuendo.

As Hannah and Nic left the main entrance of the school, Nic reached behind her and gave her tight arse a squeeze. Hannah jumped and squealed a little, giving Nic a cheeky grin.

When they arrived at Hannah’s front door, Hannah reached into her pocket to get her keys out.

“Let me do that for you baby.”

Nic placed his hand into Hannah’s trouser pocket, his fingers searching for her keys while sliding along her quivering thigh.

Hannah gasped and let out a groan.

Once they had got into the house, Hannah led Nic up to her room.

“My family have all gone out; they won’t be back for hours.”

“That gives me a lot of time to see how good you are at doing real homework.” Nic replied.

Hannah closed her bedroom door, and threw her school bag into the corner. She immediately went on to take off her jumper.

“It’s kemer escort really hot in here, Nic. Here, let me take your shirt off for you.”

Hannah did so, and stood gazing at his amazingly manly chest.

“How about we go and sit on the bed, Hannah?”

Hannah sauntered over to the bed, showing Nic her sexy curvy figure.

“You are too fit for words…”

And with that, Nic took all of his clothes off and laid Hannah down on the bed. Sliding her trousers off, he revealed her sexy firm legs and an ass that just cried out to be touched. Now he went on to lift off her grey polo shirt and then her bra. Nic stared at Hannah’s large juicy tits, probably some of the best in the school.

Nic didn’t have to do anything more; Hannah took off all of her kinky blue and white string thong and stood in front of Nic, her sexy slim figure shining with feminine beauty.

Nic couldn’t help himself. He grabbed her around the waist and pushed her back onto the bed, where they embraced and began getting konyaaltı escort off with each other in a passionate rage.

Now it was Hannah’s turn to shine. She pushed Nic underneath her and straddled his long member, feeling it vibrate inside of her. Nic went with the flow, pushing his hips and large cock right inside her.

Hannah loved it, she was bouncing up and down and screaming by now. She was loving every minute of it, and she wanted more.

They had been going at it for at least 10 minutes by now, and Nic was going to cum his hot fresh cream inside of her. 5 seconds passed by and… BANG! In went the cream, and Hannah immediately responded to this by going into her own orgasm. She screamed so loud, I think even the neighbours heard and she had when the next door neighbours had been having their own private love affair. She loved the fact that Nic Mortimer was inside her minge.

After about 5 minutes of just laying with each other, gasping for breath after their passionate sex session, Nic decided it was time to go. He slid out of her, and put on his clothes.

“We’ll have to do this again, Hannah.”

“Yeah, we will.”

Nic went over to her and sucked both her nipples. She squealed with excitement.

“I love doing French homework,” Nic said, as he walked out of Hannah’s house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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