Eylül 23, 2023

Therapist Ch. 02

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This story contains non consensual sex. This is FICTIONAL and everyone is OVER 18. If you read this story, you have done so at your own discretion.

Beer_tease is the co-author of this story.


When I walked into the office the waiting room had a small window and a hallway that lead behind the receptionist desk. I stood at the desk and looked around. Not seeing anyone, I turned to take a seat, but knocked over the bell. It made a lot of clatter. I quickly picked it up and set it back onto the desk. That was when a young, voluptuous Asian girl came out. Kim Song was the name on the desk.

Smiling meekly I apologized for knocking over the bell.

She smiled at me with perfect teeth. Kim was beautiful, being Asian I couldn’t even begin to guess her age, but she couldn’t be much older than I. She handed me a clipboard with several papers to fill out. Kim told me to fill them out to the best of my ability and to be sure to read everything. I took a seat in one of the chairs in the waiting room and glanced back at Kim. She was leaned over the desk, giving me a full view of her over exposed cleavage, pointing at the bell and turned to walk back down the hall. I watched her and the slit that opened up from the back with each stride, hiding enough to keep it tantalizing.

I sat down in the waiting room, no one else there, and began to fill out the paperwork. Trying very hard to ignore the dull throbbing ache that emanated from between my legs. After about 30 min, tired, I stopped reading and just started signing where all the highlighted x’s were, and rang the bell.

After waiting for a few minutes, about to sit back down, I heard a sound causing me to look up and see Kim walking her slow sultry walk back to the receptionist bursa escort desk. Flipping through the pages of the clipboard, she smiling she gave me a small nod and waving her hand towards the door at the end of the hall.

Entering a small room, full of potted plants, paintings and other small decorative items randomly placed on the different end tables. There was a large round oak coffee table placed in the middle of two large leather couches. Windows covered two of the adjacent walls. Walking towards one of the windows, I looked down into the sporadically crowded street three floors down. Turning back around, I placed both of my hands on the back of a couch and looked at the door that I came in, and noticed a second set of double doors.

I sat on the couch facing the doors, with my legs apart and my hands resting on my inner thighs. Wearing inappropriately short shorts, I let my fingers rub against my inner thigh, wondering what this therapist would do, if he caught me diddling my clit. Would he join me? At that moment, I heard a knock at the double doors.

Crossing my legs I said, “Hello?”

Dr. Alex Miller walked in, smiling. Walking in with a tie and slacks, looking absolutely amazing realizing what a mistake this was. How was I suppose to confess my inner most desires to such a gorgeous man. A man that filled my repertoire of what got me achey between my legs. Handsome, and powerful. I felt the blush run up my cheeks as I stood up and he reached a hand out to me. Taking his, he shook it introducing himself.

“Hello, I am Dr. Alex Miller. Please take a seat. I am sorry that I have left you waiting for so long.”

I smiled, I didn’t know what else to say.

We both sat down. I watched him flip through the bursa escort bayan clipboard that I had filled out earlier. Dr. Alex Miller took a lot more time looking at it than Kim the Receptionist did.

I was taken aback at how his aura felt across the table. I have no other way of saying it. The charisma that was dripping off of this man made me want to open my legs and beg him to take me right then and there. I took an audible deep breathe and causing him to look up at me and smile.

“Is everything okay?” Even his words dripped with something that made me want to sit between his legs and beg him to call me whatever he wanted.

“Yes, no.” I smiled nervously.

Laughing, “good point, if everything was great you wouldn’t be here.”

I smiled. I had no other response.

Placing the clipboard behind a notepad, he smiled at me, “Typically, these first session is to let us feel each other out. To see if we are a good fit for each other, and to see if I can provide the help you are searching for.”

Once again, I sat there smiling like some nervous high school brat waiting for a boy at the freshman dance to ask me for a dance.

Facing me the thought of how I was going to tell this complete stranger my sick dirty fantasies made me even more nervous.

Sensing the nerves jingling around in my gut, Dr. Alex Miller smile at me and said, “there is no reason to be nervous around me. Would it ease your tension if I told you to just call me Alex, or Dr. Alex if you want to leave it formal?”

“Yes.” I mumbled out, but what I really wanted to say was, ‘Please, let me suck your cock. That should ease whatever nerves I have.”

I’m such a coward.

Dr. Alex continued the session by asking me little escort bursa questions about myself, my adjustment to college, etc. The conversation naturally flowed, and it seemed intentional he didn’t ask me why I had made this appointment. He was definitely trying to find out as much as he could, and took notes during our conversation. In no time, our appointment was over, and I made one for next Tuesday at the same time.

I left through the double doors. There was another hallway, a door to the left and another set of double doors at the end of the hallway. Dr. Alex pointed me to the double doors, stating that the one on the left was his office. Walking through the second set of double doors I found a second waiting room. Having a few large cushy leather chairs, and a pair of end tables with flowers an tissue boxes. I smiled at Dr. Alex who shook my hand in farewell.

When I got home, I let all of my cloths fall to the floor. I pushed all of the objects and magazines off of my coffee table. It wasn’t nearly the size of Dr. Alex’s but it still had to do.

I angled both of my legs as if they were in stirrups. I let my fingers trace my nipples. Letting them harden as I imagined Dr. Alex lovingly place a nipple into his mouth and roll it around with his tongue. I let my fingers glide down my stomach to my already hardened nub, pretending that Dr. Alex was slowly licking up and down my slit.

I placed my other hand above my head, allowing Dr. Alex to hold both of my hands above my head as he slowly eased his thick cock into my sacred virgin hole. I kept moving my hand gently over my clit as I let him continue sliding his cock lovingly in and out of me. Slowly building both of our climaxes as we cum together. Embracing each other on top of his large oak coffee table. Lulling into sleep by the quiet noises of life outside.

Waking up a few hours later, still on top of my coffee table. I couldn’t help but wonder why I had a fantasy like that one, still being able to get off. It confused me. Normally, there had to be some sort of force.

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