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Theatre de Amore Ch. 06: Jenny Goes Down

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Theatre de Amore resides solely in the realm of fantasy. Everyone in this series is a consenting adult (18+ years of age). (Elements contained in this story include: oral sex, f/f sex).

* * * * *

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I squealed. I didn’t wait for an answer before I threw my arms around Selena and squeezed her tight.

“Air,” she gasped.

I laughed and released her, taking a step back.

“Are you sure Billy approved this?” I asked.

“Absolutely. I’m taking the month off from performances, and he’s still working on the next play, so we decided to showcase some of the talents of our other cast members. If they’re willing. You’re willing, I take it?”

“Is it a play, or just the dancing?” I asked, linking my arm through hers and steering her out of the staff common room where she’d located me. “Oh! And what about an outfit? I mean, I have an outfit somewhere in my closet that’ll work, but if there’s time, maybe we can design something new? Who else is going to be performing? Who’s going to perform with me? Do I get to dance alone, or–“

“Jenny!” she interrupted, unable to repress an amused smile. “What do you want to do? That’s the point of the showcase. We want you all to put it together. Though Billy did mention maybe you’d approach it as a woman seducing the ruler of a kingdom, or something like that.”

“Oooohhhh,” I said, thinking.

Billy did seem to love his seduction plays, but that wasn’t for me if I was going to be running my own show. I cut my eyes toward Selena. “No, not a ruler. I mean, not a male ruler. I want to seduce a woman.” I stopped walking and turned my head toward her. “The raks sharqi isn’t actually meant as a seductive dance. That’s Western thinking.”

“The what-who?”

“Raks sharqi. What you call belly dancing. It’s actually a dance celebrating femininity, and all that jazz. But if I’m gonna seduce someone, I pick a woman.” I grinned. “Tell Billy for me. He’ll listen to you.”

“If that’s what you want to do, do that.”

I resumed walking, tugging Selena along with me down the hallway while I thought about this little proposition.

Billy usually arranged our theatre work, and I wondered how much control he was going to relinquish over this showcase. He was pretty serious about the performance stuff, because he was some big shot theatre guy. Or was. He retired a few years ago, but then he could afford to.

I also wondered how much his favorite ‘seduction of an important man’ work was really about himself and Selena. Wondering about Selena and Billy’s relationship was a hobby of mine. I couldn’t figure out their exact relationship, so I liked to make up random stories about it to amuse myself. Gossiping about Billy and Selena was sort of the staff past time, so it’s not like I was the only one.

My favorite rumor is the one where Billy supposedly kidnapped Selena from a nunnery. I could almost believe it. For a hot bitch who managed a sex club, she could be hilariously naïve sometimes. And she’d never even been with a woman! Be still, my sinister little heart. I had plans for that girl.

Whenever the nun story comes up, I like to think of her wearing a nun habit. Then I like to modify that picture in my imagination. Nuns had never been sexy to me until I heard that rumor. Now I was pretty sure I wouldn’t mind finding myself some religion.

Still, my personal theory, the one I bet on in the office pool, is that Selena is some kind of poor little rich girl that Billy met and rescued. I have a picture in my mind of her as a princess locked in an ivory tower, maybe by weirdly religious parents. It might explain why she doesn’t know anything about pop culture, but can quote ancient Greek philosophers on the fly. Weird girl. Weird in a hot way, that is. Remember the sexy librarian chick from The Mummy? Yeah, that kind of vibe.

We reached our destination and I threw open the door to our little dance and yoga studio. I pulled my thoughts away from Selena’s origins and went right into negotiations. By negotiations, I mean that I decided to beg a little. Yeah, well, pride is for sports teams.

“Can I dance twice? Once alone and once with a couple of the other girls? You know Pixie belly dances, and I’m pretty sure we can find at least one other person.” I bounced up on my toes. “Pretty please, Selena? Pretty, pretty please?”

I released her and took three graceful leaps toward the practice floor. I whirled back toward her, tipping my head slightly. She looked surprised. She knew I danced, but I’m betting she had no idea I could actually be graceful when I tried. I rolled my hips and winked at her.

“Not that I mind the idea of using the awesome power of my bod to seduce anyone,” I said, a sly note in my voice. I lifted my arms overhead and crossed them at the wrist. I caught her eyes and held them with my own while I twitched my hips slowly from side to side.

“Yes, fine,” she said faintly. “Two dances.”

I tipped my head back and let loose with a loud, ankara escort joyful ululation, startling Selena into laughter. Getting Selena to laugh wasn’t easy. She a fucking inscrutable Sphinx, that one. Also, she usually doesn’t get jokes if they include pop culture references.

“You’re the best, bitch,” I said affectionately, and rolled my hips again. Her eyes narrowed slightly. Some people might have thought that look meant she was annoyed. I knew that’s just how she looked when she was thinking dirty thoughts. That, and I saw the hint of a blush on her cheeks.

“Start rehearsing, hussy,” she said, before turning and hurrying off down the hall. “And be at the staff meeting at five!” she yelled.

I laughed to myself. Selena can talk pretty matter-of-fact about fucking men, but throw a woman in the mix and she gets all flustered. I was pretty sure that I was going to need to up my seduction game, though. I knew she’d let a married man fuck her in front of his wife a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty sure she’s thinking about popping her bi cherry, and I plan on being the lucky bitch that gets there first.

I turned my attention to picking the perfect music for my two dances and set a reminder on my phone for the staff meeting. With any luck, Johnny would be up for staying after and I could get some dick before dinner.

* * * * *

I cornered Pixie on her way to the meeting, and told her we’d be doing a dance together in a couple of weeks. With Pixie, you just tell her what you want her to do, and bless her little submissive heart, she does it.

“Do we get to wear wings?”

“No,” I told her firmly. “But we’ll get some sexy outfits put together and you can put your wings back on right after the show. Maybe Selena will let you do something with that on your own.” She was really into her whole fairy cosplay thing, and I get that. More power to her, but my part of the showcase did not involve fairy wings. Or woodland nymphs. Or whatever she was this week. I never really know with her since that’s not my scene.

She started to walk past me and I playfully slapped her ass. She giggled and flounced away.

“Would you stop sexually harassing the help?” Johnny asked, coming up behind me.

“You’re just jealous it wasn’t your ass.”

“Damn right!”

Johnny and I had become good friends since we both started working at the Club. I lived onsite while he kept a grungy little studio apartment in the city. I thought he was nuts. I may only have one little room to myself, but it’s practically free and the luxuries are pretty fucking spiffy. All right, I thought it would be fun if he were onsite more often, because one thing about Johnny is that he’s always up for almost anything. He is one good time pansexual hunk of man meat and I took advantage of it whenever the mood hit me, something he didn’t seem to mind at all.

“So what’s new around here this week?” he asked, scanning the other workers making their way down to the staff common room.

“I am about to put my plan to seduce Selena into action,” I said in a low, dramatic voice.

“Get the fuck out,” he answered, eyes lighting up with interest. “Selena doesn’t fuck the staff off-hours.”

“I’m not just staff,” I said, sounding completely reasonable. “I am her best girlfriend, and her willing seductress.” I smirked up at him. Fucking tall people. “She wants it. I know that hungry look when I see it on a woman.”

“Any room for me in this little seduction scenario?” He quirked a hopeful eyebrow at me.

“Selena doesn’t fuck staff off-hours,” I told him solemnly, then spoiled it by laughing at him.

“I could be her other best friend. I am exceedingly friendly.”

“No,” I said firmly. “This is my deal. Get your own seduction plan.” I considered. “Actually, I am going to file this under staff training. There, ‘fucking staff off-hours’ issue solved. She needs my help.” I gave him a look. “Besides, it’s not like you haven’t fucked her already. You had your interview with her AND you got to be in at least two plays with her already. Nope, it’s my turn, so keep your dick out of my way.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered. “She’s just so…so…”

“So Selena.”

“Yeah.” He sighed and looked longingly down the hall, where Selena was greeting everyone trickling into the common room.

I knew how he felt. Selena has some whole aura around her that just makes people want her. She knew it, too, but it didn’t make her an unbearable snobby bitch. That was her other appeal. If I didn’t like Selena so much, I’d hate her guts, you know?

Johnny was looking a little letdown after being reminded Selena wasn’t available to him outside our normal work times. I stepped in closer and pressed my fingertips right above where his jeans were buttoned. The muscles in his lower belly jumped and he pulled his attention back to me.

“Got time to stay after?” I raised an eyebrow and smirked slightly. I certainly didn’t have any rules about fucking the other ankara escort bayan staff off-hours. Johnny and I had a good understanding between us, with no expectations of anything outside of an occasional good time.

He took my hand and brazenly placed it on his crotch.

“I always have time after,” he said, and returned my smirk. “You better be ready, because you know I’m going to be half-hard the whole damn meeting now.”

“Honestly, when are you not hard?”

We laughed and he released my hand. I took him by the arm and steered him down the hall, just as I had Selena earlier that day.

Yup, some days it was good to be me.

* * * * *

I was surprised at how much control Billy ended up giving us overall. He gave us a few pointers, then sent us on our way to plan and rehearse. I think Selena convinced him to stay out of our way unless we asked him directly for advice, because he had hovered for a while until she had leaned over to whisper in his ear.

I do have to admit he could be very helpful when the mood hit him. He held acting workshops for us at least two or three times a month, and they were the real deal. He didn’t do it to get in anyone’s pants, at least not that I’d heard about.

He didn’t tolerate actors flirting with him during rehearsals or the workshops at all even though some tried, hoping to increase their roles. Paris had decided that doing it outside of those times might work out for her. She had figured out that Billy went to the second floor pub for a drink every afternoon at three while no one was there. She started conveniently going down to clean, check inventory, and other little chores that put her in his way. The third day, he invited her to join him. After that, every afternoon, there she was, nursing a drink with Billy, getting her flirt on. She told me she spent a week chatting him up before she offered him a blowjob.

He took her up on the offer, and Paris didn’t waste a minute before she got on her knees right there in the empty second floor pub and blew him.

The next day when she started hinting about wanting a part in his next play, he told her she’d have to start coming to workshops and put some real effort into it, then she’d have to talk to Selena.

“But I thought you liked me,” she’d pouted. “I thought we were, you know, becoming close. And what are we going to tell Selena?”

“Jesus!” I interrupted. “You tried to blackmail Billy?”

“Only a little. It didn’t work anyway. He said Selena already knew about the blowjob because he told her about it.” She heaved a sigh and went on with the story

“And I thought you liked me,” he’d answered. “You weren’t very clear up front that you were trying to exchange favors. If you had been, I would have told you that no amount of sexual favors will get a person a part in one of my productions unless they can demonstrate they have actual acting ability. Maybe it would have saved you the effort, if that’s all this was about.” He’d given her a thorough look-over.

“Like he was looking right through me and knew every dirty secret I have,” Paris told me.

Then he’d wiped the disapproving look off his face and patted her on the arm.

“Come to some workshops, and we shall see if you show any promise. That’s a good girl.”

He’d walked off with his drink in hand and not even looked back at her. He didn’t invite her to have a drink with him again after that day, though.

“I guess they’re not a couple,” Paris said.

“They run a fucking sex club, moron,” I said. “If they are together, do you really think Selena is going to care if you gave him a blowjob?

Paris shrugged.

“I feel like your mom dropped you on your head when you were born.” If I were Selena, I would have fired Paris. Not for the blowjob. I mean, who cares about that? But trying to blackmail the owner? What a dumbass.

“You’re mean!”

“Which is still better than stupid. Maybe you should stick to blowjobs and try keeping your mouth shut the rest of the time?” I rolled my eyes.

“So do you think I should go to a workshop?” she asked me.

“Jesus,” I muttered, and walked off before I said anything else she might regret. I’m guessing Paris wasn’t hired for her brains. I wondered if I should warn Selena that Paris seemed to be shooting for her spot as Billy’s number one. Then I thought even if Selena can be naïve, she wasn’t stupid. If Billy had told her about the whole encounter, she probably had Paris’s number.

I stopped letting thoughts of Paris’s lame attempts to seduce our club’s owner distract me, and hit the dance studio to work on my solo routine.

On my fourth afternoon of practice, I had my entire routine put together and memorized. The dance would only be about three and a half minutes, only because I had a second dance to do with Pixie and I didn’t want to tire myself out right off.

Just as I finished my last full run through, I caught a glimpse of Selena leaning against the doorframe, watching me escort ankara closely. I had no idea how long she’d been there.

“You aren’t planning to wear that are you?” she asked, trying not to smile. I’d asked her that question so many times I guess she thought it was time to get some revenge on me poking fun of her off-hours wardrobe.

I swept my hand in front of myself in a broad stroke, like a hostess on a game show presenting a grand prize.

“I’m overdressed compared to you. My sports bra and gym shorts have a lot more sex appeal than that potato sack you’re wearing.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my kaftan,” she said, trying to sound dignified, like she wasn’t wearing some big square boat sail that did nothing for her body.

I’ll be fair; her clothes were always high quality, even if they did belong to some eighty-year-old grandma from a Florida resort town. This particular one looked like it was made of silk. Disappointingly, it wasn’t see-through like some of her others.

“Pastel pink is such a terrible color on you. You need to throw that one away.” I cocked an eyebrow at her. Blunt is my middle name.

“I didn’t buy this one.”

“Whoever did must not like you very much.”

She laughed and moved into the room.

“I came to talk costumes.”

“Outfit,” I corrected absently. “Costumes are for Halloween.”

“Outfit then.”

“Don’t you have my measurements on file?” I swear she had a file for every damn thing.

“If I’m going to have Rosa make you something, I want current numbers.” She winced, then grinned at my answering squeal. I couldn’t decide between jumping up and down or crushing her in a bear hug, so I chose to bounce over like Tigger and squeeze her until she ‘eeped.’

“Deep pink would look great on me, oh, and sequins, lots of them, and don’t forget the jingly bits,” I said in a rush. “Let me show you my favorites.”

I didn’t give her a chance to say anything before I grabbed my tablet and opened up Pinterest. Selena made little humming sounds here and there, and reminded me that Rosa wasn’t going to have a lot of time to work, so we had to keep it fairly simple. Rosa didn’t work directly for the Club, but she did work for Billy and Selena.

“Then something like this,” I said, tapping a link for a video of one of my favorite dancers.

“Wow,” Selena said, her eyes growing wide. I’m not sure if she meant the dancer or the outfit, but her eyes were glued to the performance. “Can you do that?”

“Nope. This is international level competition. I’m definitely more of an advanced beginner in comparison.”

Selena gave a small shake of her head, like she was trying to clear it.

“I’ll get the measuring tape and some paper.”

“Wait.” I grabbed her upper arm. “Go change.”

“You hate my clothes that much?” There was definitely amusement in her eyes.

“No. I mean, yes, I do hate this particular outfit, but go put on some workout clothes. I’m going to give you a lesson.”

She blustered about it for a minute, but I just kept my puppy eyes on her until she ran out of steam.

“I only have clothes for yoga.” Lame last attempt, Selena.

“Then wear your yoga clothes. Now hurry up!” I pretended to chase her out of the studio, and she went, muttering loudly about not being sure who was in charge of the place. Still, if she hadn’t wanted to, she wouldn’t. Some of the other staff don’t get it and think she’s a pushover. I know you can only push Selena so far, and once she digs her heels in, that’s it. She doesn’t budge. You just had to know how to push her the way you wanted her to go without triggering her stubborn streak.

I did some stretches, keeping myself warmed up during the short time it took her to return.

It didn’t take her long to bounce back into the room, hair fixed in a messy bun and form-fitting yoga shorts jacking the temperature of the room up a few degrees for me. I tried not to be too obvious right away and did my best not to stare as she made her way over to me.

“What now?” she asked with a small shrug, sounding a little breathless.

“Now you learn to make men crawl across broken glass to worship at your feet.”

I instructed her on the proper pose as we stood side-by-side facing the large mirror. It was actually nice to find something Selena couldn’t do, and to be the one to teach her how to do it. If I played my cards right, it wouldn’t be the only thing I’d teach her today.

“I’m going to teach you a simple belly roll.” I moved to stand behind her. I got a little closer than necessary, and laid my palms flat on her belly, one above the other. “Keep those abs contracted,” I said. “Then we’re going to isolate the upper and lower abs. I want you to push out your upper abs.” I drummed the fingers of my left hand lightly, then felt the movement as she did what I instructed. “Now the lower.” The fingers of my right hand tapped against her lower abs. “Upper abs contract, then lower.” I repeated the tapping in sequence before flattening my hands against her belly again. “Okay, contract in, in, then push out, out.”

I kept my hands resting lightly against her as she complied, her belly rippling in slow motion. Her skin was soft and warm, and she smelled of orange blossoms. I didn’t know if it was perfume or soap.

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