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The Workmen Ch. 03

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Back in the house I wipe the liquid off my legs with a towel, slip on my thong, and run upstairs to my bedroom and search for an old cutoff jean skirt that I hadn’t worn in years. It was made from an old pair of very short, jean shorts and was hardly a foot wide. Putting it on over my bikini bottom it rode very low on my hips and could easily fall down over them. I thought about leaving it that way but decided I had better put on a rope belt, tied loosely. With the belt tied loosely, the skirt still rode low on my hips but didn’t threaten to fall off completely. Barely seeing the thong bikini in the back, I decided to pull the thong back up high and tight, pushing the thin strap of the thong tight between the cheeks of my buttocks, leaving a good two inches of the thong now riding above the edge of my skirt.

Putting the bikini top back on, I then grabbed a white, long sleeve, Polo shirt from my closet and put it on over the bikini top. Loosely tying the shirt high around my waist, I decided to button only one of the buttons, leaving the top still quite open in front but not enough that I would look silly in a restaurant. Reaching inside the shirt top, I slid the bikini top triangles over so that the edges of my nipples were visible under the shirt. I then rolled up the sleeves of the shirt. After brushing my teeth, freshening up my makeup, brushing my hair and adding a dark red lipstick, I head downstairs and out the front door.

Jim, Matt and Jonell were standing by the pickup truck. “Should I drive,” I yelled over, not knowing how all four of us would fit inside the small truck.

“No, no,” Jim replied. “We’ll all fit fine. Come on over.”

Walking over toward the truck, my skirt riding so low on my hips that if I had not been totally waxed, my pubic hair would be showing. My shirt pulled open as wide as possible showing traces of the bikini top underneath, and my legs looking strong and long with my high-heeled sandals and my just barely legal short jean skirt, the men kept their stares directed at me until I had reached the side of the truck. Based on the smiles on their faces they approved of my outfit.

“You’re going to have to get in last Cheryl,” Jim says. “You’ll have to sit on someone’s lap. Hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all,” I say, slightly laughing. “I think though it’s going to be tight.”

Jim got in the drivers side and Jonell slid onto the center of the bench seat inside the truck. Matt got in last, leaving no room for me on the seat.

“Come on up,” Matt says as he extends his hand to me. Sitting on Matt’s lap my head was pressed against the roof of the truck, causing me to have to bend forward. It was not comfortable. “Let me try something else,” I say.

Closing the door, I slipped off my sandals and slung my legs on top of Jonell and Jim and then slid forward, my butt now resting between Matt’s and Jonell’s legs, my head resting comfortably against the window of the passenger side door. The sliding motion caused my skirt to rise, giving everyone, except Matt, a clear view of my triangle covered crotch; I didn’t attempt to adjust it. Tucking my left foot between the seat and the driver side door, my leg pressed up against Jim’s chest, I then had to spread my legs, placing my right leg under the steering wheel, resting on top of Jim’s legs, my foot pressed against the side of the driver’s door, trying to avoid pressing against the steering wheel. Other than the fact that this position forced me to spread my legs open, it actually was quite comfortable; and spreading my legs a bit didn’t bother me at all, in fact I kind of liked it.

“Alrighty,” I say. “Almost all set,” I add as I take Jonell’s arms and lay them across my lap. “Now hold onto me; I don’t have a seatbelt and so you’ll need to protect me.” Jonell held firmly onto my side with his hands, with one arm lying across my skirt and the other lying across the bare skin of my upper thigh. “One final adjustment,” I say as I take Matt’s left arm and placed it across my waist, rubbing against my breasts, and asked him to put his right arm behind me. I then took my right arm and laid it across Matt’s arm and reached behind his neck with my left arm. Matt’s hands were now clasped tightly as he held me tight against his body.

I was now not only comfortable but felt pretty horny sitting on top of these three handsome young men, heading out to lunch, my arms holding onto Matt while they in turn held tightly onto me. “Everyone comfy,” I asked, wiggling my butt a little against Jonell’s leg.

Everyone said, “Yes!” as Jim backed out of the driveway.

Jim drove with one hand, his right hand having been placed on top of my right leg, his fingers slightly rubbing my calf as he drove.

Jonell reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a joint and asked with a smile, “Anyone want to get high?”

Both Jim and Matt answered yes; I didn’t say anything, though the thought of getting high seemed appealing, although I was already feeling pretty lit from the alcohol that I had already had this morning. Matt lit the joint and passed it around. When it came ataköy escort to me I took a large hit and held it in as I leaned back onto the door.

Not much talk took place as the joint continued being passed around. After my second hit I was really beginning to feel it, as I closed my eyes and leaned back. Feeling Jonell press the joint against my lips I took a third hit, after which he wet his fingers with his mouth and put the joint out, placing the remainder into his shirt pocket.

Feeling now quite high and also extremely sexually excited, I slid further down the passenger door, my skirt sliding up as I slid onto Jonell’s lap, my thong bottom now almost completely uncovered, my now bare ass resting in Jonell’s lap, pressed up against his cock, which I could now feel growing inside his pants, wiggling my butt slightly up against it. Jonell’s left arm was now laid across my crotch, resting on the white surface of my thong bottom, his hand rubbing the side of my now bare hip, while his right hand was placed directly on my stomach, his thumb probing beneath the top of my skirt.

Matt’s arm was now resting across the lower part of my now partially bare breasts, the sliding down motion having caused his arm to push up the bottom of my shirt, exposing the uncovered bottom half of my breasts. His right arm still behind me, his hand now rubbing the small of my back, his fingers inserted inside the waistline of my skirt.

Jim’s free hand was now rubbing the inner portion of my left leg, from the bottom of my calf up to the top of my inner thigh, stopping just short of my crotch, causing a sexual tingling within my crotch.

Feeling quite comfortable, leaning back, my eyes closed, relaxed, feeling extremely sexually aroused, letting these three young, handsome men explore my body with their hands, I was taken back when Jim suddenly removed his hand from my leg and pulled off the road and announced, “We’re here.”

Quickly sitting back up and looking out the window, a small tavern stood in front of the truck, announcing on its sign, “Food and Drink.”

Not wanting to move from my comfortable position and also having a strong desire to see where this current situation might lead, I boldly announced, “I’m too comfortable. Let’s get something to eat back at the house. I’ll make us lunch.” Everyone quickly agreed and Jim backed out of the driveway and back onto the road.

Having sat back up, my butt was now again resting between Matt and Jonell and both my shirt and jean skirt had also lowered back into place. The sexual tension that permeated the cab of the truck just a moment ago had dissipated and someone needed to force it back. I wanted to continue where we had left off.

“You know,” Jim says, with a big grin on his face and lust in his eyes, “my men have all seen hints of your tattoo. It looks pretty sexy. Do you think you can give us all a better look?”

“Sure!” I quickly say, still feeling quite high and very horny, wanting to rekindle the sexual tension that had recently permeated the cab of the truck, I proceed to unbutton my blouse and untie the loose knot still holding it closed. Instead of simply pulling the blouse back I lean forward and ask Matt to help me pull the blouse off. After Matt had lowered the blouse off my shoulders I slid the shirt over my right arm and then pulled it over my left arm, completely removing the blouse.

Leaning back, now with only my small bikini top barely covering my breasts, I put my shirt on the small surface behind the truck seat. Shocking even myself, I then slid both triangles across the white string as far to the sides as they would go. Stretching the strings of the bikini top around the bottom and sides of my breasts, the stretchy white strings now acted as simply a harness for my breasts, lifting them both up and inward, creating clearly defined cleavage. My nipples were sticking straight out with the thorned rose encircling my right nipple.

With my back pressed against the window door, I slightly arched my back, pressing my breasts forward, trying to give the young men a good look. Putting Matt’s arm back around my waist, his arm rubbing against the lower portion of my breasts, I laid my arms on top of his, one hand wrapped around his wrist. “There,” I say to everyone. “What do you think? I think it’s kind of sexy too!”

My entire body was now tingling with excitement and anticipation, sitting straight up, watching cars pass by, observing the lust in the soft, beautiful eyes of these three young men, all intently staring at my naked breasts, wondering what would happen next, wanting more to happen.

Everyone was stunned, this attractive woman, with nicely shaped, full breasts completely exposed, sitting straight up in the cab of the truck, riding down a country road, asking what they thought of a tattoo wrapped around her erect nipple.

Jonell, not knowing what to do or what to say, he quickly grabs the joint in his pocket and lit it again.

“It certainly is sexy, and your breasts look absolutely perfect,” says avcılar escort Jim nervously, as he tried to pay attention to the road, forcing himself to look away from me only long enough to keep us from going off the road and hitting a tree. “I’ve really never seen nicer, sexier looking breasts!”

Jonell passed me the joint. Excited by Jim’s comments and the attention being paid to my breasts, I took a large hit, holding the smoke deep inside my lungs. When I finally exhaled, I was gone, my mind lost in the sexual excitement of what was happening, my body seething with sexual anticipation of what was going to happen next, lusting for these men, wanting to have sex with them as we rode through the streets of Clinton County.

“Is the tattoo real?” Jim asks.

Not wanting to say no, but also not wanting to lie, instead I say, as I lean slightly forward, pushing my breasts toward Jim, “See for yourselves. Go ahead and touch it.”

Jim’s hand quickly reached over, his fingers running across the surface of the tattoo, flicking across the outer surface of my nipple. A tingling sensation runs throughout my body, I wanted the other men to touch me. I needed them to touch me!

“Everyone, go ahead, feel it,” I whisper, again leaning back against the window, my eyes now closed, arching my back, pushing my breasts forward, allowing everyone an opportunity to check the authenticity of my tattoo.

Jim’s hand pulled back, as both Matt’s and Jonell’s hands pressed against the tattoo, rubbing it slightly with their fingers. Matt’s other hand was now rubbing my other breast also, delicately squeezing my erect nipple between his thumb and finger. I didn’t object, continuing to just lie there, savoring the moment, feeling the strong sexual sensations running through my body. Moaning softly now, my body wriggling as Matt and Jonell continued to play with my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples, giving them no indication that I would object to anything they did.

Feeling Jim’s hand slide up my leg, his fingers now pressing against the thin white material of my thong bottom, a louder moan escaped from my mouth, as I tried to spread my legs wider, giving him better access to my crotch.

Both my breasts were now being vigorously rubbed by Matt and Jonell, my nipples also being tweaked, pinched and rubbed by the two young men as Jim continues to rub his hand against my crotch, pushing his fingers against the now wet material of my thong bottom, allowing his fingers to enter me as deep as the material will allow.

Jonell’s left hand was now reaching further under the waist of my skirt, his fingers rubbing against the hidden rose tattoo that was placed on my waxed crotch, the tip of his finger rubbing against the slit of my vulva. Matt’s mouth was now kissing the side of my neck as I arched my head sideways giving him better access. Soft moaning sounds were escaping from my mouth more regularly, getting louder and more intense, as the men worked on my body.

Leaning back, enjoying everything that was happening, five hands probing my body, I envisioned this situation going even further; I wanted to be completely naked, satisfying the lust and desire that was apparent in the faces of these three young men.

As if reading my mind, Jim suddenly says, still pressing his fingers firmly against the wet material covering my vagina, “That tattoo’s wonderful, but I was actually talking about seeing your other tattoo.”

Knowing exactly what he meant, and without hesitation, I reached down and untied the rope belt holding up my jean skirt and then undid the snap and zipper. Both Matt and Jonell continued rubbing my breasts but their eyes were now totally concentrating on what was happening with my skirt.

Lifting my body up, I slid the skirt across my ass and down over my legs, but was unable to push it all the way off because of the positioning of my legs. Not wanting to stop there, I pulled my knees back and lifted my legs high in the air, temporarily blocking Jim’s view, as I pushed the skirt down my legs and over my feet. When it was completely off I threw it on the back of the seat, beside my blouse. Instead of placing my left leg back onto Jim’s lap, I positioned my foot on the back of the front seat, behind Jim’s neck, so my thigh was now rubbing across Jonell’s chest. I again placed my right leg under the steering wheel, my foot pressed against the door, my legs now spread much wider than before.

My thong bottom was riding extremely low, the rose tattoo and half the slit of my vagina was now clearly visible, as I leaned back against the side door, observing what was happening. Both Matt and Jonell continued rubbing my breasts, but were now also staring directly at my exposed crotch and rose tattoo, a look of fascination, lust and desire in their youthful faces.

Without asking, Jim placed his free hand on top of the newly exposed rose tattoo and says, “That feels great. You’re so smooth and so sexy!”

“Thanks,” I say, quickly adding, “Matt, Jonell, would you two like to feel how smooth avrupa yakası escort it is? I just waxed yesterday.”

Both Matt and Jonell quickly reached down and ran their fingers across the smooth surface of my crotch. Not wanting to close my eyes, I watched as these three handsome young men explored my entire naked body.

Each of them had one hand rubbing my crotch as they pushed and tugged against my thong bottom, forcing it further and further down my leg, until my entire crotch was exposed and the thong bottom was now stretched around the upper portion of my thigh.

At least two of them had buried fingers deep inside me. My breasts were both being rubbed, tugged and massaged by Matt’s and Jonell’s free hands, as I leaned back and watched with excitement and desire, occasionally lifting my butt up and down, lifting my crotch up toward the exploring hands and fingers, forcing their fingers in and out of my vagina. My left leg still resting on the back of the seat, I pulled my right foot forward onto Jim’s lap, bending my knee, forcing my legs to spread wider, my foot buried between his legs, pressing against his hardened cock hiding inside his pants, my thong bottom now stretched tight across my upper thigh.

Moaning louder now and wanting more, as the men continued exploring my body, their hands exploring everywhere that they could reach, I again, without being asked, pulled both my legs back, lifting my knees high into the air, as I reached down and slid the thong bottom over my legs and off, simply throwing it on the floor. I was now truly completely naked, lying on the laps of three beautiful, young men who, most importantly, wanted me, lusted for me, desired me, as much, and maybe more than I desired them.

Keeping my eyes closed, my moaning intensifying, in both loudness and frequency, as these three young men explored every part of my body as we rode through the streets, not caring if anyone was driving near us. Multiple fingers were now probing the inside of my vagina as I felt Matt undoing his pants with his right hand, freeing his erect penis, which he then began rubbing against my back. I could feel the wetness of the pre-cum on the tip of his penis as he rubbed it up and down the small of my back. Reaching behind me, I grabbed onto his cock and rolled it back and forth, between my back and hand, feeling the wetness of the tip, as his cock began to grow larger, moaning noises now coming from Matt. Wrapping my fingers around his cock, pumping up and down his massive shaft, I could feel Matt’s body begin to thrust up and down to the rhythm of my hand. He was on the verge of an orgasm.

Not wanting Matt to orgasm, at least not now, I reluctantly removed my hand from around his thick, long cock and brought my arm back around to the front of my body and slid down, putting my head in Matt’s lap, my naked ass sliding forward, across Jonell’s crotch and resting between Jonell’s and Jim’s legs, with one foot still behind Jim’s neck, resting on the back of the seat, my naked thigh and ass now pressed tight against Jim’s side. My right leg was now tucked under the steering wheel, my knee bent back with my foot pulled tightly toward me, pressing against Jim’s crotch, forcing my legs to spread even further than before, allowing more fingers to enter me.

As my head lay on Matt’s lap, his large penis was now pressed tightly against the side of my face, his shaft rubbing against my cheek, the tip of his large cock rising well above the lips of my mouth, a small amount of cum glazing the tip of his cock. Matt’s hand was holding his penis, rubbing it back and forth against my face, his cum wetting my cheek.

Turning my face toward him, I opened my mouth, allowing the shaft of his cock to enter my mouth, a salty taste settling on my tongue. Moving my head up and down, Matt’s cock sliding across my lips, my tongue licking his shaft, I try to lift my head high enough so the tip of his cock was inside my mouth, allowing me to suck as much of his cock inside me as possible. My position did not allow me to lift my head high enough and so I had to content myself with sucking and licking the shaft of his large cock, as Matt now pulled my face against his cock, assisting me as I pumped my head up and down, sucking his shaft with my mouth as my tongue licked every inch of it.

Jonell continued rubbing my body, one hand buried deep inside my crotch while his other hand massaged my breasts and teased at my nipples. Reaching for Jonell’s crotch, my hand could feel his hard captured cock inside his shorts. Rubbing his cock hard, up and down through his shorts, it began stiffening and growing as my hand massaged it, now desperately wanting his black, naked cock in my hands, in my mouth.

I was momentarily disappointed when Jim suddenly removed his hand from my body but was quickly relieved, feeling his hands working at the zipper and snap of his shorts. With only one free hand he managed to undo his shorts and slide them down his legs and then proceeded to push my right foot hard against his now naked cock, rubbing it up and down the shaft of his cock, masturbating himself with the sole of my naked foot. Feeling his cock rub against the soles of my foot, the warm feeling of his pre-cum, brought me to another level of sexual excitement, I began vigorously rubbing his cock, up and down, trying to wrap my toes around his cock, wanting to bring Jim to orgasm.

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